Thetford, chapter 24: Of the Mint

Pages 131-132

An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 2. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1805.

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It is plain by divers records, as well as by the coins themselves, that here was a mint in, if not before, the time of King Cnute, for in the fourth table of Sir Andrew Fountain's book of Anglo-Saxon coins, N. 18, there is a coin of Cnute the Great exhibited, with this on the reverse, [Selwin on Deodfo]. which, that learned Knight says, was coined here. There is also a coin of this sort, N. 8, in the seventh table of Saxon coins in Gibson's Cambden.

Nay, in the sixth table of that book, N. 29, there is a coin of King Edmund, the reverse of which, though it is something imperfect, seems to be, [Eadmund. Moneta Deodford.]. In the same table, there are two others coined here, viz. N. 11 and 12, both which have the face of Harold, successour to Cnute, with this, [Harold] rex ang. (fn. 1) the reverse of the first is [Godric on Deotf]. (fn. 2) and of the second, [Sliwine on Deof]; (fn. 3) we meet with a coin of that of Harold also who was successour to Edward the Confessor, [Harold] rex. brunns[t]an on Deotford]. (fn. 4)

In the Musæum Thoresbeianum there is one of the Conqueror, which was coined here, [willem]. rex 1. on the reverse, od. on [Deodfourd]. (fn. 5) Od. is the minter's name, and on is the same with in or at Theodford. At this time Turstan or Thurstan of Thetford, and Ralf his son, were mint masters here. In 1158, the 5th of Henry II. the minters in Thetford paid five marks to the King; (fn. 6) those at Norwich 33l. 6s. 8d.; the Jews of Thetford paid 30l.; and those at Norwich 44l. 6s. 8d.; and the Jews at Bongeye 15l.: and in the 14th of the same King, the burgesses of Thetford paid 40 marks to the King, towards the aid, to marry his daughter Maud to Henry Duke of Saxony; and William, son of Derewald, and William of Wicklewood, minters of Tedford, paid five marks and an half to that aid. In the third of King John, there were four minters in Thetford, as appears by the Pipe-roll; (fn. 7) but how long the mint continued here I do not know.


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