Eyton or Idleton

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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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(fn. 1) In Attune, which Roger de Busli became possessed of after the conquest, were before that change ten manors; ten Taynes had each man his hall; they then between (or amongst) themselves paid to the Dane-geld (the publick tax of that time) for six bovats, one half, and one sixth part of a bovat. The land being then known to be four carucats. There Fulco the man of Roger had one car. and fourteen vill. nine bord. having seven car. and two mills 20s. and sixty acres of meadow, pasture wood five qu. long, and three broad. In king Edward the Confessours time the value was 6l. in the Conquerours when doomsday book was made but 3l. Here was some also in this town of the arch-bishop of Yorks fee Soc to Sudton, and Lound, and Scrooby, and Madissey, &c. which paid the geld for two car.

(fn. 2) Robert de Wolrington, and John de Eyton, held the whole town of Eyton of Alice countess of Augi for two knights fees. John de Heton paid for a third part. (fn. 3)

(fn. 4) Ramieta, wife of Thomas de Wurlington, 7 R. 1. gave account of 40s. for having 20s. rent, with the appurtenances, in Hardeshull, and in Redford, and in Etton, whereof he was disseized for being with earl John. Thomas de Wlverton, and Ramietta his wife, 10 R. 1. (fn. 5) gave account of twenty marks for having one knights fee, with the appurtenances in Etton, three bovats, and one third part of a bovat less. Thomas de Wulrinton, 4 Joh. (fn. 6) gave account of one mark, that the assize which was summoned between him and Ramietta his wife, and Alice, the daughter of Alexander, might be taken before Hugh Bardulf and his fellows. There was a fine levied at Doncaster the Tuesday after the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 4 Joh. (fn. 7) between Robert, son of Richard, petent, and Thomas de Wilfrinton, and Rametta his wife, tenants, of three bovats, and the third part of a bovat of land, and the third part of two mills, and the third part of the advowson of the church, with the appurtenances in Etton, which the said Robert remised to Thomas and Rametta, and their heirs, for which they granted him and his heirs one bovat in Ordeshall, and six perches of meadow in Eton, which lye in the east part of Ydle by Eton Spring, and 12d. rent in Bevercotes, and the service of Roger de Bevercotes, and six tosts and an half in Retford, and common of pasture in Eton for the demesne cattel of the said Robert, and paunage for his demesne swine in the woods of Eton, and estovers there to build his houses, and to burn in his house for his own use by the view of the said Thomas or his forrester.

(fn. 8) Robert de Ripariis, son of Robert de Ordeshal, 13 H. 3. claimed against Robert de Wlrincton, son and heir of Thomas de Wolrington, and Rametta, the third part of the manor of Eton. Thomas de Wlverthon, & Rametta his wife, gave to the canons of Radeford the church of Eton, with all the appurtenances. Robert, son of Thomas de Wlvrington, confirmed the gift. Robert, son of Herbert de Wolrington, released all his right in the advowson of the church of Eton near Ordesale, to the said canons of Wirkesop, by his deed dated at London 21 Octob. 1286, to which were witnesses Elias de Sutton then the kings justice, Robert de Swillington, canon of Lincolne, Gerard de Heidon, Robert de Morteyn, Roger de Beltoft, knights, &c. (fn. 9)

(fn. 10) Robert, son of Herbert de Wolrington, remised to the prior and covent of Wyrksop all his claim in the advowson of the church of Eton by Ordesale; and also by another deed of the same date, viz. 1 Octob. (rather 21 Octob. as before) 1286, to John arch-bishop of York, who it seems carried it, for in the year 1289, he made it a prebend in the church of Southwell, as in that place may be observed, and so it still continues; though 15 E. 1. (fn. 11) the prior had judgment to hold the advowson by reason of the default of the said Robert de Wolrington, who put himself on the grand assize.

