Parishes: Owthorpe

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Parishes: Owthorpe', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 157-160. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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In Ouethorpe Helge, before the Conquest, had a Manor which paid the Tax for half a Car. The Land was three Car. There William the Man or Tenant of Roger de Busli, (whose Fee it afterwards was) had one Car, four Sochm. eight Vil. having three Car. There were twelve Acres of Meadow. (fn. 1) This in the Conqueror's Time and before, was 30s. Value.

Another Manor Rolf had in the Confessor's Time rated also to the Geld of half a Car. The Land three Car. Likewife there Durand Malet, whose Fee it was in the Conqueror's Time, had one Car. four Sochm. three Vill. having two Car. (or Ploughs.) There were twelve Acres of Meadow too, but the Value was shrunk from 30s. to 20s,

Tochi, a great Man and Lord of Shelford, and many other Towns in this County, before the Norman Conquest, had a Manor here also which paid the public Geld for a whole Plough-land. But when Goiffrid de Alselin succeeded him, as he did in all or most Places in the Time of the Conqueror's Survey, here was Nothing to be had.

That of Roger de Buslies' Fee, I suppose, the Posterity of that William, beforementioned, who had their Name from this Place, continued long Possessors of. John, Son of William de Outhorpe, gave to the Priory of Thurgarton the Right of Patronage, which he had in the Moiety of this Church. (fn. 2)

John de Uvitorp was disseised, and paid 5l. Fine, 7 R. 1. for being with Earl John. And 2 Joh. John de Uvitorp ought 5l. for having his Land in Yorkshire in the Honor of Tikhill. (fn. 3) Gervas, Son of John de Outhorpe, confirmed to the Canons of Thurgarton five Bovats of Land in the Territory of Outhorpe, viz, two Bov. with one Toft, and two Crosts, which Robert Bude held; and two which Robert, Son of William, held; and one which Robert de Camera held, with their Homages and Services; as the Chartles of Ywein le Bretun, and William Brito, his Father, testified, reserving 16s. per Annum Rent; and likewise two Bovats, which the said John de Outhorp, his Father, gave to Raph, Son of Simon, Son of Richard, reserving 4s. per Annum; and by the Consent of Felice, his Wife, added more to his other Gifts. (fn. 4) Henry, Son of Gervase de Outhorpe, released 20s. yearly Rent, which the said Priory paid him for 7 Bovats held of him, and 12s. per Annum Rent, issuing out of a Toft, and one Bovat held likewise of him in Outhorpe. (fn. 5) John, Son of Henry de Outhorp, granted and confirmed seven Bovats to the said Priory. Raph de Outhorp confirmed all the Lands and Tenements to the said Monastery, which they held of his Fee in Outhorpe so free, that neither the Canons, nor any of their Men, nor Tenants, should do any Suit to his Court, nor to any of his Heirs or Successors; neither should they be distrained by him, or his Bailiffs, to answer any in his said Court. There was a Fine levied, 10 E. 3. and after wards, 11 E. 3. of the Manor of Outhorpe, between John, Son of Raph de Outhorpe, and Margery his Wife, Quer. and Reginald, Son of Simon de Sibthorpe, Deforc. whereby it was settled on the said John and Margery, and the Heirs of their Bodies; Remainder to the right Heirs of John; at that Time John de Oxford, and Maud his Wife, held the third Part of it in Dower. (fn. 6)

Simon de Hedon, and Gervase de Uvetorpe paid for two Knight's Fees in this Place, in the former Part of the Reign of H. 3. (fn. 7) At another Time Simon is certified to hold but three Parts of one Knight's Fee here. Robert Wasteneys held in Hedon and Outhorpe two Knight's Fees about the Time of E. 4. (fn. 8)

That of Durand Malet's Fee became, it seems, Part of Lancaster Fee, and was held of Butler of Werington, in the County of Lancaster, by the Family of Vilers. The Sheriff of Nott. was commanded, 6 Joh. without Delay, to make John Botiler have such Seisin of the Land of Wulmer de Wudehus in Hilla [Hole] and Wudhouse, and Huverthorpe, (fn. 9) as the same Wulmer had when he forfeited it to King Henry the Second; and such as the same John had when he was disseised for King John's Service, when he was Earl, which William, Son of Gobion was to deforce. William Butler, 17 Joh. had Seisin of one Knight's Fee in Neubot and Huthorpe. (fn. 10) William, Son of Paganus de Vilers, gave to God and the Church of Thurgarton four Bovats of Land, in the Territory of Outhorpe, for which the Canons gave him thirty Marks of Silver. (fn. 11) John de Vilers is certified to have held a Knight's Fee in Newholt and Ovethorpe, of the Honor of Lancaster. (fn. 12) John de Vilers, of Newhold, Son of William de Vilers, confirmed to God and the Church of Thurgarton, all held of his Fee in Outhorp, free from all Services, except Scutage and Ward, of the Honor of Lancaster. (fn. 13) Sir Robert de Vilers, Knight, Son of Alan, was a very great Benefactor to that Monastery, he gave five Bovats of his Demesne, and several other Parcels, then all his Demesne in Outhorpe, with his capital Messuage, and the Church of Outhorp, and gave four Bovats and a Half, which he had in Marriage with his Wife Mary, the daughter of Raph, Son of Simon, Son of Richard, for the Priory to find one of their own Canons, or a secular Chaplain, to celebrate Mass in the Church of Outhorp for his Soul and his Wife, the said Mary's and the Souls of his Ancestors and Heirs. Raph, his Wife's Brother, acknowledged a Fine, 16 H. 3. and Mary his Wife, 20 H. 3. Robert de Vilers, his Son, levied a Fine, 40 H. 3. whereby he passed to the said Priory, not only a Carucat of Land, which Robert de Vilers, his said Father, had given to Robert de Brunnesley for ten Years only, as he there intimated, which Robert de Brunnesly had likewise given to Thurgarton; but also all his Lands and Tenements, &c. in Outhorp, except the Homage and Service of Richard de Vilers, and his Heirs, which should remain to the said Robert and his Heir for ever.

