Memorials in the church: Floor slabs

Survey of London: Volume 15, All Hallows, Barking-By-The-Tower, Pt II. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1934.

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'Memorials in the church: Floor slabs', Survey of London: Volume 15, All Hallows, Barking-By-The-Tower, Pt II, (London, 1934), pp. 93-112. British History Online [accessed 23 June 2024].

. "Memorials in the church: Floor slabs", in Survey of London: Volume 15, All Hallows, Barking-By-The-Tower, Pt II, (London, 1934) 93-112. British History Online, accessed June 23, 2024,

. "Memorials in the church: Floor slabs", Survey of London: Volume 15, All Hallows, Barking-By-The-Tower, Pt II, (London, 1934). 93-112. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024,


Note.—The numbers, unenclosed, are shown on the plan (p. 57).


Joseph Maskell (fn. 1) gives the date and inscription as follows: "Elizabeth Denham who departed unto God on Wednesday, at 5 of ye clok at afternoon Ester Weke ye last day of Marche Ao. Do 1540, on whose soul Iesu have mercy Amen" and states that she was the wife of William Denham, Alderman, and Sheriff in 1534.

William Denham was knighted in 1542 and was many times master of the Ironmongers' Company. He lived in Mark Lane in a great house on the east side next the parish boundary. See p.18.

38. ROGER HATTON, 1666.

Here lyeth the body of
Roger Hatton Esq late
Alderman of this City
who dyed 26th: Ivly
Ano: Dom 1666.


Maskell (p. 89) gives his arms as "a cheveron between 3 garbs and for a difference a crescent surmounted by another."


40. SALLY FARRER, 1783.

Here lieth the Body of
MRS. Sally Farrer wife of
M.R John Farrer of this Parish
who departed this Life the Ist Day
of October 1783 Aged 42 Years.

also near this Place lieth the Body of
MR. Nathan Farrer, Brother to
the above Mr. Farrer, who departed
this Life 6th. April 1799 Aged 55 Years.

also near this Place lieth
MRS. Elizabeth Tarbutt, Sister to the above
Nathan Farrer, Wife of George Tarbutt
Esqr: who died 22nd: Febry: 1800 Aged 58 Years.

Adjoining this stone lieth the Body
of John Farrer Esqr.
who died 24th. Jan.y 1824 Aged 87 Years.

Maskell (p. iii) records a wall monument to the last named on which he is described as "of Clapham, formerly an inhabitant of this parish."

41. J. F., 1824.

Evidently the Farrer vault.

42. RICHARD REED, 1767.

Here lyeth Interr'd ye Body
of MR Rich.d Reed
who departed this Life
January 1767 Aged 29 Year[s]



Here lyeth Interr'd ye Body of William
Shipman late of London Marchant the
Sonne of William Shipman of Scarington
inye County of Nottingham, Gen˜. tooke
to wife Mary Garneys ye davghter of Iohn
Garneys of Bey[l]and in ye County of Norfolk
Esq by whom hee had Issue one sonne (Thomas)
and departed this life ye 14th day of September
Anno 1681 in ye 48th yeare of his age.

Arms: Argent a bend between six suns gules for SHIPMAN, impaling Argent a cheveron engrailed azure between three scallops sable for GARNESHE. (Plate 116.)


Here lyeth the Body of
Catharine Bignell Daughter of
William and Catharine Bignell
of this Parish who departed this Life Jan. 1769. Aged 2 Years 10 Months.
Also the Body of
Hugh Bignell Son of the above
William and Catharine Bignell
who departed this Life April 1779.
Aged 4 Months.

Here lyeth the Body of
Robert the Son of John and Ann
S.T Barbe, who departed this Life
the of March 1785 Aged 18 Years.

John St. Barbe occupied No. 33 Seething Lane in 1783 (see p. 13).

46. HENRY —

Here lieth I[nterr'd the Body of]
Citizen and G[rocer of this Parish]
who departe [d this Life the      ]
day of May 1 [         Aged    ]
Arms defaced.

47. HENRY PERRY, 178[7].

In Memory of
Mr Henry Perry
late of this Parish [who]
died May 12th 178[7]
Aged [5]4 Years.