Robert Violett of Ordeshale, and Elizabeth his wife, held certain lands in Ordeshale of Robert de Wolrington, by doing suit to his court at Eton from three weeks to three weeks, in 20 E. 1. (fn. 12)

(fn. 13) By a fine, 7 E 2. between Robert de Wolrington, and Margery his wife, quer. and Henry, son of Roger de Bradburne, deforc. the manor of Eton by Hedun was settled on the said Robert and Margery, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to the right heirs of the said Robert.

(fn. 14) The jury, 19 E. 2. found that Robert de Wolrington of Eaton, held two parts of the manor of Eton, and the reversion of the third part, which Agatha his mother held in dower of the honour of Tikhill, by the service of two parts of two knights fees, and 13s. 4d. to the castle of Tikhill for ward fee, and that he had four daughters by his said wife Margery, his heirs of this manor, Elizabeth the first eleven years old and above, Alianor nine, Isabell eight, and Alice seven and upwards: But Robert de Wolrington was his son and heir of his other lands in Eton and Stretton, &c.

(fn. 15) In 21 E. 3. it was not found to the kings loss if he granted John de Wystowe, chaplain, licence to give two parts of a mess. in Eton by Retford to the mansion of Mr. Gilbert de Welton, prebendary of the prebend of Eton in the church of St. Mary of Southwell. aud the third part of a mess. and one acre and an half of land, and half an acre of meadow in the same town, to Henry de Swinstede, vicar of the church of Eton, and there remained over and above to the said John, one mess. and thirteen acres of land in Eton.

(fn. 16) The jury, 37 E. 3. found that John Ward, outlawed for felony, held in Eton, the fourth part of a mess. four acres of land, and half an acre of meadow of Mr. John de Welton, Robert Beretwisel, and Henry de Bolyngbroke, by the service of 1d. (fn. 17) for ward fee, and that they held of queen Philip. as of the honour of Tikhill.

In the time of Henry the sixth, the tenants of John Leverwick held a third part, John Cutt a third part, and Thomas Wortley another third part. Shortly after this time it became the inheritance of sir John Savage, who enfeoffed sir Thomas Chaworth, and others, of two parts, and sir William Babington, and Thomas Nevill, of the third, to the use of Hugh Hercy.

(fn. 18) Humfr. Hercy, esquire, 8 H. 8. claimed against John Daniel of Eton, three mess. eighty acres of land, twelve of meadow, twelve of pasture, with the appurtenances in Eton.

In the disposing of Herceys lands this town was allotted to (George) Markham, who was the nephew of sir John Hercy. It was after by that Markham conveyed unto, and became the inheritance of Thomas Markham of Allerton. It was lately the inheritance of Nicolas Stringer, whose father purchased it of Mr. Pilkington, to whom it was mortgaged by the feoffees of Mr. Markham, and now continueth the possession of Francis Stringer, esquire.


(fn. 19) Robert Watson, 8 Eliz. claimed against Edward Rosse two mess. two tosts, two gardens, thirty acres of land, and one acre of wood, with the appurtenances in Eton by East Retford, who called to warrant Edward Blakenall.

(fn. 20) The owners of Eaton town in 1612, are said to be Nicolas Stringer, gent. Edward Pilkington de Stanton in com. Derb. esquire, — Hublat, gent. John Blaknall.

(fn. 21) The vicarage of Etton was 4l. 13s. 4d. or seven marks, and so it still continueth in the kings books, and the prebendary patron.

[Throsby] Eaton or Idleton.

The property here is partly enclosed, & is owned by John Bridgeman Simpson, esq; of Babworth. "The church here, which is a small place of worship, dedicated to AllSaints, forms the 16th. and last prebend in the church of Southwell. It was founded by John, Arch-bishop of York, in the year 1289. Its revenues arise from lands and tythes within the parish. It was only in the year 1286, that the Arch-bishop came into possession of the church of Eaton". (fn. 22)

Patron, Prebendary there of Southwell college. K. B. 4l. 13s. 4d. Clear yearly value in Bacon, 49l. 5s. 10d. Archiepisc. pro. Syn. 4s. Val. per. ann. in mans. cum ter. gleb. & prat. 4s. parv. toft 8d. in decim. lan. agn. &c.


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