Parishes: Hawkesworth

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Parishes: Hawkesworth', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 258-260. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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Hochesword. PART of this small Town was Soc to Aslactune, of Walter de Ayncurt's Fee, which answered the public Tax for one Bov. The Land two Bov. Soc. There two Sochm. and one Bord. had two Bov. three Car. and two Acres of Meadow. (fn. 1)

Another Part was Soc to Watone, of the Fee of Gislebert de Gand, and answered the Geld for thirteen Bovats. The Land three Car. There two Sochm. one Bord. had four Car. ½, and twenty Acres of Meadow.

(fn. 2) Walter, Son of William de Aslacton, (which Family held the Fee of Deyncourt) confirmed to God and the Church of St. Peter, at Thurgarton, five Bovats and an half, with Tofts and Appurtenances, which the Canons had of his Fee in Hokesworth and Aslacton. In his Deed of Confirmation is mentioned, seven Days of Entertainment they were to give him every Year, in their House at Thurgarton, which his Son Walter in his Confirmation released. These Bovats were given in several Parcels by (fn. 3) William de Rupe, William Sturmin, Hereward, Son of Peter de Hokesword, and John, his Son, and confirmed and added to, by William le Champion, Son of William le Champion, of Hokesworth.

The Family of Newmarch, held the Fee of Gislebert de Gand, at Whatton and here. (fn. 4) There was a Fine levied at Darby, and an Agreement made there the tenth of King JOHN, which was, that Adam de Novomercato should present three Times successively to the Church of Hokesword; after which the Advowson should entirely remain to Henry Prior, of Thurgarton, and Richard Prior, of St. Katherine's, by Lincolne, and their Successors and Churches: William de Hokesword was present, and released for himself and his Heirs, both at Darby and at Lincolne.

(fn. 5) These Churches had difference, but at length agreed to divide such Pensions as they should get settled out of it, and so present by Turns. But it is also to be considered that a good Part of this Township (if not the chief) hath ever belonged to Sibthorpe, as will partly appear by Gocelinus de Sancto Paulo, (which Family were the principal Lords of Sibthorp) his giving this his Church of Hokesword in pure Alms to the Priory of Thurgarton; betwixt which, and Henry de Sibthorp, in the Year 1277, (for I hear nothing then of the Prior of St. Katherin's) there was an Agreement made, and a Fine levied the same Year, 6 E. 1. that the Priory, and the said Henry and his Heirs, should present by Turns. (fn. 6) And it appears that Simon de Sibthorp had the Manor of Hawkesworth, and kept his Courts, when Thomas de Sibthorp, Parson of Beckingham, was founding his College at Sibthorpe, to which he gave four Mess. and ten Acres of Land here, which ought Service from three Weeks to three Weeks, to this Court. It continued to the Posterity of this Simon, which may be more particularly noted in Sibthorp, though I do not exactly find how long.

(fn. 7) There was a Recovery suffered, 4 E. 4. of the Manor of Stanton-on-the-Woulds, (which also did belong to this Family of Sibthorp) and this Manor of Hoxworth, which William Leybourn the younger, claimed against Sir William Chaworth, Thomas Nevill, Esquire, and John his Son and Heir, John Metheley, and John Staynton.

(fn. 8) There was another, 14 H. 8. wherein Amon Sutton, Robert Sutton, Vincent Grantham, and Nicholas Sutton, claimed against Thomas Blesby, and Katherin his Wife, one of the Daughters and Heirs of Richard Dysney, then dead, the Moiety of five Mess. two Tofts, one Wind-Mill, one Hundred Acres of Land, sixty Acres of Meadow, and one Hundred Acres of Pasture, with the Appurtenances in Hawkesworth and Denthorp, and the Moiety of the Advowson of the Church of Hawkesworth.

(fn. 9) Here was William Wymbish, and John his Son, after him, and William his Grandchild, lived in the Time of Edward the Third, and here were likewise some Descents of Grants. Robert le Graunt paid the Priory of Thurgarton for a Toft, Croft, (fn. 10) and three Bovats of Land, 30s. a Year, when all their Revenue here amounted but to 55s. 0d. ob. in the Year 1328.

(fn. 11) Raph de Handelby, before 17 E. 1. made a Chartel to Mr. Robert, called, de Belver, Rector of the Church of Boston, and his Heirs, of one Mess. four Bov. ½ of Land, in Houkesworth.

(fn. 12) Raph, Son of Peter, and his three Partners, are said to hold of Gilbert de Gaunt, a Knight's Fee in Hokesworth; and Adam de Novo Mercato, paid for three Fees of that Honor, in the Time of Henry the Third, in Whatton, Aslacton, and Hokesworth.

(fn. 13) Queen Elizabeth, 14 July, in the third Year of her Reign, granted to Richard Whalley, Esquire, and his Heirs, the Demesnes and Manors of Whatton, Hawkesworth, and Tawton, and the Advowson of the Rectory and Church of Hawkesworth, late Parcel of the Possessions of Sir Maurice Dennys, Knight, with all the Mess. Lands, and Tenements to them belonging.

Mr. Whalley's Interest here went to the Duke of Newcastle, and is now become the Possession of Mr. Robert Butler. What belonged to the College of Rotherham here, Mr. Whalley had also, as in Sibthorp will be noted. There was a good Share was Mr. Grice's, a London Tailor, which is now sold to Mr. John Hacker, of Flintham.

One Thomas Barret hath a Freehold, the rest are not considerable.

(fn. 14) In the ninth of King John, William de St. Paulo claimed against the Prior of Thurgarton, the Advowson of the Church of Hawkesworth. The Prior showed the Charter of Confirmation of Roger, late Archbishop of York, that they should have it to their own uses; but the Canons of the Hospital of St. Katherin, Lincolne, pleaded that they had the Charter of Alexander, Father of William, of the same Church.

(fn. 15) The Rectory of Hawkesworth was 10l. when the Prior of Thurgarton, and Mr. Mydelton, were Patrons. 'Tis now 8l. 13s. 9d. in the King's Books, and Mr. Robert Butler, Patron.

Over the Entrance into the Porch, in a Stone, is engraven.—Gauterus & uxor ejus Cecelina fecerunt facere Ecclesiam istam in honorem Domini nostri Jesu, & Beatæ Mariæ virginis & omnium Sanctorum Dei simul.

In the Window is.—Gules on a Bend Arg. 3. Crosse Crosletts Azure.

Gules, a Lion Rampant, Arg. over all a Bend Azure, charged with three Escallops Or, Mydleton, of Fulbek, Com. Linc. & Sibthorp.

Arg. on a Saltier engrailed sable, five Annulets Or, Leek.

Arg. three Birdbolts Gules, Bozom.

In the Chancel, about the Year 1659, was buried Robert Rockhold, the most ingenious Rector of this Place, aged about 60 Years. A Batchelor, and a great Example of Piety, Charity, and Eloquence.

[Throsby] Hawksworth

LORDSHIP is small, owned by — Turner, Esq. The village and the church also, are inferior places: the latter is dedicated to St. Mary and All Saints, and has a brick tower. It is valued in the King's books at 8l. 13s. 9d. Yearly tenths 0l. 17s. 4½d. Archiepisc. pro Syn. 4s. Archiediac. pro Prox. 6s. 8d. Val. in mans. cum 3 bov. ter. ibidem per annum, 1l. 4s. 0d. in decim. garb. &c. William Clay, Esq. presented in 1690; Richard Butler, Esq. in 1707; Thomas Wright, Gent. P. H. V. in 1733; Executors of Hammond Turner, Esq. in 1775; Creed Turner, Clerk, P. I. 1784.


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