A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 4, City of Ely; Ely, N. and S. Witchford and Wisbech Hundreds

By T D Atkinson, Ethel M Hampson, E T Long, C A F Meekings, Edward Miller, H B Wells and G M G Woodgate/ Edited by R B Pugh. Covers the cathedral city and liberty of Ely and the rural areas to the west and north-west, including the port of Wisbech.

Victoria County History - Cambridgeshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2002.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations xi-xii
Editorial note xiii
Classes of public records used and note on manuscript sources xv-xvi
The Liberty of Ely: Introduction 1-3
The Liberty of Ely: Origins of the Liberty of Ely 4-8
The Liberty of Ely: The medieval Liberty of Ely 8-15
The Liberty of Ely: The Liberty of Ely in modern times 15-27
City of Ely: Introduction 28-33
City of Ely: The middle ages 33-40
City of Ely: Sixteenth century 40-42
City of Ely: Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries 42-45
City of Ely: The French war period 1793-1815 45
City of Ely: Nineteenth and twentieth centuries 45-47
City of Ely: Manors 47-50
City of Ely: Fairs 50
City of Ely: Cathedral 50-77
City of Ely: Monastic buildings and palace 77-82
City of Ely: Churches 82-86
City of Ely: Guilds 86
City of Ely: Nonconformity 86-87
City of Ely: Schools 87-88
City of Ely: Charities 88-89
Ely Hundred: Downham 90-95
Ely Hundred: Littleport 95-102
North Witchford Hundred: Chatteris 103-109
North Witchford Hundred: Doddington 110-116
North Witchford Hundred: March 116-123
North Witchford Hundred: North Stanground 123
North Witchford Hundred: Whittlesey 123-135
South Witchford Hundred: Coveney with Manea 136-140
South Witchford Hundred: Haddenham 140-149
South Witchford Hundred: Mepal 149-151
South Witchford Hundred: Stretham and Thetford 151-159
South Witchford Hundred: Sutton 159-164
South Witchford Hundred: Welches Dam 164
South Witchford Hundred: Wentworth 165-167
South Witchford Hundred: Wilburton 168-172
South Witchford Hundred: Witcham 172-175
South Witchford Hundred: Witchford 176-179
Wisbech Hundred: Elm 180-186
Wisbech Hundred: Leverington 186-197
Wisbech Hundred: Chapeiry of Parson Drove 197-200
Wisbech Hundred: Newton 201-206
Wisbech Hundred: Outwell and Upwell 206-219
Wisbech Hundred: Thorney 219-224
Wisbech Hundred: Tydd St. Giles 224-232
Wisbech Hundred: Wisbech St. Mary 232-238
Wisbech: Introduction 238-243
Wisbech: Manors 243-245
Wisbech: Fees 245-246
Wisbech: Relations between the bishops of Ely and the town of Wisbech 246
Wisbech: Subsidiary manors 246-247
Wisbech: Church 247-250
Wisbech: Roman catholicism 250
Wisbech: Protestant nonconformity 250-251
Wisbech: Castle 251-252
Wisbech: Recusants in the castle 252-253
Wisbech: Wisbech and the civil war 253-254
Wisbech: Later history of the castle 254
Wisbech: Guilds and chantries 254
Wisbech: Guild of the holy trinity 255-256
Wisbech: Seals of the guild and the corporation 256
Wisbech: Charters of incorporation 256-258
Wisbech: The corporation as a law court 258
Wisbech: Constitutional development of the corporation 258-259
Wisbech: Corporation elections 259
Wisbech: Officials of the corporation 259-260
Wisbech: Poor relief and apprenticeship 260-261
Wisbech: Epidemics, sanitation 261
Wisbech: Fires 261
Wisbech: Wisbech as a commercial centre 261-262
Wisbech: Markets and fairs 262-263
Wisbech: Port, Nene outfall, canal 263-265
Wisbech: Bridges 265
Wisbech: Political activity 265-266
Wisbech: Schools 266-268
Wisbech: Miscellaneous institutions 268-269
Wisbech: Worthies 269-270
Wisbech: Charities 270-271
Analysis of Hearth Tax Assessments, Isle of Ely: Introductory note 272-273
Analysis of Hearth Tax Assessments, Isle of Ely: 1662 Michaelmas 274
Analysis of Hearth Tax Assessments, Isle of Ely: 1666 Lady Day 275-277
Analysis of Hearth Tax Assessments, Isle of Ely: 1674 Lady Day 277-279
Analysis of Hearth Tax Assessments, Isle of Ely: Grand totals 280