Parishes: Coddington

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Parishes: Coddington', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 363-365. British History Online [accessed 22 April 2024]

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That Part of this Township reckoned with Newark, and more especially Soc to it, paid the Geld as two Car. but the Bishop of Lincolne had two Manors here besides, one whereof Uluric had, before the Normans came, and paid the Tax or Geld as one Bov. The Land was two Bovats. There afterwards the Bishop had Half a Car. and one Acre of Meadow. This in the Time of King Edward the Confessor was 40s. Value, when King William's Survey was made 20s. Another Bugo had, and was charged for it to the Public Tax at two Bovats and an Half. The Land whereof in the Conqueror's Time was certified to be Half a Car. but was waste: Botild held it, and it was 2s. Value, (fn. 1) there was two Acres of Meadow. Here were two other Manors likewise of the Fee of Odo Bishop of Bayon, one of which Uluric had, before the Conquest, and was taxed at three Bov. and an Half for it. The Land being then found to be twelve Bovats. There Losuardus the Man (or Tenant) of the Bishop, had two Vill. and four Bord. with one Car. and three Acres of Meadow. In the Confessor's Time this was 20s. in the Conqueror's 10s. Value. Another Manor Leuric had, before the Norman Invasion, rated at five Bov. to the Dane geld. The Land two Car. There Oulchell under the Bishop had Half a Car. and four Sochm. on four Bovats of this Land, and three Bord. with Half a Car. and five Acres of Meadow.

(fn. 2) Robert Pysun, by the Consent of William his Brother, gave one Bov. in the Fields of Codington, of his Demesne, between his own Lands next the Sun, to God and St. Peter of Iburgarton, and the Canons there serving God, and four Selions to make a Toft nigh the Cross, without the Town of Codington on the West. This was confirmed by William, Son of Walter, Son of Paganus de Newarke, and Sara Wife of the said William, to whom it was re-conveyed by Elias the Prior, to be held of that House by him and his Heirs for 4s. per Annum.

(fn. 3) In the Year 1328, Sir Robert Perpoint held it, accordingly of that Monastry.

(fn. 4) By a Fine at Nottingham 8 E. 1. Robert Attebek, and Odierna his Wife, and Mariot and Alice her Sisters, Daughters of William Henning, passed one Toft, seven Acres and an Half of Land, and three Acres of Meadow, with the Appurtenances in Codyngton, to Henry de Perepunt and his Heirs.

(fn. 5) By an Inquisition taken at Nottingham, 20 May, 8 E. 3. it was certified that Robert Perpoint by a Fine levied, 10 E. 2. had made himself only Tenant for Life of 60s. Rent in Newarke, held of the Bishop of Lincolne, and of one Mess. one Carucat of Land, and 11s. Rent in Codington, held of Jollanus de Nevill for 24s. per Annum; and of the Prior of St. Katherin's without Lincolne, by the Service of 8s. per Annum; and in Balderton of one Mess. one Carucat of Land, five Acres, and one Rood of Meadow, and 13s. Rent held of John de Bussy, by the Service of a Pair of Gilt Spurs, and of 22s. Rent in Stoke by Newarke, held of William de Thorpe, by the Service of 6d. per Annum; and of 26l. and 3s. Rent in Sneynton, held of John de Tibtot, by the Service of a Pair of Gloves, 1d. and of twenty Bovats of Land in Barton, held of Gervas de Clifton, by the Service of a Clove at Christmas; and of two Acres of Wood in Carleton, by Colwyk, held of Adam de Everingham, for a Rose at Midsummer; and of one Mess. one Carucat of Land, ten Acres of Meadow, 20s. and 9d. Rent in Kirkeby, held of Joane, who had been Wife of John de Stotevile, by the Service of the sixteenth Part of a Knight's Fee, and 15s. per Annum, and of one Mess. forty Acres of Land, four of Meadow, one Park containing twenty Acres of Wood, and 60s. Rent at Holkbek Woodhouses, held of Thomas de Furnivall for 20s. per Annum; and of the Manor of Weston, held of William le Fitz-William, by the Service of the fourth Part of a Knight's Fee, and Lands in Derbyshire, which were to descend and remain to Henry, Son of Henry de Perpont, Son of the said Robert, being then about twelve Years of Age, when the Writ directed to William Erney's Eschaetor in the Counties of Warewick, Leicester, Nottingham, Darby, and Lancaster was executed.

