Addenda and corrigenda to volume 10

The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 10. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1800.

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'Addenda and corrigenda to volume 10', in The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 10, (Canterbury, 1800) pp. 439-445. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]

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PAGE 6, line 8. For to read it was lately held by.

PAGE 8, line 13. For Finsshaker read Fissheker.

PAGE 12, line 27. For embrasure read embrasures.

Line 32. For Cleve read Cleves.

PAGE 14, line 10. After house, add for the Presbyterians, Line 6 from the bottom. For Pointer read Poynter.

PAGE 16, line 15.After earl, read Godwyn, or Goodwin, as he was commonly called.

Line 6 from the bottom. For became read was left.

PAGE 22, line 19. For belong to, read in the possession of.

Line 20. Dele as before-mentioned.

Line 22. After and, add those of.

PAGE 37, line 4. Add, and one for the borough of Hacklinge, i.e. the remaining part of Worth.


PAGE 41, line 10. For is read was, and to next line add after Chillenden, until within memory, but the rolls of it having been destroyed by fire, it has been discontinued.


PAGE 45, line 18. But he is certainly mistaken, for they bore, as appears by their arms on one of the bells of this church, Per chevron, sable and argent, three leopards heads, or.

PAGE 47, line 21. For now resides read resided, and next line, after Monmouthshire, add since deceased.

Line 25. Add— The farm belonging to Great Betshanger is occupied by Mr. John Boys, author of the State of Agriculture in this county, who resides in the house of it. See vol. ix. p. 592.


PAGE 50, line 28. For south-west corner, read middle of the south side of it.

PAGE 58, line 23. After then read so called.

PAGE 61. Under PATRONS, or by whom presented, add THE ARCHBISHOP.


PAGE 63, line 25. For three read two daughters.

Line 4 from the bottom. For Mary and Elizabeth both unmarried, read Mary-Elizabeth unmarried.

PAGE 64, line 4. Dele that line and the next after fine one, and read towards the island of Thanet and Ramsgate pier.

PAGE 67, line 8and 9. Delewhich has but lately been reputed within it.

PAGE 68, line 23. For consisting readconsists.

PAGE 70, among the patrons. For Foster read Forster.

PAGE 72, line 4 from the bottom. For Monynhamread Monyngham.


PAGE 73, line 29. After Walmer, add and was this year, 1800, created a knight of the Bath.

Last line. Instead of left read had.

PAGE 74, line 2. Dele and, and add after navy, and Edward is a lieutenant in the navy.

Line 12. After Sandwich, add Maria Roberta to John Matson, esq. now chief justice of Dominica.


PAGE 81, line23. For neat read mean.

PAGE 85, line25. For were read was.


PAGE 91, line 3 from the bottom. For volent read volant.

PAGE 92, line5. For he rebuilt read he in part rebuilt.


PAGE 96, last line. Dele having a squate tower at the west end.


PAGE 106, line 2. For Hardonden read Hardenden, or as it is now called Harnden.

PAGE 111, line 7. For Henry the IVth. read Edward the IVth.

PAGE 112, line 28. For Jane, wife of John Hawker, read Jane, late wife, &c.

Line 31. For Jane, wife of W. Boys, read afterwards wife of, &c.

PAGE 113, line 26. Mr. Boys has returned to Sandwich, where he now again resides.

Correct this Page from line 29, and 4 lines of p. 114, relating to Mr. Boys's family, as follows:

William-Henry Boys, esq. captain of Marines, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Harvey, K. B. rearadmiral of the royal navy, and one daughter Elizabeth, married to John Rolfe, gent. of New Romney, lately deceased. He married secondly Jane, daughter of Thomas Fuller, esq. of Statenborough, and coheir of her uncle John Paramor, esq. of that place, by whom he had nine children, of whom eight are surviving, viz. Thomas Boys, esq. of Sandwich, a captain in the royal navy, who married Catherine Impett, of Ashford; John Paramor Boys, now a captain in the West-Indies; Jane, married to Thomas Tambs, gent. of Sandwich; Mary-Fuller, married to Edward Brown, master and commander in the royal navy; Mr. Edward Boys, surgeon, of Sandwich; Henry, Robert-Pearson, and George.

PAGE 114, line 7. Edward George, esq. now resides at Statenborough.

Line 30. For thirty shillings read fifty shillings.

PAGE 115, line 5. The lease of Anne Friend's charity has been suffered to run out.

Line 18. For parts read part.

Line 3 from the bottom. For guardunt read guardant.

Last line but one. For the Drue read the Rev. Drue.

PAGE 117, line 3. After Dare add Boteler.

Line 10. For sable and argent read argent and sable.

PAGE 117, line 18. For Waltham read Walton.

PAGE 118, note, line 5. For eccla read eccle.


PAGE 123, line 8. For handsome read neat.

Line 2 from the bottom. Mr. Abbot sold Each farm a few years ago to Mr. Miles, who resided there, and he three years ago sold it to Mr. John Boys, of Betshanger, who now owns it.

PAGE 125, line 5 from the bottom. For St. Leger read St. Ledger.

PAGE 134, line 6. For Walmer read Sandwich.

PAGE 135, line 17. Add and he sold it to Mr. Baldock, of Canterbury, the present owner of it.

PAGE 136, line 22. Correct the descent of Ringleton manor as follows.

