Clavering Hundred: Thurverton, or Thurlton

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An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 8. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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In this town were several lordships at the town that the grand survey was made. One was in the King's hand, and William de Noiers took care of it for the King, of which Stigand the Archbishop was deprived.

One freeman possessed it under Stigand, with 20 acres, half a carncate and an acre of meadow, valued at 2s. there were also 2 freemen with 10 acres, and 2 borderers, with half a carucate and an acre of meadow, valued at 16d. and there was here one freeman, the predecessor of Ralph de Beaufoe, with 8 acres, valued at 12d. (fn. 1)

It remained in the Crown, till it was granted to Robert de Beaumont Earl of Leicester, who gave it to the abbey of Preaux in Normundy, with the lordship of Toft in this hundred, of which see there.

The Lord Baynard's manor of Chetgrave extended into this town, and was held of them by the family of De Rosceline; from that family it descended to the Lords Willoughby, who held one fee here, in Chatgrave, &c. of the Lords Fitz-Walter, and were patrons of a mediety of the church.

In the 31st of Henry VIII. Sir Nicholas Hare conveyed by fine to William Read, citizen and mercer of London, the manor of Baynard's in Thurverton, or Thurleton, with messuages and lands in Thorp, Raveningham, &c. and his son and heir, William, was lord in the reign of Queen Mary, and Thomas Ward in the 34th of Elizabeth.

Ash Windham, Esq. lord in 1742, and his son, William Windham, Esq. succeeded him, who dying in 1761, left his son and heir a minor.

Alan Earl of Richmond, had a small fee, of which a freeman was deprived, containing 10 acres, with 2 socmen and 4 acres, valued at 16d. (fn. 2)

William de Scohies had the lands of 7 freemen, with the moiety of another, and Odar held it of William; of these his predecessor, Ralph de Beaufoe, had the protection only, in the reign of King Edward; containing 45 acres, and then a carucate and a half, and the moiety of a church, valued at 10s. with 12 acres. (fn. 3)

Roger Bigot, ancestor of the Earls of Norfolk, had the grant of 22 acres, and half a carucate and an acre of meadow, and Robert (de Vaux) held it under Roger; this belonged to Hadesco manor. (fn. 4)

Roger, son of Reynard, possessed 20 acres, and half a carucate, and 2 acres of meadow, which a freeman held under the protection only of Ralph de Beaufoe, valued at 8s. (fn. 5) Of this Roger see in Raveningham.

In Thurverton, also, at the survey were 8 acres, which a freeman of the predecessor of Ralf de Beaufoe held, then this freeman belonged to no lordship, but is styled the King's freeman; this was valued at 12d. H. Malesman, as the hundred witnessed, held it, but at the time he absconded. (fn. 6)

The town is called in old deeds, often, Thurleton by Hadsco.

The tenths were 40s.—Deducted 6s. 8d.—The temporalities of St. Bennet's abbey 7s. 1d.—of St. Olave's 6d.;—of Norwich 28s. 6d. ob.; of Carhow priory 11s.;—of the priory of De Preaux 6s. 5d.

Robert Thurgarton aliened to the priory of Norwich, a cottage and 6 acres of land here and in Toft.

The Church is dedicated to All-Saints, and was a rectory of two medieties; in the reign of King Edward I. Sir Peter Roscelyn was patron of one mediety, valued at 4 marks, and the rector had a manse with 15 acres; and Robert de Lodne was patron of the other, valued also at 4 marks, with a manse and 15 acres; Peter-pence 10d. carvage 8d.


William de Catfield, rector.

1313, William de Elingham, instituted, presented by Sir Peter de Roscelyn.

1313, John de Hales, by ditto.

1317, Robert de Rollesby, by ditto.

1326, Mr. Reginald de Goderington, by Sir Thomas de Roscelyn.

1328, John de Lydelyng, by ditto.

In the 6th of Edward III. Thomas de Morle, of Norwich, and Beatrix (fn. 7) his wife, conveyed to William Bishop of Norwich, the advowson of this church by fine.

In 1333, John de Sydelyng, by the Bishop, to the mediety that was Robert de Lodne's.

1335, John de Sydelyng, to a mediety. William Ayrmine Bishop of Norwich bought the patronage of both the medieties, but in the 8th of Edward III. the hospital of St. Giles in Norwich had license of appropriation of them, on the grant of the said Bishop, who accordingly appropriated them for a chantry and three chaplains in his chapel, at the palace in Norwich. Afterwards, Walter Hart Bishop of Norwich, on the resignation of this church by the proctors of the hospital, remitted the sustentation of the three chaplains, to the said hospital, and the payment of 6s. 8d. per ann. paid on account of the appropriation, in the year 1448.

1448, Thomas Lucas, rector, presented by the master of St. Gyles's hospital.

1481, Robert Godfrey. Ditto.

1493, Henry Johnson, by ditto.

1504, John Baker, by the mayor, &c. of Norwich.

1559, Arthur Frost, by ditto.

1590, John Beridge, by ditto: in 1603, he returned 140 communicants.

1606, William Laurence, by ditto.

1611, Richard Gamon, by ditto.

Samuel Stinnet, rector.

1663, Robert Cranshaw, by the mayor, &c.

1669, Daniel Weld, by ditto.

1694, Joseph Edwards, by ditto.

1713, Franc. Fayerman, by ditto.

1757, Paul Columbine, by ditto.

The valor was 6l. 13s. 4d.

Against the north wall of the chancel,

Here lyeth Anne Denny, one of the eight daughters and coheirs of William Sydnor, Esq. and wife of Glover Denny, Gent. who died March 9, 1665.

In this church was the guild of All-Saints, and the image of St. Mary on the north side of the church.


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