Addenda and corrigenda to volume 7

Pages 537-549

The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 8. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1799.

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Boughton under the Blean.


LINE 20. GUSHEORNE, or GUSHMERE, was purchased a few years ago by John Lade, esq. of Canterbury, the present owner of it,

Line23. Fairbrook now belongs to Elizabeth Farewell Slodden, widow, of Canterbury.

PAGE 3. Mrs. Marsh, widow of Terry Marsh, esq. now resides in her late husband's house in Boughton-street.

PAGE 6, line14 The payment to Harbledown hospital from the manors of Boughton and Reculver, was altered by archbishop Islip in 1355, who ordered it to be paid out of the parsonage of Reculver, the value of which becoming inadequate to the sum, it is now paid as the archbishop's alms out of the revenues of the see.

PAGE 8, linefrom the bottom. For Maryread Margaret.

PAGE 9, lineI. Nathaniel Jarman is deceased, and the estate of Brenley belongs one moiety to his sister Margaret Jarman, and the other to his sons.

Line28. BOUGHTON-COURT has now the same owners as Brenley above-mentioned.

PAGE II. Mr. Hawkins's eldest daughter married Francis Curson, of Waterperry, in Oxfordshire, formerly Roper, eldest son of the hon. Francis Roper, son of Henry, lord Teynham. He changed his name to Curson, pursuant to the will of his uncle Mr. Curson, of that place.

PAGE 12. COLKINS. Mrs. Lambert, at her death, devised it to trustees for sale, and they sold it to Lewis, lord Sondes, whose son the right hon. Lewis-Thomas, lord Sondes, now owns it.

PAGE 13. SCARBUTS belongs now to the heirs of the late Terry Marsh, esq.

PAGE 17, line 16. Mr. Lade has demised the parsonagehouse by lease to Collet Mawhood, esq. who resides in it.

PAGE 19. For Charles More read Moore, and to notew add he is one of the six preachers of the cathedral of Canterbury.


PAGE 19, line 16 From the bottom. The house built by Mr. Squire is called Besborough house.


PAGE 33, line 8 From the bottom. Mrs. Blaxland, whose maiden name was Kennett, the widow of Mr. John Blaxland, now resides at Graveney-court.


PAGE 39, line 14, add on Shottenton hill there has lately been a telegraph erected under the direction of the hon. and reverend lord George Murray. There are some good orchards and hop plantations in this parish, the soil being very friendly for them, and in an excellent state of cultivation, and the land in general lets from 15s. to 20s. per acre in the more fertile parts of it. The parish is very healthy, and being diversified with fine gentle hill and date is very pleasant.

Line19. For Manhood read Mawhood.

Line 22. Mr. Mapleton's house is usually called Canister hall.

Last line. Hanville-green and Harefield, are, I am informed, great part, if not all, in Sheldwich parish.

PAGE 42, line 22. For Daras read Duras.

PAGE 44, line8. OVENS-COURT was bought by the late Lewis, lord Sondes, and was purchased under his will by his eldest son, the present right hon. Lewis-Thomas, lord Sondes.

There is another estate, the house of which is in this parish, part probably formerly of the before-mentioned, called Little Ovens, which belonged to the late William Drake, esq. of Amersham, in whose heirs it is now vested. Lord Sondes has contracted for the purchase of it, but so many events may happen before it can be conveyed, that it may probably never take place.

PAGE 45, line4 From the bottom. Mr. Sawbridge has sold Rhodes-court to Mr. Golding, a hop-factor in the borough, who now owns it.

PAGE 47, line 13. All the estates which were purchased by the late lord Sondes, were sold under his will for the benefit of his younger children, and were as such purchased by the present Lewis-Thomas, lord Sondes.


PAGE 52, line7 From the bottom. For patronage read parsonage.

PAGE 53, line 8. For werereadare.

PAGE 55, line 27. For fermee read Formee.

PAGE 57,line7From the bottom. SHIPHURST is now the property of Messrs. Tyler and John Twort, and Mr. John Foreman.

PAGE 62, line 14. For colleaguesread colleges.

PAGE 63, line 22. For now read late.


PAGE 66, line 21. BRICKWALL-HOUSE, since the Rev. Thomas Bathurst's death it has come to the Rev. Richard Bathurst, of Rochester, the present owner of it.

PAGE 69,line8. After Alexander Colepeper,adda Comma stop only.

Last line but one. BOKINGFOLD was sold by the Rev.

