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A Collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe, Volume 1, 1638-1653. Originally published by Fletcher Gyles, London, 1742.

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* Right hon. Philip lord Hardwicke, lord high–chancellor of Great–Britain.

His grace the duke of Athol

His grace the duke of Argyle

His grace the duke of St. Albans

The right hon. the earl of Aylesford

The right hon. the earl of Abington

The right hon. the earl of Ailesbury

The right hon. the earl of Arran, chancellor of the university of Oxford

Right rev. Isaac lord bishop of St. Asaph

* Sir Jacob Astley bart.

Sir Joseph Ayloffe bart.

* Hon. Richard Arundell esq.

Ralph Allen esq.

John Aislabie of Studley–park in the county of York esq.

William Allix esq.

John Atwood esq.

His grace the duke of Bedford

* His grace the duke of Beaufort

His grace the duke of Buckleugh

Right hon. the marquis of Bowmont

* Right hon. the earl of Burlington

* Right hon. the lord viscount Boyne

Right hon. the lord Brook

Charles baron Blomberg

Right hon. the lord Baltimore, one of the lords of the admiralty

Right hon. the lord Vere Beauclerk

Right hon. the lord Sidney Beauclerk

Right rev. Thomas lord bishop of Bangor

Sir Jacob Bouverie bart.

Hon. Peter Bathurst esq.

* John Bonnel esq.

Thomas Borret esq.

Thomas Bonfoy esq.

Thomas Barrett esq.

William Bumpsted esq.

William Burton esq.

Thomas Brian esq.

* Harris Thurloe Brace esq.

Ellis Brand of Whersled Suffolk esq.

James Buller of Downs in Devon esq.

Sir Robert Baylis knt. alderman of London

Theobald Burgh esq.

William Bristow esq.

William Blackborn esq.

Richard Banner of Acton–hall Staffordshire esq.

Samuel Birch of Gamston near Hereford esq.

Peter Brook of Mere esq.

William Baker esq. alderman of London

Peter Brooke esq.

Rev. Henry Bland A. M. prebendary of Durham

Rev. Mr. Cutts Barton

Mr. Samuel Birt bookseller

Mr. Martin Bryson bookseller at Newcastle, 3 books

Mr. Peter Birkhead goldsmith

* Right hon. the earl of Cholmondeley, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster

Right hon. the earl of Carlisle

Right hon. the earl of Cardigan

* Right hon. the earl of Chesterfield

* Right hon. John lord Carteret, one of his majesty's principal secretaries of state

Right hon. the lord Cornwallis

* Right rev. Francis lord bishop of Chichester

The hon. the lord Charles Cavendish

The hon. the lord Cornbury

Right hon. the countess dowager of Coventry

The hon. the lord chief baron Comyns

Sir Thomas Clarges bart.

Sir Nicholas Hacket Carew bart.

Hon. Alexander Hume Campbell esq. solicitor general to his royal highness the prince of Wales

* Godfrey Copley esq.

* John Cotton esq.

John Clerkson of Grays–inn esq.

R. Courteville esq.

Ambrose Crowley esq.

John Crawley esq.

Thomas Carew esq.

Charles Cutts esq.

Andrew Corbet of Morton–Corbet Salop. esq.

Langford Collin of Nottingham esq.

Francis Cottington of Funthill esq.

Ralph Carr of Cocken in the county of Durham esq.

The hon. Robert Coke esq.

William Cromwell esq.

John Crewe jun. esq.

James Chetham of Smedley Lancashire esq.

Samuel Chetham of Castleton Lancashire esq.

John Cocks esq.

Samuel Clarke of West–Bromwick Staffordshire esq.

The rev. Dr. Conybear

Dr. Samuel Creswick, dean of Wells

Rev. Dr. Caleb Cartwright S. F. Trin. col. Dublin

Rev. Dr. George Coningsbey, vicar of Bodenham in the county of Hereford

Rev. Mr. Davys Chadston

Mr. Benjamin Collins bookseller at Salisbury

* His grace the duke of Dorset, lord steward of the houshold

* His grace the duke of Devonshire

Right hon. the earl of Dysart

Right hon. the earl of Derby

Right hon. the earl of Darnley

* Right hon. lord Deerhurst

Right hon. John lord De la Warr, colonel of the first troop of horse guards

Hon. the lord Duplin

Right hon. the lord Deloraine

* Right. rev. the lord bishop of Londonderry

Right hon. the countess dowager of Donegall

Sir Charles Dalton knt. gentleman usher of the black rod

The hon. John Dawnay esq.