Also of John Thomas
of Mark Lane Nephew [of the]
above, who died Sept [17th 18    ]
Aged 69 Years.

Also M[rs] Ann Thomas [wife]
of the above John Thomas
who departed this Life Sept [18     ].
[Aged 4 . . Years.]

Repair'd 1814 at the Charge of J. Thomas, Mark Lane.


Here lies Inter'd the Body of
Susan Mærishall who departed
this life June the 26th 1742 Aged 18 days.

Here also lies Inter'd the Body of
Mother of the abovesaid and Wife
of Mr Thomas Mærishall Merchant
of this Parish who departed this life
December the 8th 1745 Aged 31 Years.
Who was of Exemplary Piety, Virtue, and
Prudence, endow'd with all the qualities
that could make a Woman truly amiable
in all stations of life, so the lofs of her is
sincerely Lamented by all who had the
pleasure of her acquai
[n]tance, but more
particularly her disconsolate Husband & Father

Near his beloved Wife lies the Body of
Mr Thomas Marishall, Merchant
Who was justly esteem'd for his Piety
Probity and Honour, with many other
Excellent Virtues Eminently Conspicuous in
him and highly deserving our Imitation
He died Sep 13th 1749 Aged 56 Years.

Note.—The family name Marishall appears to have been incorrectly cut as Merishall in lines two and seven, and subsequently corrected by cutting an A over the E.

The arms of the impaled shield cannot be identified. (Plate 117.)


Under this Stone A(re) here Interred the
Bodies of Dame Johanna Widow of
Sr Iohn Kempthorn that famous Sea
Comander of time. December 28 169[1]
        AND ALSO
Of Captain Rupert          Kempthorne
theire Youngest Son Octo: 31 1692.

To the Memory Of Whom this Stone
Was Layd By Mrs Kempthorne Ye Relict
Of Capt Iohn Kempthorne Eldest Son
Of the Said Sr Iohn & Iohanna who
dyed In Barbados. Ye Last Above Mentioned
Year 1693.

Arms in a lozenge: Argent three pine trees proper for KEMPTHORNE impaling Party cheveronwise … with two crescents in the chief…

Admiral Sir John Kempthorne (1620–1679) was knighted in 1670 and took part in the Battle of Solebay 1672. (fn. 2) He resided in a house of the Vicar's which abutted on the south-west side of the church and had a door in to the south gallery which was ordered to be shut in 1688. (fn. 3) The admiral had three sons, John, Morgan and Rupert, and a daughter who married Sir William Reeves. The Parish Register contains the christening of four children of Capt. John Kempthorne and Ann his wife (1676–1683).

50. BITHIAM LEWEN, 1718–19.

Here lyeth the Body of
Bithiam Lewen
Dear wife of George Lewen
of this Parish Merchant
daughter of John Godschall Esq.
th January 17 18/19 ætatis Suae 28.
[L]eaving only one daughter.
Arms defaced.

51. HENRY FREEMAN, 1785.

Here lieth the Body of
(late of this Parish)
who departed this Life Novr. the 18th. 1785.
Aged 44 Years.

also the Body of
(Wife of the above
who departed this Life March the 4th. 1786
Aged 39 Years.

52. MARISHALL'S Family Grave.


Here lyeth the Bodys
of Elizabeth & Henry
and Martha Heasler
Here Lyeth Interr'd the Body
of Mr. William Heasler
w(ho) Departed this Life Nov:r
the 7th. 1722 Aged 49
also the Body of MRS. MarthA
Heasler Wife of the Abovesaid
MR. William Heasler who De
parted this Life Jany. the 28th
1739 Aged 55
Who was a Loving Wife
a Tender Mother
and a faithfull Friend.

