Parishes: Cotgrave

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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Robert Thoroton, 'Parishes: Cotgrave', Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790), pp. 165-170. British History Online [accessed 25 June 2024].

Robert Thoroton. "Parishes: Cotgrave", in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) 165-170. British History Online, accessed June 25, 2024,

Thoroton, Robert. "Parishes: Cotgrave", Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790). 165-170. British History Online. Web. 25 June 2024,

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Of the Fee of Rad. de Burun in Godegrave, before the Conquest Oghe had a Manor rated to the Geld at two Car. The Land whereof was three Car. There in Demesne were three Car. seven Sochm. four Vill. four Bord. having four Car, and a Half. There was Half a Church. Small wood one qu. long one qu. broad. In the Confessor's Time this was 40s. Value, in the Conqueror's 60s. (fn. 1) Another Manor Turchill had rated to the Geld as one Car. The Land one Car. There Gozel, the Man of Raph de Burun, had Half a Car. five Vill. one Bord. having two Car. There were thirty Acres of Meadow. Small Wood half a qu. long, and half a qu. broad. This kept the former Value 10s. In Godegrave Warnerus had six Bovats of the Land of that Manor.

Of the Fee of Rogerius Pictavensis in Godegrave, Uluric before the Conquest paid the Tax for three Car. for his Manor. The Land whereof was four Car. There afterwards Roger had one Car. in Demesne, and six Sochm. ten Vill. one Bord. having five Car. There were thirty Acres of Meadow. Small Wood two qu. long, one qu. broad. In the Confessor's Time the Value of this was 4l. in the Conqueror's but 40s.

In the Year of our Lord 1144, 9 Steph. Hugo de Burun, and Hugo Meschins, his Son and Heir, gave to God and the Monastery of Lenton the Church of Offington, and that of Orsely, and Half the Church of Cotesgrave, which one Nicholas then held. (fn. 2) This was done solemnly in their Chapter-House, before very many Witnesses, his younger Son, Roger, praising the Act. Three Years after, viz. 1147, 12 Steph. he gave whatsoever he had in the Town of Cotesgrave, except the Knight's, which he kept in his own Hand, for the Service of the King, and for his Son and Heir. To this were Witnesses of his own Men, Robert, Son of Andrew (of Cortingstok), Robert de Rosello (whose Family continued here), Robert, Son of Serlo, Albert the Knight, he was his Steward, and called of Kilburne, Hugo de Busli (he was his Chamberlain), and several others. This Hugo de Burun, (whose Seat was at Horstan-Castle, some Ruins whereof yet remain in Horseley-Park, in Darbyshire.) by the Consent of Hugh and Roger, his Sons, gave to the Church of the Holy-Trinity at Lenton, Turchetill, his Man of Cotegrave, with his Children and Lands, and all Things he held of him; and all the Land Walter, Son of Jocelin, held of him in the said Town; and the Land of Swincliff and Griendale, which were of his Demesne, to which the forementioned Persons were also Witnesses. (fn. 3) He also gave three Bovats of his Demesne here, for three which the Canons had in Offington; and gave them Meadow as much as belonged to three Bovats, and six Acres of Meadow in the Wald, for which they gave him a War-Horse prized to ten Marks of Silver. Roger de Burun flourished in the Time of H. 2. (fn. 4) his Wife Nicola, the Daughter of Roeland de Verdun, was after his Death married by the Earl of Chester to Anketin de Brikefard, without the King's Consent, and therefore was disseised of divers, if not all, her Lands, for some of which she fined about 2 Joh. (fn. 5) Roger de Burun recited all those Parcels given to Lenton by his Father, and many others; two Bovats of the Land of Hugh Rofel, thirteen Acres given for the Soul of Albrea, his own Mother, and twenty Acres above Cotegrave Wood, &c. (fn. 6) To his Deed Gerv. de Clifton was a Witness.

There was a Fine levied, 2 Joh. wherein the Prior of Lenton released to Robert de Burun two Carucats of Land in Cotegrave, for which he gave to that Priory three Bovats and Half Geldehomor. (fn. 7)

Henry, Son of Robert de Burun, 4 H. 3. demitted and quit-claimed to Walter Malet and his Heirs, his whole Right and Claim in Half the Land which was of the Fee of Burun in Cotegrave.

