Addenda and corrigenda to volume 9

The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 10. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1800.

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'Addenda and corrigenda to volume 9', in The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 10, (Canterbury, 1800) pp. 425-438. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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N. B. By mistake of the engraver, the church of Reculver, on the vignette, page I, is said to be in the Isle of Thanet, instead of near it.

Dunkirk Ville.


LINE 21. George Gipps, esq. died at Harbledown on Feb. 13, 1800, leaving his wife surviving and two sons, George and Henry, since which the MANOR OF BOSENDENNE is become vested in trust for their benefit. He left his estates to be divided nearly equally between his two sons when they come of age, the eldest son to have the preference in the first choice of them.

Line 22. For wasread were.

Line 29. For Feversham read Faversham.


PAGE 8. For is read are.

Line 14. Since Mr. Gipps's death on Feb. 13, 1800, this house has been vested in the trust of his will, the uses of which see above, p. 6.

Last Line. For and read it,

PAGE 10, line 3 from the bottom. Since Mr. Gipps's death in Feb. 1800, his widow Mrs. Gipps has continued to reside in it.

PAGE 12, line 8. Mr. Gipps, some small time before his death, purchased the see simple of the estate of St. Gregories priory, in which this portion of tithes of Poldhurst is included, of the archbishop, who was enabled to sell it by virtue of the powers given him in the act lately passed for the redemption of the land-tax. Mr. Gipps died possessed of it in Feb. 1800, since which it has become vested in the trust of his will, the uses of which may be seen above, p. 6.

PAGE 19. line 5. For four read three.

Line 21. Dele the words and several of their children, and at line 23, dele the words who died in 1775, and add, and several of their children.

PAGE 20, in the list of rectors. Robert Say, S. T. P. died on April the 8th, (not May) 1628.


PAGE 22, line 4. Since Mr. Gipps's death in Feb. 1800, this estate of Newhouse is become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p. 6.

PAGE 23, line 13. THANINGTON MANOR, on Mr. Gipps's death, became vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p. 6.

PAGE 25, line II. Dele of.

Line 15. After having, add a steeple with.

PAGE 26, line 19. Mr. Gipps, some time before his death, purchased of the archbishop the fee simple of St. Gregories priory and its possessions, among which was this parsonage of Thanington. Since his death it has become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p. 6.


PAGE 28, line 15. For path read stream.

St. Dunstan's.

PAGE 33, line 18. After of it read part of the antient place.

Line 20. After seat add itself.

PAGE 39, line 9. Since Mr. Gipps's death in Feb. 1800, his interest in the fee simple of St. Gregories and its possessions, among which this parsonage of St. Dunstan's was included, he having purchased it of the archbishop, who sold it by virtue of the act for the redemption of the land-tax, has become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p.6.

PAGE 41, note d. For chaplain to the East India Company's factory at Calcutta, in Bengal, read one of the brigade chaplains of the army.

St. Stephen's alias Hackington.

PAGE 43, line 3 from the bottom. For Firmies read Firmins.

PAGE 51, line 8 from bottom. For Edgforths read Edsworths.

PAGE 59, line 17. For jointed read joined.

PAGE 63, line 7 from bottom. For they read there.

PAGE 65, line 10 from bottom. For 1655 read 1605.


PAGE 67. To the list of rectors add Gilbert Beresford, 1799, present rector.

Note k For Canterbury read Durham.


PAGE 68, line 23. For Anne read Elizabeth.

PAGE 70, last line but one. For Sir Brook Bridges, bart. read Sir Brook William Bridges, bart.

PAGE 72, line 21. Since Mr. Gipps's death, the see simple of St. Gregories priory and its possessions, among which this portion of tithes of Rushborne was included, and which he purchased of the archbishop, who had the power of selling it by virtue of the act for the redemption of the landtax, some small time before his death, is become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p. 6.

PAGE 74, in the list of rectors. Kaye Mawer died in 1799.


PAGE 79, line last but one. For now read late.

PAGE 83, in list of vicars. For Comberland read Cumberland.


PAGE 88, line 19. For now read late.

PAGE 89, line 16. ForJohn read George.

PAGE 91, penult. For 1740 read 1470.


PAGE 103, last line but 4. For Sir Brook Bridges read Sir Brook William Bridges.

PAGE 107, line 22. For himself read themselves.

Line 28. At end of line add and.