The Prior wanted not such Privileges as were convenient, when he had gotten so considerable a Part of this Place, as Court Leet, and the like.

In the Year of our Lord 1328, 2 E. 3. the Church was valued at twenty Marks, and three Carucats of Land, each at 40s. (fn. 14) A Windmill at 10s. There were many Freeholders then held of the Priory. Henry de Torlaxton held several Parcels; John de Kniveton (whose predecessors, Gerard, and John his Father, Son of Nicholas de Kniveton, were Benefactors) paid for Half his Capital Messuage, and ten Bovats of Land 2s. There were then Rents of Assize 7l. 4s. 1d. the Value of the whole was 23l. 4s.

Raph Bugge had Lands here also, which went to his Descendants of Bingham, with Kinalton and Clipston, &c.

There was a Recovery, 18 H. 8. wherein Humfrey Garret, Clerk, Richard Musson, Clerk, Richard Godeselowe, John Loide, and Thomas Couper, claimed against Richard Scote, and Katherine his Wife, Thomas Doble, and Elizabeth his Wife, and Nicholas Ryder, and Agnes his Wife, the Manor of Owthorpe, with the Appurtenances, and five Mess. two Hundred Acres of Land, forty of Meadow, one Hundred of Pasture, one Hundred of Furze and Heath, and 9s. Rent, and the Rent of 1lb. of Pepper, and 1lb. of Cummin-Seed, with the Appurtenances in Owthorpe; they called to warranty Thomas Fishe. (fn. 15)

The Ancestor of Sir Thomas Hutchinson bought that which was Hedons, of the Heir of Wastenes. (fn. 16) Sir Thomas was intire Proprietor of the whole Township and Rectory impropriate; the greatest Part whereof, with the House built by his Son John, and sold by his Widow, remains the Possession and Place of Residence of Charles Hutchinson, Son of the said Sir Thomas, by his second Wife, Katherine, the Daughter of Sir John Stanhope, half Sister to the first Earl of Chesterfield.

There were 5s. per Annum issuing out of the Lands of George Crosland, in Outhorpe, belonging to the Prior of Haverholm, granted Nov. 4, 38 H. 8. to Giles Iseham, and Gregory Isehm. (fn. 17)

And there were about four Bovats in Owthorp, belonging to the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, granted 17 July, 5 Eliz. to Stephen Holford, and John Jenkin, Gent. (fn. 18)

The old Church, which was pretty large, and the Chancel, both covered with Lead, were pulled down by Colonel John Hutchinson, and this little one built to the North Wall of the Chancel, in which he made a Vault, wherein his Body now lies, being brought from [dele.] Castle, in Kent, where he died a Prisoner.

[Throsby] Owthorpe

LORDSHIP is now chiefly in the hands of Sir George Bromley, Bart. It contains 1600 acres of land, 1300 acres of which were purchased of the Hutchinson family, by Sir George in 1773. The Hutchinsons were lords of the manor several generations. The lordship is inclosed, and, in general, is but indifferent, cold land.

Colonel Hutchinson, of this family, mentioned above by Thorton, it should be noticed, was one who fat in judgment upon the unfortunate Charles the first, and was an active partizan in Nottinghamshire, and the parts adjacent, prior to that event; but I cannot find that he was considered as a man of that consequence, during the troubles, to be intrusted with any material command. After the Restoration, we are informed, that he lived secretly at his house in Owthorpe for some time; in which was a room made for defence, with appertures to fire through, in case of an attempt to take him. He however was at length seized within a few yards of his own house, going from church, and imprisoned during life. The Colonel's House, which he built about the year 1650, is now occupied by Mr. Renshaw, one of the principal tenants of Owthorpe. See an account of the Hutchinson pedigree above in Thoroton.

Here are not more than about 20 dwellings.

The church must rank with the indifferent; it consists of one aisle, or nave, and a low tower, with one bell. It is dedicated to St. Margaret.

Patron Sir George Bromley, Bart. Incumbent Rev. Mr. Gregory, of Langar, near Bingham. It is a perpetual curacy, and has in general been held by the rectors of Langar. Pri. Thurgarton. Propr. 10l. certified value.

The old register of this place has been some time lost, supposed to have been taken away by the Hutchinson family. Baptised the last 5 years 24, buried 6.


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