Sir Thomas Drury bart.

Lieutenant–general James Dormer

James Dolliffe esq.

Daniel Draper of Reswick esq.

The hon. Price Devereux esq.

William Dunbar esq.

John Disney of Lincoln's–inn esq.

John Dodd of Swallowfield–place esq.

The hon. George Dodington esq.

Peter Delme esq.

Anthony Duncomb esq.

Mr. William Dillingham

Mr. William Drummond bookseller in Edinburgh

Right hon. the earl of Egmont

Right hon. William earl of Essex

Right rev. Robert lord bishop of Ely

* Sir Richard Ellys bart.

Sir John Evelyn bart.

Arthur Edwards esq.

Richard Edgcombe esq.

Richard Ewer esq.

Rowland Eye esq.

Wellbore Ellis esq.

John Eaton esq. Turkey merchant

Rev. Mr. John Emerson, A. M.

Rev. Mr. Hen. Etough, M. A. rector of Therefield Hertfordshire

Right hon. the earl of Finlater

Right hon. the lord viscount Fauconberg

* Right hon. the lord Foley

Sir Thomas Frankland bart.

Sir John Frederick bart.

* Thomas Frederick esq.

* Brian Fairfax esq. commissioner of the customs Hon. Edward Finch esq. his majesty's plenipotentiary to the court of St. Petersbourg

William Forrester esq.

William Fellowes esq.

William Freeman esq.

George Fox esq.

Henry Fox esq. surveyor general of his majesty's board of works

Richard Frankland esq. comptroller of the penny–post

Freeman Flower of Gainsborough esq.

Peter Fonnereau esq.

Charles Frederick esq.

Richard Fitzgerald esq.

Richard Frank esq. recorder of Pontesract

Captain Fielder Freeman

Mr. William Frederick bookseller at Bath

Mr. George Faulkner bookseller in Dublin

* His grace the duke of Graston, lord chamberlain of his majesty's houshold

Right hon. the earl of Godolphin

Right hon. the earl of Grandison

Right hon. the lord viscount Gallway

Right hon. the lord Gower

Sir William Gardiner bart.

Sir James Grant bart.

Edward Gilbert esq.

Samuel Goodford esq.

John Gurdon of Assington–hall Suffolk esq.

James Gladson of Dublin esq.

John Gold esq.

The hon. Leveson Gore esq.

The hon. James Gordon esq. chief judge of St. Christopher's

Rev. Dr. Claudius Gilbert, Fellow of Trinity college Dublin

Rev. Mr. Williams Gibbon, M. A.

Mrs. Grafton bookseller. 3 books

Right hon. the lord Harrington, president of the council

Right hon. the earl of Hertford

Le Sieur P. A. de Huybert Seigneur de Creuningen

William Hanbury esq.

Robert Harper of Lincoln's–inn esq.

Samuel Hill esq.

Benjamin Hyat esq.

James Herbert esq.

Robert Holford esq. master in Chancery

John How esq. of Stonedon Essex

William Hucks esq.

John Hill esq. commissioner of the customs

Owen Holland esq. of Jesus college Oxon.

Edward Hynaston esq.

Thomas Hollis esq.

James Hustler of Acklam esq.

John Harris of Hayne esq.

Jacob Hinde esq.

Robert Hucks esq.

Paggen Hale esq.

Henry Arthur Herbert esq.

William Hale of Kings Walden in Hertfordshire esq.

Walter Harris esq.

The rev. Mr. archdeacon Hayter

Mr. George Hannay

Right hon. the earl of Ilay

Right hon. the lord viscount Irwin

* Right hon. the lady Betty Jermain

Sir Edmund Isham bart.

The hon. Charles Ingram esq.

The hon. and rev. Geo. Ingram

Charles Jennens esq. of Queen's–square

Thomas Jervoise of Herriard esq.

Benedict Ithell esq.

William Jennens esq.

Samuel Ibbotson of Denton esq.

Haughton James of Jamaica esq.

Swynsen Jervise of Meaford in Staffordshire esq.

John Jollyff esq.

Theodore Jacobson esq.

C. A. V. Johnn, envoy extraordinary from the king of Denmark to Lower Saxony

John Ivie esq.

Mr. Israel Jalabert, merchant

Mr. Jos. Jackson

Sir John Lister Kaye bart.

William King esq. doctor of laws

Heylock Kingsley esq.