PAGE 110, line 6. The borough of Shottenton appears to include a small part of the hamlet of the same name, containing three houses, near the N. W. side of the parish of Chilham. For these last two years an inhabitant of the former district has attended the court holden at Herne, and been appointed borsholder of this borough. It seems very worthy of remark, that the hamlet of Shottenton is one of the six borougths within the bounds of Chilham parish, for which a borsholder is annually appointed at the court leet holden at Chilham for the upper half hundred of Felborough, so that there are now two borsholders for boroughs bearing the same name in one parish.

PAGE 117, line 20. For rand read sand.

PAGE 121, line 2. For had read has.


PAGE 128, line 18. NORTH COURT MANOR now belongs to Mr. James Tappenden, who resides at it, and his two sisters Elizabeth and Anne.


PAGE 135, in the list of vicars. CorrectThos. Hutchesson, for obt. 1605 read 1765.


PAGE 142, line 3. After 1792 add reference o.


PAGE 149, line 2. Dele the word of after remembring.

PAGE 152, line 23. Read Wm. Nethersole of Wymenswold.

PAGE 153, line 28. For office read offices.

Wickham Breaus.

PAGE 158. There are, as I am now informed, two boroughs in this parish, viz. North and South Boroughs.

PAGE 159, line 14. SAPERTON was sold by Lord Bolingbroke to Mr. William Beake, a descendant of the family of that name who formerly owned it, and he now possesses and resides in it. Copthall is now only a field so called, without any vestige of having had any building on it.

PAGE 160, line 26. After Brewse add was.

PAGE 161, line 1. For He readWm. de Brewse abovementioned.

PAGE 162, line 6 from the bottom. Mrs. Cosnan devised by her will the manor of Wickham, with the Court-lodge farm, and the advowson of the rectory, and all her other estates in this parish and elsewhere, to her nephew Sir Narborough Daeth, bart. subject to an annuity of 100l. to Mrs. Hughes, the daughter of Josiah Hardy, esq. by his wife Harriet, Mrs. Cosnan's youngest sister.

PAGE 164, line 4 from bottom. For found, is read found, it is.


PAGE 172, line 15. Dele it.

Line 9 from bottom. Dele words and continued so.


PAGE 183, line 16. For is read are.

Line 24, After obliterated add the inscription on the gravestone with the cross flory on it, in the high chancel, has been since recovered, being for Thos. de Uptone, rector, an. 22, Ed. I.


PAGE 186, 2 last lines. For Grove read Groves.

PAGE 190, line 8 from the bottom. Add, on one of these tombs is an inscription for Lawrence Omer, alias Homer, gent. of Staple, obt. 1661, at. 25, having married Rebecca, daughter of John Degnez, by whom he had Mary, deceased, and Charles. Arms, Quarterly, per pale and fess indented, on a bend, 3 lozenges impaling quarterly first and fourth 3 birds, second and third 5 lozenges in fess.


PAGE 191, line 19. After wold add part of the parish of Nonington.

PAGE 192, line 20. For Guildanton read Guildstanton.

PAGE 197, line 12. For coheir read sole heir.

PAGE 198, line last. Mr. Gipps, before his death in Feb. 1800, purchased of the archbishop the fee simple of St. Gregories and its possessions, among which this portion of tithes was included, which since his death is become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p.6.

PAGE 200, line 6. After heir add Aphra.

PAGE 203, lines 2 and 3. For Garret read Garrett.

PAGE 207, line 10. On Mr. Elgar's death in 1796, this among the rest of his estates became by his will the property of his two nieces, one of whom married Mr. Toomer, who, on the partition of them, became solely entitled to this estate, which he now possesses.

PAGE 208, line last but one. For Thomas read William.

PAGE 209, line 1. After manor add which were.

Line8. For antiently read antiently.

Line 12. For Acris read Arcis.

PAGE 220, line8. For Robetts read Roberts.

PAGE 223, line 17. Since Mr. Gipps's death in Feb. 1800, who some little time before had purchased of the archbishop the scite of St. Gregories and its possessions, among which this parsonage was included, it is become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See above, p.6.


PAGE 234, line 23. For Edward read Edmund.

PAGE 235, line 6 from the bottom. After Thos. Hey, esq. add, whose father was a citizen of London. He himself had been a merchant in Venice, and bore for his arms, Argent, 3 escutcheons gules. He married lady Palmer in 1724, and resided here for several years before his death, which happened in 1747.

