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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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Probably from Reeds. This Place in the Time of King Edward the Consessor was the Freehold of one Levenot, who had other considerable Places in this Country, as Kirkeby-in-Ashfield, Annesly, (fn. 1) and some others, in all which Raph (Son of, or) Fitz-Hubert is certified in the Book of Doomsday to be his Successor; his Manner in Bonei was rated to the Public Taxation as two Carucats. The Land was (sufficient for six Plows, or) fix Carucats. There Ralph had in Domesne two Carucats, and eighteen Villains, and seven Sochm. and two Bord. having seven Car. There was a Church and a Priest, and one Mill 12d. and one Hundred and sixty Acres of Meadow, and small Wood tenqu. long and one broad. In the Confessor's Time it was 4l. Value, when the Survey was made in the Conqueror's 60s.

Odo de Boneia (fn. 2) held much Land hereabouts of the Fee of Ralph Fitz-Hubert in the Time of Henry the First, for he than gave the Church of Barton, and his Part which was half the Church of Adinborow, and two Parts of the Tythe of his Demesne here and in Bradmere, to the Church of Lenton at or near the Foundation. (fn. 3) And not very long after one Edward, and Aeliz his Wife, granted, to the Church of the Holy Trinity at Lenton, whatsoever his Ancestor Odo gave: to his Deed, amongst others, were Witnesses Raph Barre, Ranulf de Insula, Hugh de Boney and Raph his Son, Ernald and his Sons.

There was a Precept to Ivo de Heriz, 3 H. 3. (fn. 4) to let Philip Marc have the Custody and Marriage of Raph, Son and Heir of Anker de Fressunville; and another to the Sheriss of Nott. 6 H. 3. (fn. 5) to take into the King's Hand the Lands which Julian, the Daughter of Hubert Fitz-Raph died, seized of, the Marriage of her Son and Heir being granted by the King to Philip Marc. The Seat of this Barony was at Cruch, now Criche in Darbyshire. Raph de Fressenville held of the Barony of Hubert Fitz-Raph five Knights Fees, (fn. 6) and a tenth Part in Boney, Barton, Bradmere, Scardeclive, and Cruch, with the Appurtenances. The King being at Nott. Decemb. 1. 36 H. 3. (fn. 7) granted to Raph de Frescheville free Warren in all the Demesne Lands of his Manors of Boney in Notts. Cruch, Scardeelive, Alwold ston, Chelardeston in Derbishire, and Cusswortham in Yorkshire.

Ralph de Frechevill (fn. 8) confirmed to the Abby of Derley the Gifts of his Ancestors, viz. of William Fitz-Raph, and Robert his Son, of the Advowson of St. Michael in Darby, and the Chapel of Alwoldeston; of Hubert Fitz-Raph, the Advowson of the Churches of Cruch and Scardecliss, and Chapel of Palterton, and some other Things which he gave for the Souls of Edelina and Sara his Wives. The said Hubert Fitz-Raph in the Year 1175, (fn. 9) confirmed to these Canons the Land of Pentriz, and of Rippeie, and of Ulkerthorp,and that Land of Chilwell, which belonged to the said Manor of Pentriz, which Land his Father gave, and Raph Fitz-Stephen afterwards granted, and divers other Things this Hubert gave them, and so did this Raph de Frecheville, who made an Agreement with Raph the Abbat, the Saturday next before the Feast of St. Gregory, the Pope, at Wynefeld in the Year 1243, that the Canons should have their Estovers out of the Wood and Hay of Criche, (fn. 10) (fn. 11) and confirmed the Gift of his Mother Julian of a Bovat of Land in Scardiclyss.

By an Inquisition taken at Boney, 45 H. 3. (fn. 12) concerning the Lands which were heretofore Raph de Freschervill's (Son and Heir of Anker and Julian before mentioned) in this County, it appears that he held this Manor in Capite, of the King by the Service of a Knights Fee, and that then there were at Boney in Demesne and Villenage sixty and two Bovats of Land, each Bovat worth 6s. 8d. which makes the sum of 20l 13s. 4d. Item, in Rent of Assize of the Freeholders 55s. 9d. Item, in Cottages there 24s. 9d. Item, the Capital Mess. of Boney worth 6s. 8d. per Annum. Item, a Wind-Mill one Mark. Item, the said Raph held of John de Musters half a Knight's Fee of the Fee of Richmond in Rotingdon, for which he paid the said John 5s. per Annum. And that Anker his Son and Heir was then of full Age. Anker being Dead 53 H. 3. (fn. 13) his Wife Amicia was found to be in the King's Disposal.