Thomas Knight esq.

Francis Knollys esq.

His grace the duke of Leeds

Right. hon. the lord viscount Lymington

Right hon. the lord Lovel, one of the postmasters general

Right rev. the lord bishop of Landaff

The rev. Dr. John Lynch dean of Canterbury

* Right hon. sir Thomas Lee knt. lord chiefjustice of England

Sir Francis Leicester of Tabley in Cheshire bart.

Sir Thomas Lowther bart.

John Lethieullier esq. City Remembrancer

Charles Lethieullier of Lincoln's–Inn esq.

Isaac Le Heup esq.

James Lamb esq.

Lancelot Lee esq. of Cotton in Shropshire

Richard Langley of Grimston esq.

John Loveday esq.

Peter Ludlow esq.

Thomas Lister esq.

Charles Legh of Adlington Cheshire esq.

Richard Lechmere esq.

Matthew Lamb esq.

William Lenox esq.

Robert Leman of Westhall Suffolk esq.

Library of Magdalen college, Oxford

— of Wadham college, Oxford

— of Baliol college, Oxford

— of New college, Oxford

— of St. Johns college, Oxford

— of Corpus Christ college, Oxford

— of Sydney Sussex college, Cambridge

— of Trinity–Hall, Cambridge

— of St. Johns college, Cambridge

— of St. Peters college, Cambridge

— of Emanuel college, Cambridge

— of Trinity college, Cambridge

— of Gonvil and Caius college, Cambridge

— of dean and chapter of Canterbury

* — of dean and chapter of St. Pauls

— of the church of Durham

— of Eton college

* — of the hon. society of the Inner–Temple

— of the hon. society of the Middle–Temple

* — of Lincoln's–Inn

— of the hon. society of Gray's–Inn

— of Doctors commons

— of Manchester college

— of the church of York

— of the faculty of advocates in Edinburgh

Mr. Daniel Lascelles

His grace the duke of Montague, master of the ordnance

His grace the duke of Marlborough

* Right hon. earl of Malton

Right hon. earl of Macclesfield, one of the tellers of the exchequer

Right hon. earl of Marchmont

Right hon. lord Monson, one of the lords commissioners for trade and plantations

Sir Thomas Mostyn. bart.

Sir Philip Medowes knt. comptroller of the accounts of the army, and knt. marshal

Hon. Thomas Maynard esq.

Edward Montagu esq.

Benjamin Martyn esq.

John Merrill esq.

Nicholas Mann esq. master of the Charter–house

* Richard Mead M. D. physician to his majesty

James Mead esq.

Thomas Medlicot esq.

Robert Marsham esq.

William Morehead esq.

Richard Morley esq.

Rev. Dr. Mangey prebendary of Durham

Rev. Dr. Conyers Middleton.

Thomas Martin of Palgrave Norfolk, gent.

Mr. Collett Mawhood

His grace the duke of Norfolk, earl marshal and hereditary marshal of England

* His grace the duke of Newcastle one of his majesty's principal secretaries of state

Right rev. Thomas lord bishop of Norwich

Robert Nash L L. D. chancellor of Norwich

Sir Michael Newton bart.

Sir John Napier bart.

William Newland esq.

Robert Nedham esq.

Albert Nesbit esq.

Rev. Mr. Newton of Gloucester

* Right hon. the late earl of Oxford

Right hon. the earl of Oxford

* Right hon. the earl of Orford

Right hon. the late lord Onslow, one of the tellers of the exchequer

Right hon. Arthur Onslow esq. Speaker of the hon. house of commons

* Right hon. the earl of Orrery

* Samuel Ongley esq.

Richard Owen esq.

John Ord esq.

His grace the duke of Portland

Right hon. earl of Pembroke, groom of the stole

Right hon. earl Poulett

Right hon. lord Petre

* Right hon. the countess of Pomfret

* Right hon. William Pulteney esq.

Thomas Potter esq.

William Plummer esq.

John Plumtre esq. treasurer and paymaster of his majesty's office of ordnance

Thomas Powys esq.

Thomas Percival of Royton Lancashire esq.

George Moreton Pitt esq.

Henry Partridge of the Middle–Temple esq.

Micajah Perry esq. alderman of London

Philip Perry esq.

Charles Pain esq.

Danby Pickering

Thomas Porter esq.

George Proctor esq.

Mr. William Plomer

Thomas Pulleyn esq.

