Freebridge Hundred: Sechey Magna, and Hardwick

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An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 9. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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Are two hamlets belonging to North Rungton: Setche Magna is on the great road from London to Lynn, on a navigable river, called (higher up) the Nar; but in an old record, I find the river here called the Eye, and so probably takes its name, as set on that river, over which there is here a bridge.

It was part of the Lord Bardolf's manor of Rungton, and that lord had a charter of free-warren at Magna Seche, Ao. 33 of Henry III. with a weekly mercate on Monday, and 2 fairs in the year. From those lords it past as above, and was part of the Earl of Warwick's manor of Rungeton, who in the reign of King James I. had the grant of a weekly mercate here every fortnight, on Tuesday, for fat cattle, and butchers from Norwich, and all parts of this country resort to it. (fn. 1)

Jeffrey Fitz Piers Earl of Essex gave all his lands in North Rungton, Sudlebow and Sechey, held of the Earl of Clare, to the priory of Shouldham, and in the 8th of Richard II. Thomas de Warblington held one fee in Seche, South Lynn, Hardwick, and West Winch, of the honour of Clare.

In the 12th of Henry III. a fine was levied between Ralph de Normanvill, and Alice his wife, petents, and Henry de Havill, tenent, of the third part of 8l. rent per ann. in Hardwick, Rungton, Sechith and Lenne, as the dower of Alice, from Ralph de Gernemuth, her late husband; and in the 52d of the said King, two fines were levied between Nicholas Durant, and Simon, vicar of Midleton, of a messuage and 30 acres of land in South Lenn, Hardwick, West Weniz, and of 6 messuages, 53 acres of land, 4 of meadow, and 45s. 8d. rent in Hardwick, Rungton, &c. granted to Nicholas.

Barges came with coals, &c. up here, on the rive Eye, lately made navigable to Narburgh, &c.

These two hamlets had their chapels, and they were both standing in 1528.

The tenths of North Rungton, with its hamlets, were 12l. per ann. and 2l. 12s. were deducted, for the lands of the religious therein.

The Church of North Rungton, is dedicated to All-Saints, was valued at 15 marks, and paid Peter-pence 7d. the present valor is 8l. 10s. and pays first fruits, &c. in 1701, August 15, the old church was destroyed by the fall of the tower upon it, and about 1710, rebuilt, the following gentlemen, &c. being the principal benefactors to it.

William Lord Filz Williams, gave 100l.—Rowland Okeover, Esq. 50l.—Trinity College, Cambridge, 20l.—Sir Ralph Hare, Bart. 10l. —Sir John Turner. 2l.—Robert Walpole, Esq. 5l.—John Turner, Esq. 5l. 13s. 4dHenry Bell, 15l.—Henry Towers, 17l.—Charles Wright, rector, 20l.—William Adamson, clerk, 5l.—James Everard, clerk, 5l.

Near the communion table on a gravestone,

Nathaniel Rolle, M. D. e socijs sen. Coll. Trin. Cantab. in sacros ordines atq. hujus ecclesiœ rectorium suffectus, donatus est 14, Octob. 1669. anno Ætat. 49.

Georgius Atwell. Cantab. de studio et praxi mathematicis non ignobilis, obt. 14 Sept. 1658, Ann. Ætat. 82.—Quibus istius filia, illius conjux Constantia Rolle, hoc commmune monumentum mœrens posuit; and a long Latin epitaph, for the said Constantia, who died June 17, 1683.

Also a gravestone

In memory of Osbert Hopes, clerk, who died November 20, 1652' aged 70.

In the body of church, on one

Sarah, Joh. Cremer, Militis, ac hujusce parochiœ Dni. conjux, amantissima, piissima, beatœ resurrectionis spe plena, amatq: expectatq. hic diem, conjux conjugi liberos 4 tulit, restituit tamen post paucos dies Deo qui dedit eripuitque, pignus matris: in cœlo matrona tandem plusquam quinquegessimaria excessit vitâ, Oct. 28.—Reparatoq; salutis anno, 1661.

On another, with the arms of Cremer, argent, three wolves heads erased, sable, on a chief, gules, as many cinquefoils, or.

Spe resurgendi hic jacent Geor. Cremer de Seche, Gen. Dominus hujus parochiæ, et Elizab. uxor ejus, cui peperit 5 filios, et 7 filias: illa obiit 9 Apr. 1624, ille vero ob. 23, Aug. 1656, œtat. suæ 80, in cujus memoriam, Joh. Cremer, filius primogenitus nunc solus superstes H. M. P.


Adam—, rector, occurs in the 22d of Edward I.

