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Survey of London: Volume 25, St George's Fields (The Parishes of St. George the Martyr Southwark and St. Mary Newington). Originally published by London County Council, London, 1955.

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Frontispiece. The Elephant and Castle on the Brighton Road, 1826. From the engraving by T. Fielding of the painting by James Pollard, lent by Mr. J. H. MacDonnell.

1. (a) Plan of part of Borough High Street, circa 1542 From the records of the Duchy of Lancaster at the Public Record Office.
(b) 18th century scene at a fair (reputed to be Southwark Fair)
2. (a) Half Moon Inn, 1890 From a watercolour by Appleton.
(b) Angel Place, 1926 From a drawing by Joseph Pike, reproduced in The Builder, 1927.
3. Borough High Street, 1903 (a) Nos. 216–220 (b) Nos. 146–152 Photographs.
4. (a) House at the end of Layton's Buildings, 1889 From a watercolour by Appleton.
(b) The Catherine Wheel Inn, Borough High Street, circa 1840 From a watercolour by T. H. Shepherd.
5. (a) The south front of the north side of the Marshalsea Prison, 1773 From a drawing by I. Lewis engraved for R. Wilkinson.
(b) Sick men's ward and instruments of torture in the Marshalsea, 1729 From an engraving in the Report on the Fleet and the Marshalsea.
6. (a) The mob setting fire to the King's Bench Prison and House of Correction, 1780 From a contemporary engraving.
(b) King's Bench Prison, main courtyard, 1808 From Ackermann's Microcosm.
7. (a) King's Bench Prison, principal entrance, 1829 From a drawing by T. H. Shepherd engraved by J. Garner.
(b) The British and Foreign School, Borough Road, [1817] From an engraving.
8. Surrey County Gaol (a) Gateway "and the new manner of Executing Criminals thereon," 1800 From an engraving by I. Mills.
(b) Interior From a watercolour in the Guildhall Library.
9. Chimney piece now in Newington Sessions House (originally in Clerkenwell Sessions House), 1914 Photograph.
10. Section of Wyngaerde's map-view of London showing Suffolk Place, etc., in the time of Elizabeth I
11. (a) Farmhouse, Harrow Street, staircase from first-floor landing, 1910 (b) No. 14 Miniver Street, 1938 Photographs.
12. Part of the plan of the Unicorn Inn, Blackman Street, 1678 From the original in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries.
13. Aerial view of Borough High Street, 1945 Photograph by Aerofilms Ltd.
14. St. George's Church, 1827 From a coloured lithograph printed by P. Simonau.
15. St. George's Church, south-east view, 1941 Photograph, National Buildings Record.
16. St. George's Church, sections, 1951 Measured drawings by F. A. Evans.
17. St. George's Church, interior looking east, 1941 Photograph, National Buildings Record.
18. St. George's Church, ceiling, 1831 From drawings by C. Hassall in the Guildhall Library.
19. St. George's Church, ceiling, 1952 Photograph by Topical Press Agency.
20. St. George's Church (a) Pulpit, 1941 Photograph, National Buildings Record.
(b) Coat of arms, 1952 (before refixing) Photograph by E. J. and A. T. Bradford, Ltd.
21. A plan of streets . . . between Black Fryers Bridge, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge . . . as they now are together with the new intended . . . communications . . .1768 From an engraving in the City Records Office.
22. Plan of St. George's Fields, 1788 From the original in the City Records Office.
23. Plan of St. George's Fields showing proposed lay-out, circa 1807 Ditto.
24. Plan of the Rules of the King's Bench Prison, 1822 From a lithograph by J. D. Bird.
25. Lord George Gordon, President of the Protestant Association From an engraving published in 1780, lent by Mr. J. H. MacDonnell.
26. Plan of the Philanthropic Reform, St. George's Fields, 1794 From an engraving by W. Skelton.
27. Philanthropic Society's Chapel
(a) Exterior, 1820 From a lithograph by R. Creighton.
