Holt hundred: Brinton

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An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 9. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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Was a beruite belonging to William Beaufoe Bishop of Thetford's capital manor of Thornage, belonging to the see, in the Saxon age, and is accounted for under that town, to which I refer the reader.

In the 35th of Henry III. Walter Bishop of Norwich had a charter for free-warren, and was lord.

In Edward's the First's time, the Bishop had view of frank pledge, assise of bread and beer, a gallows, and other privileges.

It remained in the see of Norwich till it came to the Crown, on the great exchange of lands made by act of parliament, in the 27th of Henry VIII. and was granted the 1st of July, in his 28th year, to William Butts, M.D. his chief physician; by the heiress of this family, it came to Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bart, as in Ryburgh: from the Bacons it came to Sir Jacob Astley, Bart. who presented to this church in 1682, and in the same family it continues, Sir Edward Astley, Bart. of Melton, being the present lord.

The tenths were 1l. 15s. 0d.

The Church is dedicated to St. Andrew, and is a rectory, the old valor was 5l. Peter-pence 6d.; the present valor is 8l. 11s. 4d


1307, Peter de Swaffham, instituted, collated by the Bishop, and so continued with the manor.

1309, Simon de Deseburgh.

1322, Solomon de Swaffham, prior

1324, Ralph de Kettleston.

1349, Steph. Nally.

1349, John Thefford.

1354, Silv. Atte Gates.

1354, Walter de Dunwich.

John Mey, rector.

1364, Thomas Penreth,

John Horsham, rector.

1380, William Tesaunt.

1380, William Hodington.

1387, John Anty.

1393, John Wisebeche.

1398, John Fysher.

1403, John Park, alias Hunden.

1404, Walter Gerard.

1408, William Thomason.

1414, John Elsy.

1417, Henry Poyt.

1419, Thomas Young.

1420, Mr. Robert Derham, alias Braunch.

1424, Jeff. Shaver.

1427, William Pays.

1433, Ralph Walter.

Robert Coope, rector.

1452, William Sparhow.

John Ardern, rector.

1489, John Skye, by his will dated in 1529, he wills to be buried in the church, and gives to the edifying of a new roof for the church 20 marks, when the parishioners shall begin it, and his executors to take down the lead of our Lady's chapel, and cause it to be new sheeted. (fn. 1)

1530, John Bury.

1530, William Humfrey.

1556, Humph. Younger.

Martin Claxton, rector.

1566, John Stallon.

1586, Christopher Burlingham, by the Lady Jane Butts, widow.

1618, Thomas Catlyn, Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bart.

1670, Christopher Seaman, by Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart.

1682, Arthur Gallant, by Sir Jacob Astley, Bart.

1693, Arthur Gallant. Ditto.

1713, Robert Cubit. Ditto.

1729, Nathaniel Shorting. Ditto.

1758, John Astley, presented by Sir Jacob Astley, Bart.

In the church was the chapel and light of St. Mary.

The celarer of Norwich priory had a portion of tithe.


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