54. JOSEPH TAYLOR, 1732–3.

Hic Jacet Josephus Taylor Armiger
Una cum Uxore sua Maria
qui summo cum Amore et mutua Benevolentia
Post Annos plus triginta quing Exactos
Eodem Morbo (scilicet Hydrope) Absumpti
Eodem Die
Ex hac vita simul Discesserunt
spe non inani ad meliorem resurgendi
Ubi nuptijs licet nihil loci sit
Illorum Efflorescat amor Plusquam nuptialis
Cœlestis et in omnia secula Duratus
erat ille Sanfordiae juxta tew Majorem in com ox natus
Ejusdem Comitatus per unum annum Vicecomes
Quo Munere Ornari
satis gloriae sibi duxit
nam modestia haud Vulgari affectus
Honores mereri Maluit quam Experiri
erat in Commercio probus Jmpiger Fortunatus
jnnotos et Vicinos comis et Benignus.
erga Cognatos Liberalis et Munificus
Omnium denig amans et Benefaciendi cupidus
uxorem Habuit sui quam Simillimam
prorsus Dignam
Obierunt 23° die January Anno Dom: 1732

Jlle 66
Ætatis suae
Haec 60


Here lies the Body of
late Deputy of this Ward
who Departed this life May 31st 1772
Aged 60 Years.

Also the Body of
Mrs. Margaret Freeman
wife of the above SamL. Freeman
who departed this Life
the 24th. Novr: 1792, Aged 86 Years.

Near this Place lyeth the Body of Samuel Flower Freeman Esqr. (Son of
the above Samuel and Margaret Freeman.)
who departed this Life the 29th. May 1795
Aged 49 Years.

56. MARY WARREN, 1767.

In Memory of
Mrs Mary Warren wife
of Mr Iohn Warren of
this Parish who Departed
this life the 5th of May 1767
Aged 54 Years.

In Memory of
Mr John Warren late of
this Parish
who Departed this Life October 22D 1778
Aged 66 Years.


… imi fil., Iohannis Fil tho i n r
Thornhill nup de de Lond
mxio Milit h se s e
[o]b[iit] [2]3 Martij An 1 6 6 6
[16]6[8] Ætatis 32 6

Hoc Doloris Monumentum

A metal shield has been removed from the upper left-hand corner, and no indications of the arms remain.

57a. SAMUEL NUTT, 17 [. .].

Here lyeth the Body of
Mr Samuel Nutt
who Dyed February ye 3d 17[ ]
Aged 51 years.
also lyeth interr'd the Body of
Mr Richard Nutt Son of the abovesaid
late of this Parish who departed this life.
June the 2d. in the Year of Our Lord 1710 A
29 Years.

Here lyeth the Body of
NUTT of this Parrish;
And also the Body of IOHN NUTT
NUTT who dyed the 17th day of Oct
1720 Aged nine mounths.


Here lieth the Body
of Mr Nathaniel Tidd
of this Parish Citizen & Turner
who departed this Life the 8th day
of December 1775 Aged 69 Years.
Also the Body of Mrs Sarah Tidd
Wife of Mr Nathaniel Tidd
who departed this Life 26th. Sepr 1779
Aged 87 Years.


Sibi svisqve posvit
Robertvs hvcrell
A.o 1694.

60. ANN TAYLOR, 1748.

Here lies Inter'd the Body
of Ann the wife of
Peter Taylor
of this Parish who died
December the 30th. 1748 Aged
62 Years

Here also lies Inter'd the Body
of William Hutchinson
Brother of the abovesaid who
departed this life the 5th day of
August 1749 Aged 65 Years.

Here lies the Body of
Husband to the above Ann
who Departed this life Decem.r
the 1st 1765 In the 81st Year of his Age
Also Mrs. Sarah Taylor
Neice of the above Mr. Peter Taylor
who died January 12th. 1779
Aged 67 Years.

also the Body of Mr. Peter Taylor
Husband of the above Sarah Taylor
who departed this Life July 26th 1785
Aged 7 … Years
Also peter Taylor son of the above
who died 17th January 1824, aged 74 years.

In 1739 Peter Taylor lived in a house on Tower Hill adjoining that of Slingsby Bethell, Lord Mayor, as shown on a plan in the Crace Collection. Op. cit.

61. BRIDGET HOLDER, 16[. .].

Here lyeth intered the [body]
of Bridget Holder late [wife]
of Iohn Holder Marchant
54 yeares who Departed this [lyfe]
ye 6th of october 16

Arms: [Sable] a cheveron between three anchors [or] for HOLDER, impaling Checky [     ] and [     ]. (Plate 118.)

