Holt hundred: Swanton Nowers

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An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 9. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1808.

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This lordship was held at the survey by William Beaufoe Bishop of Thetford, in right of his see, and by Ailmare Bishop of Elmham, in King Edward's reign, for two carucates of land, and appertained to Hilderston; 8 borderers belonged to it, 2 carucates in demean, and 3 among the tenants, at that time, at the survey one, but two more might be restored: paunage for 100 swine, &c. 200 sheep, valued at the survey at 8l. before at 6l. was half a leuca long, and the same in breadth, and paid 3d. gelt. (fn. 1)

The family of De Nuiers, or Nowers were very early enfeoffed of it, and possessed it under the Bishops of Norwich.

Ralph de Nuiers was witness to a deed of confirmation of lands in Dilham, and Pangeford in Norfolk, to the church of Norwich, by Robert Fitz Ralph, (fn. 2) son of Ribald, in the reign of Henry II. and in the time of William Turbe Bishop of Norwich, and probably was the same Ralph who held at that time of William de Abrincis, in Kent, one fee of the old feoffment.

In the 10th of Richard I. Milo de Nuiers conveyed by fine to Roger de Kerdeston, the 3d part of the common pasture of this town, and the 3d part of the services and profits thereof, with several hens, eggs, &c. with a foal every 3d year, &c.; and in the 9th of King John, Roger brought his action against Milo, for not fulfilling his grant.

Simon de Nodarijs or Nowers, was living in the 35th of Henry III. and in the 45th was found to hold of William de Calthorp, and Cecilia his wife, half a fee, they of the Lord Bardolf, and the lord of the Bishop of Norwich.

William de Kerdeston then held also by the said tenure, the 3d part of a fee, and Simon had the assise of bread, &c. ao. 15 Edward I.

By the roll of the honour of Wrongey, we find that Robert de Noers held here (then called Hungry - Swanton) a manor and the advowson of the church, and presented to it in 1327, being then a knight, as Alice his lady did in 1334; and in the 20th of Edward III. she was found to hold half a fee, which Simon de Noers formerly held, and William de Kerdeston the 3d part of a fee of the said Alice; also Margaret de Saxlingham had a part of a fee of the said Alice, which John de Saxlingham formerly held.

John de Nowers, son of Sir Robert and Alice, presented in 1353 and 1361; and in 1383, 1389, Sir Stephen Hales, whose widow, Joan, held in the 3d of Henry IV. half a fee of the Bishop of Norwich.

About this time, the prior of Walsingham obtained a patent or license of mortmain for it. (fn. 3) with 50 acres of land, at Altoft in Bruningham, valued at 8l. per ann. and was to do homage for it to Sir William Calthorp, and to pay by composition, for relief, 50s. (fn. 4)

The prior presented to the church in 1417, and was found to hold one fee of the Bishop, paying 3s. 6d. every 30 weeks, as castle-guard to Norwich.

This is to be understood in right of his manor of Nowers, the other fee or part still remaining in the Kerdestons.

In the 20th of Henry VI. William de la Pole Earl of Suffolk, and Alice his wife, released to Sir Thomas Kerdeston all their right in this part or fee, which formerly belonged to Sir William Kerdeston, son and heir of Sir Roger; and in the 24th of that King, it was settled by fine on Sir Thomas Kerdeston and Philippa his wife, in tail; remainder to William de la Pole Marquis and Earl of Suffolk, and Alice his wife, in tail.

Of the Kerdestons, &c. see in Sedestern.

On the Dissolution, the manor of Swanton Nowers was granted, December 2, in the 31st of Henry VIII. to Sir Richard Southwell, with messuages, lands, tenements, &c. in Bruningham, Briston, Edgfield, Sharington, Gunthorpe, and Berney, and the manors of East Walton, Wendling, Wood Norton, and Kerdeston; and the said Sir Richard, in the 34th of that King, regranted it to him, on an exchange, or for other lands, when the King granted it, December 11, in the said year, to the dean and chapter of Christ-church in Oxford, the present lords and patrons.

The tenths were 1l. 12s. Deducted 2s.

The Church is a rectory, dedicated to St. Edmund the King and Martyr, and was valued at 5 marks. Peter-pence, 4d. ob.

Present valor 4l. 15s. 2d. ob.


1327, William Davy instituted, presented by Sir Robert de Noers.

1334, Robert de Shodecamps, by Lady Alice Nowers.

1353, Peter Dyke, by John Nowers.

1383, John Poyt, by Sir Stephen Hales.

1389, John Godewyn. Ditto.

1416, William Garland, occurs rector.

1417, William Elsham, presented by the prior, &c. of Walsingham.

1426, Thomas Crakescheld. Ditto.

1438, Robert Salle. Ditto.

1447, John Legate. Ditto.

1448, Thomas Ward. Ditto.

1457, William Staines, by the Bishop, a lapse.

1461, Mr. Peter Burgh. Ditto.

1467, Robert Geeding. Ditto.

1504, Richard Sharp. Ditto.

1515, Richard Fowler. Ditto.

1532, Roger Elward. Ditto.

1558, Roger Willyms, by the Bishop, a lapse.

1580, Simon Peacock, by the Masters and Fellows of Christ church.

1611, Christopher Tracy, by the assignees of the Master and Fellows, &c.

1615, William Naylor, by James Hawe, Gent.

1647, Robert Pricket, by the Bishop.

1663, Thomas Picard, by the dean and chapter of Christ church.

1686, John Ficher or Fletcher. Ditto.

1691, William Taswell, S.T.B. Ditto.

1698, Edmund Stilling flete, M.D. Ditto.

1708, William Hodgson. Ditto.

1736, George Watson. Ditto.


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