(b) Interior, 1809 From Ackermann's Microcosm.
28. St. George's Circus, east side, 1952 Photograph by F. W. Hyde.
29. (a) Nos. 133–145 Blackfriars Road, elevation, 1951 Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior.
(b) Nos. 29–53 Lant Street, elevation, 1950 Measured drawing by A. R. Hansen.
(c) Nos. 190–220 Southwark Bridge Road, elevation, 1952 Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior.
30. The Surrey Theatre and Magdalen Hospital, 1812 From an engraving published by Laurie & Whittle.
31. School for the Indigent Blind, St. George's Fields, 1813 Ditto.
32. (a) The Surrey Theatre, 1826 From an engraving by D. Havell in Brayley's London Theatres.
(b) School for the Indigent Blind, circa 1835 From an engraving by T. A. Prior.
33. (a) Chapel Place, Long Lane, 1915
(b) Brune Place, Newington Butts, 1911 Photographs.
34. Peabody Square model dwellings, Blackfriars Road, 1872 From an engraving in The Illustrated London News.
35. Nos. 105–121 St. George's Road, 1952 Photograph.
36. Part of Horwood's Map of London (1813) showing Bethlem Hospital.
37. (a) The Dog and Duck, 1788 From an engraving.
(b) New Bethlem Hospital, 1817 From an aquatint, No. 19, in Ackermann's Repository of Arts.
38. Gandy's plan for Bethlem Hospital, 1810 From the original in the possession of the Governors of Bridewell.
39. General plan of Bethlem Hospital showing the improvements, 1838.
40. Imperial War Museum, portico, 1953 Photograph by F. W. Hyde.
41. (a) and (b) Cibber's figures of Melancholy and Raving Madness Photographs from the Guildhall Library.
42. (a) Imperial War Museum, side view, 1953 Photograph by F. W. Hyde.
(b) The obelisk, St. George's Road, 1951 Photograph.
43. Nos. 29–36 West Square, east side, 1951 Photograph.
44. West Square (a) Telegraphic Tower, 1827
(b) Building for painting the panorama, 1827 From watercolours by J. Buckler in the Guildhall Library.
45. St. George's Cathedral, ruins, 1941 Photograph.
46. St. George's Cathedral, sketch, elevation, and plan by Pugin, 1839 Reproduced by permission of the Cathedral Administrator.
47. St. George's Cathedral, the Sanctuary, 1936 Photograph.
48. Monstrance and reliquary designed by Pugin Photograph.
49. Plan of Walworth Manor, 1681 From the original in the possession of the Church Commissioners.
50. (a) Newington Turnpike and a view of the Elephant and Castle Tavern, 1825 From a watercolour by G. Yates in the Guildhall Library.
(b) South end of Newington Butts showing old St. Mary's Church, circa 1870 From a photograph by E. Strudwick in Southwark Reference Library.
51. (a) Fishmongers' Almshouses, circa 1850 From a watercolour by T. H. Shepherd.
(b) Newington Causeway, circa 1860 From an engraving.
52. Newington Butts (a) General view, 1792 From an engraving by Wm. Ellis.
(b) St. Mary's Rectory, 1795 From an engraving published by N. Smith.
53. Part of Rocque's Map of 1755 showing Newington Butts.
54. St. Mary, Newington, Church, 1827 From a lithograph by C. Burton.
55. Memorial to Sir Hugh Brawne From a wash drawing.
56. Design for Surrey Square by Michael Searles, 1795 From a drawing in the possession of Mr. R. D. L. Ford.
57. Surrey Square, 1951 Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior.
58. (a) Entrance to the Royal Surrey Zoological Gardens, 1832 From a pencil drawing by R. B. Schnebbelie.
(b) Surrey Zoological Gardens, circa 1845 From an engraving.
59. (a) Royal Surrey Gardens Music Hall, circa 1861 From a lithograph.
(b) The Manor House, Walworth, circa 1862 From a photograph in the Guildhall Library.
