An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 11

Describes the parishes of West Flegg, East Flegg, Walsham and Tunstead hundreds, in the east of the county. It includes an extensive account of the town of Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk, Topographical History. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1810.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Tunstede Hundred 1-2
Tunstede Hundred: Ashmanhaw 2
Tunstede Hundred: Barton 3-6
Tunstede Hundred: Bradfield 6-7
Tunstede Hundred: Crostwick 8-13
Tunstede Hundred: Clare 13
Tunstede Hundred: Beeston 14-16
Tunstede Hundred: Bacton 17-21
Tunstede Hundred: Bromholm 21-27
Tunstede Hundred: Casewic or Keswick 27
Tunstede Hundred: Edingthorp 27-29
Tunstede Hundred: Dilham, and Pancford 30-33
Tunstede Hundred: Felmingham 33-38
Tunstede Hundred: Hofton 39-42
Tunstede Hundred: Honing 42-46
Tunstede Hundred: Irstead 46-49
Tunstede Hundred: Netesherd 49-51
Tunstede Hundred: Horning 51-57
Tunstede Hundred: Paston 57-59
Tunstede Hundred: Sloley 60-62
Tunstede Hundred: Ridlington 62-64
Tunstede Hundred: Smalburgh 64-67
Tunstede Hundred: Swafield 68-70
Tunstede Hundred: Tunstede 70-73
Tunstede Hundred: North Walsham 73-79
Tunstede Hundred: Westwick 80-82
Tunstede Hundred: Witton 82-85
Tunstede Hundred: Worstede 85-89
Walsham Hundred 90
Walsham Hundred: Acle 90-95
Walsham Hundred: Wood-Bastwick 95-97
Walsham Hundred: Boyton, or Begeton 97-100
Walsham Hundred: Fishley 100-104
Walsham Hundred: Halvergate 104-106
Walsham Hundred: Hemlington 106-108
Walsham Hundred: Moulton 108-110
Walsham Hundred: Panxford 110-112
Walsham Hundred: Randworth 112-116
Walsham Hundred: Tunstal 117-121
Walsham Hundred: Reedham 121-132
Walsham Hundred: Upton 132-134
Walsham Hundred: Wickhampton 135-137
Walsham Hundred: South-Walsham 138-143
Flegg Hundreds, West and East 144-145
West Flegg hundred: Ashby 146-149
West Flegg hundred: Billockly 149-152
West Flegg hundred: Burgh 152-156
West Flegg hundred: Clippesby 157-164
West Flegg hundred: Esco 164-165
West Flegg hundred: Hemesby 165-168
West Flegg hundred: Martham 168-173
West Flegg hundred: Oby 174-179
West Flegg hundred: Thurne 179-180
West Flegg hundred: Repps cum Bastwick 180-183
West Flegg hundred: Rollesby 183-188
West Flegg hundred: Somerton, West and East 188-190
West Flegg hundred: Somerton East 191-192
West Flegg hundred: Winterton 193-199
West Flegg hundred: Ness 199-200
East Flegg hundred: Castor 201-216
East Flegg Hundred: Filby 216-221
East Flegg Hundred: Heringby 221-225
East Flegg Hundred: Maltby, or Mawtby 226-230
East Flegg Hundred: Ormesby 231-240
East Flegg Hundred: Runham 241-246
East Flegg Hundred: Scroteby 246-249
East Flegg Hundred: Stokesby 249-251
East Flegg Hundred: Thrickby 252-254
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, etymology and origin 255-260
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, havens 260-275
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, Kirkley Road 275-279
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, suits and contests 279-296
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, magistrates and government 296-299
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, King John's charter 299-321
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, bailiffs and mayors 322-345
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, free-fair 345-351
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, port bailiffs 352-364
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, St. Nicholas's church 364-394
East Flegg Hundred: Great Yarmouth, chronology of particular events 394-399
A Glossary 400-402