North Greehow Hundred: Thursford

An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 9. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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'North Greehow Hundred: Thursford', in An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 9, (London, 1808) pp. 258-260. British History Online [accessed 4 March 2024]

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Was a beruite to Snoring Magna. There belonged to Snoring manor 40 acres of land, at the survey, a carucate, one borderer, 2 acres of meadow, a mill, and 27 socmen, with 5 carucates; and in Thursford, 5 socmen had 60 acres of land with half a carucate, and 3 freemen 3 carucates of land, &c. valued at 8l. in King Edward's time: at the survey paid 11l. 10s. 8d. as a fine or income: it was, with Snoring, one leuca long, and half a one broad, and paid 24d. gelt. (fn. 1) It was then the King's manor, and Godric was his steward of it, but Ketel was lord before, and deprived at the conquest.

It seems to take its name from its ford, or pass over the water, of the Thur, on which it stands, being wrote in Domesday book Turesfort.

William Burgolion had the late of his tenants in this town and Snoring Magna, of the feofment of Sir William de Ken, by the charter of Henry II.

The family of Burgolion held this lordship as a member or beruite to Snoring Magna, from whom it passed to the Sheltons, the Richardsons, &c. and was held by Mr. Neen, in 1715, as is mentioned in Snoring Magna.

The prior of Bynham's manor of Berney extended into this town, which, on the dissolution of the convent, was granted to Thomas, Paston, Esq. November 15, in the 33d of Henry VIII.

In the 15th of Edward I. the prior had the assise of bread and beer, and amercements of his men. In Queen Elizabeth's reign, it was possessed by the Haydons of Baconsthorp, and afterwards by Sir Thomas Guybon, Knt. descended from Tho. Guybon, Esq. of North Lynn, who by Agnes his 2d wife, daughter of Walter Baspole, of Norfolk, Gent. had William Guybon of Watlington, Gent. who married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Drury, Gent. of Fincham, and left a son and heir, Sir Thomas Guybon, who was lord of this manor, and died in 1666, and was succeeded by his 3d and only son, then living, Francis, afterwards a knight, and died lord, January 23, 1704, and was here buried by Sarah his wife, daughter of Joachim Matthews, of Great Gobions, in Haveringe parish in Essex, Esq. and sister of Sir Philip Matthews, Bart. he had 4 sons and 2 daughters; William, the eldest, married — daughter and coheir of Mr. Napps of Wells, by whom he had William, who took to wife —, daughter of Mr. Brereton of Brunton; and after Mr. Guybon's decease, this lordship was sold by his executors, to George Chad, Esq. recorder of Lynn, the present possessor of it.

The church is dedicated to St. Andrew, and is a rectory; its ancient valor was 10 marks. Peter-pence 11d. ob. The present valor is 8l.


In 1309, John de Narings was instituted, presented by the Lady Sarah de Burgolyon.

1321, Thomas de Brecham. Ditto

1322, Thomas de Eggefeld, by Joan, late wife of Sir Robert de Burgolion.

1349, Richard Lawes, by Sir Ralph de Schelton.

1374, John de Honyng, by Sir William de Kerdeston, Knt.

1375, William de Elerton. Ditto.

1393, Thomas Smith, by Sir Ralph Schelton.

1394, John Tolle. Ditto.

1413, Mr. James Walsingham, the Bishop's chancellor, by Sir Thomas Erpingham, &c.

1432, John Clerk by Catherine, relict of William Shelton, Esq.

1439, John Knyght, by the King.

1440, William Wright, by the King, on the minority of Ralph, son of John Schelton, Esq. in right of Snoring Magna manor.

1455, John Duste, S. T. B. by Ralph Shelton, Esq.

1459, John Styward. Ditto.

1471, Thomas Scrowtoby. Ditto.

1512, William May.

1518, William Cowper, by Sir John Shelton.

1533, Laurence Sherman. Ditto.

John Burrell, rector.

1554, William Betts, by Anne, relict of Sir John Shelton.

1557, Henry Chamberleyn, by John Shelton, Esq.

1569, Gregory Weston; by the assigns of Ralph Shelton, Esq.

Thomas Giles, rector, compounded for first fruits in May, 1604.

1611, Thomas Porter, S. T. B. by Thomas Richardson, serjeant at law.

Thomas Wilson, rector, compounded in May, 1617.

1626, Nicholas Holman. Ditto.

1661, Alexander Anderson, by Thomas Richardson, Lord Cramond.

1666, Samuel Leader. Ditto.

1700, Nathaniel Rothwell, by master and fellows of St. John's college, Cambridge.

1710, Thomas Langford, S. T. B. by the master and fellows of St. John's college, Cambridge.

1734, Robert Leake. Ditto.

1762, Reverend Mr. Alwis, the present rector.

The Church and chancel are covered with lead, and has a square tower with two bells.

In the chancel is a monument of black and white marble, with iron rails before it.

M. S. Domino Thomœ Guybon, equiti aurato, Gulielmi filio Humfridi, - - - - - - - - ex antiquissima Guybonorum gente tertio. vicecomiti, sub Carolo primo et secundo regibus, eirenarchiœ, viro per omnia integerrimo, erga Deum piissimo, ecciesiam orthodoxo, regem et monarchiam maxime devato, patriam bone merito, vicinos benevolo, seipsum sobrio, omnes humano. Qui temporibus democraticis philobasilius, perfidis fidelis; et ob singularem fidem in principem et patriam non semel offlictus, offtictis patiens, dubiis prudens, arduis constans, turbidis tranquillus, malis bonus, bonis optimus, omnibus œquus.

Franciscus Guybon filius natu maximus ex testimento solus executor, ipsius monitu hoc monumentum P. P.—Abi et imitare.

Here lyeth the body of Sir Tho. Guybon, knight, son of William Guybon of Watlington, Esq. grandson of Humfry Guybon, Esq. high sheriff of Norfolk, 38 Eliz. married Barbara, eldest daughter of Sir William de Grey, of Merton in Norfolk, knight, and by her had issue, 3 sons, and as many daughters, viz. William his eldest son, married Mercy, one of the daughters of Sir Philip Parker the elder, of Arwarton in Suffolk, knight, and by her had issue, Thomas, his only son, and Barbara his only daughter, which Thomas died in the lifetime of his father, unmarried. Francis yet living; Barbara, his eldest daughter, died young and unmarried; Ann married with Robert Hall of Heigham, near Norwich, Esq; Mary yet living. A man of a most modest and harmless conversation, humble in prosperity, courteous, discreet, hospitable and exactly just, and upright to all men, by which virtues he preserved himself safe in the worst of times, after 66 years near spent, whereof 52 in happy marriage, he died the 29th of May, 1666.

On this is the arms of Guybon, or, a lion rampant, sable, on a bend over all, gules, three escallops, argent, impaling De Grey, azure, a fess between two chevronels, or, &c.

In the chancel lies an old gravestone in French,

De terre je suis faire et formé et à la terre je suis retorné - - - - - Ellertune nom apellé parsone de Thursford, estois, Jesu ave de moy pité.

This in memory of William de Ellerton, who died rector in 1393.

In the church and chancel were the arms of Shelton, Stanhow, Calthorp, Woodhouse of Hickling, Butts, and Buers, Burgulion, and gules, six dexter hands couped, argent, Wauncy; Shelton, quartering Itley, Burgolion and Cockfield.

Walsingham temporalities were 5s. 10d. Bynham priory temporalities for their manor 5l. 8s. in 1428.

The tenths were 47s. 4d. Deducted 15s. 4d.


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