PAGE 236, line 20. For Pugett read Puget, and next line after London, add and mother of John Puget, esq. now one of the directors of the Bank.

Page 240, line 26, Add to be enjoyed by him and his successors so long time as he and they should reside in the said house, and officiate in the said church, and not be absent from the parish one month at a time, or two months in the whole year.

PAGE 241. Add to the list of curates, Mr. Loftie's long absence in India having been looked on as a desertion of this cure, the Rev. Richard Harvey has supplied it ever since, and is the present resident and officiating curate, to whom the patron pays the above mentioned endowments and emoluments.


PAGE 242, line 1. George Dering, esq. is the youngest son of the late Sir Edward Dering, and half brother to the present baronet of that name. He married in 1798 the only daughter and heir of his uncle, Charles Dering, esq. of Barham.

PAGE 244, line 24. Sir Brook William Bridges is unmarried; he resides at Gunston, as does his mother, lady Bridges, to whom the mansion and park was devised for her life, by her late husband's will.

Line 28. For obselete read obsolete.

PAGE 245, line 1. For Thomas Butler, a younger son of Richard, read Henry Boteler.

Line 6 from the bottom. For Bois read Boys.

PAGE 248, last line. For 1735 read 1736.


PAGE 251, line 22. For Oxendenden read Oxenden.

PAGE 258, note m. For Dering read Deering.


PAGE 265, line 24. For between read within.


PAGE 267, line 26. Dele word has.

PAGE 268, line 24. Dele of.

PAGE 272, line 23. For John de Poole read John de la Poole.

PAGE 274, line 22. From Mr. Gipps his interest in the lease of this parsonage passed to Isaac Baugh, esq. the present lessee of it.

PAGE 276. In list of vicars add— The Revs Mr. Toke is likewise vicar of Patrixborne by dispensation.


PAGE 285, line 5. A view of the east end of Barson church is given in the 10th vol. of this History, under the description of that parish, p. 76.

PAGE 286, in list of vicars. For William Toke read John. He is likewise vicar of Bekesborne.


PAGE 294, line 4 from bottom. For Hevington read Hebington. (fn. 1)

PAGE 297, line 5. The present rents of the parish are about 760l. per ann. being an increase of 225l. since the year 1724. There are about 130 inhabitants. The church register begins in 1568. A poor house was erected here in 1789.

Line 12. Dele the church is very small.

PAGE 298, line 15. Since Mr. Gipps's death in Feb. 1800, his interest in this estate, the fee simple of which he bought of the archbishop, is become vested in the trust of his will for the benefit of his two sons. See p. 6.

Lower Hardres.

PAGE 300, line 12. The number of acres in the parish are about 1100, of which one sixth is woodland, the rents per ann. are about 614l.

PAGE 302, line 9. For Coope read Coape.

PAGE 303, line 9. There is an inscription in the chancel for William Pulford, rector, obt. 1660.

Line 18. The register begins 1558, in which are two surveys of the parish, one in 1712, the other in 1725.

Upper Hardres.

PAGE 308, line 13. Add, of what was originally in this church, but the handsome painted glass mentioned in vol. 8th, p. 94, as being in Stelling church, has been since removed, and placed in the several windows of this church and chancel.

Line 21. After and add the chancel.

PAGE 309, note (fn. 1). For second read head.


PAGE 311, line 19. There were discovered in 1775, in a field near Garlinge-green, belonging to the Rev. Mr. Thomson, in this parish, a leaden chest, two feet five inches long, eleven inches and a half broad, and 8 inches in depth. It lay about six inches beneath the surface of the ground. When opened it was found to contain two vessels and a patera, and nothing more; the smaller urn of the two was four inches high, holding about half a pint, made of a blackish brown earth, the ornaments and letters white, thus:

The larger urn was six inches high, holding about a quart, the colour and ornaments the same as the small one. The patera was small and shallow, made of course black earth. The smaller urn, with the word BIBE, was most probably a drinking cup. (See Beger's Thesau. Blandent, vol. 3, f. 462, where such another is described.) There can be no doubt but that the remains are Roman; but how they came to be thus deposited by themselves, that is without any human bones, ashes, medals, or the like, is very unaccountable. No further search was made than merely deepening the hole out of which the chest was taken. Nothing else was found.

It is not improbable, however, that this spot may have been a Roman burying ground, and the Tumuli levelled by a long course of tillage. The situation is a gently declining hill, and faces the N. E.

