Index : A-J

A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2003.

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'Index : A-J', A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography, (London, 2003), pp. 273-281. British History Online [accessed 18 June 2024].

. "Index : A-J", in A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography, (London, 2003) 273-281. British History Online, accessed June 18, 2024,

. "Index : A-J", A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography, (London, 2003). 273-281. British History Online. Web. 18 June 2024,

THIS index is confined to persons (including businesses) and places; an index to subjects, together with a complete index to persons and places in both parts of vol. v, will be published in part 2. Buildings, streets, and other minor place names have been indexed under their own name and not as subheadings under Chester or other parish names. All places may be assumed to be in Cheshire unless otherwise indicated. Peers have been indexed under family names, and women, as far as possible, under their maiden names.

AA: see Automobile Association

Abbey: see St. Werburgh's abbey

Abbey Court
-, see also Abbey Square

Abbey Gate

Abbey Green

Abbey Square
-, see also Abbey Court

Abbey Street

Abbots Grange

Abbot's Hayes

Abbot's Mead

Abbots Park


A.B.C. (Associated British Cinemas)

Abercrombie, Patrick

Abergele (Denb.)

Abingdon (Berks.)

Abingdon Crescent

Acrefair (Denb.)

Adams, Beresford
-, Elizabeth wife of Roger
-, Roger

Ælfgar, Earl

Ælfhere, ealdorman

Ælfwynn, daughter of Æthelflæd and Æthelred

ÆthelflÆd, queen of Mercia

Æthelfrith, king of Northumbria

Æthelmund, ealdorman

Æthelred, king of Mercia

Æthelred II, king of England

Æthelstan, king of the West Saxons


Agricola, Gnaeus Julius

Agricola Tower

Ainsworth, William

Aintree (Lancs.)

Alban Lane
-, see also Weaver Street

Albert Street

Albinus, Clodius

Albion Brewery Co.

Albion Hotel

Albion Mill

Albion Place

Albion Street


Aldersey, Fulk
-, Hugh
-, John
-, Ralph
-, Thomas
-, William
-, family


Alexander the clerk: see Harre, Alexander

Alexander Harre's Lane
-, see also White Friars Lane

Alexandra Park

Alfred, king of the West Saxons

Allen's Court

Amalgamated Cordwainers' Association

Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants

Amaury the engineer

Ambleside (Westmld.)

-, see also New England; South
-, Carolina; United States of
-, America

Anascaul (co. Kerry)

Anchor Row

Andrew, canon of St. John's


Anselm, abbot of Bec

Antonine Wall

Antwerp (Belgium)

Appleyards Lane


Archdeacon's House

Architects' Benevolent Fund

Arderne, James

Arderne Lane (Black Friars Lane; Walls Lane)

Armagh, archbishop of: see Ussher, James

Armourer, John

Army Pay and Records Office

Arneway, John
-, family

Arthur, prince of Wales etc., son of Henry VII

Arundel, earl of: see FitzAlan, Richard
-, John, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield
-, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury

Ashe, Simeon

Associated British Cinemas: see A.B.C.

Aston, Sir Thomas, Bt.

Aukett Associates

Austin, George

Automobile Association

Ayr, Point of: see Point of Ayr

Ayrton, Maxwell


Bache brook

Bache Pool

Bache Way

Back Brook Street

Bag Lane
-, see also George Street

Bagillt (Flints.)


Baines, G. Grenfell

Baker's Row


Baldwin, archbishop of Canterbury

Ball, family

Bamvill, Randle

Bangor (Flints.)

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Scotland

Banner's Court

Bannockburn (Stirlingshire)

Barker, John

Barkers Lane
-, see also Union Street

Barlow, William

Barmouth (Merion.)

Barn, Robert le

Barn Lane
-, see also King Street

Barnaby's Tower

Barnston, Roger
-, Trafford

Barrow, John of
-, William of

Barry U.K., Messrs.

Bars, The

Basingwerk, William of

Bateson, Thomas

Bath (Som.)

Bath Street

Battle Croft

Bavand, Daniel
-, Richard
-, family

Baxter, Robert

Beaconsfield Street

Bear and Billet, The

Beastmarket ward

Beattie, Sir David

Beauchamp, William de, earl of Warwick

Beaufort, Margaret, mother of Henry VII

Beaumaris (Ang.)

Bebington, William

Bec (Eure), abbey of

Becket, St. Thomas

Beckett, Joseph & Co.


Bedward Row

Beeston (Ches.)

