An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 8

By Francis Blomefield. Describes the parishes of the four hundreds of Clavering, Eynford, Freebridge and North Erpingham.

Norfolk, Topographical History. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Clavering Hundred 1
Clavering Hundred: Aldby, or Aldeburgh 1-5
Clavering Hundred: Ellingham 5-7
Clavering Hundred: Geldeston 7-8
Clavering Hundred: Gillingham 9-13
Clavering Hundred: Hadescoe 13-16
Clavering Hundred: Hales, or Lodden-Hales 16-21
Clavering Hundred: Heckingham 21-24
Clavering Hundred: Howe 25-27
Clavering Hundred: Kirkeby-Kam 28-37
Clavering Hundred: Norton-Soupecors 37-40
Clavering Hundred: Stockton 41-44
Clavering Hundred: Raveningham 45-56
Clavering Hundred: Thorp, by Hadesco 56-58
Clavering Hundred: Thurverton, or Thurlton 59-61
Clavering Hundred: Toft 61-64
Clavering Hundred: Whetacre 64-67
Clavering Hundred: Winston 68-69
Clavering Hundred: Wyndale 69-70
North Erpingham Hundred 71
North Erpingham Hundred: Alburgh 72-74
North Erpingham Hundred: Antingham 74-80
North Erpingham Hundred: Aylmerton 80-83
North Erpingham Hundred: Basingham 83-84
North Erpingham Hundred: East-Beckham 85-87
North Erpingham Hundred: Beeston Regis 87-92
North Erpingham Hundred: Berningham Northwood 92-96
North Erpingham Hundred: Berningham Winter, or Ton Berningham 97-101
North Erpingham Hundred: Shipden and Cromer 102-107
North Erpingham Hundred: Felbrigg 107-119
North Erpingham Hundred: Gunton 119-123
North Erpingham Hundred: Gimmingham 124-126
North Erpingham Hundred: Gresham 126-129
North Erpingham Hundred: Hanworth 129-132
North Erpingham Hundred: Knapton 132-135
North Erpingham Hundred: Matlask 136-137
North Erpingham Hundred: Metton 138-141
North Erpingham Hundred: Mundesley 141-143
North Erpingham Hundred: Oxstrand 143-146
North Erpingham Hundred: Plumstead 146-148
North Erpingham Hundred: North Repps and South Repps 148-155
North Erpingham Hundred: Roughton 155-158
North Erpingham Hundred: Ruton 159-161
North Erpingham Hundred: Sheringham 161-164
North Erpingham Hundred: Suffield 165-167
North Erpingham Hundred: Sustead 167-169
North Erpingham Hundred: Sydistrond 169-171
North Erpingham Hundred: Thorp-Market 171-175
North Erpingham Hundred: Thurgarton 175-178
North Erpingham Hundred: Trimingham 178-179
North Erpingham Hundred: Trunch 179-181
Eynford Hundred 182
Eynford Hundred: Alderford 182-184
Eynford Hundred: Baldeshwell 184-186
Eynford Hundred: Belaugh, or Below, or Belega 186-189
Eynford Hundred: Beck, or Beck-Hall 189-191
Eynford Hundred: Billingford 192-195
Eynford Hundred: Brandeston and Guton 195-200
Eynford Hundred: Elsing 201-203
Eynford Hundred: Folsham 204-209
Eynford Hundred: Foxley 209-213
Eynford Hundred: Geist 213-217
Eynford Hundred: Geystweyt or Geystwick 218-222
Eynford Hundred: Hackford 223-226
Eynford Hundred: Heverland 226-234
Eynford Hundred: Helmingham and Morton 235-239
Eynford Hundred: Hilderston 239-241
Eynford Hundred: Kerdeston or Cardeston, cum Reepham 241-244
Eynford Hundred: Repham 244-248
Eynford Hundred: Ling 248-252
Eynford Hundred: Ringland 252-255
Eynford Hundred: Sparham 255-262
Eynford Hundred: Swanington 262-266
Eynford Hundred: Stinton 266-269
Eynford Hundred: Salle 269-276
Eynford Hundred: Themilthorpe 277-279
Eynford Hundred: Thurning 279-282
Eynford Hundred: Twyford 282-285
Eynford Hundred: Weston 285-292
Eynford Hundred: Whitwell 292-296
Eynford Hundred: Witchingham, Magna and Parva 297-311
Eynford Hundred: Wood Norton 311-317
Eynford Hundred: Wood-Dalling 317-326
Freebridge Hundred and Half 327-328
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Appleton 328-332
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Anmere 332-336
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Wyken, alias Ashwyken, Lesiate, and Holt 336-340
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Bawsey and Glosthorp 340-347
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Babingley 347-352
Freebridge Hundred and Half: West-Bilney 352-356
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Castleacre 356-377
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Clenchwarton 377-382
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Congham 382-391
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Dersingham 391-403
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Emneth, or Enemeth 403-410
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Flitcham 410-419
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Gaywode 419-425
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Mintling 425-439
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Geyton 429-437
Freebridge Hundred and Half: Geyton-Thorp 437-441