The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 12

By Edward Hasted. The second volume on Canterbury continues the history of the cathedral and also includes accounts of other religious houses in the city, including the abbey of St Augustine. The volume also gives substantial biographical accounts of the archbishops and archdeacons of Canterbury.

Kent, History and Topographical Survey. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1801.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Dedication iii
Index v-lxiv
Canterbury cathedral: The deans (from the Reformation to 1672) 1-26
Canterbury cathedral: The deans (from 1672 to 1800) 27-55
Canterbury cathedral: Canons 55-108
Precincts exempted from the city liberty: White Friars 109-114
Precincts exempted from the city liberty: The hospital of King's Bridge 115-135
Precincts exempted from the city liberty: The ville or precinct of St Gregory 136-149
Precincts exempted from the city liberty: The hospital of St John 149-157
The abbey of St Augustine: History 158-177
The abbey of St Augustine: Abbots 177-225
The abbey of St Augustine: The high court of St Augustine 225-227
The borough of Longport 228-251
The foundation of the archbishopric 252-264
The archbishops: Augustine to 988 265-297
The archbishops: From 988 to 1161 298-326
The archbishops: Becket to Hubert Walter 327-352
The archbishops: Stephen Langton to Robert Winchelsea 352-378
The archbishops: Walter Reynolds to William Whittesley 379-400
The archbishops: Simon de Sudbury to Henry Dene 400-438
The archbishops: William Warham to Edmund Grindal 438-462
The archbishops: John Whitgift to William Juxon 462-484
The archbishops: Gilbert Sheldon to John Moore 484-515
The archbishops: Provincial jurisdiction and prerogatives 516-523
The archbishops: Palaces and castles 524-525
The archbishops: Election and enthronement 525-541
The archbishops: Privileges 541-547
The archbishops: Revenues 547-550
The archdeaconry of Canterbury: Origins 550-556
Archdeacons of Canterbury 556-595
Addenda to volume 11: Miscellaneous 596-602
Addenda to volume 12: List of officials 603-611
Addenda to volume 12: Minutes of the Records and Accounts of the Chamber 612-662
Addenda to volume 12: Supplementary minutes 663-666
Addenda to volume 12: Thoughts on the abbey of St Augustine 666-672