Beeston Castle station

Bel, Alexander le

Belfast (co. Antrim)

Belgrave (Ches.)

Belgrave, Viscount: see Grosvenor, Richard

Belgravia (Lond.)

Bellin, George

Bellyetter, family

Belper (Derb.)

Benet, John

Bennet, Robert

Bennett, Francis the younger
-, Frank, dean of Chester

Bent's Brewery

Benyon, Samuel Yate

Berward Lane

Besom Lane: see Windmill Lane

Beswick, H. W.

Bevin, William

BHS (British Home Stores)

Bickerstaffe, Isaac


Biggins Sargent Partnership

Birchills, Thomas
-, see also Brickhill

Bird, George
-, John, bishop of Chester


Birkenshaw, John

Birmingham (Warws.)

Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal

Birmingham Wagon Co.

Bishop Graham Memorial Ragged School

Bishop Lloyd's House

Bishop's Ditch

Bishop's Street

Bispham, William

Black Diamond Street

Black Friars Lane: see Arderne Lane

Black Hall

Black Pool

Black Prince: see Edward the Black Prince


Blackpool (Lancs.)

Blackpool Bridge


Blacon cum Crabwall
-, see also Crabwall

Blacon Avenue

Blacon Hall

Blacon Point

Blore Heath (Staffs.)

Blossoms Hotel

Blue Bell Inn

Blue Coat school

Blund, John (d. 1317)
-, John (fl. 1334-60)
-, Roger
-, family

Boardman: see Parry, Boardman & Morris

Boden, W. H.

Bodvile, Peter

Bold Square

Bolingbroke, Henry, duke of Lancaster

Boll Yard

Bolland & Son

Bolton (Lancs.)

Bonewaldesthorne Tower

Boot Inn

Booth, Sir George

Booth Mansion

Bootle (Lancs.)

Bootle, Richard Wilbraham

Boots, Messrs. (Boots Cash Chemists Ltd.)


Bornstein, A.

Bostock, Alfred & Co.
-, Edwin
-, family

Boston (Lincs.)

Bosworth (Leics.)

Bottoms Lane
-, see also Newbold Lane

Boudicca, queen of the Iceni

-, see also Great Boughton; Spital Boughton

Boughton Heath

Boundary Lane

Bourgneuf, Bay of

Bowdon (Ches.)

Bower, Foster

Bowling Green Inn

Bowling Green Mill

Brabant (Belgium)

Bradford (Yorks.)

Bradford, John
-, Robert of

Bradleys, Messrs.

Bradshaw, Edward
-, Henry
-, Richard

Bramble: see Forbes Bramble Associates

Brassey, J. E. & Co.
-, family

Breauté, Fawkes de

Bredon, Robert of

Brereton, John
-, Randle
-, Sir William (fl. 1409)
-, William (fl. c. 1540)
-, Sir William, Bt.

Berewood, John
-, Robert I
-, Robert II
-, Robert III
-, family

Brewer's Hall

Brewer's Hall Hill

Brickhill (Bucks.)

Brickhill, Hugh I (d. 1292)
-, Hugh II
-, John
-, Peter
-, William
-, family
-, see also Birchills

Bridge, Thomas

Bridge House

Bridge Street

Bridge Trafford


Bridgeman, Henry
-, John, bishop of Chester
-, Orlando


Bristol-Myers Squibb

British Aerospace

British Home Stores: see BHS

British Nuclear Fuels

British Oil Works

British Union of Fascists

Brittany (France)

Britton, Sydney

Brock, Thomas

Brock Carmichael, Messrs.


Bromfield Way
-, see also Wrexham Road

Brook, Percy Shelley

Brook Hirst & Co. Ltd.
-, see also Brookhirst

Brook Lane

Brook Street
-, see also Greenway, The

Brooke, Sir Richard, Bt.

Brooke's Street
-, see also Nicholas Street Mews

Brookhirst Electrical Switchgear Ltd.
-, see also Brook Hirst & Co. Ltd.

Brookhirst Igranic Ltd.
-, see also Brook Hirst & Co. Ltd.

Broster, Richard

Brotherhood, James & Associates

Broughton (Flints.)

Broughton, Valentine

Broughton Park shopping centre (Flints.)

Brown, Charles
-, Henry
-, Mrs. Phyllis
-, W. F. & Co.
-, William
-, family

Brown & Co. (Chester) Ltd.

Brown & Sanders, Messrs.

Brown, Holmes & Co., Messrs.