(fn. 6) Codington in the Record of Nomina Villarum, 9 E. 2. answered for an intire Villa, and the Prior of St. Katherin's by Lincolne, John de Nevill, (of Rolleston) and the Bishop of Lincolne, were certified to be Lords of it.

(fn. 7) Walter de Maresco, it seems, had some Share in Cotinton, for which he ought the King a Pair of Scarlet Breeches, but it was aliened when Robert de Passelewe, in the Time of King Henry the Third, let this Serjeancy to the Prior of St. Katherin's for 40s. per Annum, being twenty-two Bovats then valued at 4l. 8s. per Annum. Robert le Porter, (fn. 8) held two Bovats, which were of the Serjeancy of twenty Bovats, which the Prior of St. Katherin's held of the King in Cotinton about 8 E. 1.

(fn. 9) John, Son of John de Weseby, 23 E. 1. recovered seisin of four Mess. seven Bov. of Land, and three Parts of a Mess. in Cotinton, and Andrew de Nevill, and Thomas de Kirkeby were amerced.

(fn. 10) Henry de Codyngton, Parson of Botesford, having had Licence from King Richard the Second so to do, founded a Chauntry at the Altar of St. Peter, in the Parish Church of Codington, for one Priest to pray for him while he lived, and for his Soul after his decease, and for the Soul of John de Codyngton, late Parson of Adesham, and of their Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, and Benefactors, to which he gave five Mess. three Tofts, one hundred and forty-four Acres of Land, twenty-seven and a half of Meadow, with the Appurtenances in Codyngton and Holme, by Muskam. John Ashwell was the first, whose Successors, after the Death of the said Henry de Codyngton, were to be named by the Prior of Thurgarton, to whom he left the chief Charge and Care of the Chauntry; but if he should fail, the Prior of Shelford was to put in one after a Month. The Instrument bears date 1 Jan. 4 H. 4.

(fn. 11) The Prior of St. Katherin's had Free Warren at Coddington and Wiggesle, 5 E. 3. in this County.

By Indenture bearing date 15 June, 6 E. 6. the King in consideration of the Manors of Northall in Hertfordshire and Northraweeby in Lincolneshire, and the Site of the Priory, and the Rectory of Cardigan in South-Wales, and other Lands in Cornewall, and other Places, granted to William Cavendish and his Heirs, the Manors of Medowplek and Rectory of Yolgrave, belonging to the Priory of Leicester, of Pentrich and Ulkerthorpe, belonging to the Abbey of Darley, of Blackwall to Lenton, and the Tithes in Kingstorodale, Cowdale, and Sledon, and the Demesne Lands of that Monastery of Lenton in Ashfield, all these and many others in Darbyshire, with several others in the Counties of Stafford, Dorset, Cornewall, Kent, Essex, &c. amongst the rest the Prior of St. Katherin's Part in this Cotington.

(fn. 12) The Chauntry Lands, 1 Sept. 6 E. 6. were granted to Edward Bray, Knight, John Thorneton, John Danby, and to the Heirs of the two latter, and 6 Jun. 44 Eliz.

(fn. 13) Thomas Leonard alias Pocklington and his Heirs, then being of the Yearly value of 67s. 4d.

This Town gives Name to a Moore, whereon used to be a famous Horse-race, for which the Major and Aldermen of Newark were wont to provide the Plate.

The Cure is served by the Vicar of Stoke, so that 'tis like the Tithes belong to the Corps of the Prebends of the Chancellor of the Church of Lincolne.

[Throsby] Coddington

APPEARS to be a larger village than Barneby. Here is a chapel dedicated to All Saints, of but little note: it has a tower with three bells. It is served by the Reverend Thomas Wakefield, and with Sireston is attached to Stoke.

The lordship is in several hands. Two brothers of the name of Ashfield, have each portions.


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