62. GRACE WATHEN, 1753.

Under this Stone lies the Body of GRACE
the Wife of CHARLES WATHEN Junr
She Died the 7th Day of March 1753.
in the 59th Year of her Age.

63. HANNAH ROMAN, 1759.

Here Lieth the Body
of Mrs Hannah Roman, Wife of
Deputy Richard Roman. Esqr
She died 26th of December 1759
Aged 61.

also the Body of
Richard Roman, Esqr
many Years in the Common Councel
& Deputy of Tower Ward,
He died 5th January 1771, Aged 79.

also the Body of the
Revd Willm Roman many years
Lecturer of this Parish who departed
this Life Febry 28th 1782 Aged 59 Years.

Also the Body of
Mrs. Jane Roman, Wife of the above
who departed this life March 3.d 1802.

Arms: Argent a fesse gules with three crosses formy or thereon for ROMAN, impaling [ ] a fesse ermine between three crescents [ ]. Crest: A demi-leopard rampant. (Plate 119.)

64. HANNAH GORDON, 1719.

Here lye interr'd five Children of Thomas &
Hannah Gordon of this Parish who all died
in their Infancy.

Here also lies their Mother, who departed this
Life the 1 day of July 1719 in the 39 Year of her
Age: Her Behaviour in the several Relations
of Wife, Mother & Friend was very commendable.
She lived in a constant fear of God, & died with
joyfull Hopes of a Blefsed Immortality through
the Merits of her Saviour Jesus Christ

Under this Stone lies the Body of CHARLES
the Eldest Son of the ab°ve CHARLES and
5th Day of March 1745 in the 60 Year
of his Age.

Here also lies the Body of THOs, GORDON
Esqr, who died ye 1 of May 1759 in the
56 Year of his Age.


J · R
R · R

66. MICHAEL DARBY, 1672.


and Painter Stayner
of London
who departed this lif
the 23 of Decem
aged 59 Years


Here lies the Body of
in the County of Kent Esq, who
died 29 day of March in the 40 Year
of his age & was buried in the Church
of Saint Nicholas in the City of
Rochester whence he was on fourteenth
day of Dec 1786 removed for the
purpofe of being deposited near
the remains of his only Daughter
ELIZABETH the Wife of
on the 8th day of Dec 1786 in the
Year of her Age & is Interred in
the Adjoining Grave
who was the Wife of the said
the Before mentioned
also Elizth Widow of the above
who died July the 24th. 1807
Aged 76 Years.


Here lyeth the Body of
MR Charles Wilkins late of
this Parish who departed this
Life February 7 Aged Years

69. [ANTHONY DEATH, 1679–80.]


The entry in the Burial Register relating to Anthony Death is dated 16 February 1679 [–80]. Maskell records an inscription on a tomb in the body of the church, now lost—Antonius Death, A.M. Aulæ Pembroch. Cantab. Ob. Feb.9. Æra Christi 1679. Hujus ParochiÆ Benefactor magnificus—and that Death left certain properties in trust, the rents to be devoted to the education of "Six Capable Children of pentioners or poor people" residing in the parish of All Hallows Barking, the precinct of St. Katherine by the Tower, and the hamlet of East Smithfield. (fn. 4)

70. ANTHONY DEATH, 1679–80.

Beneath this Stone lyeth the
remains of Anthony Death
Clerk a good Benefactor to
this Parish 1679.

71. JOHN LANDER, 1721.

Here Lyeth y e Body [of]
M[r] John Lander
who departed this
Life the 3d day of Sep
1721 Aged 31 years.

72. JAMES HUNTER, 1741–2.

Here lyes Jnterr'd
the Body of
James Hunter
of the Middle Temple Esqr.
He was Second Son, of
Henry Hunter Esqr.
Late of Mark Lane in this Parish
By Joanna his Wife
He Dyed the February 1741
Aged 67 Years.

And Also
the Body of
Elizabeth Hunter
Sister of the said
James Hunter
who Died the 31st. of
December Anno Dom.
1751. Aged 70 Years.