Thomas and Richard Bathurst to John Austen, esq. of Goudhurst, the present possessor of it.

PAGE 72, line 22. For now read late the Rev. Thomas Bathurst being deceased.

Line 28. FINCHCOCKS has been sold by Mr. Bathurst to Robert Springett, gent. who resides in it.

PAGE 74, line7. For Bayhaliread Bayhall.

PAGE 87, lineII. The lease of the parsonage-househas been sold by Mr. Bathurst to Mr. William Hazelden, who is the present lessee.


PAGE 93. THE TWON OF CRANBROOKE is much improved in buildings, since lately a house on one side of the street was purchased from the vicarage by private tradesmen. The repairs of it being a perpetual incumbrance to so small a living, the archbishop procured an exchange of it for lands elsewhere, under an act of parliament. There are about two thousand acres of wood land in the parish. The inhabitants, I am informed, are now computed at about four thousand. The congregation at church in summer is frequently fifteen hundred.

PAGE 94, line 6. William Weston, esq. now resides at Upper Wilsley.

PAGE 97, line12. Mr. Charles Nairn is since deceased, and his widow now possesses this estate.

Line 25. FRIZLEY. George Children lately sold this estate to Mr. John Collens, of Goudhurst.

PAGE 98, line17. Mr. Smart's estate is called Little Angley, and is now occupied by him.


Line 25. For descendant read descendants.

PAGE 99, line 9 from the bottom. For HOCKREDGE read HOCKEREDGE.

PAGE 103, line7from the bottom. The house at Milkhouse-street,late Mr. Nairn's, is now occupied by his widow.

PAGE 104, line 4 from the bottom. For Eltham read Eleham.

PAGE 106,line7from the bottom. BUCKHURST was sold by Pearce to Thomas Adams, esq. and by him again to John Austen, esq. of Goudhurst, who now possesses it.

PAGE 107, line 12. GREAT SWIFTS has been sold by Thomas Adams, esq. to John Austen, esq. of Goudhurst, formerly a major in the army, and is intended for his residence.

PAGE 108. The lands belonging to the free grammar school are about one hundred and seventy acres. Bishop Hoadley's father was once master of this school.

PAGE 109, line 23. For Bouchierread Bourchier.

PAGE 111, line 20. Mrs. Nairn, wife of Mr. Nairn, of London, optician, is the present lessee of the parsonage.


PAGE 117, line 12. Peasridge manor was sold by the Weston family to Joseph Wetherden, who again sold it to Mr. Thomas Oliver, of Taywell, in Goudhurst, the present owner of it.

PAGE 117, last line. For Spears readPears.

PAGE 118, line15. The advowson of the rectory of Frittenden is now vested in Mrs. Bowles, wife of Mr. John Bowles, of Linton, late Anne Bagnall, and her sister Elizabeth.


PAGE 120, last line but5from the bottom.LoddendenMr. Nicholas Toke Usborne now owns and resides in it.

PAGE 123, line 24. Henhurst now belongs to Mr. Thomas Watson, surgeon, of Staplehurst.

PAGE 124, last line but 4from the bottom. Mr. George Prentice is dead, and his heirs now possess it.

PAGE 125, line6. Lower Pagehurst is now come into the possession of Mr. Stephen Walter and Mr. John Amhurst, both of Marden.

PAGE 126,line17. Iden has since become vested in Mr. John Simmons and Mr. William Spong, both of Staplehurst, who now own it.

PAGE 127,line 8. Maplehurst is now become the property by sale of Mr. William Spong above-mentioned, of Staplehurst, who lives at it, and Exhurst belongs to the Rev. Harry Grove, rector of this parish.


PAGE 134, line16. John Hooker, esq. of Broadoak, died in 1799, possessed of Allards, and his heirs now possess it.

PAGE 136, line 6. The Rev. Herbert Randolph is S.T.P. prebendary of Bristol, and rector of Bradford, in Wiltshire.

PAGE 141. Mr. Warburton, in 1798, vacated this rectory for the vicarage of Lid, and was succeeded here by the Rev. Edward Nares, A. M. the present rector.


PAGE 147, line10. Samuel Boys, esq. died without male issue, and his brother Wm. Boys, esq. is the present owner of Elfords.

Line 21. Lilsden, on the death of Mr. Chittenden, come to his nephew John Osborne, esq. the present possessor of it.

Line 31. Mr. Elford's house is called Elin hill.