Mr. John Purser printer

Mr. Samuel Parsons bookseller at Newcastle

* His grace the duke Queensberry and Dover

* His grace the duke of Richmond, master of the horse to his majesty

* Right hon. earl of Rockingham

Right hon. lord Raymond

Right hon. lord Romney

Sir John Rushout bart. one of the lords of the treasury

Sir Dudley Rider knt. his majesty's attorney general

Sir Benjamin Rawlins knt.

Thomas Ripley esq. comptroller of his majesty's board of works

Henry Rolle of Stevenstone in Devonshire esq.

William Roope of Fuge near Dartmouth esq.

George Lockhart of Carnwath esq.

James Ross of Portaver esq.

John Rochfort esq.

Francis Reynolds of Strangeways Ex Lancashire esq.

Pelsant Reeves of Arbour–field Berks. esq.

Rev. Dr. Rennell rector of Drewsleington

Rev. Mr. Robertshaw vicar of Agmondesham

Mr. Thomas Ruddiman for the lawyers library Edingburgh

Mr. Samuel Richardson

* His grace the duke of Somerset, chancellor of the university of Cambridge

* Right hon. the late earl of Scarborough

Right hon. the earl of Shaftesbury

Right hon. the earl of Sandwich

Right hon. the countess of Sunderland

Right hon. Samuel Sandys esq. one of the commissioners of the treasury chancellor and undertreasurer of the exchequer

Lady Sebright

Hon. col. Richard St. George

Hon. Charles Stanhope esq.

Hon. John Spencer esq.

Sir Hans Sloane bart.

James Sotheby esq.

Humphry Sydenham esq.

Matthew Skinner esq. serjeant at law, and chief justice of Chester

Lister Selman esq.

James Son of Geo. Steven of Crowle Linch esq.

* Jacob Sawbridge esq.

Powell Snell esq.

Richard Shuttleworth esq.

Richard Salway of the Moor in Shropshire esq.

Andrew Stone esq.

Worshipful Maurice Shelton of Birmingham–hall Suffolk esq.

Matthew Stubbs esq.

— Shephard M. D.

Rev. Dr. Sayer arch–deacon of Durham

Rev. Dr. Thomas Sharp prebendary of Durham

Mr. Joseph Smith merchant at Venice

Mr. William Smith bookseller in Dublin

Right hon. lord viscount Torrington

Right hon. lord Talbot

Sir Edward Turner bart.

Joseph Thompson of Nonesuch in Surrey esq

Richard Turbut esq.

Robert Trefusis esq.

Mark Thurston esq. master in chancery

Bartholomew Tipping of Wolley in Berkshire esq.

* Alexander Thislethwaite esq.

Blaney Townley of Townley–hall esq.

John Temple esq.

Samuel Tuffenell of great Waltham in Essex esq.

Abraham Tilykman esq.

Joseph Taylor of Denbury in Devonshire esq.

Benjamin Tildon esq.

Robert Taylor of Newark M. D.

Thomas Turner of Lincoln's–Inn–Fields esq.

General Tyrrell

Capt. Edward Tyrack

Rev. Mr. Herbert Taylor of Betrons Kent.

Rev. Timothy Thomas D. D.

Mr. John Thorpe attorney at law at Nottingham

Mr. John Trail bookseller at Edinburgh

William Vaughan esq.

Thomas Uthwat of Great Linford Bucks esq.

* Right hon. earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham first lord of the admiralty

* Right hon. earl of Westmoreland

Right rev. Benjamin lord bishop of Winchester

Right hon. earl of Wilmington first lord of the treasury

Right hon. earl of Waldegrave

Right hon. earl of Warrington

Right hon. Thomas Winnington esq.

Hon. Thomas Willoughby esq.

Sir Thomas Webster bart.

Sir Nicholas Williams of Edwinsford Carmarthenshire bart.

* Charles Hanbury Williams esq.

Edward Weston esq.

Hugh Williams esq. of Chester

Thomas Walker esq.

* Cyril Wyche esq.

Lee Warner esq.

Borlace Warren esq.

Philip Carteret Webb of Lincoln's–Inn esq.

William Wright of Stockport Cheshire esq.

Richard Witton of Lupsett near Wakefield esq.

Thomas Watts esq.

Edward Wilmot M. D.

Henry Wilmot of Gray's–Inn gent.

Rev. Dr. David Wilkins

Henry Waddell of Feversham A. M.

* Mr. Edward Woolley bookseller at Worcester

Mr. John Whiston bookseller.