Hundred of Forehoe: Brandon

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An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 2. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1805.

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Now called Brandon-Parva or Little-Brand, to distinguish it from Brandon-Magna, or Great-Brand, in Suffolk.

This village belonged to, and passed with, the manor of Cossey, both in the time of the Confessor and Conqueror, as you may see at p. 407, it being then called Brandim; it was afterwards granted by the Lord of Cossey, to a family who assumed the name of the town for their sirname.

In 1196, Roger of Brandon was lord and patron of a mediety of the church, the other mediety belonging to Bartholomew de Edisfeld and Maud his wife, sister of the said Roger, on whom they settled their part; at Roger's death it came to

Richard, his son and heir, who, in 1256, sold the advowson and two acres of his demeans to Will. le Mareschall, lord of Hingham; and in 1281, John and Agnes de Bayfield, his wife, and Reginald de Waxtonesham, and Joan, his wife, released their rights, and from this time it passed with the manor of Hingham, till it came to Sir Thomas Lovell of East-Herling, as you may see from p. 435 to 443; and from that time it went as the institutions will shew you. This Richard sold divers parcels of his manor, which were erected into free tenements, which, after many conveyances, were either reunited, or else the rents purchased off, and so extinguished. In 1286, Francis of Hackford, and Margery, wife of Henry Petericks, had two messuages, 36 acres of land, and 9s. 6d. quitrent, which they sold to Nicholas, parson of Yaxham; and Hervy de Stanhowe and Isabell his wife, had a messuage and 10s. quitrent, which he purchased of John de Bayfield: in 1298, there was an action brought by the Abbot and Convent of Langley, against Richard, for a rent of 16s. a year, payable out of several lands called Estone-Lond, and upon the trial, the Abbot produced a deed made by John de Estone, by which it appeared that the said John gave to God, and the church of St. Mary at Langley, and the Premonstratensian canons serving God there, an annual rent of 16s. payable on Lady day, out of all his lands in Brandon; namely, 10s. to feed a hundred poor people the day before Lady day; 2s. to find two wax tapers for the high altar of the abbey church; and 4s. for a pittance, or augmentation of the dinner in the abbey, on Lady day; upon which the Abbot recovered. This Richard was dead before 1304, for in that year,

Henry de Brandon and Isabell his wife had the manor settled on them, by Philip de Huningham, their trustee; it contained then five messuages, a mill, 180 acres in demean, besides divers acres of meadow, marsh, and pasture, and 26s. 8d. quitrent; it extended in Bernham, Runhall, Welborn, and Hargham; how it went from them, whether by sale, or by their heiress's marrying a Baconsthorp, I do not find; but in

1315, Sir John de Baconsthorp of Baconsthorp, Knt. was lord, from which time it passed with Baconsthorp to the Heydons, and continued with it till

Sir Christ. Heydon, Knt. sold it about 12th Eliz. to

Miles Spencer, LL. D. who the same year, by deed, gave it to

Rob. Constable of Baconsthorp, Gent. his nephew, who, by deed dated 20th March, 14th Elizabeth, conveyed a good part of the demeans to Elizabeth Howse, to be held by a free-rent and suit of court; it afterwards belonged to the

Cocks, of whom it was purchased by

Rich. Warner, who left it to

Rich. Warner, his son, who left it to

John Warner, his son, who held it to 1702, when he died, and gave the manor and demeans thereof, (which he charged with the annual payment of 10l. every Candlemas day, to be divided among the poor of this parish for ever,) to his three aunts,

Susanna, married to Mr. Nicholas Tidd of Wells,

Elizabeth, to Mr. Tho. Stoughton of Hockering, and

Mary, to Mr. John Frary.

Susanna left issue, Frances Tidd, who married Mr. Rob. Chad of Wells, and had issue Mr. Rob. Chad of Wells, who is now dead, and his third part is enjoyed by Mrs. Elizabeth Chad, his widow, who was daughter of Charles Wright of Kilverston, Esq. as may be seen in Wright's pedigree, vol. i. p. 545.

