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Survey of London: Volume 22, Bankside (The Parishes of St. Saviour and Christchurch Southwark). Originally published by London County Council, London, 1950.

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While this book was in course of preparation a map which throws considerable light on the topography of Southwark in the early 17th century was most opportunely found in the City Comptroller's Office at Guildhall. The map is on parchment, drawn in ink and tinted. Unfortunately it was soaked with water during a bomb incident early in the war and in a misguided attempt to restore the faded writing someone has inked over most of the names. The original writing can, however, be seen under a glass and the genuineness of the document cannot be impugned.

No scale is given on the map and the roads and boundaries marked show considerable distortion, yet it gives a general idea of the layout of the area and the relationship of one place to another. Of particular interest for this volume are the extent of the Bishop of Winchester's park and the siting of the Swan and Globe Playhouses. The map gives final confirmation to the argument that the Globe was south of Maid Lane and on the northern side of the park.

There were no ancillary documents with the map, but it was obvious from its appearance and from the details shown that it had been drawn about 1620. Fortunately it was known from printed sources (Diary of Edward Alleyn and the Index to the Remembrancia of the City of London) that there was a lawsuit in 1618–20 about the way from St. George's Fields to Bankside and with this clue Mr. P. E. Jones, deputy keeper of the records of the City Corporation, was able to trace the full history of the dispute and of the map in the City records. Briefly the story was that the innkeepers of Borough High Street, who were either tenants of property of the Bridge House Estates or came within the jurisdiction of the City of London, tried to prevent the innkeepers of Bankside from diverting custom to their houses, the Falcon and other newer establishments, by stopping up the right of way across St. George's Fields to the river. The case was heard at Westminster and the City and its lessees lost the day. The map was drawn to illustrate the matter in dispute.

By the courtesy of the City Corporation the relevant extracts from the records are set out below.

Rep. 33, fo. 260. Court of Aldermen, 26 March, 1618

Item this day after the cause in difference betweene the Inhabitants of the Borough of Southarke and certaine Inkeepers at the Banckside touching a way lately made to the said Innes through St Georges Feildes whereby most part of the Countrey people Wch were wont to lodge in the same Boroughe are now drawne to the said Innes was here in open Court in the presence of the said parties and of Councell learned on either side heard and debated of. It is ordered by this Court that MrAldrān Barkham and Mr Alderman Rotheram shall view the same way and take consideracōn of the said cause in difference and make report to this Court in writing under their handes how they shall finde the same, and of their opynions therein and in the meane tyme an iron Chayne to be hanged overthwart the said way to stopp the passage of Countrey men to the said Innes.

Rep. 34, fo. 320. Ct. of Aldermen, 27 Jan. 1619/20

Item it is ordered by this Court that . . . shall tomorrowe in the afternoone attend the Lordes of his Mates moste hoble Privye Councell touching a Certaine way leading out of Southwark over the Citties landes to the Banckside. . . .

Rep. 34, fo. 339b. Ct. of Aldermen, 15 Feb. 1619/20

Item it is ordered by this Court that the suite in lawe to be Commenced for and concerninge the waie over St George his feildes to the Banckside shalbee prosecuted at the Bridghouse Chardge And Mr Mosse to take care thereof. (Mr. Mosse was City Solicitor.)

Rep. 35, fo. 24b. Ct. of Aldermen, 21 Nov. 1620

Item this day Mr Mosse the Citties Solicitor informed this Court that in the suite betweene the Borough of Southwarke and the Inhabitantes of the Banckside defended by John Stocke in his Mates Court of kinges Benche touchinge a Way through St George his feilds to the Banckside. A verdict passed against the saide Boroughe. And thereupon sixe poundes, thirteene shillinges, eight pence for damages and costes of suite was awarded against the saide Stocke. Whereupon forasmuch as the saide suite touched the liberties of this Cittie and was defended by the Countenance of this Court it is ordered that the Bridgmaster shall satisfie and pay unto the said Stocke the said somme of six poundes, thirtie (sic) shillinges, eight pence.

Bridge House Estates. Weekly Payments

30 May 1618. pd. to Mr Rathborne for surveying St Georges Feildes & drawing A plott thereof xlis.

16 Jan. 1618/19. Payd for the Juriers & surveyors dinner att the placeing of 7 stones marked wth the Bridgehowse for the better knowing of their Landes in St Georges Feild xxxvis vid.

30 Jan. 1618/19. Payd to the Masons & labourers for their extraordinary paynes in setting up markestones in St Georges Feildes. xiis.

20 Feb. 1618/19. given to Mr. Ratsbure the survayer of lande, for viewinge of parte of St Georges Feilde. xis. (Feb.—Mar. The Bridge House were erecting a 'pownd' in St Georges Fields.)

19 Aug. 1620. pd. for diverse Fees aswell to Counsellers as attournies for followinge of Stockes suite against Hinde about the thoroughway from the Faulcon in to St George his fieldes as by a bill appeareth. viii11 xvs.

11 Nov. 1620. (Payments for going with witnesses to Westminster.)

18 Nov. 1620. pd. for the suite in ye kynges benche touchinge the Way goinge to the bancksyde, in counsellers fees & other charges as by a bill more at large appeareth. xxiii11 viis.

25 Nov. 1620. pd. to Raphe Rathbone for drawing of the mapp of St Georg his fieldes. xis.