There was an Inquisition taken 15 E. 1. (fn. 14) Nott. before Thomas de Normanvile, to dis cover what Lands Anchor de Frechevile held of King Henry the Third in his the said Thomas his Bailiwick upon the others of Sir John de Leek, Knight, Thomas de Rempston, Nicolas de Widmerpole, Henry Putrel, Mich. de Leek, &c. who said that at his Death the said Anker held of King Henry the Third the Manor of Church, in the Country of Darby, worth 20l. per Annum, by the Service of half a Knight's Fee, and the Manor of Palterton in the same Country worth 10l. for half a Knight's Fee, and the Manor of Boney in this County of Nott. by the Service of two Knights Fees, which was of the Value of 20l. per Annum; and they said that he likewise held of Sir Kaph Musart, in Woodtherp in Darbyshire 100s. of Land for a Penny per Annum; and of Sir William Bardolf, in Alwaston, in that County 100s. Land by the Service of two Knights Fees; and that Raph de Frecheville, being then above the Age of twenty-two Years, was his Son and Heir.

Roger Belers, 19 E. 2. (fn. 15) held the Manor of Cruch, of the King in Capite, for a Knight's Fee, Raph de Frechevill aliened it (as he did all or most of his Part of the Barony) Raph, Son of Raph de Frechevill put his claim to the Fine which the said Raph de Frechenvill levied of the Manor of Boney, 18 E. 1. (fn. 16) to the said Roger Beler and his Heirs for ever, who held two parts of this Manor of Boney; Margaret, the Wife of Raph de Frecheville holding the third in Dawer. Roger Beler his Son and Heir was then above seven Years Old. Alice, the Wife of the said Roger Beler besought that said Margaret, who was the Wife of Raph de Frecheville, for her reasonable Dower out of the Manor of Crich.

From this Time this noble Family of Frecheville have been resident at their Manor of Stavely, in Darbishire, the present Seat of John Lord Frecheville, two Parts whereof, with the Advowson of the Church, (fn. 17) this Margaret about 7 E. 3. was about to settle on Anker the Son of Raph de Frecheville, deceased, and the Heirs of his Body. (fn. 18) There were two Raphs, Sons of Raph de Frecheville, the Elder, whereof settled on the Younger, about 10 E. 3. the Manor of Palterton. Raph Frecheville Chivaler, (fn. 19) Son and Heir of Anker Frencheville, deceased, 14 R. 2. Jan. 30, had Respite of Homage. Raph Frecheville, Knight, died seized of two Parts of the Manor of Stavely (fn. 20) the Monday before the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 4 H. 5. Gervase his Brother and Heir was an Ideot, and above thirty Years old at that Time. Peter Frencheville, Son and Heir of Gervase, (fn. 21) deceased, 27 H. 6. had Respite of Homage May 17, that Year. John, Son of Peter Frechewell, one Inq. faith, died seized of two Parts of the Manor of Staveley, 27 Jan. 24 H. 7. another, Feb. 5, but his Tomb, Jan. 20, 1509, His Son John was then about fifteen Years old, and had been long married to Elizabeth, Daughter of John Leek, of Sutton, Esq. before his Father's Death. Peter Frecheville, 20 H. 8. (fn. 22) was found to be Cousin and Heir of the former Peter, viz. Son of John, Son of John. Son of the said Peter. This last Peter was knighted at Leith by the Earl of Hertford, 1544; and had to his Wife Elizabeth, Daughter of Sir Richard Tempest, &c.

Robert de Swillington, Knight, was by the Jury, 15 R. 2. (fn. 23) found to have held this Manor of Boney in Right of his Wife Margaret, as also Gonaldeston, and Widmerpole, and other Lands, and that Robert (rather Roger) de Swillington was his Heir.

This Margaret was one of the Daughters and Heirs of Roger Belers. (fn. 24) Richard de Crumewell, Chr. Son of Amicia, Sister of Roger de Belers, Knight, held a Place of Meadow called Cremitesmedow, and two Acres in Milnewong in Boney.

Margaret Ailesford, late Wife of Roger Swillington Chr. 6 H. 5. (fn. 25) had the Manor of Boney to her and her Heirs, and Robert Swillington died seized of it. Robert Swillington was then found Cousin and Heir of the said Margaret.

Margaret, the Wife of John Gray, 8 H. 5. (fn. 26) was found Sister and Heir of Robert Swillington Chr. of this Manor.