73. ANNE MASTER, 1719.

Here Lyes Interr'd the
Body of
Dame Anne Master
the dearly beloved wife of
Sr. Harcourt Master kn
and Alderman
by whom he had Nineteen
Children, ten whereof
Survived Her. She was
daughter of
Henry Hunter Esqr. and
Johanna His wife
She departed this Life ye
7th. of December 1719 in ye
42d year of Her Age
In fure and certain hope
of Joyfull Refurrection.


Here lieth Interred the Body
Wife of Iohn Hunter of
London Esqr. by whome he had
Issue three Sons' Vizt. Henry=
=Lannoy Iohn, & Iames She was
the second Daughter of Timothy
Lannoy of Fulham in ye County
of Middlefex Esqr. Departed
this Life November ye 20th. 1712
Aged 25 Years; 2 Months and
13 Dayes. also ye Body of
Iohn Hunter Esqr. above named.
he was ye Eldest son that attained
Mans Estate & Heir of Henry Hunter
late of this Parish Esqr. Deceafed, by
Ioanna his Wife now living. was
Born ye 23d. of January 1672.
Dyed ye 13th.of March 1714

75. HENRY HUNTER, 1669.

Here Lieth Interred The Body
of Henry Hunter esqer Late of
this parrish who departed
this life the 27th of December
Aged 71 Yeares

Here also Lieth interred ye
Body of Henry Hunter Esqr.
late of this Parish, Eldest Son
of ye abovenamed Henry
Hunter who departed this
life ye 9th day of October 16
Aged 63 Years.
Here also Lieth the Body of
Ioanna Hunter Wife of the
last named Henry Hunter
who dyed the 14th of November
1718 in the 75th Yeare of her Age
their Children living are
James, Henry Charles
Ann, Elizabeth & Ioanna.

76. MARY BLAKE, 1739.

Here lies Interr'd the Body of
Mary Blake who departed this life
the 27th of March 1739 Aged 62 Years.
also the Body of John Blake
who departed this life the 25th of May
1740 Aged 61 Years.
also the Body of Mary Blake
who departed this life the 6th of June
1743 Aged 17 Years.

also the Body of
Mr: James Blake
who departed this Life
April ye 3rd: 1773 Aged 50 Years.

Also the Body of
Mrs. Priscilla Blake Wife of
the above named
John Blake
who departed this Life the 29th.
of November 1779 Aged 90 Years

Mrs Penelope Blake
died 17th. Augst. 1803 Aged 73 Years.

77. JOHN PYM, 1712.

Here Lyeth 5 Sons & 3 Daughter(s) of Iohn Pym & ELizath his wife

Born Dyed
Ann ye 5 Aug 81' ye21 Feb 82
Anna ye 2 April 82 ye 1' Iun 8
William ye 15 Dec ye 27     86
Humphry ye 6 march ye 16     89
William ye 11 Iuly 91' ye7 Iune 96
Robert ye 4 mar 92 ye 6 Dec 9
Francis ye 18 Aug 94 ye 27 no 9(6)
Mary ye 5 Nov 96 ye 3 Dec 96

ELizabeth thear mother Dyed
ye 20 of May 1700
Not Lost But Gon Be Fore
also John Pym their Father
dyed ye 27th of June 1712
Aged 57 years.

78. RICHARD REED, 1767.

Here lieth the Body of
Mr. Richard Reed
of this Parish
who died January 17th. 1767 aged 29 Years.

Also John Reed, of Peckham,
in the County of Surrey, Esqr.
who died November 8th. 1816
in the 74th. Year of his age.

Also Mrs. Judith Reed,
Relict of the above named
John Reed Esqr.
who died Jany 11th. 1826
Aged. 83.


Here lies Inter'd the Body of
Edward Elmsall
late of this Parish Gent who
departed this life the 29th. day of
May 1717. Aged 59 Years.

Here also lies Inter'd the Body of
Jane Elmsall
Daughter of the abovesaid who
departed this life the 17th day of
September 1710 Aged 12 years.

As also Seven more of the abovesaids
Children who all died in their Infancy.


