Parishes: Kilvington

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Parishes: Kilvington', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 319-321. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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In this Town there was Soc to Newark, of the Bishop of Lincolne's Fee, as much as paid the Geld for one Bov. Here was some also Soc to Sibthorpe, of Ilbert de Lacie's Fee, but the Manor in Chelvington and Alvreton, which one Colegrim had before the Conquest, was the chief Part, which he then discharged to the public Tax or Geld, for three Bov. The Land being two Carucats. After the Conquest, Hugh, (the Sheriff) Son of or Fitz-Baldric had it, of whom one Ausger held it, and had here two Car. and one Sochm. of half the Land, and three Vill. two Bord. having two Car. and twenty Acres of Meadow. (fn. 1) The Value of this in King Edward the Confessor's Time was 30s. in King William's but 20s.

The next to Ausger, that I have seen, was in the Time of Henry the Second, William Morin, who married Beatrix, Daughter of Randulf, and Sister of Robert, to whom he confirmed two Bovats of Land, (fn. 2) one in Kilvington, and the other in Alurington, which the said Robert's Father had given him to be held of the said William Morin, for 2s. per Annum. These two Bovats were confirmed to this Robert, Son of Randulf; (fn. 3) also by Ranulf Morin, Son of the said William Morin, to whose Deed were also Witnesses Ranulf the Clerk, and Eustacinus, Bailiffs of Newerch; Malger de Staunton, Galfr. de Musters, William de Stokes, Raph, Son of Robert de Sibetorp. &c. This Ranulf Morin was living, and Lord of this Manor, (fn. 4) in the former Part of the Reign of Henry the Third. William Morin succeeded him, and in the Time of Edward the First, three of these Morins married the three Daughters of Oliver de Lovetot, of Carcelston, as in that Place is shown; Robert Morin had Joan, the eldest; Ranulf, his Brother, had Isabell the second; and William Morin had Alice, the youngest of the three which were Sisters, and at length Heirs of John de Lovetot, Son of the said Oliver. William Morin had a Son called Robert, who held this Manor of Hugh de Rabaz, of Ardingworth, (fn. 5) by the Service of 3s. 4d. which said Service, he the said Hugh, 21 E. 3. conveyed to Sir Geoffrey de Staunton, Knight; but before that, this Robert Morin, and Joane his Wife, had passed away most of their Interest here, as by Fine they did, 15 E. 3. (fn. 6) seven Mess. one Mill, sixteen Bovats of Land, forty Acres of Meadow, and 6s. 8d. Rent in Kilvington and Alverton, to Sir William de Bingham, Knight, and his Heirs, reserving both their own Lives in them only. And the said Robert had, in the Time of Edward the Second, passed several of his Villains to Robert le Vou, of Steinwath, (fn. 7) who, 28 E. 2. manumitted Isabell, the Daughter of Raph, Son of Richard of Kilvington, and her two Daughters, Maud and Margery, and several others, as the said Robert Morin had granted him Power to do.

(fn. 8) Sir William de Bingham, 18 E. 3. by Fine, settled these Lands, together with some in Clipston, on Richard de Bingham, his Son, and Annora, his Wife, then in the Custody of Robert de Meaux, their Guardian, and the Heirs of their Bodies, with Remainder to the right Heirs of the said Richard. Joane, the Widow of Robert Morin, then held these for her Life.

(fn. 9) John Loudham, the elder, Knight, and Edmund de Bingham, Parson of Plumtre, 48 E. 3. confirmed to Simon de Leek, Knight, and John Payn, Citizen of London, all the Lands in Kilvington, Alverton, and Flawburgh, which they had the Year before, viz. 47 E. 3. of the Gift of Richard de Bingham, Knight, who had Power to redeem them in six Years for 226l. 13s. 8d. to be paid to the said Citizen.

(fn. 10) John de Leek, Chr. and Isabell his Wife, 6 H. 4. by Fine, settled the Manor of Kilvington, four Mess. sixty-four Acres of Land, sixteen of Meadow, and 20s. Rent, with the Appurtenances in Kilvington, Staunton, Flawburgh, Dalinton, and Newarke, on Simon de Leeke, and Joane, who had been the Wife of Sir Thomas Malory, Knight, and the Heirs of their Bodies; but if the said Simon and Joane should fail of Issue, to remain to them the said John and Isabell, and the Heirs of John.

