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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Before the Norman conquest Osberne and Vlsi had two manors in Clipstune, which paid the geld for one car. (fn. 1) The land was two car. There afterwards Roger de Busli had in demesne one car. and an half, and twelve vill. and three bord. having three car. and an half, and one mill of 3s. wood, by places pasturable one leu. long, and one broad. In the Confessours time the value was 60s. when the book of Doomsday was made in kings Williams 40s.

(fn. 2) This it seems shortly after became the kings demesne, for in 5 Steph. Jordan, son of (or Fitz) Alan, who ought Cs. of the farm of the past year, eighter he or his father the said Alan, gave account of Cs. of the farm of the manors of Clipeston, but Osberne Sylvan (the then sheriff) was to pay it for him.

(fn. 3) William Fitz-Ranulf sheriff in 20 H. 2, gave account of the assize of the kings demesnes, and amongst the rest Clipston 32s. 8d.

(fn. 4) William de Briewerre 2 Joh. gave account of the year past, and of the costs of carrying the kings bacons from Clipeston to Northampton, xs. and xd. and to the chaplain of Clipeston, 20s. of his livery, from the Sunday next before the feast of St. Nicholas, until the Sunday next before the feast of the Ascension, by the kings writ, and likewise 20s. to him from that time till St. Michael.

(fn. 5) The township of Maunsfeld 2 Joh'. ought fifteen marks for having their pasture in the Parc of Clipeston, as they were wont to have in the time of king Henry (2,) father of that king (John) before it was inclosed to make a park.

(fn. 6) Philip Mineham, 9 Joh. had the houses of Clipeston, with the hays, and with the custody belonging to them, and 20l. land which were Vi'on de Fontibus, which before were committed to Galf. Georz, and Rich. de Lessington, so that he might only have 100s. to sustain him in the kings service, and might answer the king concerning the residue, and concerning the town of Clipston; but the sheriff answered for Clipston, and the said Philip ought to answer for Carleton and Derleton, for the half year, as the sheriff said.

(fn. 7) Clipfton was burned it seems and repaired again before 5 H. 3.

(fn. 8) The king, 31 H: 3, committed to Robert le Vavassur sheriff of Nottingham, the manors of Derlington, Retford, Clypston, and Ragenhall, to be kept as long as it should please the king. His grand-child king Ed. 2, Mar. 5, (fn. 9) in the ninth year of his reign, directed his writ from Clypston, to the sheriff of Nottingham and Derby, for making that record called Nomina Villarum & earundem Domini, in which Clypston was returned half a villa, and the king lord of it.

(fn. 10) The hunters (or hunts-men) of the town of Kings Clipston 1 E. 3, had common of pasture there, for all sorts of creatures and their cattel, except for goats, in the kings has of Berkeland, in recompence of the like chace, which they had before in the soyl of the park of Clypston, at the inclosure of it, and also they might have Fugeria and Folia (which one forest book calls Gorstegrasse and Leafe) in the said park of Clypston, paying 13s. 4d. per ann.

(fn. 11) Clipston manor and park 2 E. 3, were by the king committed during his pleasure, to be kept by Robert de C— so that he should answer to the exchequer for the issues, and keep the manor in repair at the kings cost and the parcpale at his own, receiving for the reparation of the said pale timber of the dry wood there, and taking every day for himself, the parcars, and makers of the said pale 7d.

(fn. 12) Galfr. de Kneveton 16 July, 22 H. 6, was made keeper of the castles at Nottingham and Rokingham, and the manor of Clipston, and the lodge of Beskwode in Shirewood, for life.

(fn. 13) This manor with Maunsfeld and Lyndeby, was settled on Edm. earl of Richmond, and Jasper earl of Pembroke, in the time of H. 6, and in 5 H. 8, (fn. 14) with others, on Thomas Howard earl of Surrey, at his creation into the dignity of duke of Norfolk, Feb. 1, but, came again to the crown, as in Maunsfeld may be noted. Edward the sixth passed it to John earl of Warrewike, and Henry Sydney, as the possessions of Jasper duke of Bedford. It came again to the crown, and there remained till king James his time, that it was passed to the feoffees of Gilbert earl of Shrewsbury. It is now the inheritance of his grace William duke of Newcastle and within the parish of Edenestowe: there is scarcely any ruines left of the kings old house, except a piece of a thick stone wall, and the park is also cleared of all the gallant oaks wherewith it was well furnished before the late rebellion.

(fn. 15) The jury, in 10 E. 3, said that Peter Witheberd of Kings Clipston, had a mess. and one bov. in Warsop, and two mess. and two bov. and an half in Kings Clipston, by the service of 2s. 6d. per annum, according to the custom of the manor of Kings Clipston of the ancient demesne of the crown, and that Wil. Wyththeberd was his son and heir, and above thirty years old. William Witheberd, son and heir of William, 7 R. 2, (fn. 16) was found to have aliened a bovat, and two mess. to John Wytheberd his brother, without the kings licence, which John did no service.

(fn. 17) The jury, 15 R. 2, said that the town of Clipston in several parcels of accounts of collectors of fifteenths, &c. appeared ever to have been taxed amongst the burroughs and demesnes of the king. (fn. 18) John Bever about 11 H. 4, held a tost and bovat in Clipston, in free-burgage, by the service of 12d. per annum, as parcel of 4l. 10s. per annum, the farm of the town of Clipston.

There are customary tenants in Clipston, though not quite in ancient demesne.

[Throsby] Clipston,

In the parish of Edenstow, is now the property of the duke of Portland as has been observed page 173, vol. 2, where an account is given of this place, and of king John's palace which stood near, and also a sketch of the remaining ruin.


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