PAGE 148, line 6. Hawkhurst, alias New Lodge, has been sold by Mr. Baker to Thomas Redford, esq. who now owns it.

Line 12. Hawkhurst-place, on the death of Mr. Peckham, came to his nephew John Micklethwaite, esq. the present possessor of it.

PAGE 149, last line but 4. Tongs has been sold by David Langton, esq. to Frederick Wilson, esq. who now owns it.

PAGE 151, last line but 8. From the Fosters Hockeridge went by purchase to Mr. Richard Winch, whose heirs are now entitled to it.

PAGE 152, line 6. Mr. Penton and lord Digby joined in the sale of Pixes-hall to Mr. Richard Winch, whose heirs now possess it.

PAGE 157, at top. Under the church of Hawkhurst add CURATES.

PAGE 159, last line but 8 from the bottom. Frenchurst belongs now to Mr. James (son of John) Collins, and Hernden manor, since the death of John Peckham, esq. is become the property of his nephew John Micklethwaite, esq.

Line3from the bottom. Silverden is now become by purchase the estate of John Blackburn, esq. and Upper and Lower Boxhurst now belong to Mr. Joseph Fowle.


PAGE 183. The Rev. Mr. Dunn, vicar, died Nov. 23, 1798.


PAGE 191. Keinsham, late Mr. William Gibbs's, is come by purchase to James Monypenny, esq. who now owns it.


PAGE 204, line 9 from the bottom.Craythorne-househas been bought of Mr. Sawyer's assigness by Mrs. Elizabeth Luckhurst, and the now possesses it.

PAGE 205, line 4.The Whitfield house now belongs to Messrs. Curteis and Roberts, in right of their wives, whose names were Constable, and were daughters of Sir Robert Austen's sister.

PAGE 208, line 3. HERONDEN has been purchased by Mr. Richard Curteis, of Tenterden, who now owns it; and Pixwell, which is in this parish, has been purchased by Mr. John Morphett, of Tenterden, who is the present possessor of it.

PAGE 209, line22. LIGHTS, with the manor of Ashenden, by which latter name the house is called, was devised by Mr. William Children to George Children, esq. of Tunbridge, who sold it to Mr. Robert Curteis, jun. of Tenterden, who now resides in it.

PAGE 210, line 7. FINCHDEN. I am informed that Mr. William Finch, who died in 1794, left an only son and heir of the same name, who sold it to Mr. Robert Godden, and he now resides in it.

PAGE 212. KENCHILL on the death of Mr. William Mantell, in 1789, descended to his five daughters, who with their mother now enjoy it; and Dumborne was sold by the Rev. Mr. Mantell to Mr. Baldock, of Canterbury, and by him again to Mr. Musgrave Hopley, of Renterden, who sold in to Mr. Geo. Curteis, of the same place, and he now owns it.

PAGE 219, line 1. For 1727 read 1627.


PAGE 224, line 3. For plate read patee.


PAGE 230, line 7 from the bottom. THE PLACE-HOUSE, together with the woodland belonging to the estate in 1795, was by Mrs. Byrche, in conjunction with Mr. and Mrs. Brydges, of Denton, sold to Messrs. Avann, Neave, and others.


PAGE 248, line 2. THE MANOR OF HORNE, alias Ke nardington, is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 264, penult. For for read from.

PAGE 276, penult. For Thomas Wildman read James Wildman, and so on throughout the volume, in pages 278, 279, 286, 290.

PAGE 285, line 30. For on read in.

PAGE 288, line 10. After bells, add and a set of chimes; and add in 1772, a handsome gallery was erected in the church, and in 1796 a new altar piece was put up of wainscot, of excellent workmanship, and handsomely ornamented.

PAGE 291. In the list of vicars, for Horne read Hieron.


PAGE 293, line 29. BOWER, alias FLEMINGS, was sold soon afterwards by Mr. Papillon to Thomas Kinght, esq. of Godmersham, on whose death it came to his widow Mrs. Catherine Knight, and is now by her gift in the possession of Edward Austen, esq. of Godmersham park.

PAGE 296. The spire was taken down in 1793, and a low pointed roof only was added in its room, in which there is now only one bell.


PAGE 298, line 25. For Gold read Gould, who sold it to Stephen Hambrook, whose two sons and heirs Stephen and Richared now own it.

PAGE 300, line 25. For above read below, and line 30, for Upperdowne read Underdowne.

PAGE 301, line 9. Read Swadling downs, corruptly for Swerdling downe.

