The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 11

By Edward Hasted. The first of two volumes on the city of Canterbury. This first part contains a thematic history of the city, and part of an historical survey of the cathedral priory.

Kent, History and Topographical Survey. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1800.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Dedication iii-iv
Preface v-x
Index xv-lx
The city of Canterbury: Situation, names and origin 1-8
Canterbury: Civil jurisdiction 9-14
Canterbury: The city as county 14-28
Canterbury: Members of the Corporation 28-29
Canterbury: The bounds 30-45
Canterbury: Members of Parliament 45-59
Canterbury: The castle 59-66
Canterbury: The ancient and present state of the city 67-69
Canterbury: Walls and ditches 69-74
Canterbury: City gates 74-78
Canterbury: Wards, aldermanries and parishes 78-81
Canterbury: Ancient history of the city 81-90
Canterbury: Silk and other manufactures 91-98
Canterbury: Hop trade and plantations 98-99
Canterbury: The modern state of the city 99-101
Canterbury: Population and public amusements 101-102
Canterbury: Markets and fairs 102-105
Canterbury: Workhouse and county hospital 105-106
Canterbury: Description of the city 106-120
Canterbury: The dungeon 120-123
Canterbury: Miscellaneous buildings 123-127
Canterbury: Remarkable occurrences 127-135
Canterbury: The river Stour 135-139
Canterbury: The intended navigation of the Stour 139-142
Canterbury: Mills on the river 143-147
Canterbury: Manors 147-164
Canterbury: Religious houses 164-184
Canterbury: Hospitals, almshouses and charities 184-199
Canterbury: Charitable benefactions 199-205
Canterbury: Gifts of land to the city 205-208
Canterbury: The ecclesiastical jurisdiction 208-209
Canterbury: The churches within the city and suburbs 209-288
Canterbury: Bishops and tithes 288-291
Canterbury: Precincts and villes exempted from liberties 291-292
Canterbury: The borough of Stablegate 292-294
Canterbury: Archbishop's palace and precincts 294-303
Ville and precincts of the cathedral 304-306
History of the cathedral 306-383
Monuments in the cathedral 383-424
The priory of Christchurch 424-425
The priory of Christchurch: Deans and priors 425-460
The priory of Christchurch: Seals 461-463
The priory of Christchurch: Jurisdiction, privileges and liberties 463-485
The priory of Christchurch: Dissolution 485-496
The priory of Christchurch: Present state of the precinct 496-533
The priory of Christchurch: School 533-544
The priory of Christchurch: Foundation of the Dean and Chapter 544-547