An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 2

Table of Contents

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The Burgh of Thetford 1
Thetford, chapter 1: Of the name and Origin of the city 1-7
Thetford, chapter 2: Of the city under the Romans 7-14
Thetford, chapter 3: Of the city under the Saxons 15-22
Thetford, chapter 4: Of the coming of the Danes and destruction of the city 22-26
Thetford, chapter 5: Of Thetford-Hill the situation of the city at that time, and of its first destruction by the Danes 26-27
Thetford, chapter 6: Of the city under the Danes 27-30
Thetford, chapter 7: Of the city under the the English monarchs 31-35
Thetford, chapter 8: Of the city under the Danes and Danish monarchs 36-42
Thetford, chapter 9: Of the state of the city in the Confessor's Time 42-43
Thetford, chapter 10: Of the division of the Earldom, Lordship, and Manor; and of the state of the city in the conqueror's time 44-47
Thetford, chapter 11: Of Thetford Bishoprick, the Bishop's palace, and Cathedral chruch 47-51
Thetford, chapter 12: Of Thetford Deanery and Deans 51-53
Thetford, chapter 13: Of the Dominion, Lordship, or Manor of Thetford, commonly called Lancaster's Manor 53-57
Thetford, chapter 14: Of the Manors of Halwick, or Thetford Manor, Westwick, Brayes, and Northewic, or Norwick 58-59
Thetford, chapter 15: Of the Parish churches in the town 59-76
Thetford, chapter 16: Of the hospitals in this town 77-80
Thetford, chapter 17: Of St. Mary's college, in Baily-End 80-83
Thetford, chapter 18: Of the Frieries 83-89
Thetford, chapter 19: Of the Nunnery 89-91
Prioresses : Of the Monastery of the Benedictine or black nuns of St. George in Thetford 91-95
Thetford, chapter 20: Of the Canons 95-102
Thetford, chapter 21: Of the priory of Monks, commonly called the Abbey 102-107
Priors: Of the priory of the virgin Mary and St. Andrew 107-127
Thetford, chapter 22: Of the authors born or inhabiting in the town 127-128
Thetford, chapter 23: Of the school and hospital 128-131
Thetford, chapter 24: Of the Mint 131-132
Thetford, chapter 25: Of the Corporation 132-147
Hundred of Grimeshou 148-150
Hundred of Grimeshou: Croxton 150-155
Hundred of Grimeshou: Santon 155-159
Hundred of Grimeshou: Weting 159-173
Hundred of Grimeshou: Keburn 174
Hundred of Grimeshou: Wilton 174-177
Hundred of Grimeshou: Hockwold 177-187
Hundred of Grimeshou: Feltwell 187-200
Hundred of Grimeshou: Methwold 201-210
Hundred of Grimeshou: Northwold 210-221
Hundred of Grimeshou: Wittington Hamlet 221
Hundred of Grimeshou: Cranwich 222-228
Hundred of Grimeshou: Coulston, alias Colveston 229-232
Hundred of Grimeshou: Ickburgh 232-242
Hundred of Grimeshou: Mundford 242-248
Hundred of Grimeshou: Sturston 248-250
Hundred of Grimeshou: Stanford 250-256
Hundred of Grimeshou: West-Tofts 256-262
Hundred of Grimeshou: Linford 263-266
Hundred of Grimeshou: Bukenham-Parva, or Little-Bukenham 266-271
Hundred of Wayland 271-272
Hundred of Wayland: Breccles-Magna, or Graet Breccles 272-277
Hundred of Wayland: Stow 277-281
Hundred of Wayland: Caston 282-286
Hundred of Wayland: Rockland St. Peter 286
Hundred of Wayland: Elingham-Parva or Little Elingham 287-290
Hundred of Wayland: Griston 290-295
Hundred of Wayland: Ovington 296-298
Hundred of Wayland: Merton 298-312
Hundred of Wayland: Watton 312-319
Hundred of Wayland: Saham-Tony 319-330
Hundred of Wayland: Little Carbrook 331-333
Hundred of Wayland: Great Carbrook 334-343
Hundred of Wayland: Scoulton 344-348
Hundred of Wayland: Ashill 349-355
Hundred of Wayland: Tottington 355-361
Hundred of Wayland: Threxton 362-365
Hundred of Wayland: Thompson 366-373
Hundred of Forehoe 374-375
Hundred of Forehoe: Bixton 375-377
Hundred of Forehoe: Bernham-Broom 377-381
Hundred of Forehoe: Bowthorp 382-387
Hundred of Forehoe: Bawburgh 387-393
Hundred of Forehoe: Easton 394-399
Hundred of Forehoe: Crownthorp 399-402
Hundred of Forehoe: Carleton Forehoe 402-405
Hundred of Forehoe: Cossey 406-419
Hundred of Forehoe: Colton 419-422
Hundred of Forehoe: Hingham 422-445
Hundred of Forehoe: Huningham 446-452
Hundred of Forehoe: Welborne 452-455
Hundred of Forehoe: Marlingford 455-460
Hundred of Forehoe: Wiclewood 460-466
Hundred of Forehoe: Brandon 467-471
Hundred of Forehoe: Corston 471-473
Hundred of Forehoe: Runhal 473-476
Hundred of Forehoe: Morley 476-482
Hundred of Forehoe: Bereford 483-486
Hundred of Forehoe: Wramplingham 487-490
Hundred of Forehoe: Little-Elingham 490
Hundred of Forehoe: Depham 490-496
Hundred of Forehoe: Hackford 496-498
Hundred of Forehoe: Windham 498-534
Hundred of Forehoe: Flockthorp 534-535
Hundred of Forehoe: Kimberley 535-539
Hundred of Forehoe: Of the Wodehouses of Kimberley 540-559