PAGE 309, line 26. After Thomas Page, read whose nephew of the same name died, &c.

PAGE 312, line 8. Sir William latterly, and Sir John now, writes his name Fagge.

PAGE 315, line 22. For 141, read 286.

Line ult. For 1657, read 1654.

PAGE 316, line 8. Read a fess, between three ciquesoils, impaling Clifford.


PAGE 320, line 14. For Eggerton read Eggarton.

PAGE 323, line 5. Mr. Richard Coleman is the present lessee of the manor and tithes, and resides in the courtlodge.

PAGE 324, line 20. Elizabeth, one of the sisters of the late Thomas Knight, esq. is now living, and resides at Eggarton, and is unmarried.

PAGE 325, line 2. Mr. Austen married Elizabeth, and third daughter of the late Sir Brook Bridges, bart. by whom he has a daughter Frances, and three sons, Edward, George, and Henry.

PAGE 327, line 3. Mrs. Elizabeth Knight now resides at Eggarton, as has been mentioned before.


PAGE 336, line 19, read thus, These manors, with the mansion now called Sparkes, &c.


PAGE 341, line 18. For 1630, read 1638.

PAGE 342, line 6 from the bottom. The well at Withersden is of the mineral quality, and tastes exceedingly like the Tunbridge waters.

PAGE 344, line 13. For September 3, read September 30, to which they were altered with the consent of the lord of the manor.

PAGE 345, line 5. For Battell read Battell, and the same again below, line 16.

PAGE 343, line 7 from the bottom. At Wye-court there stood a few years since a large circular building, consisting of a room vaulted to the top, and below it a dungeon, to the depth of twelve feet; this was lined with stone of a great thickness, and lighted only by one aperture sloping upwards to the surface of the ground, about three inches wide. When the place was levelled and the stones removed, there were found three small square bricks, of a white composition, with old characters on them, and in a hole of the stone wall an old iron hand cuff. Antient people of the place have called this place Lollard's hole.

PAGE 344, line 6, add, And when a sunk sence was lately dug on one side of the pyramidial mount, near Ollantigh, two skeletons were found, about five feet below the surface; there were near them several small pieces of iron, and two of a larger size, which seemed to be heads of spears, being about ten inches long, and pointed at the end.

PAGE 342, line 18. Nicholas Brett, the second son, died unmarried in 1787, and Rebecca the daughter, married Geo. Smith, esq. of Meopham.

PAGE 350, line 26. For 1707, read 1787.


PAGE 369, penult. Dele the comma after lead.

PAGE 373, line 10. For Crundale read Crundal; the same, Page 374, line 5.


PAGE 399, line 23. The old house was begun to be pulled down in 1792, and a handsome mansion has since been erected in the park by Mr. Hatton.

PAGE 403, penult. For Anne read Amye, it being so on his monument.

PAGE 409, line 14. Eastwell manor is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.

PAGE 410, line 20. There is now but one large bell remaining in the room of the three.

Line 23. The eastern window has within these few years been fitted up with good remains of painted glass, collected from different places; since which the opposite window at the west end of the north isle, has been ornamented in the like manner.

Line 34. After for now lie, read laid till the year 1795, when these fragments were removed, and the chancel cleaned, as well as the vault beneath, and the coffins again replaced in it.

PAGE 411, line 3. The hon. Mrs. Hatton, mother of Mr. Hatton, was the last buried in it.


PAGE 420. NASH-court and Gignash. Mr. William Sharp is since deceased, and his only son Mr. Barling Sharp now owns them, and resides in the latter, as his son of the same name does in the former.

PAGE 423, last line. Mr. William Chapman is since deceased, and his only son Mr. John Chapman now owns Perry town, and resides at it.

Brook is now owned by Mr. Balderston, of Canterbury.

PAGE 429, in the list of vicars. For Geraud read Giraud.


PAGE 430, line 18. Peirce house. Mr. Wakeley is since deceased, and it is now owned by his widow Mrs. Mary Wakeley, who resides in it.

PAGE 437, line 27. The Rev. Mr. Sayer, of Petts, has one son and five daughters.

PAGE 439, line 13. Wickins. Miss Anne Dering is since deceased unmarried, and it is now come to her only brother John Thurlow Dering, esq. by mistake here said to be deceased, but who is still living.

Line 27. For before read below.

PAGE 440, last line. Brockton was sold by Mr. Barrett, about four years ago, to Mr. John Brenchley, the present owner of it.