Elizabeth had issue, Roger Stoughton of Runhall, who left his third part to John Stoughton, his son, who is lately dead, and John Stoughton, his son, now [1739] a minor, is lord of a third part.

Mary left issue, Mary Frary, who married Mr. Edw. Tidd of Wells, whose son, Mr. John Tidd of this town, is now lord of a third part.

The manor is held at this day of Cossey, by the rent of 3s. 4d. per annum; the quitrents are 18l. 14s. a year, the fines are at the lord's will, the remaining demeans are about 80l. per annum. The lord of Cossey hath the paramountship of half the town, but the leet belongs to Sir John Woodhouse, Bart. in right of the hundred, who hath the paramountship of the other half of the town.

The Church is dedicated to All the Saints; when Norwich Domesday was wrote, the rector had a grange or barn, and 20 acres of land; and what is remarkable, there remains exact the same quantity at this day; the whole was valued then at 10 marks and an half, and paid 6s. 8d. procurations, but no synodals, Peter-pence, nor carvage; it stands in the King's Books by the name of Brand, alias Brandon-Parva, was valued at 8l. 3s. 9d. but being sworn of the clear yearly value of 46l. 4s. 10d. it is discharged of first fruits and tenths, and is capable of augmentation. There were two gilds kept here, one in honour of St. Peter, and the other of St. John Baptist. The parish raised 20s. to every tenth. The temporals of the priory of Windham in this town were taxed at 11s. and those of the priory of Pentney, at 54s. 8d.

The nave, chancel, and south porch are all leaded; the tower is square, having in it three bells, on which I found the following inscriptions.

l. Hac in Conclave, Gabriel, nunc pange Suave.

2. Sum Rosa pulsata Mundi, Maria Vocata.

There is a black marble in the chancel, for Captain Joseph Monck, who died June 29, 1721, Æt: 72, and the arms of

Monk, or Monck, viz. gul. a chevron between three lions heads erased arg. being the same coat born by General Monk.

On a stone almost illegible, on the south side of the chancel,

Hodie mihi. Cras tibi.

If pore Mens Prayers of rich Jove were hard, Happy thy blessed Soule, now thus prefer'd, Ever beloved Utting, Unto the Heavens thy Royal Hart was knowne, To have a Part in him whom God doth owne, No Faithfull Soule did er'e take more delight, God, and his King, and Conttrye more to right, J [ohn] V. [tting] Esq. [Æt:] 76. 1658. Tempus fugit.

On a black marble under the communion table,

Here resteth the Body of Winifrid the Daughter of Richard Costivell, Gent. and Abigail his Wife, who was the Daughter of Sir Arthur Jenny Knt. she died 24 May 1671, aged about 14 Years, Elizabeth their Daughter died 13 July 1689, aged about 29 Years.

Abigail Costivell, widow, gave an alms-house, standing on the common, and 20s. a year, towards keeping a reading school in this parish, to be paid out of the High-House farm, which is now owned by Mr. Rich. Wright of Norwich.

On the chancel's roof are the arms of Ufford,

And in the steeple window, Hastings quarters Foliot.

In the church there are marbles for,

Richard Warner Gent. of Brandon Parva, who died 27 Dec: 1684, aged 40 Years.

Richard Son of Richard Warner Gent. and Elizabeth his Wife, died June 7, 1684, aged 7 Years.

On a mural monument on the south side of the church,

Near this Place lyeth the Body of John Warner Gent. Son of Richard Warner Gent. and Elizabeth his Wife, who among his many charitable Acts, did by his last Will and Testament, give to the Poor of this Parish, 10 pounds a Year for ever, he died 2 Feb: 1702, aged 21 Years.

Crest, a lion's head erased or; arms, sab. a chief and three bars trimells or.

There is a stone for him on the floor.