Brown's Lane

Brown's store

Bruce, Robert

Bruen, Calvin
-, John
-, see also Bruyn

Bruen Stapleford


Brunner, Sir John

Brunner, Mond & Co.

Brussels (Belgium)

Bruyn, Richard le
-, family
-, see also Bruen

Bryant Homes

Buckley (Flints.)

Buddicom, H.

Buddicom estate

Buddicom Park

Buildwas (Salop.)


Bunbury, Sir Henry

Bunce, family

Bunce Lane

Bunce Street

Burnel, Sir Philip

Burrell, Thomas Gaze

Burrell's store

Burton, Montague, Messrs.

Bury (Lancs.)

Butt & Co.


Button, Edward

Byfield, Nicholas

Byron, John, Baron Byron of Rochdale
-, Sir Nicholas

C & A, Messrs.

Cable Row

Cadwaldr ap Gruffudd

Caer (i.e. Chester)

Caerleon (Mon.)

Caerlleon (i.e. Chester)

Caernarfon (Caern.)

Caernarfon, Edward of: see Edward II

Caesar, Julius

Calamy, Edmund

Caldy (Ches.)

Caldy Valley Road

Calveley, Sir Hugh
-, Mary wife of Sir Hugh

Cambrian Testing Co.


Canal Side

Canal Street

Canterbury (Kent)
-, archbishop of: see Arundel, Thomas;
-, Baldwin; Laud, William

Capel Lane



Capital Bank


Cardiff (Glam.)

Carlisle (Cumb.)

Carmichael: see Brock Carmichael, Messrs.

Carr, John (alias Corydon)
-, William

Carrickfergus (co. Antrim)

Cartwright, Thomas, bishop of Chester

Case, William

Castle and Falcon Inn

Castle Drive

Castle Esplanade (Nuns Road)

Castle Lane

Castle Lane End

Castle Place

Castle Street

Castletown (Isle of Man)

Cathedral Green

Catherine Street

Catholic Apostolic Church

Cayzer, Sir Charles, Bt.

Central & District Properties

Cerialis, Petillus

Cestrian Mill

Chadderton, William, bishop of
-, Chester and later Lincoln

Chainmaker Row

Chaloner, Thomas
-, family

chamber, William of the: see William of the chamber

Chamberlain, Robert
-, see also Ranulph the chamberlain; Robert the chamberlain

Chamberlaine, John

Champayne, Henry

Channel Islands

Charles I, king of England

Charles II, king of England

Charles Street

Chatham, earl of: see Pitt, William

Cheshire Enterprise Centre

Cheshire Lines Committee

Cheshire Militia

Cheshire Oaks shopping centre

Cheshire Regiment

Chester, abbot of
-, bishops of see also Bird, John; Cartwright, Thomas; Chadderton, William; Cleaver, William; Coates, George; Downham, William; Ferne, Henry; Fisher, Geoffrey; Gastrell, Francis; Graham, John; Henry, Luke Paget; Jacobson, William; Lloyd, George; Morton, Thomas; Pearson, John; Peploe, Samuel; Peter; Scott, Cuthbert; Stratford, Nicholas; Stubbs, William; Sumner, J. B.; Vaughan, Richard; Walton, Brian Wilkins, John earls of: see also Arthur, prince of Wales; Edward I; Edward II; Edward, prince of Wales; Edward the Black Prince; Gherbod; Henry, prince of Wales; Hugh I; Hugh II; John, earl of Chester; Ranulph I; Ranulph II; Ranulph III; Richard, earl of Chester

Chester abbey: see St. Werburgh's abbey

Chester & Crewe Railway Co.

Chester & Holyhead Railway

Chester & North Wales Newspaper Co.

Chester Archaeological Society

Chester Artillery and Rifle Volunteers

Chester Bank
-, see also Chester Old Bank

Chester Benevolent Institution

Chester Business Park

Chester Castle

Chester Cathedral
-, see also St. Werburgh's abbey

Chester Chamber of Trade

Chester City Football Club

Chester City Mission

Chester City Record Office

Chester City Transport

Chester Civic Trust

Chester College

Chester Co-operative Society

Chester Cottage Improvement Co.

Chester Council of Social Welfare

Chester Cymmrodorion Society

Chester Evangelical Free Church Council

Chester Festival

Chester field

Chester Gas Light Co.

Chester Gates

Chester General station

Chester Liberal Association

Chester Lion Brewery Co. Ltd.
-, see also Lion Brewery

Chester Mill Hotel

Chester Northgate Brewery

Chester Northgate Brewery Co.