PAGE 443, last line. Acton. Mr. Peter Harrison is since deceased, and his widow Mrs. Hannah Harrison now owns his share of it.

PAGE 448, in the list of vicars. Mr. Marshall died on May 8, 1797.

PAGE 448, last line. Joseph Cotman, A. M. succeeded to the vicarage of Charing in 1797, resigned in 1799, and was succeeded by John Barwick, B.A. who is the present vicar.


PAGE 449, last line. For Francis read Frederick.

PAGE 450, last line. Sir Horace Mann now resides in this parish, in a house called Egerton farm, built on the former of those manors, which he has made great additions and improvements to, for his accommodation, within these few years.

PAGE 452, line 10. Mr. John Ashbye, gent. is of Dowle-street, in Charing.

PAGE 455, line 12. The Rev. Mr. Marshall, curate of Egerton, died on May 8, 1797, and was succeeded by Joseph Cotman, A. M. who resigned in 1799, and John Barwick, B. A. was appointed his successor.

Little Chart

PAGE 460, line I. Mr. Darell has three sons and six daughters, of whom Lucy the second, married Edw. Hales, esq. eldest son of Sir Edward Hales, bart. and Elizabeth married John Lynch French, esq. The three sons are, Henry, Edward, and Philip.

PAGE 461, line 13. For lozeny read lozengy.


PAGE 463, line 17. For Proting read Roting. The hamlets of Ford mill and Roting-street, close to the boundary of this parish, are within that of Little Chart.

Last line. Dele the words Newland-green; the house there mentioned being at Dowle-street, and now in the possession of John Ashbee, gent. who resides in it.

PAGE 464, line 4. There are about seventy-three houses in the parish, and about six hundred inhabitants. There are about sixty acres of hops, and as many acres of woodland.

PAGE 465. For Westrooke read Westbrooke.

PAGE 469, line ult. For Monpesson read Mompesson.

PAGE 470, line 17. Sir Edward Dering, bart. died in December, 1798, and was succeeded in this seat, with his other estates, by his eldest son, now Sir Edward Dering, bart.

The late Sir Edward Dering left issue by his first wife, one son Edward above-mentioned, (who has two sons and one daughter) and a daughter Selina, married to the Rev. Dr. Dealtry, of Ireland. By his second wife he had three sons and three daughters; of the former, Chomondeley is colonel of the Romney Light Dragoons, and married Charlotte, daughter or the late judge Yates; Robert-Charles was a lieutenant in the navy, and died in the West-Indies, and George married Elizabeth, his first cousin, only daughter and heir of Charles Dering, esq. of Barham. Of the daughters, Elizabeth married Daniel Byam Mathew, esq. Charlotte is unmarried, and Harriet died in France unmarried.

PAGE 475, line 12. For son read grandson.

PAGE 476, line 12. There is here likewise a Sunday school, set up in 1787, which has been of great use in civilizing the children, and bringing them to church. There are more than eighty children belonging to it.


PAGE 484. John Porter, late rector, is still living; he resigned it in 1794, and is the present lord bishop of Clogher, in Ireland.

Great Chart.

PAGE 508, line 23. N. Roundell Toke, esq. married a sister of the present Sir Bourchier Wrey, bart. by whom he has no issue.


PAGE 534, last line. Mr. J. Basil Duckworth became a bankrupt, and the house is now on sale.

PAGE 535, line 8. Robert Mascall, esq. (only son of John Mascall) major in the Kentish provisional cavalry, is now possessed of this house, and resides in it.

PAGE 536, line 19. Dele have been.

PAGE 539, last line but one. For Valoyns, read Strabolgie, being three pales.

PAGE 540, line 9. For Malmaines read Malbraines.

PAGE 545, among the vicars. For Colcail read Coldcall.


PAGE 546, line 23. For Mary read Sarah.

PAGE 551, line 6 from the bottom, correct as follows: Mr. Charles Kingsley, who died in 1785, left three sons, Charles, who died at Canterbury; Thomas Pincke Kingsley, of London, the present possessor of Burton, and William, of London.


PAGE 559, l penult. For convex read concave.

PAGE 564, line 24. On Dec. 23, 1796, about six o'clock in the evening, during a violent thunder storm, the steeple was struck by the lightning, the upper part of it burnt down, and the rest of it considerably damaged, but it was wholly rebuilt and repaired in the following year

PAGE 596, l. ult. For Frances read Catherine.


PAGE 597, line 23. For three read two, the youngest, Joane, having died before him an insant.