An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 9

Details the histories of the parishes of the five hundreds of Freebridge, Happing, Holt, Launditch and North Greenhow, all in the northern half of the county.

Norfolk, Topographical History. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Freebridge Hundred: Massingham Magna, or Dertford's 1-13
Freebridge Hundred: Massingham Parva 13-20
Freebridge Hundred: Middleton 20-34
Freebridge Hundred: West-Newton 34-36
Freebridge Hundred: Pentney 37-42
Freebridge Hundred: Rising 42-59
Freebridge Hundred: Reydon, or Rydon 59-62
Freebridge Hundred: North Rungton 62-64
Freebridge Hundred: Sechey Magna, and Hardwick 64-67
Freebridge Hundred: Sandringham 67-72
Freebridge Hundred: Tilney 72-84
Freebridge Hundred: Tyrington 84-99
Freebridge Hundred: Walpole 99-121
Freebridge Hundred: Walsoken 121-131
Freebridge Hundred: West-Walton 131-142
Freebridge Hundred: East-Walton 142-148
Freebridge Hundred: East-Winch 148-154
Freebridge Hundred: West Winch 155-157
Freebridge Hundred: Westacre 158-163
Freebridge Hundred: Custhorp 164-166
Freebridge Hundred: Wigenhale in Marshland 166-168
Freebridge Hundred: Wigenhale St. Mary Magdalen 168-176
Freebridge Hundred: Wigenhale St. Mary's 176-183
Freebridge Hundred: Wigenhale St. Peter's 183-186
Freebridge Hundred: St. German's Wigenhale 186-195
Freebridge Hundred: Wolferton 195-196
Freebridge Hundred: South Wotton 196-201
Freebridge Hundred: North Wotton 201-204
North Greehow Hundred: Wighton 204-209
North Greehow Hundred: Binham 209-212
North Greehow Hundred: Berney 212-215
North Greehow Hundred: Cockthorp 215-218
North Greehow Hundred: Dalling, or Field-Dalling 219-222
North Greehow Hundred: Egmere 223-226
North Greehow Hundred: Hindringham 226-231
North Greehow Hundred: Holkham 231-244
North Greehow Hundred: Houghton 244-247
North Greehow Hundred: Quarles 247-249
North Greehow Hundred: Stivekey 249-254
North Greehow Hundred: Great Snoring 254-258
North Greehow Hundred: Thursford 258-260
North Greehow Hundred: Warham 261-266
North Greehow Hundred: Great or Old Walsingham, and Little, or New Walsingham 267-282
North Greehow Hundred: Wells 282-287
Happing Hundred 287
Happing Hundred: Brunstead 287-290
Happing Hundred: Catfield 290-293
Happing Hundred: Eccles 293-297
Happing Hundred: Happesburgh 297-301
Happing Hundred: Wimpwell 301
Happing Hundred: Hickling 301-308
Happing Hundred: Hempstede 308-312
Happing Hundred: Higham-Potter 312-314
Happing Hundred: Horsey 314-316
Happing Hundred: Ingham 316-327
Happing Hundred: Lesingham 328-329
Happing Hundred: Ludham 330-333
Happing Hundred: Palling 333-336
Happing Hundred: Ritson East 336-340
Happing Hundred: Stalham 341-345
Happing Hundred: Sutton 346-349
Happing Hundred: Walcote 349-352
Happing Hundred: Waxham 352-355
Holt hundred 356
Holt hundred: Bathele or Bale 356-358
Holt hundred: Bayfield 358-360
Holt hundred: Blakeney or Sniterley 361-365
Holt hundred: Glanford 365-366
Holt hundred: Bodham or Bodenham 366-369
Holt hundred: Brinton 369-371
Holt hundred: Burgh Parva 371-372
Holt hundred: Bruningham, or Burningham 372-374
Holt hundred: Burston, or Briston 374-377
Holt hundred: Cley 377-380
Holt hundred: Edgefield 381-389
Holt hundred: Gunthorp 389-391
Holt hundred: Hempstede 392-394
Holt hundred: Holt 394-400
Holt hundred: Hunworth 400-403
Holt hundred: Kelling 403-407
Holt hundred: Langham 408
Holt hundred: Langham Magna 408-409
Holt hundred: Langham Parva 410-411
Holt hundred: Letheringset 411-415
Holt hundred: Melton Constable 415-426
Holt hundred: Merston 426-428
Holt hundred: Salthouse 428-432
Holt hundred: Saxlingham 432-436
Holt hundred: Sharington 436-438
Holt hundred: Stody 438-442
Holt hundred: Swanton Nowers 442-444
Holt hundred: Thornage 445-446
Holt hundred: Wayborn 446-452
Holt hundred: Wiveton, or Wifton 452-455
Launditch Hundred 456-457
Launditch Hundred: Bittering 458-460
Launditch Hundred: East Bilney 460-462
Launditch Hundred: Beeston 463-465
Launditch Hundred: Betely 466-467
Launditch Hundred: Brisley 468-471