Appendix C: The carved figures on the staircase

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Survey of London Monograph 12, Cromwell House, Highgate. Originally published by Guild & School of Handicraft, London, 1926.

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A Descriptive list of the figures on the staircase newels (plates 12 and 38 to 45 inclusive) by the late Major Victor Farquharson, F.S.A.

No.1. Man playing a fife (plate 12).
" 2. Man with Musket, or possibly a caliver, a lighter weapon not requiring a rest. The bandolier is shown clearly (plate 39).
" 3. Drummer (plate 40).
" 4. Targetteer with shield and sword (plate 12).
" 5. Officer of Pikemen, breastplace repousée, long tassets or tassels; with ornamental hinges. Left arm akimbo, right arm (broken off) may have held a halberd (plate 41).
" 6. Officer of Musketeers, left arm broken off, right arm raised has held a halberd or pike (plate 42).
" 7. Pikeman, left hand on sword-handle, right hand holding a roll of paper (plate 43).
" 8. Targetteer, with oval shield, drawing his sword with right hand; bows on garter very large (plate 44).
" 9. Musketeer, left arm broken that held musket and rest. The bandolier for 14 charges and its bullet bag is shown, also a coil of spare match (plate 45).

The general type of figures is that of Charles I. They have, as regards six of them, pointed beards, and all have longish and curly hair and are smartly got up, particularly as regards the garter rosettes in five examples.