Taken from the notes of the Rev. Brian Faussett, and communicated to the Editor by his son, Henry Godfrey Faussett, esq. of Heppington.

PAGE 312, line 21. For Thomas read Henry.

Line 22. For Edward read John-Edward.

PAGE 315, line 10. After the word before add recited.

PAGE 319, in the list of vicars. John Honywood, vicar, died on Sept. 13, not 16.

Note n. For 1598 read 1698.


PAGE 320, line 8. After chalky, add in some parts a very stiff clay, both.

Line 12. For Kake street read Cake-street, and add, In this and some of the neighbouring parishes, but chiefly in a field between the above street which seems to have taken its name from this circumstance) and the church, there are found numbers of cakes of a mineral or metallic substance, not unlike lava, being about two inches or two inches and a half thick, but broken into various breadths; they bear evident marks of having been in susion; the under sides are impressed with forms of pebbles, earth, &c. They are of a dark bronse colour, inclining to red.

PAGE 320, lost line but 9. For Mr. read Dr.

PAGE 321, line 23. For Richard read Richards.

Line 29. For have been for some time read became.

PAGE 326, line 16. For one bell read four bells.


PAGE 329, line 4. For left read right.

Line 25. For William read John.

PAGE 333, line 9. For Corbet read Corbett.

PAGE 335, line 7. For large read handsome.

Line 9. After the add high.

Line 16. For Chilwick read Cholwick.

PAGE 336, line 13. For oetagon read square.


PAGE 342, line 2 from the bottom. Instead of below the hill read a little way down the hill.

PAGE 344, line 7 from the bottom. After Payler add abovementioned.

PAGE 346. PARMESTED is, I am informed, in Upper Hardres parish.

PAGE 348, line 24. For 1546 read 1627.

Line 4 from bottom. For flaunchee read flaunches.

PAGE 349, line 8. Add, In this church is a monument for the Rev. William Dejovas Byrch, A. M. lord of Kingston manor, and patron of the rectory, obt. March 7, 1792, œt. 62. He lies buried here, as does Elizabeth his wife, who died anno 1798.


PAGE 354, line last but one. For sold by him read sold by his grandson Sir Dudley Diggs.

PAGE 356, line 30. Dele word and.

PAGE 358, last line. After Maydeacon and, add at the end of Denton-street, in this parish, there is a house called Little Maydeacon, which formerly belonged to Richard, second son of Sir Henry Oxenden, of Dene, who probably built it. It now belongs to Mr. Lee Warley, of Canterbury.


PAGE 360, line 8. After 1574, and, read thus, 1574, and 1589 sold it to Richard Rogers, &c.

PAGE 361, line 9. There is in the mansion of Denton-court, a small but good collection of pictures, several of which were purchased at M. de Calonne's sale. Zachary Kneller, brother of Sir Godfry, spent much time, and painted many of the rooms of the house.

GATEHURST, alias GATTRIDGE, in this parish, is part of the Denton-court estate, and was formerly inhabited by Wm. Randolph, gent. It now belongs to Mr. Bridges.


PAGE 370, line 11. After Ripple dele the words from whom those of Wootton were descended.

Line 32 and 33. For it read them.

PAGE 371, line 20. WICKHAM BUSHES was sold pursuant to the will of John Coppin, of Wootton, who died in 1654, to Brome.

PAGE 372, line 4. For Bishopsbborne read Bekesborne.

Line 6. Add, and there is a mural monument in memory of John Bridges, esq. obt. April 22, 1780, œt. 69, and Edward Bridges, esq. obt. Nov. 19, 1780, œt. 68.

PAGE 373, note q. For Sheppardswell read Shebbertswell.

In the list of rectors. After Samuel Fremoult read 1740.

PAGE 374. In the sketch of the fortification at Coldred, the well is placed at the wrong extremity of the road; it should have been at the S. W. end.


PAGE 376, last line. For them read it.

PAGE 378, line 1. After eldest add son.

PAGE 379, lines 10 and 15. For Thomas read William.

PAGE 381, line 30. For Matson read Merryweather.


PAGE 385, line 16. Dele the word small.

PAGE 386, line 28. For two read three

PAGE 392, line 1. Coldred church probably never had any steeple more than it has at present.

Line 3. For nitches read niches.

Line 16. For Feken read Fenkin.

West Langdon.

PAGE 401, lines 28, 29. After Auberville dele or De Albrincis, as they were written in Latin deeds, they were two different families.

