Parishes: Lambecote

Pages 187-188

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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There is not much left visible of this Town at present, saving two Farms, and ten Cottages, and some Leyes and Closes at the End of Radclive, with which it was intermixed, which still bear the Names of Lambecote Leyes, and Lambecote Closes. Here were two Manors before the Conquest, which Franc and Odinear had, afterwards of Roger de Buslie's Fee. (fn. 1) They defended themselves in the public Payments for seven Bov. and one third. The Land was one Car. There Roger de Busli had one Car. ½, one Vill. and two Acres of Meadow. This kept the ancient Value 15s.

Another Manor here was Ulchet's, and paid the Dane-geld for five Bov. There Osmund, the Man of Raph de Burun, whose Fee it was, had one Car. one Vill. and six Acres of Meadow. This retained the old Value also 10s.

Here was another Manor of the Taynland, which Ulchet had before the Conquest, and paid to the Geld for it as five Bov. ½. This afterwards Aldene held of the King, and had here one Car. in Demesne, and six Acres of Meadow. This in the Confessor's Time 10s. then but 5s. Value.

Roger de Buslie's Part, or most of it, was, I suppose, held by the Lords of Holme (in which Parish all, or a great Part of the Hamlet is) for Michael de Malnoers, about King John's Time, passed several small Parcels here to Eustachius, the Clark of Lud- ham, (fn. 2) who was Sheriff, or at least accounted for Philip Marc 16 Joh. for these Counties of Nott. and Derb. (fn. 3)

Thomas, the Son of Geoffrey the Knight of Lambcote, passed all his Land in Lamb- cote, which he held of Geoffrey Torcard, who also himself confirmed it to the said Eus- tachius de Ludham. (fn. 4) This was the Fee of Raph de Burun. Galfr. de Welleborf gave four Bov. here to the said Eustachius, reserving 11s. Rent yearly. John, the Son of Ro- bert Torcart, of Hokenale, released to Sir Walter, Son of Sir Walter de Loudham, the Homage, and all the Service, due and accustomed for a Knight's Fee, which he held of him in Lambcote and Hokenal. (fn. 4) Robert, Son and Heir of Geoffrey de Stretley, re- leased to John, Son of Sir Walter de Loudham, 11s. Rent in Lambcote. Sir John de Loudham, Knight, 7 E. 2. let to farm his Manor of Lambcote to Robert Rasen, and Annora, his Wife, for their respective Lives, reserving 16 Marks Sterling per Annum, to be paid to the said Sir John, and Alice, his Wife. (fn. 4) Sir John de Ludham, 11 E. 2. passed this Manor to Thomas Basily and his Heirs, in Exchange for his Lands in Newton and Shelford. (fn. 4)

Henry Fenepar had anciently a Manor here. (fn. 5)

The Jury, 3 E. 4. found that Agnes Marmion was seized of the Manor of Lamcote, and passed it to Thomas Stathom, Knight, and William Babington, Esquire; and that Agnes, the Wife of Thomas Pilkington, was her Cousin and Heir, and then 26 Years of Age; and that she had also Lands in Riseley, in Darbyshire. (fn. 6)

George Pilkington, of Croxton Curyall, in the County of Leicester, Esquire, 7 Eliz. sold his Manor, or capital Mess. of Lambcote, to John Rosell, of Radcliff, Esquire, (fn. 7) with whose Posterity it still continueth. The next Year he, the said John Rosel, suffered a Recovery of this Manor of Lamcote, &c. and free Fishing in the Water of Trent, in Lambcote, which Thomas Cranemere, Esquire, and George Cartwright, Gent. claimed against him, and he called to warrant the said George Pilkington. (fn. 8)

Here were a Mess. Barn, and Crost, and two Bovats of Land, in Lamecote, in the Parish of Holme, late belonging to the Monastery of Newstede, granted February 19, 16 Eliz. to Christopher Fenton, and Barnard Gilpin, Gent. and their Heirs. (fn. 9)


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