Chester Northgate station

Chester Old Bank
-, see also Chester Bank

Chester Provender & Carting Co.

Chester Racecourse

Chester Retail Park

Chester Road

Chester Royal Infirmary

Chester Savings Bank

Chester Socialist Society

Chester Street

Chester Traders' Association

Chester Trades Council

Chester Volunteer Regiment

Chester Welsh Society

Chester West Employment Area

Chester Western Bypass

Chester Zoo

Cheyney Road

Chlorus, Constantinus

Cholmondeley, Robert, Viscount Cholmondeley of Kells and Baron Cholmondeley of Wichemalbank

Chorlton, John of

Christ Church


Christleton Road

Church of Christ

Churton, W. H.

Circular Drive

City Club

City Hospital

City Road

City Walls Road

Clare, Gilbert of, earl of Hertford
-, Thomas

Clarke, Mrs. Kate
-, Thomas

Claudius, Emperor


Claverton Court

Claverton Ford

Claverton Lane
-, see also Duke Street

Claverton Way
-, see also Eaton Road

Clay, Beatrice

Clayton, Robin

Cleaver, William, bishop of Chester

Clerk: see Alexander; John the clerk; Peter the clerk; Philip the clerk; Richard the clerk; Thomas the clerk; William the clerk

Cliffe, William

Clifford Drive

Clippe Gate

Cliveden Road

Clogher, bishop of: see Louth, bishop of

Clover Lane

Cnut, king of England

Coates, George, bishop of Chester

Cobham, Eleanor, wife of Humphrey duke of Gloucester

Cockpit Hill

Cockpit Mount

Colchester (Essex)

Cole, Whittle & Co.

Collinson, Gilbert & Co.
-, William

Columbine, Francis

Colwyn (Denb.)

Colwyn Bay (Denb.)

Comberbach, Roger
-, Roger the younger
-, family

Commercial Hall

Commercial News Room

Commodus, Emperor

Common Hall

Commonhall Lane (John NormansLane; Moothall Lane)
-, see also Commonhall Street

Commonhall Street
-, see also Commonhall Lane

Compton, Cecily

Coniston Road

Connah's Quay (Flints.)

Conney, Nicholas

Constitutional Friendly Society

Continental Can Co.

Conwy (Caern.)

Cook, William

Cook Street

Cooke, William

Co-operative Wholesale Society

Cop, The


Corbridge (Northumb.)

Corbusier, Le

Cork (co. Cork)

Cornmarket ward

Cornwall Street

Corvisors' Row

Corwen (Merion.)

Corydon, John: see Carr, John (alias Corydon)

Cotgreave, family

Cottage Street
-, see also Garden Lane; Portpool Way

Cotton, Peter

Council for the Preservation of Rural England

Council in the Marches of Wales

Countess coffee house

Countess of Chester Hospital

Countess Way

County Agricultural Show

County Hall

Courcy, John

Courtaulds, Messrs.

Coventry (Warws.)
-, bishop of: see Arundel, John

Cow Lane
-, see also Frodsham Street

Cowlane Gate

Cowper, John
-, Thomas
-, family

Cox & Miller, Messrs.

-, see also Blacon cum Crabwall

Crane Street

Crane Wharf


Crewe, Sir Randle

Crewe Street

Crichton, J. & Co. Ltd.

Crofts, The

Crofts Lane
-, see also Linenhall Street

Crompton, William

Cromwell, Oliver

Crook Lane
-, see also Crook Street; Gerrards Lane

Crook Street
-, see also Crook Lane; Gerrards Lane

Crosland-Taylor, Claude
-, George

Cross, William

Cross, The
-, see also High Cross, The

Crossley: see Royson & Crossley

Crossman, Richard

Crosville Motor Services

Croxton, Thomas


Cuppin Lane

Cuppin Street

Curzon, Richard William Penn, Earl Howe

Curzon Park

Curzon Park North

Curzon Park South
-, see also Park Road

Cymdeithas Cymry Caer

Dafydd ap Llywelyn


Daresbury, Ranulph of
-, family

Daresbury Hall

Dark Row

Dartmouth (Devon)

Davenport, Ralph
-, family

David the miller

Davies, John H. & Sons
-, W. T. & Sons

Dawpool, in Thurstaston q.v.

Dawson: see Walker & Dawson

Dawson Drive

De Havilland: see Havilland, de, Messrs.