1307, John de Gouthorp, by Thomas Bardolf, with the chapels of Sechize, and Herdewyk.

1316, Mr. Martin de Middleton, by Sir Thomas Bardolf.

1318, Nicholas Cannard. Ditto.

1321, Nicholas Noteman, ditto, lord of Wirmegey.

1326, Oliver de Wachesham. Ditto.

1331, Thomas Miriel, (exchange for Stanstede,) by the King, in the minority of the heir of Thomas Bardolf.

1339, Richard Attehaw, by Sir John Bardolf, lord of Wirmegey.

1373, Ralph de Gosfeld, by the attorney-general of William Lord Bardolf.

1388, Gregory Bolour, (exchanged for Congham, St. Andrew,) by the King.

1402, Thomas Maysier, (exchanged for Whelnetham Magna, in Suffolk,) by Agnes Lady Bardolf.

1402 John Dows, (exchanged for Stoke, by Eye,) by Thomas Lord Bardolf.

1406, John Cartere, (exchange for Cantele,) by Thomas Beauford, lord of Wirmegey.

1407, John Multon. Ditto.

1415, John son of Richard de Derham, by Thomas Earl of Dorset.

1419, Nicholas Martyn (exchanged for Wrabnase, in Lincoln dice.) by Thomas Duke of Exeter.

1423, Thomas Bardevyle. Ditto.

1442 Edmund Gedney, by Joan Lady Bardolf

1445, Alan Lolles. Ditto.

1456, Richard Skynner, by John Viscount Beaumont.

1457, John Conyngesholm. Ditto.

1475, John Ward, by the feoffees of Joan Beaumont, daughter of Humphrey Duke of Buckingham.

1486, Henry Davyson, by the prior and convent of Pentney.

1493, John Cooke, by Henry de Veer Earl of Oxon, guardian to William Viscount Beaumont.

1496, Richard Harper. Ditto.

1504, Robert Walker. Ditto.

1506, William Graunge. Ditto.

1563, William Cotes, by Francis Gawdy, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife.

Arthur Hunne.

1592, Thomas Hopes, by Francis Gawdy, one of the Queen's judges.

1616, Osbert Hopes, by Cuthbert Norris, S. T. P. and Richard Hopes.

1651, Nathaniel Rowles, M.D. by the master and fellows of Trinity college, in Cambridge.

1669, Charles Wright, D D. Ditto.

1711, Griffith Williams. Ditto.

1718, Edward Rudd, D. D. Ditto.

1727, John Williams. Ditto.

1738, John Bellman, by the master and fellows, &c.

1756, John White, on Bellman's death, the present rector. Ditto.

The temporalties of Wirmegeye priory were 25s. 11d.

The prior of Pentney had 25s. 11d. rent in North Rungton.

On the 24th of May, in the 7th of James I. Francis Morrice and Franc. Phelps, had a grant of Nolley tithe, in this parish. Walter Giffard Earl of Bucks gave two parts of the tithes of his demean here, to that abbey, which was confirmed by William Turbus Bishop of Norwich. Thomas Hopes, rector of this church, by his will, dated March 3, 1615, gave to his brother, Richard Hopes, and Cuthbert Norris, D. D. his uncle, an acre of land near the churchyard, having divers buildings on it, viz. two capital messuages, a barn, and also a portion of tithes, called Notley tithes, with the advowson of the church of North Rungton, to the intent that they should convey them to Trinity college, Cambridge, of which he had been formerly a member. The college to present the brother, or kindred of Hopes: the rector to have the acre, with the buildings on it, for a parsonagehouse, keeping it in repair, and the Notley tithes; paying a fee farm rent of 40s per ann. and 11l. 12s. per ann. viz. 3l. 8s. 8d. to the vice master of Trinity college, towards the maintenance of a poor scholar, to enjoy it 5 years after his admission, to be chosen by the vice master, and mayor of Lynn, out of Lynn free-school;—3l. 8s. 8d. to the church-wardens and overseers of North Rungton;—3l. 8s. 8d. to the church-wardens and overseers of Geyton;—6s. to Midleton poor;— 10s. to East Winch;—3s. 4d. to East Walton;—3s. 4d. to Dudlington, and 3s. 4d. to Colveston poor, to be given to them who come to church, and in groats; and if the officers do not distribute it, the parish to lose their share for next year, and then to be paid to the chamberlain of Lyn, for the prisoners there.

Notley, tithe abovementioned, was the tithe of two parts of the demean land of Walter Giffard Earl of Bucks, in this town and in Midleton, given by him to Notley abbey in Bucks, founded by him.


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