Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used

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A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 9, Chesterton, Northstowe, and Papworth Hundreds. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1989.

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C 1 Early
C 2 Series I
C 3 Series II
Six Clerks Series
C 5 Bridges
C 54 Close Rolls
C 66 Patent Rolls
C 78 Decree Rolls
C 88 Chancery Files, Records upon Outlawry
C 93 Proceedings of Commissioners for Charitable Uses, Inquisitions and Decrees
C 131 Extents for Debts Inquisitions post mortem
C 133 Series I, Edw. I
C 134 Edw. II
C 135 Edw. III
C 136 Ric. II
C 137 Hen. IV
C 138 Hen. V
C 139 Hen. VI
C 140 Edw. IV and V
C 142 Series II
C 143 Inquisitions ad quod damnum
C 146 Ancient Deeds, Series C
C 211 Commissions and Inquisitions of Lunacy (Petty Bag Office) Chancery Files
Tower Series
C 258 Certiorari Tower and Rolls Chapel
C 260 Record
Court of Common Pleas Feet of Fines
CP 25(1) Series I
CP 25(2) Series II
CP 26 Notes of Fines
CP 40 De Banco Rolls
CP 43 Recovery Rolls
Exchequer, Treasury of the Receipt
E 40 Ancient Deeds, Series A
Exchequer, King's Remembrancer
E 106 Extents of Alien Priories
E 112 Bills, Answers, etc.
Decrees and Orders, Entry Books
E 124 Series II
E 126 Series IV
E 134 Depositions taken by Commission
E 143 Extents and Inquisitions
E 150 Inquisitions post mortem Series II
E 164 Miscellaneous Books, Series I
E 178 Special Commissions of Inquiry
E 179 Subsidy Rolls etc.
Exchequer, Augmentation Office
E 310 Particulars for Leases
E 315 Miscellaneous Books
E 317 Parliamentary Surveys
E 318 Particulars for Grants
E 321 Proceedings of Court of Augmentations
E 326 Ancient Deeds, Series B
Exchequer, Pipe Office
E 358 Enrolled Accounts
Ministry of Education
ED 7 Public Elementary Schools, Preliminary Statements
Home Office Various, Censuses
HO 107 Population Returns
HO 129 Ecclesiastical Returns Indexes
IND Indexes, Various [Institution Books]
Inland Revenue
IR 18 Tithe Files
IR 29 Tithe Apportionments
IR 30 Tithe Maps
Justices Itinerant, Assize and Gaol Delivery Rolls
JUST 1 Eyre Rolls, Assize Rolls, etc.
JUST 2 Coroners' Rolls
Court of King's Bench (Crown Side)
KB 27 Coram Rege Rolls
Exchequer, Office of the Auditors of Land Revenue
LR 14 Ancient Deeds, Series E
Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries
MAF 68 Agricultural Returns, Parish Summaries
PROB 5 Paper Inventories, 1661-c. 1725
PROB 11 Registered Copies of Wills proved in P.C.C.
General Register Office
RG 9 Census Returns, 1861
RG 10 Census Returns, 1871
RG 11 Census Returns, 1881
RG 31 Returns of Places of Worship
Court of Requests
REQ 2 Proceedings
Special Collections
SC 2 Court Rolls
SC 5 Hundred Rolls
SC 6 Ministers' Accounts Rentals and Surveys
SC 11 Rolls
SC 12 Portfolios
State Paper Office
SP 14 State Papers Domestic, Jas. I
Court of Star Chamber
STAC 3 Edw. VI
STAC 4 Mary
STAC 5 Eliz. I
War Office
WO 30 Miscellanea
Court of Wards and Liveries
WARD 2 Deeds and Evidences
WARD 7 Inquisitions post mortem
WARD 9 Miscellaneous Books