Dean, Edward

Deanery Fields

Debenham Group

Dee Banks

Dee Bridge

Dee Catchment Board

Dee Hills

Dee Hills House

Dee Hills Park

Dee House

Dee Lane
-, see also Payns Lode

Dee Mills

Dee Mineral Oil Co. (Dee Oil Co.)

Dee Point


Deeside Mills

Deeside Regional Planning Scheme

Deganwy (Caern.)


Delamere Street

Delves, Sir John



Dene field

Denson, F. J. & Sons


Derby, earls of see also Stanley,
-, Charles; Stanley, Edward; Stanley, E. G. V.; Stanley, Henry; Stanley, William Roger of


Derbyshire, Jane

Derwent Road


Deva Manufacturing Services Ltd.

Deva Terrace


Deykin, Nicholas

Dickson, F. & A., Messrs. see also Dickson's Ltd.
-, J. H.
-, James & Son
-, family

Dickson's Drive

Dickson's Ltd.
-, see also Dickson, F. & A.

Dilles Tower

Dixon, Thomas

Dixon & Co.

Dobie, Samuel

Dod, Gilling & Partners

Dodd, William


Dodson, J. G.

Dog Lane
-, see also Little Parsons Lane

Donald, earl of Mar

Doncaster, William I of
-, William II of
-, William III of
-, William IV of
-, William V of
-, family

Douglas, John

Douglas, Minshull & Co.

Douglas, Minshull & Muspratt

Dover, bishop of: see Ingworth, Richard

Downham, William, bishop of Chester

Dr. Walley's Mount

Drogheda (co. Louth)

Droop, J. P.

Dublin (co. Dublin)

Ducker, Edward

Dudley, Robert, earl of Leicester

Duke Street
-, see also Claverton Lane

Dunfoul, family

Dunham Massey

Dutch Houses

Dutton, Edward
-, F. W.
-, Fulk
-, Sir Piers
-, family

Dyserth (Flints.)

Eadred, king of England

Eadric Streona

Eadric the wild

Eadwig, king of England

Ealdgyth, queen, wife of King Harold II Godwineson

Earl Ranulph's forge

Earl's Eye
-, see also Meadows, The



Eastgate Row

Eastgate Row South

Eastgate Street

Eastgate Street Row


Eaton (Ches.)
-, see also Belgrave

Eaton, Samuel
-, family

Eaton Hall

Eaton Road
-, see also Claverton Way

Ebereyert, The

Ebury (Mdx.)

Ebury of Ebury Manor, Baron: see Grosvenor, Robert

Eccles, family

Ecclesiastical Commissioners

Eccleston (Ches.)

Eccleston Lane

Eddowes, Ralph

Edgar, king of England

Edgar's Field
-, see also Kettle's Croft

Edmund I, king of England

Edmund II Ironside, king of England

Edward I, king of England

Edward II, king of England

Edward III, king of England

Edward IV, king of England

Edward VII, king of the United Kingdom

Edward, prince of Wales etc., son of Henry VI

Edward, The Lord: see Edward I

Edward of Caernarfon: see Edward II

Edward of Woodstock: see Edward the Black Prince

Edward the Black Prince

Edward the Confessor, king of England

Edward the Elder, king of the West Saxons

Edward the Martyr, king of England

Edwards, Peter
-, Thomas
-, William

Edward's Court

Edwin, earl of Mercia

Egerton, C. B.
-, Sir John Grey, Bt.
-, Sir Philip
-, Sir Thomas
-, family

Egerton House

Egerton Iron & Brass Foundry

Egerton Street

Egerton Street Saw Mill

Eglaf, earl of Mercia

Elizabeth II, queen of the United Kingdom

Elizabeth of York, queen, wife of Henry VII

Elizabeth Crescent

Ellesmere & Chester Canal

Ellesmere Port

Ellington, E. B.

Ellis, Robert

Ely (Cambs.)

Empire Exhibition (1925)

Engineer: see Amaury the engineer; Richard the engineer

Englefield (Flints.)
-, see also Flintshire

Epstein, Jacob

Erle Drax Grosvenor, Richard: see Grosvenor, Richard Erle Drax

Erneys family

Ethelda Drive

Evesham (Worcs.)

Ewloe (Flints.)

Ewloe, Edmund
-, John
-, family

Exchange, The

Exeter (Devon)

Falcon Inn

Falconer, William

Falmouth (Cornw.)

Farish, William


Farrington, family

Fauld (Staffs.)

