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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Here in Scacheby before the Normans were masters, Alwold and Ulchel for their manors had land sufficient for two plows and an half, or two car. ½. And paid in the assessment for the Dane-geld for one car. (fn. 1) There afterwards two men or tenants of Roger de Buslies (whose fee it was) had in demesne three car: seven vill: two bord, having three car: There was sixteen acres of meadow, pasture wood half a leu. long, three qu. broad. In Edward the Consessours time it was 48s. in William the Conquerours 40s. value. There was soc in Sudtone and Normentune.

(fn. 2) John (or Robert) de Avill, and John de Netvelors, held of the countess of Ewe one knights fee of the old feoffment; they held also one fee of Thomas FitzWilliam, and of the countess of the new, in Skegby, because they took it with the marriage of the sisters of the said Thomas.

(fn. 3) John de Lessington about 41 H. 3. held sixty acres of land in Strathaw of Matilda de Lovetot, and sixty in Skeghawe of John de Eyvill. This part descended with Tuxford, as in that place may be seen, through Marcham, Lungevillers, and Mallovell, to sir Richard Stanhope.

In 9 E. 2. the two Marnhams, Fledburgh, and Skegeby, answered for a whole villa, (fn. 4) the lords then being Thomas de Chedworthe, John de Deivile, John de Lisours. The wapentach of Thurgerton and Lythe at that time returned a great many considerable townships together, to answer for a villa, of which this is the least, the other hundreds did not so.

There are within this parish and township two small hamlets, Skegby and Woodcotes, both heretofore Bassets inheritance, and part of Fledborough. Woodcotes became the inheritance of Rutland Molyneux, a younger grandchild of sir Edmund Molyneux the judge. And Skegby is now the inheritance of Ed. Mellish, esquire, by the gift of William Reason his uncle.

[Throsby] Skegby, &c.

Little more can be said of these places than what has been noticed by Thoroton above; in which we find, that at one time, the Marnhams, Fledborough, and Skegby answered for one village. Skegby and Woodcotes are still two small hamlets.


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