Classes of public records used and note on manuscript sources

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A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 4, City of Ely; Ely, N. and S. Witchford and Wisbech Hundreds. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2002.

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C 1 Proceedings, Early
C 2         "           Series I
C 3         "           Series II
C 5         "           Six Clerks Series, Bridges
C 11         "                 "         "         1714-58
C 47 Miscellanea
C 54 Close Rolls
C 60 Fine Rolls
C 66 Patent Rolls
C 78 Decree Rolls
C 134 Inquisitions post mortem, Series I, Edward II
C 136         "           "         "           "       Richard II
C 137         "           "         "           "       Henry IV
C 139         "           "         "           "       Henry VI
C 140         "           "         "           "       Edward IV
C 142         "           "         "       Series II
C 143 Inquisitions, Ad Quod Damnum
C 146 Ancient Deeds, Series C
Court of Common Pleas
C.P. 25(1) Feet of Fines, Series I
C.P. 25(2)       "     "       Series II
C.P. 43 Recovery Rolls
Exchequer, Treasury of the Receipt
E 40 Ancient Deeds, Series A
Exchequer, Queen's Remembrancer
E 134 Depositions taken by Commission
E 150 Inquisitions post mortem, Series II
E 178 Special Commissions of Enquiry
E 179 Subsidy Rolls, &c.
E 190 Port Books
Exchequer, Augmentation Office
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
Exchequer, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer
E 357 Escheators' Enrolled Accounts
Home Office
H.O. 52 Correspondence, Counties.
H.O. 67 Acreage Returns
H.O. 107 Various, Census Papers, Population Returns
H.O. 129 Various, Census Papers, Ecclesiastical Returns
Justices Itinerant
Just. Itin. 1 Assize Rolls, Eyre Rolls, &c.
Court of Queen's Bench
K.B. 27 Coram Rege Rolls
K.B. 28 Crown Rolls
K.B. 122 Plea or Judgement Rolls
Exchequer, Land Revenue
L.R. 14 Ancient Deeds, Series E
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
M.A.F. 1 Commons, &c., Inclosure Awards
Special Collections
S.C. 6 Ministers' Accounts
S.C. 11 Rentals and Surveys (Rolls)
S.C. 12       "               "       (Portfolios)
S.C. 13 Seals
State Paper Office
S.P. 12 State Papers, Domestic, Elizabeth I
S.P. 16     "       "            "         Charles I
Court of Star Chamber
Sta. Cha. 8 Proceedings, James I
Court of Wards and Liveries
Wards 7 Inquisitions post mortem


The Manuscript Collections of Mr. G. M. G. Woodgate, lodged in the Museum at Wisbech, are cited variously as 'Wisb. MSS.' and 'Woodgate MSS.'

The muniments of the Dean and Chapter of Ely are cited as 'D. & C. Mun.,' those of the Bishop as 'Bp.'s Mun.' The arrangement of the Episcopal manuscripts is described in A. Gibbons, Ely Episcopal Records. The capitular manuscripts are housed in one room but are not permanently arranged in shelves or cupboards: the numbering used here is that found on the documents when they were examined in 1949-50.