North Erpingham Hundred: Plumstead

An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 8. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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Francis Blomefield, 'North Erpingham Hundred: Plumstead', An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 8, (London, 1808), pp. 146-148. British History Online [accessed 18 June 2024].

Francis Blomefield. "North Erpingham Hundred: Plumstead", in An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 8, (London, 1808) 146-148. British History Online, accessed June 18, 2024,

Blomefield, Francis. "North Erpingham Hundred: Plumstead", An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 8, (London, 1808). 146-148. British History Online. Web. 18 June 2024,

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Was the lordship of William Earl Warren, granted to him by the Conqueror, Turold being deprived of it, who had a freeman with a carucate and 12 acres of land, paunage for 12 swine, valued then at 10s. at the survey at 20s. Drogo de Befrerere, or Drew de Bevers, claimed the homage of this freeman, and some others in Berningham. (fn. 1)

The family of de Plumstede were enfeoffed of this lordship, under the Earls Warren. William, son of Bartholomew de Calthorp, conveyed, as a trustee, to Clement de Plumstede, and Catherine his wife, four messuages, a mill, 80 acres of land, 2 of meadow, 16 of heath, 40s. rent in this town, Baconsthorp, Matlask add Hemstede, in the 2d of Edward II. and William de Plumstede, and Pleasance his wife were living in the 20th of Edward I. (fn. 2)

Sir John de Repps, in his will, dated in the 47 of Edward III. gives a legacy to John de Plumstede, his grandson. (fn. 3) John Plumsted, Esq. b his will, dated September 22, 1560, was buried in this church, lord also of Nethercourt in King's Walden, in Hertfordshire; appoints his wife Frideswide, executrix, and William Nott, his nephew, supervisor. He left 2 sons, John and Thomas, and several daughters; his will proved in 1561.

William Plumstede, Esq. was lord in the 33d of Henry VIII. and Bartholomew, Plumstede, Esq. in 1572, (fn. 4) who married (as is said) Jane, daughter of R. Symonds. John Plumstede, 2d son of William Plumstede, Esq. married Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Sharnborn, Esq. Thomas, the 3d son, married Anne, daughter of Philip Winter.

John Plumstede, Esq. of Plumstede hall, died in June, 1639.

After this, it came to the Britiffs, and Charles Britiff, Esq. son of — Britiff of Cley, sold it to John Harbord, Esq. of Gunton.


Richer, son of Hugh de Causton, and Julian his wife, confirmed to Thomas, son of William de Lose, lands here. On the death of this Thomas, who died s. p. it came to Claricia his sister; and Beatrix, late wife of Stephen de Causton, in the 14th of Edward I. impleaded Richard de Hemsted, for 40 acres of land, 20 of heath, and 3s. 6d. rent in Plumstede, by Baconsthorp and Hempstede: Claricia aforesaid brought it by marriage to Thomas, de Ubbeston.

William de Valentia's (Earl of Pembroke) manor of Matlask extended into this town (of which see there) and the Mautebys, &c. held it under him, &c.

The tenths were 2l. 2s.

The Church is a rectory dedicated to St. Michael, and the patronage was, in the reign of Edward I. in the priory of Merton; the rector had 6 acres with a manse; the valor was 6 marks. Peter-pence 3d. and the aforesaid prior had a portion of tithe valued at 40s. the present valor is 5l. 3s. 2d. and is discharged.


1320, Thomas de Colyngham instituted, presented by the prior, &c. of Merton.

1326, Richard de Mauncestre. Ditto; this Richard had a place in the King's Exchequer.

1335, John de Belton. Ditto.

1338, John de Wyntringham.

1341, Robert de Tholouse.

1347, Walter de Kent.

1350, Thomas Fever.

1389, John Smith.

1393, William Howlyn,

William Burgh, rector.

1440, Clement Chevere.

1448, John Fulburn.

Giles Stranbridge rector.

1450, Philip Loy.

1458, Nicholas Benet.

1459, John Wype.

1467, Jeff. Mayn.

1488, Christopher Walton.

1492, William Werkworth.

1493, Mr. John Perkinson. Decret. Bacc.

John Jubbe rector.

Goorge Scoley rector.

1557, Jeffrey Turner, by the Bishop, a lapse.

1565, William Ampleforth, by the Queen.

1568, George Wekes, by the Queen; he occurs in 1603.

Mr. Nicholason died rector in 1715.

Timothy Bullemer rector in 1737; on his death in

1750, Stanley Leath, by the King.

Patronage in the Crown.

In this church of St. Michael was the guild of St. Mary in 1435. (fn. 5)

In the chancel were the arms of Plumstede, sable, three chevronels, ermin, on the upper one three annulets of the first.

On the north side of the church a gravestone,

In memory of John Plumstede, Esq; receiver for the queen of her dutchy of Lancaster. Plumstede impaling Gawsell, barry of six or and azure, a canton, ermin. The temporalities of the priory of Norwich, were 8s. 3d. Of Ely, 22d. Of Bury, 4s. 11d. ob. q. Of Wayborn, 9d. Of Castleacre, 10s. And of Bynham, 3d. Robert de Brueria, of the heath of Plumsted, gave to this priory 2 pieces of heath ground.

Plum seems to be the name of some river; thus Plomley in Cheshire, Plumton in Lancashire, and Sussex, &c.


  • 1. T're Willi. de Warenna,—In Plumestede ten. id Turoldus i. liberu' homine' de xii. ac. t're. semp. i. car. silva ad x. porc. tc. et p. x. sol. mo. xx. hos calumniatur Drogo de Befrerere p. homag. tuntu.
  • 2. Clement de Plumstede was living in the reign of Edward III. and married, Alice, daughter of Sir John de Repps and was father of John de Plumstede.
  • 3. Regist. Byrcham, Norw.
  • 4. William was son and heir of Bartholomew.
  • 5. Reg. Surflete.