PAGE 402, line 6. Dele or Albrincis.


PAGE 410, last line. Dele or De Albrincis.

St. Margaret at Cliffe.

PAGE 413, line 9. WANSTON FARM is now owned by the earl of Hardwick.

PAGE 417, line 16. For nitches read niches.

PAGE 418. Add to note q, and in the north isle of this church is a gravestone in memory of both father and son.

West Cliffe.

PAGE 421, line 7 from bottom. James Methurst Poynter, esq. is of Upper Deal, and Ambrose Lyon Poynter, esq. of London.

PAGE 426, among the vicars. After Robert Pitman dele A. M. and correct the references to notes thus: after Richard Marsh add reference c, after John Marsb add reference d, and dele reference d, after John Bearblock.


IBID, last line but 4. Add, and the manor of Eastry claims likewise over a small part of this parish.

PAGE 429, line 5. For is read it.

PAGE 432, line 5. For there read they.

PAGE 435, line 1. For William read Richard.


PAGE 438, line 23. After parish, add and of Whitfield.

PAGE 439. ARCHERS-COURT. I am informed the house of this manor stands in Whitfield parish.


PAGE 448, line 21. For it read this estate.


PAGE 460, line 5. For Wilford read Wilsford.


PAGE 468, line 7. After martlets add or.

Line 8. Read Sir Charles Ventris Field.

In list of vicars, after J.H. Romswinkel, S.T.L correct it S.T.P.


PAGE 470, line 1. Dele in.

Line 3. For Carlentone read Cerlentone.

PAGE 474, line 13. For Gunmrn read Gunman.


PAGE 491, line 10. Dele of at the end of line.

PAGE 505, line 2. For became read become.

PAGE 520, line 1. After Manwaring, add reference to note e.

PAGE 523, line1. Under Westminster insert 1774.

PAGE 528, line 19. After Hannington dele esq.

PAGE 542, line 15. For in read into.

PAGE 546. In list of ministers, after John Macquean, for 1998 read 1698.

PAGE 548, line 5. For churwardens read churchwardens.

East Langdon.

PAGE 554, line 5 from the bottom. For Jekin read Jeken.

Line 4 from the bottom. Read the like.

PAGE 557, line 14. For the demesne lands, read part of the demesne lands.


PAGE 562, line 6. For 3s. 4d. read 3l. 4s.


PAGE 565, line 3. Add—In this parish is a large handsome house, built by Mr. Wrigglesworth, but now inhabited by Capt. Mac Dougal, who married his grand-daughter, the daughter of Mr. Josiah Purdew, late of Deal, surgeon in the navy.

PAGE 567, line7from the bottom. Add—The manor of Rippleclaims besides over lands in Sutton, Sholdon, Stonested, Beere, Guston, and Chamberlain's Fee, in Deal, as appears by a court roll, anno 19 Elizabeth, 1577.

PAGE 571, line3. For threereadtwo piles, wavy.

Line 21. For StandlyreadStanley.

PAGE 573. In list of rectors, Wm. Stanley, obt. 1680, not 1681.

Great Mongeham.

PAGE 574, line 25. After cottage, add(which now belongs to Mr. Newing).

PAGE 576, line 24. For daughter Ursula, read daughter Judith.

PAGE 578, line 2. For Corboilread Corbel.

In list of rectors, Robert Saydied April 8, 1628.


PAGE 592, line 5 from the bottom. Observe that neither Mr. John Boys here mentioned, nor any of his family, ever resided in this house of Little Betshanger, nor did they ever use the farm. He resides at the farm-house belonging to the manor of Great Betshanger, in Betshanger parish, which occasioned the mistake.

PAGE 593, line 10. For glyeyphylios read glyeyphyllos.

PAGE 594, line 5 from the bottom. Read thus (the buildings of which, some time since pulled down, stood in Ham parish).

PAGE 596, line 6 from the bottom. Dele the words who resided here.

PAGE 597, line 19. Mr. Pyott has lately sold Stoneheap farm to Mr. Leonard Woodward, of Ashley Borough, the present owner of it.

PAGE 600, line 1. For 1639 read 1629.

PAGE 604. In the list of vicars, after Birkitt, dele A. B.


PAGE 606, line 1. For at read as.

Line 10. For to archbishop read to the archbishop.

Line 14. For Wyborne read Wyborn.


  • 1. See Madox's Exchequer, p. 212.