Here Lyeth Interr'd
the Body of Robert Stainbank
son of Thomas and Sarah Stainbank
of this Parish who Departed this Life
the 9th. of January 1754 Aged 27 Years.
also the Body of Mr Thomas Stainbank
Father of the abovesaid who died ye of January
1756 Aged 56 Years.
also the Body of Mr: Iohn Stainbank
Son of the above
Thomas and Sarah Stainbank
who died ye 12th of Febry. 1775. Aged 40 Years.

Arms: Azure a star or between four bezants and four castles argent, for STAINBANK, impaling fretty [     ] and [      ], a chief. Crest: A demi-dragon azure coming out of a crown or and looking back, the wings sprinkled with drops of water and on the neck a bezant. (Plate 120.)

John Stainbank lived at 35 Seething Lane, 1758–9 (vide ante).

81. ANN WRAY, 1785.

Here lieth the Body of
Ann Wray Daughter of
Keith and Elizabeth Wray
(of this Parish)
who departed this Life June 23d.1785
Aged 16 Years.
also the Body of
Mrs Elizabeth Wray
(Mother of the above)
who departed this Life Jany. the 5th. 178(6)
Aged 45 Years.
Also the above Mr. Keith Wray
who died 13th. April 1808,
Aged 70 Years.
Also Eleanor Wray, Wife of
George Keith Wray who died
June 8th. 1830 In her 55th. Year.


Here lies the Remains of
Mr. George Presgrave
who died the 15th. of February
1760. Aged 73 Years.

also the Remains of
Mrs. Elizabeth Presgrave,
Wife of the above
George Presgrave

who died the 4th. of December
1769. Aged 65 Years.

Likewife the Remains of
Mr. Charles Arnold
Son of the above
Mrs. Presgrave

who died November 18th 177(4)
Aged 49 Years.

83. JOHN GREAVES, 179[.].

Sacred to the Memory of
John Greaves Esqr.
late wholesale Grocer of Mark lane
in this Parish; who departed
this life on the 14th February 179[     ]
Aged 52 Years.
Also of Richard Hall Esqr.
many Years a Partner of the above
mentioned John Greaves Esqr.
who died the 21st. July 1806
Aged 58 Years.
Also of Mr. John Greaves, Son of
the above John Greaves Esqr.
who died the 19th. November 1816
Aged 36 Years.

84. DAVID FIELD, 17[..].

Here lyeth the Body of
Master David Field Son of David
and Mary Field of this Parish
who departed this Life 31st. Decr 17[     ]
Aged 5 Years.
also the Body of Mr. David Field
who died the 17th. November 17[6   ]
Aged 52 Years
also the Body of
Mrs. Mary Hemming[s]
who departed this Life the [3rd.]
January, 1788, Aged 87 Years.
also Mrs. Mary Field,
Wife of the above Mr. David Field
who died Novr. 2d. 1801, Aged 64 Years.
also Mary Field,
Daughter of the above
who died Febry. 14th. 1827, in her 61st. Year.

It is uncertain whether the death of Mary Hemmings was on 3rd or 5th January.

85. WILLIAM TUR …,….

Here lies the
of William Tur
and Second

Thomas and Eli
also of thi(s
She died on the
1770 Aged

the Remains of
Daughter of the
Died 8th of
in the 36th Year

the Remains of Mr.
Husband of the
He died Ap
in the 79th Year

Also Mrs. Susana
Decr 29th 1812

86. HENRY JOHNSON, 1720.

Here lyeth
Mr. Henry Iohn [son who dyed]
the 20th July 1720 in 6[7M Year of his Age.]

Mrs Frances Iohn [Son…]
who dyed the
in the 47th Year [of her Age.]

Here also lyeth [the Body of]
Ambrose Iohnson
who dyed the 19th"M[ay 1696 aged]
20 Day s

Also here lieth Int[erred the body of]
Mr. Henry Iohn[Son…]
Standing under tower.


Here lieth the Body of Elizth.Ceal
Wife of Francis Ceal of this Parish
Who departed this life the 19th of Sep.t 1763
Aged 38 Years
Also the Bodies of Eliztt. Ceal Aged 3Yrs 10 M
Fran Ceal Aged 6 Years and 2 Months
Ceal Aged 3 Weeks
FranS & Elizth Ceal
Aged 32 Years.


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