Parishes: Keyworth

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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Robert Thoroton, 'Parishes: Keyworth', Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790), pp. 82-84. British History Online [accessed 14 June 2024].

Robert Thoroton. "Parishes: Keyworth", in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) 82-84. British History Online, accessed June 14, 2024,

Thoroton, Robert. "Parishes: Keyworth", Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790). 82-84. British History Online. Web. 14 June 2024,

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Doomsd. Cauord. Probably Cai's Hall or Village.

Here Stori (named in Stanton) before the Normans came had a Manor rated to the Tax as three Bov. and one Third. (fn. 1) The Land of it was sufficient for one Plow, or one Car. There Alured the Man or Tenant of R. Earl Moriton, whose Fee it was, had two Sochm. one Vill. one Bord. with one Car. and a half. This in King Edward's Time was 20s. in King William's Time 10s. Here was some of Rogerde Busli's Fee, Soc to Normanton, rated to the Geld as two Bov. There two Vill. had half a Car. this belonged to Plumptre, but of his Fee here were also three Manors, which before he came, Harold, Richard, and Frane had, rated to the public Tax as six Bov. and two Thirds. The Land was two Car. There Roger had four Sochm. three Vill. two Bord. having three Car. There was sixteen Acres of Meadow. In King Edward's Time this was 30s. in King William's 17s.

Of Raph Fitz-Huberts Fee. In Caworde, Frane had a Manor before the Conquest rated to the Tax at five Bov. The Land one Car. and a Half. There afterwards Raph had one Car. and a Half, and three Acres of Meadow. In King Edward's Time valued at 20s. in King William's at 10s. This usually went with Boney, or most of it.

That of Roger de Buslie's Fee which went not with Plumtre, seems to have been held by the Family of Malnoers, or Malnuers, Lords of Holme. A Fine was levied, 24 H. 2. (fn. 2) before the King at Northampton, the Tuesday next after the Feast of St. Matthew, between the Prior and Canons of Thurgarton, and Leonius de Malnuers, of the Land of Kaword, for which the said Leonius gave them 7s. Rent in Meadow, viz. four Acres wanting a Rood in Estemore, in the Manor of Holme, (fn. 3) and all Wolrichemedwe. Walter de Hulmo at the Request, and with the Consent of Agnes his Wife, and John his Heir gave the Church of Kaeworth, to God and the Church of St. Peter at Thurgarton, for the Health of his own Soul, and his Ancestors, and for the Soul of Swain de Hoiland, his Wife's Father, and the Soul of Robert, Son of Levenad, who gave the same Church to the said Priory. (fn. 4) John, Son and Heir of the said Walter, confirmed the Gift. James de Keworth, Son of this John, enseoffed John Barry of Lands in Basingfeld, as in that Place may be observed and I suppose here also.

Henry Perpount, (fn. 5) and Annora his Wife, 12 E. 1. claimed against Maud Barry, (wife of John) two Mess. and five Virgats of Land in Keyworth, and against Richard Barry (her Son) five Mess. and six Virgats of Land, and ten Shillings Rent in the same Town, and Basingfeild, of which James de Kewrth, Cousin of the said Annora, whose Heir she then was, was seized. Richard Barry pleaded the said James died not seized, and the Jury found for him accordingly.

The Jury found 13 E. 1. that (fn. 6) John Barry, quondam Husband of Maud, had his Bull and Boar at Keiworth, free to go and eat in the Corn, Meadows, or any other Place in the said Town, where he would. And that it was as the said Maud alledged in her Answer by Reason of the Tenements and Advowson of the Church in the said Town, in which she was at that Time endowed: Therefore Thomas de Rempston, who had taken and impounded her Bull because he eat of his Corn, was in Mercy (cast). These Barlyes were Lords of Torlaston, were more concerning them is noted, the Heir of the last of them being married to — Pendock. William Pendocke, and John his Son sold their Interest here to divers Freeholders, and the Advowson of the Church to Sir George Parkins in our Time. This Manor and Advowson, (fn. 7) whereof Thomas Barry died seized 18 H. 8. March 4. leaving John his Son and Heir, about twelve Years old, was held to Sir William Perpount of Holme, except one Mess. and four Bovats of Land, held of the Heirs of Henry Ellershawe in Socage by Fealty, and 6d. Rent yearly. There yet remains of this last Name in the Town.

Hugh, Son of Hugh de Somervile, (fn. 8) of Keword, gave to God and the Church of Lenton one Bovat of Land in Keword, which Azor held, to which Deed were Witnesses Mr. Richard his Brother, and Gervas his Brother, Robert Andegavansis, &c. Gervas, Son of Gervas de Cliston, Stephen the Priest of Wilford, and Elias his Son, Geoffrey Lutterell. (fn. 9) Gervase de Somervile acknowledged to owe to the Lord of Boney yearly, the Service of a fourth Part of a Knight's Fee for twelve Bovats of (or Oxgans) which he held of him in Kaworth, and 8s. for ten Bovats more of another Part. Walter de Holme passed the (fn. 10) Church of Kaword to Geoffrey de Somerville.

