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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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In Staretorpe, before the Normans came, one Swayn, (lord also of Aygrwn, and several other towns, in which he was succeeded by Gislebert de Tyson) (fn. 1) had for his mamanor nine bov. ad geldam. The land two car. There the said Gislebert had afterwards one car. and twelve vill. four bord. having four car. and an half, and one mill 5s. and six acres of meadow. This in the Conquerours time kept the value it had in the Confessours, viz. 60s.

Adam de Tysun, and William his son, both benefactors to Rufford, (fn. 2) whose gifts were confirmed by king Stephen, were the next that succeeded in this inheritance, that I have yet discovered.

Hubert Hosatus (or Hose) rector of the church of Egrum, gave to that monastery of Rufford, (fn. 3) for the souls of Henry Hosatus, his father, and of Avicia, his mother, (whom I suppose sister of William Tysun, called the uncle of Henry Hose, brother of the said Hubert) (fn. 4) who will be again named in Averham, in the year of our Lord 1218, three acres of meadow in the territory of Startorp in the meadow called Eyngemer, on the west part stretching from the south into the north from the land of Stertorpe, which his said brother Henry Hosatus, gave to him the said Hubert, and his heirs. The witnesses were Mr. Hugh, son of Swayn, then chappellan of Egrum, Matthew the parson of Kelum, Henry de Tue, Peter, son of Maurice de Kelum, Adam de Kellesholt, Hervey de Muscam, Mr. Philip de Brambelle, Robert de Sandeburne, Nicolas de Monteburg, Raph Tysun.

(fn. 5) Sir Henry Hosee, in times past, was lord of Averham, and the same Henry gave that manor to Robert de Laxton; and the same Henry gave to Hubert Hosee his brother, the whole town of Sterthorp, doing the foreign service, except seven bovats of land, which the same Henry Hosee had given before, to Mauger de Stanton, and Gauter Hosee. Of Mauger de Stanton came Galf. of whom came William de Stanton, which William, gave to the ancestors of sir Gerard de Hedon, with his daughter, two bovats of land, parcel of the said seven bovats, with two bovats Hugh Damysell held. The said William de Stanton gave to the ancestors of sir Galfr. de Stoke two bov. of the said seven, which John Clark held; and the same William de Stanton gave, with Margaret his sister, to Roger de Thourleby three bovats of land, parcel of the said seven; which three John le Ward, Hugh de Stanton, and Robert in the Willughes held: and it is to be noted, that by the said Hubert Hosee, or his heirs, the whole residue of the town of Sterthorp in demesne and service, came to the possession of the abbat and covent of Durford, of whom afterwards the said Robert de Lexington acquired all those things, with the services of the freemen and villains, and thereof enfeoffed the prior and covent of Newstede, (fn. 6) to whom he also gave Routhorne and Scardeliff with the appurtenences in Darbyshire. They esteemed the seven bovats of the see of Stanton to be the third part of the town of Sterthorp, and therefore would have those free-holders to pay the third part of the burden in scutages, and the like charges. In the time of Edward the third, Hugh de Stanton held one bovat; William de Kelum one; John de Maunsfeld one; Hugh Damysell two; Robert in le Willoghes and his heirs one; John le Ward one.

(fn. 7) The jury, 9 E. 2. which were Robert de Lamley, Robert de Rolleston, Henry de Rolleston, John de Halum, Walter de Walour, William Basage, Richard le Jorz, Robert de Burstall, Richard de Basage, William Kyriell, Henry Gernonne, and John in le Wro, found that the prior of Newstede held two parts of half a knights fee in Sterthorpe, of the fee of Moubray (to which family it seems it was very anciently transfer red) and that John de Maunsfeld, Robert in le Wellues, and William, son of Richard de Kelum, and the parceners, held the third part of the said half fee, and that Walter de Gousill, and Raph de Crophill, collectors of the scutage for the kings armies in Scotland, in the twenty eight, thirty first, and thirty fourth years of king Edward the first, received for the said two parts only, of the prior and of William de Stanton, and John de Maunsfeld for the third, as their acquittances, 9 E. 2. also show.

The possession of the priory of Newsted at the dissolution rented at 22l. 19s. 1d. ob. were by king Henry the eight, granted to the master and fellows of Trinity colledge in Cambridge, from whom the family of Faunt of Foston in Leicestershire, still have them in lease.

The abbat of Rufford had a grange here granted to the earl of Shrowsbury with Rufford, 29 H. 8.

[Throsby] Starethorpe

Is a hamlet which contains five or fix dwellings.


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