In the wall under the monument,

Here lyeth the Body of Richard Warner Esquier, who deceasev the 10th Day of May A. D. 1587.

On a brass plate,

Orate pro Anima Christiane Buk, cuius anime propicietur Deus.

There are two black marbles; one, for Elizabeth who was first the Pious and Virtous Wife of Richard Warner Gent. and after of John Frary Gent. she died 20 January 1722, aged 66, to whose Memory her two Nephews John Berney of Westwick and Rich: Berney of Norwich, Esqrs. placed this Stone. The second is for John Frary Gent, who died 26 Dec: 1716, aged 72, being buried at the RightHand of Elizabeth Woodrow his Sister, who died Oct. 12 1734, aged 76 Years.


1301, 11 cal. April, Ernald de Hegham. Will. Marescall, Knt.

1307, non. Dec. Henry de Lond. Lady Hawyse le Marchal, assignee.

1317, 3 cal. Dec. Will. de Brigham, Rob. de Morle.

1327, 4 cal. April, Roger Pcrbroun. Sir Rob. de Morle, Marshal of Ireland

1340, 16 Oct. John Godrych of Leringsete. Ditto. Change with Hemesby.

1346, 23 March, John de Outwell. R. Ditto.

1354, 18 Nov. Will. Pete of Swanton. Ditto.

1355, 27 April, John de Upwelle. Ditto.

1370, 23 July, Will. Bate of Thurston. Change with Meteshale, buried in the chancel, 1375. Sir Will. Morle, Knt. Marshal of Ireland.

1375, 11 June, Jeffry Swathyng of Hardyngham, Ditto.

1376 25 April, Simon Gilbert of Holt. Change with St. Margaret's in Norwich. Ditto.

1388, 7 Jan. Peter Alfrith. Sir Tho. Morle, Knt.

1396, 17 March, Henry, son of Will. Henor of Swinesheved. Change with Westenyng, Lincoln diocese. Sir Tho. Lord Morle, Marshal of Ireland.

1399, 14 Oct. John atte Hirn of Runhall. Ditto.

1418, 1 Jan. John Sybton of Bernham. John Holm of Carleton Fourhow, this turn, in right of the manor of Bayfield in Corston. R.

1418, 17 Feb. John Verley. O. John Lancastre, &c.

1422, 22 June, Thomas Codling. Thomas as Lord Morley. R.

1436, 8 June, Rich. Skot, buried in the chancel. Isabell Lady Morley.

Richard Yve. O. Ditto.

1441, 11 Oct. Richard Trewthe. Ditto.

Thomas Palmer. R.

1473, 7 Dec. Richard Daniel. Will. Lovell Lord Morley.

1477, 23 July, John Kirkeby. R. Lord Morley's feoffees.

1479, 19 Jan. Thomas Myllys. John Duke of Suffolk, guardian of Henry Lovell Lord Morley. R.

1487, 11 July, John Cupper. O. Henry Lovell Lord Morley.

1524, 18 June, Henry Fayr. R. Assignee of Hen. Parker Lord Morley.

1526, 4 Nov. Rich. Pratt. R. Ditto.

1543, 17 Oct. Will. Moreson. O. Ditto.

1550, 22 Oct. Will. Acre. R. Ditto.

1554, 30 June, Rich. Spatchet. R. Ditto.

1561, 26 Feb. Will. Kyrwood. R. Ditto.

1572, 5 Oct. John Clerkson. Ditto.

1578, 3 June, Rob. Utting. Edw. Parker Lord Morley.

1592, 18 May, Thomas Okes. Sir Tho. Lovell of Harling. In 1603, he returned 100 communicants.

1631, 5 Nov. Abraham Baist. R. Rich. Neve, clerk, this turn.

1674, 2 Feb. Jessop Webb. O. John Berney, Esq. United to Welbourn.

1710, 7 March, The Rev. Mr. Rob. Stone, the present [1739] rector. United to Hacford. Tho. Berney, Esq. whose widow is the present [1739] patroness.