60. Plan of the Royal Surrey Gardens, 1872 From the particulars of sale.
61. No. 226 East Street, elevation, plan and details, 1953 Measured drawings by A. J. North.
62. St Peter's Church from the south-west, 1951 Photograph.
63. St. Peter's Church, staircase lobby, 1954 Photograph.
64. St. Peter's Church, designs of [Sir] John Soane, 1822 (a) West front (b) South side From the originals in the Soane Museum.
65. St. Peter's Church, west front and south side, 1951 Measured drawings by R. G. Absolon.
66. St. Peter's Church, designs of [Sir] John Soane, 1822 (a) Cross section (b) Long section From the Soane Museum.
67. St. Peter's Church, ground plan as designed by [Sir] John Soane, 1822 From the Soane Museum.
68. St. Peter's Church, from the south-east, 1951 Photograph.
69. St. Peter's Church, general view of interior looking east, 1954 Photograph.
70. Church Plate (a) St. Mary, Newington, 1953
(b) St. Peter, Walworth, 1952 Photographs.
71. Church Plate (a) St. George the Martyr, 1952
(b) Holy Trinity, Newington, 1952 Photographs.
72. Kennington Park Road doorways (a) No. 91
(b) No. 95 (c) No. 125 (d) No. 127 Measured drawings by R. A. F Riding.
73. Trinity Church Square (a) Statue of "Alfred the Great," 1951 (b) Nos. 60, 61 and 62, 1951 Photographs.
74. (a) Great Dover Street Turnpike, 1825
(b) Court of Requests, Swan Street, 1826 From watercolours by G. Yates in the Guildhall Library.
75. A plan of part of the Trinity House Estate, Newington, 1778 From the original in the possession of the Elder Brethren of Trinity House.
76. Trinity Church Square, 1950–51 Perspective and measured drawings by F. A. Evans and A. R Hansen.
77. Holy Trinity Church, 1950, north-west elevation and north-east elevation and block plan Measured drawings by R. A. F Riding.
78. Holy Trinity Church, sections, 1950 Measured drawings by R. A. F. Riding.
79. Holy Trinity Church, ground floor and crypt plans, 1950 Measured drawings by R. A. F. Riding.
80. (a) Trinity Church Square, north-west side, 1951 (b) Merrick Square, north-west side, 1947 Photographs.
81. (a) Spurgeon's Tabernacle, circa 1890 From a watercolour by H. E. Tidmarsh in the Guildhall Library.
(b) Metropolitan Tabernacle, interior, 1941 Photograph, National Buildings Record.
82. (a) Bannisters' tomb, St. Mary, Newington, Churchyard, 1952 (b) York Street Chapel, tomb of Captain Wilson, 1952 Pencil sketches by F. A. Evans.
83. (a) St. Agnes, Kennington Park, 1951
(b) Drapers' Almshouses, 1951 Ditto.
84. (a) Walworth Chapel, 1826 From a watercolour by J. Buckler.
(b) St. Paul's Church, Lorrimore Square, circa 1860 From a watercolour by W. Waller.
85. Door knockers Drawings by F. A. Evans.
86. The Paragon, New Kent Road, circa 1890 Photograph.
87. St. George's Rectory, entrance hall, 1952 Photograph.
88. (a) Union Crescent, New Kent Road, circa 1902 (b) No. 86 Camberwell Road, 1951 Photographs.
89. Backs of Nos. 196–204 New Kent Road, 1951 From a drawing by F. A. Evans.
90. Nos. 106–110 Old Kent Road, 1952 Photograph by F. W. Hyde.
91. (a) Turnpike in the New Kent Road, 1828 From a watercolour in the Guildhall Library.
(b) Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, 1813 From an engraving published by Whittle & Laurie.
92. No. 155 Old Kent Road, door and fireplaces, 1952 Measured drawings by Evelyn Prior.


  • n1. Unless otherwise stated the photographs are the copyright of the London County Council, and the prints and drawings are in the Council's collection.