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Survey of London: Volume 25, St George's Fields (The Parishes of St. George the Martyr Southwark and St. Mary Newington). Originally published by London County Council, London, 1955.

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1. No. 215 Borough High Street, staircase detail and site plan. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans 3
2. No. 220 Borough High Street, remains of old doorway on second floor, 1946. Measured drawing by F. H. Healey 5
3. No. 177 Borough High Street, staircase. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior 6
4. No. 209 Borough High Street, tablet at first-floor level. Sketch by F. A. Evans 7
5. No. 220 Borough High Street, detail of staircase, 1946. Measured drawing by F. H. Healey 8
6. Plan of Borough High Street between Newcomen Street and St. George's Church, showing sites of prisons. Based on the 1872 Ordnance Survey 10
7. The Farmhouse, Harrow Street. Based on a drawing by E. Coffin made in 1914 25
8. St. George's Church, plans. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans 28
9. St. George's Church, architectural details. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans 30
10. St. George's Church, lead cistern 33
11. Plan of St. George's Fields circa 1760–70. Based on plans in the City Records Office 50
12. The Bridge House Mark 51
13. No. 159 Blackfriars Road, smith's forge, 1952. Sketch by R. G. Absolon 55
14. No. 139 Blackfriars Road, fireplace on second floor, 1951. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon 57
15. No. 62 Borough Road, plans, elevation and section, 1951. Measured drawings by A. J. North 59
16. No. 62 Borough Road, 1953. Sketch by F. A. Evans 60
17. No. 9 St. George's Circus, shop front, 1952. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior 61
18. Doorways, Nos. 30 and 34 West Square, 1950. Measured drawings by Evelyn Prior 62
19. No. 29 West Square and No. 1 Orient Street, 1950. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior 63
20. Drapers' Almshouses, plans. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans 66
21. Drapers' Almshouses, elevations, etc., 1951 67
22. Boundary Stone, Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. Sketch by F. A. Evans 77
23. Boundary stone marking the limit of the jurisdiction of the City Corporation, formerly at the N.W. corner of Bethlem Hospital grounds, now in store 80
24. Doorway, No. 122 Walworth Road, 1952. Measured drawing by F. A. Evans 85
25. Map showing site of Walworth Manor House, etc. Based on the 1871 Ordnance Survey 87
26. Newington Crescent, 1953. Sketch by F. A. Evans 88
27. St. Peter's Church, west elevation, 1951. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon 95
28. St. Peter's Church, boot scraper 96
29. St. Peter's Church, white marble font, 1953. Sketch by F. A. Evans 97
30. St. Peter's Church, entrance gates, 1951. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon 98
31. No. 105 Kennington Park Road, door fanlight 99
32. No. 103 Kennington Park Road, area railings 100
33. York Street Chapel, 1953. Sketch by F. A. Evans 101
34. York Street Chapel, plan, 1953 102
35. York Street Chapel, cast iron grille 104
36. Part of 1872 Ordnance Survey, showing Holy Trinity Church, etc. 106
37. Holy Trinity Church, lamp standard. Drawing by R. G. Absolon 110
38. Holy Trinity Church, plan of gallery, 1950. Measured drawing by R. A. F. Riding 111
39. Holy Trinity Church, railing. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon 112
40. Corner of Circular Road and Ralph Street, 1953. Sketch by F. A. Evans 115
41. Nos. 45–57 Falmouth Road, 1952. Drawing by F. A. Evans 116
42. Gate pier, The Paragon, New Kent Road 117
43. St. George the Martyr Rectory and No. 220 New Kent Road, plans 118
44. Lead cistern from The Paragon. Sketch by F. A. Evans 119
45. Buckenham Square, The Paragon, etc., plan. From the 1872 Ordnance Survey 123
46. The elevation of the wards and pledget room of the Lock Hospital 124
47. Nos. 1–19 Bartholomew Street, elevation, 1950. Measured drawing by A. R. Hansen 125
48. Bartholomew Street, balconies 126


1. Bethlem Hospital Argent, two bars sable, in chief a label of five points gules, surmounted by a chief azure charged with a star of fifteen rays or, thereon a Host marked with a cross of the third, between, on the dexter a golden chalice and issuant therefrom a Host; and on the sinister, a golden basket containing manna, all proper. (p. 76)
2. Brandon, Charles, Duke Of Suffolk Barry of ten argent and gules a lion rampant or crowned per pale, of the first and second. (p. 22)
3. Brawne, Sir Hugh Argent, three bars sable on a canton or, a griffin's head erased of the second. (p. 92)
4. Bromfield, Sir Edward Azure, a lion passant or. (p. 23)
5. Canterbury, Dean And Chapter Of Azure, a cross argent charged with the letters i and x in pale sable. (p. 82)
6. City Of London Argent, a cross gules, in the first quarter a sword in pale point upwards of the last. (p. 39)
7. Drapers' Company Azure, three clouds proper radiated in base or, each surmounted with a triple crown or, caps gules. (p. 65)
8. Fishmongers' Company Azure, three dolphins naiant in pale argent, finned or, between two pairs of lucies in saltire proper the sinister surmounting the dexter, over the nose of each lucy a ducal crown of the third; on a chief gules, three pairs of keys endorsed in saltire or. (p. 65)
9. Lenthall, Sir John (17th Century) Argent on a bend cottised sable three mullets or pieced gules, a cross-crosslet argent for distinction. (p. 4)
10. St. Bartholomew's Hospital Per pale argent and sable a chevron counter changed. (p. 125)
11. Trinity House, Corporation Of Azure, a cross gules between four ships of three masts, each under full sail all proper, on each sail, pennant and ensign a cross gules, and each quarter representing a sea piece. (p. 105)