Addenda and corrigenda to volume 8

Pages 550-555

The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 8. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1799.

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Bircholt Franchise Hundred.

PAGE 2, line 5.

THIS hundred contains the parish of Aldington likewise, the church of which is within the bounds of it. It is erroneously inserted in this volume as within the hundred of Street. See the description of it below, p. 315, and the reasons for it.


PAGE 2, line 23. Smeeth is four miles from Ashford, and contains nine hundred and fifty acres of arable and pasture, and about one hundred and twenty acres of wood; there are fifty-five houses in it. Being situated on the quarry hills, it is very healthy, and the soil fertile, excepting near the turnpike road, where it is sand or gravel, and a part of Hatch park, about seventy acres of which are a clay. The southern part of Braborne-less, the warren on which is let at a considerable rent, is in this parish.

PAGE 8, line 14. One half part of the mansion of Scott's hall , with the chapel, was pulled down by Sir John Honywood a few years ago. The remainder is in a very ruinous state, and inhabited only by a labourer.

PAGE 9, line 3. The upper part of the steeple fell down about four years ago, and has not been rebuilt.

THE Hundred of Bircholt Barony.

PAGE 10. This hundred extends likewise over a part of Mersham, the church of which is in another hundred.


PAGE 10, line, 4 from the bottom. Contains about twenty inhabitants; there are in it about one hundred and forty acres of arable and pasture, and three of woodland. The soil is in general unsertile, and near the north-west side of Braborne less more so, being a red sand.

PAGE 12, line 21. I am informed Sir Charles Mordaunt is the sole proprietor of Bircholt manor and advowson.


PAGE 14, last line but one. There are about sixty houses, and about three hundred inhabitants.

PAGE 23, line 21. HAMPTON-MANOR is now in possession of lady Radclisse, the widow of Sir Charles Farnabye Radclisse, bart.

PAGE 26, line 16. For Claude read Laud.


PAGE 29, line 10 from the bottom. Mr. John Browning is the present lessee, under the governors of the hospital, for all their estates in this parish.

PAGE 30, line 10 from the bottom. The same as above.

The Hundred of Stowting.

PAGE 33, line 16. This hundred, with the manor and demesnes of Stowting, are now the joint property of Thomas, John, Charles, and Elizabeth, children of the late John Jenkin, gent. as to one moiety, and of the Rev. William Jenkin, of Frampton, in Gloucestershire, as to the other moiety.


PAGE 41, line. 6 from the bottom. SOUTHLIGH MANOR has been sold by Mr. Browning to Mr. Stephen Birch, who now owns it.


PAGE 49, last line. See above, p. 41.

Monks Horton.

PAGE 58, last line but 10. HORTON MANOR is one of the lordships of Romney March.


PAGE 64, line II from the bottom. Dele the words, the very small.

PAGE 68, line 7 from the bottom. Thomas Harrison is now the possessor of the manor of Heyton, by purchase.

PAGE 76, line 11. For William-Henry read HenryWilliam. Mr. Champneis has since taken orders, and in 1796 married the daughter of the Rev. Geossry Hornby, of Winnick, in Lancashire, where he now resides.


PAGE 79, line 26. For before read below.

Line 4 from the bottom. LONGAGE was sold by David Papillon, esq. to Capt William Honywood.

PAGE 80, line 11. Broadstreet has been sold since the death of Mr. William Slodden, of Canterbury, to Mr. William Rigden, who now occupies it.

Line 15. For Eachand read Eachend; and next line add Mr. William Rigden possesses this house, and resides in it.

PAGE 86, line 6. LYGHE-COURT has been sold by Mr. Bridges to Sir John Honywood, bart. the present owner of it.


PAGE 100, last line but 5. SHOTTLESFIELD was sold to David Papillon, esq. who has settled it on his eldest son Thomas Papillon, esq. of Acrise, the present owner of it.

PAGE 102, line 9 from the bottom. Bladbean is now in the possession of Mr. George Sayer's widow.

PAGE 109, last line. The Rev, Thomas Tournay is since deceased, and his son the Rev. William Tournay, of Dover, is the present owner of it.


PAGE 152, line 2. Read thus, THE PARISH OD FOLKES TONE, which gives name to this hundred, is bounded towards the south by the sea, adjoining to which is the town and liberty of Folkestone, &c.

PAGE 178, line 12. For Chinwell read Chigwell.


PAGE 226, line 23. For 1789, read 1788.

Line 25. Thomas Tournay, esq. the eldest son, is now entitled to this estate.

PAGE 227, line 2. For 1789, read 1788.

Line 3. For gent. read esq.

Line 7. The Rev. William Tournay is rector of Denton, Hope, and Eastbridge, and married in 1798 the eldest daughter of John Stephenson, esq. banker, of London.

Line 8. For Sarah read Mary.

Line 11. Robert Tournary, esq. of Hythe, the eldest son, is now possessed of the Newbuildings estate.


PAGE 261, line 7. BURMARSH manor is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 267, line 28. Newington Fee manor, is one of the same lordships.


PAGE 270. Orgarswike lies north-west from Burmarsh.


PAGE 272. BACKMANSTONE lies south-east from Orgarswike.

PAGE 274, line 23. Blackmanstone manor is now vested in the guardians of Thomas Shoesmith, a minor. It is one of the lordships of Romney March.


PAGE 276, line 9. For northern read southern.

PAGE 278, line 4. EASTBRIDGE MANOR is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 289, line 2 from the bottom. For William-Henry read Henry-William; and p. 291, line 11, read the same.

PAGE 296, line 3.STREET MANOR is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh, as is Willop, p. 298, line 8 from the bottom.


PAGE 304, line 25. This estate was sold with Blackmanstone to John Shoesmith, esq. the guardians of whose son Thomas, a minor, are now possessed of it.


PAGE 320, line 2. I am informed the contract for the purchase of Aldington is not yet carried into execution.

This manor is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 329. THE MANOR OF HURST, alias Falcon hurst, is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 333, line 10 from the bottom. BONNINGGTON MA NOR is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.

PAGE 337, in the list of rectors. After Philip Papillon, A.M. for 1715, read 1785, the present rector.


PAGE 349, 350. THE MANORS OF BILSINGTON SUPE RIOR and inferior, are two of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 340, last line. PACKMANSTONE MANOR is one of the lordships of Romney March.


PAGE 354, line 8.RUCKING MANOR3:42 AM 10/9/2007 is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 363, line 26. ORLESTONE MANOR is one of the same lordships.


PAGE 368, 370. WAREHORNE and TINTON MANORS are two of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 387, line 11. Mr. Charles Snoad is the present lessee of the parsonage.


PAGE 394, last line but 5. For south side read south-east side.

PAGE 395, last line. THE MANOR OF SNAVE is one of the lordships of Romney Marsh.

PAGE 397, line 24. THE MANOR OF SNAVEWICK,alias COURT at WEEK the same.


PAGE 412, line 9. For Aven, Kingsnoth, and others, read Messrs. John Avant and Henry Kingsnoth.


PAGE 416, last line. THE MANOR OF HONICHILD, as well as that of CRAYTHORNE, page 418, are two of the lordships of Romney Marsh.


PAGE 520, line 5 from the bottom. For grandson, read great-grandson.