Alan Malet succeeded Walter, 14 H. 3. Thomas Malet, Son and Heir of Alan, 5 E. 1. released all Actions against the Prior and Convent of Lenton, and their Bailiffs, for the Waste made in his Estate, while it was in their Custody. (fn. 8) The Witnesses were Henry de Tibetot, Constable of Nott. Castle, Walter de Stircley, then Sheriff of Nott. and Derb. Richard de Jorz, of Burton, Gervas de Willeford, &c. After him was Henry Malet, whose Son James had two Sisters and Heirs, Elena, the Wife of Nicholas de Tydeswell, and Isabell. 30. E. 3. (fn. 9)

Warinus de Boyvile held the Land in Cotegrave for the Barony of Byron, 4 E. 1. (fn. 10)

That other Part of the Town, which was of the Fee of Roger Pictavensis, it seems, was given to Swinsheved, in Lincolneshire. King H. 2. in the twelfth Year of his Reign, confirmed to the Monks of Swinsheved the whole Land of Robert de Gresley in Cotegrave, and the Moiety of the Church, and one Car. of Land in Cotegrave, of the Gift of Robert de Archis; and whatever Robert de Gresley, and Albert, his Son, the Founders, gave to the said Church of Swinsheved, fourteen Acres which Robert Rofell gave, and the Exchanges which Roger de Burun and his Men (i. e. those who held of him) made with the said Monks; and likewise of the Gift of William de Vilers, and Paganus, his Son, of two Car. and two Bov. and a Half, &c. in Neubold; and of Elias de Fanencourth of twelve Bovats in the same Territory. (fn. 11) Robert Grelle gave one Bovat of his Fee in Cotegrave to the Church of Lenton, to which Raph, his Priest, of Cotegrave, was a Witness. (fn. 12) Maurice de Creon, 28 H. 2. gave Account of two hundred Marks for having the Wife, who was Albert Gresle's, with her reasonable Dower. (fn. 13) Wido de Creon, 1 R. 1. ought 71. 6s. 8d. for the very same. (fn. 14) Gilbert Basset, and Alan and Thomas, his Brothers, 2 R. 1. gave Account of five hundred and fifty Marks, for the Custody of the Son of Albert Gresle, with his Heir and Land: (fn. 15) Albert Gresley had one Son and three Daughters; and their Uncle, Gilbert Basset, with his Father, Thomas Basset, had the keeping of them about 33 H. 2. but out of divers of their Lands Money was received by Nigell Fitz-Alexander, and Robert de Burrun. (fn. 16)

King Henry the Eighth, for the Sum of 684l. 16s. 8d. in the 31st Year of his Reign, granted to Harold Rosel, of Cottegrave, the Manor of Cotgrave, late belonging to the Monastery of Swyneshed; and Cotgrave-Grange, Herteswell-Grange, and Broughton-Grange, &c. (fn. 17) all which (except Herteswell-Grange, in Kinalton) he had Licence to pass to George Pierpont, Esq. and Elizabeth, his Wife; which still continue with their Posterity, the Right Honorable the Marquis of Dorchester.

Bingham's Land here went with Clipston, Kinalton, &c. to the Family of Rempston. Harold Scrimshire purchased a Farm called Rempston-Hall, in Codgrave, of Brian Stapleton, of Carleton by Snayth, in Yorkshire; (fn. 18) and another of . . . . Rosell, wherein his Brother Thomas lived, which was purchased together with Walter Whalley's and Richard Champion's.

Thomas Whalley, of Cotgrave, held a Farm there under Richard Whalley, of Kirkton by Screveton, and was his Kinsman probably, (fn. 19)

. . . . Champion is now Chief Constable of the Hundred.