(fn. 11) This Joane was the Daughter and Heir of Sir John Talbot, of Swannington, in Leicestershire, and bore to the said Simon Leek, Lord of Gotham, (as in that Place may be seen) four Daughters and Heirs, whereof Mary was second Wife of Sir Charles D'Aubeny, and bore him a Daughter called Jane, who carried her Inheritance to Sir Robert Markham, of Gotham, her Husband, with whose Posterity these Lands continued till the Year of our Lord 1574, that a threefold Exchange was made, between Robert Markham, of Gotham, Esquire, who passed his Lands in Kilvington, Alverton, Flawburgh, Dalington, and Staunton, to Robert Staunton, of Staunton, Esquire, (fn. 12) who passed his in Basingham, Quaringdon, and Sleford, to Anthony Thorold, of Parlton, Esquire, who passed his in Cleypoole, to the said Robert Markham: But Robert Staunton had the hardest Bargain, for he gave not only 6l. per Annum more Rent of Land, to his Cousin Thorold, but also 40l. in Money to his Cousin Markham, to whom he was also to give 100l. more, if his Son William Staunton, when he came to the Age of nineteen, should refuse to take to his Wife, Frances, the Daughter of the said Robert Markham, though he was not obliged to give her any Portion. (fn. 13) This was, after two or three Years talking of, at length agreed and effected, by the Mediation of Thomas Markham, of Ollarton, Esquire, Robert Wood, of Lamley, Esquire, chosen for the said Robert Markham, the said Anthony Thorold, and William Sutton, of Averham, chosen for Robert Staunton, at Gotham, 18th September 1574, as before is said.

This made entire the Lordships of Staunton, Kilvington, Alverton, and Flawburgh, saving Part of this Town which Francis Brookesby inherited, from George Staunton, mentioned in Staunton, and the Priory Lands in Staunton, then Jerome Brand's, but afterwards purchased by William Staunton, of Robert Brand, as before is also shown.

This Manor, and Advowson of the Church, since the Death of the last William Staunton, the Colonel, is sold to William Cartwright, before named in Staunton, and remains the Inheritance of William Cartwright, his Son and Heir.

Raph de St. Paul, Lord of Sibthorpe, (noted also in that Place) whose Daughter and Heir, Dionisia, was married to Alexander Bozon, of Kirketon, in Holland, whose Son was called Raph de Kirketon, and gave this Advowson with his Sister, as in Staunton is shown, (if this latter Raph be not also sometimes called Raph de St. Paul) (fn. 14) or some other of that Name, passed by Fine 10 Joh. one Bovat here, to Hugh, Son of Roger.

(fn. 15) The Rectory of Kilvington was 10l. and Mr. Staynton, Patron. Now it is 6l. 12s. 1d. in the King's Books, and the Church of Southwell, Patron.

Mr. Colston is a Freeholder in Kilvington, I think that which was Brooksbies' heretofore, and not long since, Mr. Josuah Wright's.

[Throsby] Kilvington

LORDSHIP was inclosed about the Year 1750. Mr. Henry Rose, a resident, possesses the manor; other freeholders are the Duke of Portland, Mr. Wilson, of Flawborough, and Mr Dodd, a gentleman of Lincolnshire.

The village is very small. The church is dedicated to St. Mary; has a low tower, with only 2 bells. Upon a tomb without, "Sacred to the memory of the Rev. George Cooper, L. L. B. late Rector of this parish; whose conjugal affection, filial piety, and social vircues, made his loss inconsolable to his family. He departed this life the tenth day of January, 1767, in the 50th year of his age."

Patron in 1767, William Cartwright, Esq. Incumbent, the Rev. Edmund Cartwright, worth 75l. per annum. Archiepisc pro Syn. 2s. Archidiac pro prox. 5s. Val. in mans. & ter. gleb. per annum, 1l. 4s. 0d. in dec. garb. &c. Clear yearly value in Bacon, 48l. 7s. 0d. yearly tenths, 6l. 12s. 1d.


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