Blofield Hundred: Frethorp

An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 7. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1807.

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Francis Blomefield, 'Blofield Hundred: Frethorp', An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 7, (London, 1807), pp. 231-233. British History Online [accessed 23 June 2024].

Francis Blomefield. "Blofield Hundred: Frethorp", in An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 7, (London, 1807) 231-233. British History Online, accessed June 23, 2024,

Blomefield, Francis. "Blofield Hundred: Frethorp", An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 7, (London, 1807). 231-233. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024,

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Nine freemen had 60 acres of land here in King Edward's reign; of five of these, Ralph Stalre, then lord, had the soc, and was deprived; but from the time of R. Guader's being created Earl of Norfolk, he held it. At the survey, the King was lord, and Godric took care of it for him, (fn. 1) with Limpenhoes, and Hasingham. It was valued at 13l. and a carucate and a half belonged to it.

A freeman, Alsi, held under Earl Ralph 16 acres of land, with half a carucate, and an acre of meadow, valued at 2s. Baldwin, the Bishop's steward, held it under the commendation of William de Beaufoe Bishop of Thetford, who had a grant of it from the Conqueror in fee; but, at the survey, Baldwin was under the commendation of Godric, who took care of it for the King. (fn. 2)

Soon after the survey, this was granted from the Crown, and Robert Fitz-Roger, lord of Horsford, father of Sir John Clavering, held it in capite, in the reign of Richard I.

In the reign of Henry III. Roger Fitz-Peter, and Edward de Eynford, had lordships here, in Southwood and Limpenhoe, held of Robert Fitz-Roger. In the 3d of Edward I. Sir Reginald Fitz-Peter-FitzOsbert had the lete and assise; and William de Eynford had the lete and assise. Reginald died in the 14th of that King; Jane his widow had assignment then of dower, and John was his son and heir, and his lordship was valued at 16l. per ann. and the heirs of Gerard de Eynford had a lordship in the 20th of Edward III.—Dionysia Clere, widow, was found to hold late Eynford's, of the heirs of Robert Ufford, by half a fee, in the 3d of Henry IV. and in Limpenhoe and Southwood; in the family of the Cleres of Ormesby, it remained many years, and came after to the Berneys.

In 1675, Richard Berney, Esq. was lord, and presented to the church in that year, and in 1692; after this, the Edwards held it, and Sir James Edwards, Bart. about 1720, and Sir Lambert Blackwell, Bart. whose heirs had it in 1740, and so to Carteret Leaths, Esq. the present lord.

Arnold de Mounteney had also a lordship here, and in Hasingham, in the reign of King Henry III. held it of Robert Fitz-Walter by a quarter of a fee. In the same family it was found in the 20th of Edward III. and, in the 3d of Henry IV. Arnold de Mounteny, and his parceners, held it.

Tenths were 3l. 19s.—Deducted 9s. Temporalities of St. Faith's priory, 2s.

The Church is dedicated to All-Saints, was a rectory, valued at 13 marks; paid Peter-pence, 2s. carvage 2d. ob. On the grant of it to St. Faith's priory of Horsham, a vicarage was appointed, valued at 4 marks, and 6s. 8d. is the present valor.

Vicars, &c.

1307, William de Bernwell instituted vicar, nominated by the Bishop of Norwich, and presented by the prior of St. Faith's.

1333, Robert de Thorp. Ditto.

1349, Maurice Atte-Hawe, presented by the King, and nominated by the Bishop, being a priory alien.

1405, Nicholas Stradsete, by the King.

John Kneyght, vicar.

1415, Edmund Monie, by the King and Bishop.

1417, William Coll. Ditto.

1419, John Bettes. Ditto.

1421, Thomas Smith, by the King.

1432, Edmund Stede. Ditto.

1488, Adam Middlegate, by the Bishop, a lapse.

1497, Thomas Bungey. Ditto.

1593, Robert Broadhersh, by the Bishop, pleno jure.

1625, William Keen, by the Bishop, a lapse.

1630, Robert Pepper, by the Lady Elizabeth Clere, widow.

James Johnson occurs vicar in 1662.

1675, James Richer, by Richard Berney, Esq.

1683, Oliver St. John. Ditto,

1685, Robert Talbot. Ditto.

1692, Charles Chapman. Ditto.

1705, Robert Cubit, by Robert Edwards, and James Fashion, Moses White, by the King, occurs rector 1755.

Here were the guilds of All-Saints, and of our Saviour.—St. Nicholas' and St. Mary's lights.

King Edward VI. on July 1, Ao. 7°. granted the appropriated rectory to William Mingey and William Necton.


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