Philip Marc, and Ann his Wife, purchased Lands of several People here, which was of the Fee of Hugh de Bellomonte (which I take to be of that which was Earl Moriton's) nine Bovats, whereof the said Philip (who was Sheriff of Nott. and Derb. the latter Part of King John's Reign, (fn. 11) and seven or eight Years of the Beginning of Henry the Third's) gave with his Body to Lenton, where it lay honorably entombed, as his said Wife's Information imports. And Sabina, who had been the Wife of Hugh Bellomont, for 4s. and a Quarter of Rye in her very great Need, released her Dower in three Bovats and a Half of the nine to the said Priory, and swore upon the holy Gospels (a Custom very common in these Times and Occasions) that she should never go against her Release, nor any Way else disturb the quiet Possession of them. Here then were other Owners, as Robert de Orleans, and one Robert de Glamorgan, Knight, who settled his Lands here, and his Rent out of Bradmere, upon his Brother William Glamorgan for his Life, in the year 1290. Mr. William de March, the King of England's Treasurer, was a Witness to this Deed.

Richard de Lec, 7 R. 1. paid one Mark to have seizing of four Bovats in (fn. 12) Chaword, which he forfeited for being in Rebellion with Earl John (a Fault whereof many of this County where at that Time guilty). (fn. 13) Sampson, Son of Alan de Leke, 44 H. 3. for four Marks of Silver, (fn. 14) released to the Prior and Convent of Lenton four Bovats, which he had recovered in the King's Court; so did Henry, Son and Heir of Gervase de Wilford, which his said Father recovered in the said K. Court before the Justices Itinerant at Nott. 43 H. 3. William, (fn. 15) Son of Richard Sampson de Leyk, 27 E. 1. remised to Wil liam de Scheseud, and Avicia his Wife, Sir James de Sutton, and Agnes his Wife, and to Alice Barry, and their Heirs, the Homages, Fealty, Wards, and Relief of the Lands and Tenements which Raph Bugge had of the Gift of Samson de Leyk, his Grandsather in Keworth, and granted that he the said William Samson would desend them against all Men from the View of Frank-Pledge.

There was a Fine levied 4 E. 2. (fn. 16) between Robert, Son of Robert, Son of Henry de Keworth, and Alice, Daughther of Gervas le Frankeleyn, of Keworth, Quer. and Gervas de Frankleyne, Deforc. of one Mess. five Bovats and a Half of Land, with the Appurtenances, thereby settled on the said Robert and Alice, and the Heirs of their Bodies; Remainder to the right Heirs of the said Robert. There was another Fine, (fn. 17) 19 E. 2. between Gerv. Frankeleyn, of Keworth, Quer. and John Rosell, of Cotegrave, Deforc. of four Mess. and five Virgats of Lands, with the Appurtenances in Keworth and Wisbowe, by it settled on the said Gervase for Lase; Remainder to Richard, Son of Robert le Jorz, of Lughburgh, and Agnes his Wife, and the Heirs of their Bodies; Remainder to Agnes, Daughter of the said Gervas and the Heirs of her's; Remainder to the right Heirs of the said Gervas.

Two Tosts and three Bovats here (fn. 18) in the Tenure of William Sewell, were Nov. 24. 38 H. 8. granted by the King to John Bellowe, and John Broxholme, Esq. and their Heirs, which late belonged to the Monastery of Darley, in Derbyshire.

Queen Eliz. Feb. 27, (fn. 19) in the eighteenth of her Reign, granted to Anthony Rotsey, and William Fisher, one Mess. and seven Bovats, with another Meff. and Crost, and a Toft, and Half a Bovat, in the Occupation of John Sewell, &c. lately belonging to the Monastry of Lenton, in Keyworth.

The Rectory was 81. (fn. 20) and Mr. Barry, Patron. Now it is 7l. 5s. 0d. in the King's Books, and Isham Parkyns, Esq. Patron.

[Throsby] Keyworth

LORDSHIP is divided amongst several Freeholders. Sir Thomas Parkyns, Bart. is the reputed lord of the manor. It is open field, and contains 800 acres of land.

In the Village are about 30 dwellings, and a meeting-house lately erected.

The Church is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen, has 2 aisles, dark, and something like, one tower upon another, on which is placed a something-like-spire. See plate 6. It has 3 bells. Near the altar is remembered the Rev. Mr. Edward Moses, rector: he died in 1751, aged 76. Mr. John Greaves died in 1777, aged 78. John Greaves died in 1703, aged 61.

Patron, Sir Thomas Parkyns, Bart. Incumbent, the Rev. Mr. Beaumont, who owns a considerable Portion of the Lordship. Supposed worth 100l. per ann. Yearly tenths 14s. 6d. Archiepisc. pro Syn 4s. Archidac pro prox. 5s. Pens rect. de Plumtree 6s. 8d. Val in mans. cum 8 bov. ter. ibid per ann. 2l. in decim. garb, &c. Thomas Hayes, Gent. presented in 1715. Sir Thomas Parkyns, Bart. 1728, 1783.

In the latest register Bap in 5 years, 34. Buried 26. The earliest I did not fee.


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