Sir Ralph Perot, who was of Knolton, in king Edward the 1st.'s reign, and was possessed likewise of Ringleton, gave the former to his eldest son Thomas Perot, clerk, and the latter to his younger son Alan, as appears by the chartuIarie or Knolton manor, and Mr. Boteler, of Eastry, has in his possession some deeds of the Perots, of Ringleton, in king Richard the IId's reign, having their seals appendant, on which are their arms, A shield, with a crescent for difference, in chief, three escallop shells. The legend, S. Johis Perot. And this manor appears by other like deeds to have continued in the possession of the same name so late as the reign of king Henry the VIth. when it appears to have been in the possession of Sir John White, of Canterbury, who died possessed of it in the 9th year of king Edward the IVth. His descendant, &c last line but one.

PAGE 137, line 24, 25. Dele since which it has descended in like manner as Westenhanger, and read and it.

PAGE 140, line 11. For of the field read argent.

PAGE 142, line 6. For 1027 read 1167.


PAGE 149, line 18. For inngrounds read ingrounds.


PAGE 159, last line but 3. After Customer add for.

PAGE 167, line 11. For will no doubt read has, and for remedy read remeated.

PAGE 183, line 20. For several houses and tenements quitrents, read several houses, tenements, and quitrents.

PAGE 188, line 15. For has read have.

PAGE 194, line 4 from the bottom. After is add for.

PAGE 200, line 28. For Ringely read Ringeley.


St. Nicholas.

PAGE 229, line 9. For hundred read hundreds.

PAGE 230, line 3. After ground add struck.

Note w. For Brompton read Bromton.

PAGE 237, line 3 from bottom. Thomas Bridges, of Glamorganshire, has no house in St. Nicholas parish.

PAGE 238, line 2. Mr. Gillow's house is now the residence of his widow Mrs. Anne Gillow.

Add—At the south end of the village there was erected in 1799, a neat chapel for the sect of Methodists, of the tenets of the late Mr. John Westley.

PAGE 239, line 28 For Kemp read Kempe.

PAGE 242, line 10 and 12. For Paramore read Paramor.

PAGE 243, last line. For held read upheld.

PAGE 246, line 11. For parishinners read parishioners.

PAGE 252, last line. Thomas Gillow, esq son of the late Thomas Gillow, esq. of St. Nicholas, is I am informed, the present lessee of this parsonage.

PAGE 253. in the list of vicars. Nicholas Chewney was in 1665 collated to the vicarage of St. John's, Margate.


PAGE 257, line 22. For Ruck read Rucke.


PAGE 265, line 8. For coveteous read covetous.

PAGE 267, line 21. For Sheppy read Shepey.

PAGE 276, line 5. For right read rights.

PAGE 279, line 16. For then read it.

Last line. For Maud read Collard.

PAGE 281, line 27. For Thorne read Thorn.

PAGE 282, line 9. Mr. Jessard is now the sole occupier of Allen grange.

Line 11. For Allan read Allen.

PAGE 286, line 3. After since add a comma stop.

PAGE 286, line 30. For if any of them, entirely, read if any were on them, they are entirely.

PAGE 287, line 5. For Sanders read Saunders.

PAGE 288, line 13. For has read had

PAGE 292, line 15 and 22. For Clarke read Clerk.

And note, line 1, the same.


PAGE 296, line 14. Add being held of the manor of Blean, alias Hothe, near Canterbury, by the payment of an annual quit-rent.

PAGE 297, line 4. For the same queen read queen Elizabeth.

PAGE 305, line 8. Mr John Friend is the present lessee of Brooksend, in Birchington.

Wood, alias Woodchurch.

PAGE 311, line 8. After it add is.

St. John's, Margate.

PAGE 314, line 24. Chapel-hill house now belongs to Jacob Sawkins, esq. and is occasionally let as a lodging-house.

PAGE 317, line 30. For improved read applied.

PAGE 322, last line but three. For most read any.

PAGE 337, line 7. Add after sea sbore, being held of the manor of Blean, alias Hothe, near Canterbury, by an annual quit rent.

PAGE 341, line 14. For Hengrove read Hengrave.

PAGE 347, line 10. Add on the gallery, at the west end of the middle isle, is a handsome fine toned organ, built by England, of London, which was opened on Sunday, Oct. 11, 1795, being given to the church by Francis Cobb, sen. esq. deputy of the town of Margate.

PAGE 348, line 2. Add—Very few of the pews in this church are private property, and the visitants of the town are seated in them from time to time, with great attention and civility, by the sexton.

PAGE 355, in the lift of vicars. After 1749, read John Jacob, induct. Sept. 30, 1749.

In the register is this remarkable entry:—On Tuesday, Jan. 19, 1607, Mary, the daughter of John Tang, was buried, and after being laid out for dead for half an hour, she revived, and so continued for an hour and an half, in the presence of many witnesses.

St. Peter's.

PAGE 360, line 2 from the bottom. For donation read dotation.

PAGE 363, line 11. For Hillsborugh read Hilsborough.

Line 24. For Thomas Harley, esq. read the bon. Thomas Harley.

St. Laurence.

PAGE 373, line 16. For between read between.

PAGE 378, line 8. In 1792 a neat chapel was erected here for the sect of Methodists, of the persuasion of the Rev. John Westley.

PAGE 384, line 9. For Goshal read Goshall.

PAGE 385, line 16. For Thorne read Thorn.

PAGE 395, line 2. For were read have been.

PAGE 396, line 9 from bottom. Dele the words and paid.

PAGE 401, line 4 from bottom. For besides read at.

PAGE 407, note. For Boye's read Boys's.

PAGE 408, line 7 from bottom. For Marie read Maris.

PAGE 424, last line. The Rev. Mr. Lamprey died in the spring of the year, 1800.