Raph Lord Crumwell, 9 H. 6. (fn. 27) had this Manor and Cruch; though the Jury, 8H. 6. found that Margaret, who was the Wife of Sir John Gray, Knight, the Daughter of Sir Roger Swillington, Knight, died seized amongst others of the Manors of Wydmerpole, and Gonaldeston, and the Advowsons of the Churches, and of this Manor of Boney, of one Mess. three Tosts, four Virgats, and one Bovat of Land, and twelve Acres of Meadow in Stanton-on-the-Wold, and the Advowson of the Church, two Virg. in Hickling, one Cottage, three Tosts, four Virg. in Sutton and Bonington held of Mary, late Wife of Sir Thomas Greene, of Kegworth, of two Virg. in Great-Leek, &c. and that Elizabeth, the Wife of Robert Sampson, of the County of Suffolk, was her Cousin and next Heir, viz. the Daughter of Thomas, Son of Robert, Son of Adam, Father of Robert, Father of Roger, Father of the said Margaret, and that the said Elizabeth was then above thirty Years of Age. There was a Fine levied, 4 E. 4. (fn. 28) by Humfrey Bourchier, Knight, Lord Crumwell, and Joan his Wife one of the Heirs of Raph Crumwell, Knight, late Lord Crumwell, and Sir Gervase Clifton, Knight, and Maud his Wife, another of the Heirs of the said Lord Crumwell, to Thomas Tirrell, Knight, Thomas Billing, and Richard Illingworth, of the Manors of Boney and Stanford-on-Sore, and seven Mess. four Tosts, one Dove-coat, twelve Bovats of Land, fifty Acres of Meadow, and 30s. Rent in Staunton-on-the-Wold, Hickling, Great and Little Leek, Sutton, Boninton, and Bradmere, and the Advowson of Stanton Church in this County, and of the Manor of Bredeestale, called the Netherhall, and sixteen Mess. four Hundred Acres of Meadow, two Hundred and twenty of Pasture, two of Wood, and 26s. Rent in Breydeshall, in the County of Darby.

Robert Dixon, of Quadring, (fn. 29) in the County of Lincoln, Husbandman, Cousin and Heir of Nicholas Dixson, Clark, released 8 E. 4. to Sir Richard Illingworth all his Right in the Manors of Boney and Stanford, and the rest of the aforesaid Lands.

There was an Indenture dated Feb. 25. 19 E. 4. (fn. 30) between Raph Illingworth, Esq. on one Part, and Richard Boughton, Esq. on the other. That where William Chauntre, Dean of the new Work of Leicester, and divers others, have recovered the Manor of Boney, in Nott. and other Lands in Boney by a Writ of Right; and where the same William, and the rest were enfeoffed in divers Lands in Kirkeby-in-Ashfeild, Kirkby-Woodhouse, and in Hardwick, in the County of Nott. to them and their Heirs, by a Deed dated Jan. 20. in the Year aforesaid; and where they be also enfeoffed in the Manor of Stanford, in the County of Nott. and the Manor of Bradsale, in the Country of Darby, and of Lands in Stanford, and Bradsale, and in certain Lands in Apurknoll, and Oneston, in the County of Darby, and Lands in Penington, in the Parish of Leghe, and in Leghkirk, in the County of Lancaster. The Entent of the said Recovery and Feossment is thus. That the Manor of Bredsale, and the Lands there, and in Apurknoll, and Oneston, and Penington aforesaid, be to the Use of Rauss, and Agnes his Wife, for their Lives, and after to the Use of Richard, Son of the said Raph, and the Heirs of his Body; the other Manors, Land and Tenements in Hardwick, to the use of Richard the Son, and Elizabeth, Daughter of the said Richard Boughton, during their Lives; and to the Heirs of the Body of the said Richard the Son. The Manor place of Boney, and certain Lands there to the Value of 20l. to the Use of the said Richard Illingworth, and Elizabeth, and the Heirs of the Body of the said Richard. It seems her Father gave her 80l.

Raph, Son and Heir of Richard Illingworth, Knight, 17 E. 4. (fn. 31) acknowledged himself to hold the Manor of Boney by one Knight's Fee, and the Manor of Shelford, called Everingham Fee, of the King in Capite for half a Fee. It seems it went to the Heirs Female of Illingworth, for after the Death of John Eaton, Gent. (fn. 32) 'is said the Lands which he held by the Law of England, by reason of Issue between them, were after their Deaths to descend to John Dethick, Esq. Son and Heir of John Dethick, Son and Heir of Mary, one of the Sisters of the said Anne, and to Thomas Barlo, as Son and Heir of Joan, another of her Sisters, and to Thomas Kniveton, as Son of Alice, another of the Sisters of the said Anne; which said Thomas was attaint for counterfeiting the Money of England, called Mary Groats; the said John Eaton died Dec. 10. 3. Eliz. he held eight Mess. six Cottages, six Hundred Acres of Land, two Hundred of Meadow, three Hundred of Pasture, half a Wind-mill, sixty Acres of Wood, and Free Warren in Boney, parcel of the Manor of Boney.

Richard Parkins, Gent. (fn. 33) and Elizabeth his Wife suffered a Recovery of the said 8 Mess. &c. 16 Eliz. (fn. 34) and called John Dethick, Esq. The said Richard suffered another of one Mess. one Toft, one Dovecote, one Garden, one Hundred Acres of Land, &c. in Boney and Bradmere, and called to warranty John Smith, 18 Eliz.