The King and Queen, May 31, 3 & 4 Ph. and Mar. granted to Thomas White, and Agnes his Wife, and the Heirs of the Body of Thomas, the Manor of Cotgrave, with the Appurtenances, late belonging to the Monastery of Lenton, &c. (fn. 20)

Mr. White now makes this the Place of his Residence, and the Marquis of Dorchester keeps a Court here, which was Shelford's, and belonging to the Knights Hospitalers of St John of Jerusalem. The Advowsons of both the Rectories, 28 July, 36 H. 8. were granted to George Pierpoynt, and his Heirs. (fn. 21) The Medieties of this Church were each 16l. when the Abbot of Swinshed, and the Prior of Lenton, were Patrons. (fn. 22) Now the first Part is 10l. 7s. 1d. and the second 9l. 14s. 9d. 0b. in the King's Books; and the Marquis Patron of both.

In the Church, in the low South-East Window, there is Or on a Fesse Gules, three Water Budgets Arg. Or Ermine, Bug. or Bingh.

Azure a Lion Ramp. Or, on his Shoulder Martlett.

On a Stone in a Seat in the Chancel,—Arg. a Pillar Gules between three Coughs sab. or Gules quartering . . . on a Fesse Gules, between three Bells sable, as many Cross Croslets, Or.

Sub atrato hoc marmore tuto recumbunt sepositæ Johannis Scrimshire nuper de Cotgrave Com. Nott. Gen. exuviæ, quem juris simul et equi dudum Cultorem princeps et patria habuerunt fidelem, uxor et liberi nec non alii ejus indigentes auxilio patronum ac patrem ubiq; solicitum.

Obiit 2. Decembris, Anno Ætat. 61:
Sepultus 4. Dom. 1669.

Hic jacet et alter Johannes Charissimus superioris filius, Artium Magister et utriusque hujus medietat is curiatis Rector: Qui divinæ voluntatis studiosus heu brevis! instituto pius ac severus, cum tam exemplis quam præceptis per turbidos hujus mundi fluctus rectam ad æternæ falutis portum viam exhibuisset, è vivi discessit.

Festo die S. Johannis Baptistæ Anno Ætat. 28.
Dom. 1669.

[Throsby] Cotgrave

LORDSHIP is owned by Mr. Meadows, representative for the county, excepting three little farms. It is newly inclosed, and very large: there are about 1100 acres of common land, besides pasture; and every farmer has a portion of the would-land, as it is called. It is computed to contain in all 4000 acres.

The village is also large; it consists of 100 dwellings. The streets, or passages, are very stony, and troublesome riding over.

The church, dedicated to All Saints, has a nave and two side aisles; a spire steeple, with four bells; and is decent. In the chancel is a monument to the memory of Mrs. Mildred Scrimshire, daughter of William Scrimpshire, Esq. who died in 1783, aged 73. Another is put to the memory of Johannes Scrimshire, who lived in this place, and owned an estate in the lordship, now in the hands, of William Janson, Esq. of London. He died in 1669, aged 61. Other stones remember more of this name. There was a good old house belonging to the family of Scrimshire, but it is now pulled down.

In the church-yard I cast my eyes upon a stone to the memory of John Morley, who died in 1789, aged 77, with these lines :

"Life is a snare, a labyrinth of woe, Which wretched man is doom'd to struggle through; To day he's great, to-morrow he's undone; And thus in hope and fear he blunders on; Till some disease, or else, perhaps, old age, Calls the poor mortal trembling from the stage."

Patron Mr. Meadows. Incumbent Rev. Mr. Crump. The living is worth about 400l. per ann. Bacon says, Codgrave first mediety, king's-book 10l. 7s. 3½d. Yearly tenths 1l. 0s. 8½d. Archiepisc. pro. Syn. 4s. Archid. pro. Prox. 3s. 4d. Sol pri Lenton 1l. 2s. 6d. Rect hab. mans. cum gleb ibidem qu. val. 14s. decim, &c. Duke of Kingstone 1722, Abraham Tilghman, Esq. 1750.

Codgrave second mediety, Archiepisc. pro Syn. 2s. King's book 9l. 14s. 9½d. Yearly tenths 19s. 5½d. Archidiac. pro Prox. 3s. 4d. Rect. hab. mans. cum gleb. ann. valor, 6s. 8d. &c. Earl of Kingstone 1698, Abraham Tilghman, Esq. 1750.


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