Richard Parkins, Esq. an Apprentice of the Law, of the Inner Temple, and a Reverend Man in his Time for his Learning and Judgment, purchased the intire Manor of Boney, and with his Posterity it still continueth.

William Harvey Clarencieulx 18 Aug. 1559. (fn. 35) granted to Richard Parkins, of Mattisfield, Gent. and his Posterity a Pine-Apple Branch vert. the Apple proper for a Crest; which Richard was Son and Heir of Richard, Son and Heir of William, Son and Heir of Thomas Parkins, Gent. of the said Place, in the County of Berks.

Hugh Shirley Chr. 4 H. 4. (fn. 36) died seized of 13s. 4d. Rent in Boney, held of the King in Capite, Raph his Son and Heir was then twelve Years of Age.

Ancher, Son of William, Son of Froue, of Boney or Bradmere, (fn. 37) gave three Roods of Meadow in Boney to God and the Hospital of St. Anthony, at Lenton, in pure Alms.

In the Year 1288, (fn. 38) the Official of York gave definitive Sentence, That the two Parts of the Great Tythes of Elias de Bradmere, Raph de Frecheville, Lord of Boney, the Lady Maud Torkard, Agnes de Staynton, Richard, Son of Felice, Maud Dolfin, William Smith, of Boney, Amice Poyne, of Bradmere, and William, Son of Raph, of the same, within that Parish did belong to William Heccredibire, Rector of Boney, and not to the Prior and Convent of Lenton.

The Chapter of Southwell, 17 E. 2. (fn. 39) granted and appropriated the Church of Boney, to make a Chauntry for the Soul of William Archbishop of York in the Chapel of our Lady. Richard de Grey, Keeper of the Land, and Heir of Anker de Frecheville, 5 E. I. (fn. 40) recovered by Assize the Advowson of the Church of Boney, against the Chapter of Southwell.

The Vicarage of Boney was 8l. (fn. 41) and the Prior of Ulvescroft Patron. Now it is in the Kings Books 61. 15s. od. and Isham Parkins, Esq. Patron.

In the Church Windows, Azure 2. Chevrons and a Bordure Or, Musard. Azure a Bend between 6 Escallops Arg. Frecheville. Gul. A Lyon Ramp. within a Bord. engrailed Arg. Or, a Bear passant sable muzled Or, Beresford.

Here lies Humfrey Barley, Son and Heir of Thomas Barley, of Stoke, Esq. and Dorothy Meverell, Wife of the said Thomas; which Thomas was Son and Heir of George Barley, of Stoke, aforesaid, Esq. and Alice (it must be Joan) his Wife, one of the Daughters and Heirs of Richard Illingworth, Esq. This Humfrey thereby was one of the Lords of the Manor of Boney, and divers other Lands in the Counties of Nott. and Derby, and took to his Wife Elizabeth, eldest Daughter of Aden Beresford, of Fenny Bently, in the County of Derby, by whom he had Issue Ursula his Daughter and Heir. The said Humfrey died the 10th of July 12 Eliz. and was buried at his Chapel, in his own Isle, in Stony Middleton, in Derbyshire. And this Monument erected by the said Elizebeth, now Wife of Richard Parkins, Esq. for a Remembrance in perpetuity of the said Humfrey and his Progeny.

Over this Tomb in one Escutcheon, I Barley. Wavey Arg. and Sab. A Chief, the first half Ermine, the other Gules. 2 Erm. upon a Chief Azur. 5 Besants. 3. Berisford, Arg. a Bear Rampant Sable muzzled Or. 4 Or, 3 Flowers de Lis azure. 5. Party per pale Or, and Gules 3 Roundels Counter-changed. 6 Ar. 2 Broad Arrows Chevron-wife between 3 Horns and Strings sable. 7. Party per Chevron Arg. and Or, 3 Phæons sable. 8. Rolleston. Arg. a Cinquefoyle Azure upon a Chief Gules a Lion passant Or.

Upon another Monument in the Chancel North-wall. Here lyeth Richard Parkins, Esq. Justice of Peace and Quorum in the County of Nott. and Recorder of the Towns of Leicester and Nott. and an ancient utter Barrister in the Inner Temple, who married and took to Wife Elizabeth Barlowe then a Widow, late Wife of one Humfrey Barlowe, of Stoke, in the said County of Dar. Esq. deceased, being the eldest Daughter of Aden Beresford, of Fenne Bentlye, in the County of Darby, Esq. deceased, by whom the said Richard had 8 Children, viz. 4 Sons, and 4 Daughters, that is to say, Sir George Parkins, Knight, his Son and Heir, Adrian Parkins, John Parkins, Aden Parkins, Fraunces, Anne, Elizab. Margaret, and died the third Day of July 1603. Upon whose Soul, &c.


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