Faulkner Street

Ferne, Henry, bishop of Chester

Fiennes, Celia

Finchett (later Finchett-Maddock) , John

Finchett's Gutter

Fisher, Geoffey, bishop of Chester

FitzAlan, Richard, earl of Arundel
-, William

FitzMiles, Roger: see Roger of Gloucester or FitzMiles

Five Ashes Road


Fleshers' Row

Fleshmongers Lane
-, see also Newgate Street

Fleshmongers' Row

Fletcher, John

Flint (Flints.)

-, see also Englefield

Flintshire Oil & Cannel Co.

Flooker's brook


Flookersbrook Foundry

Flookersbrook Hall

Fogge, Lawrence

Forbes & Tate, Messrs.

Forbes Bramble Associates

Foregate Street

Forest House

Forum Centre

Foster, Walter

Fowey (Cornw.)

Fowler Road


Francis Street

Fresnell, Stephen

Friends of the Cathedral


Frodsham Street
-, see also Cow Lane

Frontinus, Sextus Julius

Frost, F. A. & Sons
-, John
-, T. A. & J.
-, Sir Thomas
-, family

Frosts' Steam Mill

Fulcards Lane
-, see also White Friars

Further Bridgegate

Gamberell, William

Gamul House

Gamul Place

Gamull, Andrew
-, Sir Francis, Bt.
-, William
-, family

Gap, The

Garden Lane
-, see also Cottage Street; Portpool Way

Garden Terrace

Garnett, William
-, William & Son

Garth Drive


Gastrell, Francis, bishop of Chester

Gateway Theatre


Gaumont Cinema

Gaveston, Piers

Gee, Edmund
-, Henry
-, family

General station: see Chester General station

George IV, king of the United Kingdom

George V, king of the United Kingdom

George, David Lloyd.: see Lloyd George, David

George Street
-, see also Bag Lane

Gerald of Wales

Gerard, William


Gerrard, Enoch

Gerrards Lane
-, see also Crook Lane; Crook Street

Gherbod, earl of Chester

Gilbert: see Collinson, Gilbert & Co.

Gladstone, W. E.
-, W. H.

Gladstone Avenue

Gladstone Road


Glasgow (Lanarkshire)

Glazier, William

Glegg, William

Glendal, John


Gloucester, duchess of: see Cobham, Eleanor
-, duke of: see Humphrey of Lancaster; Thomas of Woodstock
-, Roger of: see Roger of Gloucester or FitzMiles

Gloucester Street

Glovers Houses

Glovers' Row


Glyn Dwr, Owain: see Owain Glyn
-, Dwr

Goblin Tower

Godescall, hermit

God's Providence House

Godstall Lane

Godwit Hall

Goodman, Christopher
-, William
-, family

Gorse Stacks, The
-, see also Henwald's Lowe

Gorst, Thomas B. & Sons

Goss Lane

Goss Street

Goulburne, Robert

Gowan, James

Graham, John, bishop of Chester

Grange Lane

Grange Road

Granville Road

Gray, John & Co.

Great Boughton

Great ditch

Great Room: see Mr. Eaton's Great Room

Great Western Railway

Green, Thomas

Green Hall

Green Lane
-, see also Greenway Street


Greenway, The
-, see also Brook Street

Greenway Street
-, see also Green Lane

Greenwood, Charles

Gregg, William

Grenfell Baines, G.: see Baines, G. Grenfell

Grey, Sir John
-, Reynold de

Grey ditch

Grey Friars (Smith's Walk)


Greyhound Retail Park

Griffin, king: see Gruffudd ap Llywelyn

Griffiths Bros.

Grimsditch, Richard

Grosvenor, Hugh Lupus, styled Earl
-, Grosvenor, later 3rd marquess of Westminster, afterwards 1st duke of Westminster Hugh Richard Arthur, 2nd duke of Westminster Norman de L'Aigle Sir Richard, 1st Bt. Sir Richard, 2nd Bt. Sir Richard, 7th Bt., later Baron Grosvenor of Eaton, afterwards 1st Earl Grosvenor Richard, styled Viscount Belgrave, later 2nd marquess of Westminster Richard Erle Drax Sir Robert, 6th Bt. Robert, 2nd Earl Grosvenor, later 1st marquess of Westminster Robert, styled Lord Robert Grosvenor, later 1st Baron Ebury of Ebury Manor Sir Thomas, 3rd Bt. Thomas (1764-1851) family

Grosvenor Bridge

Grosvenor Centre

Grosvenor Club

Grosvenor Court

Grosvenor estate

Grosvenor Hotel

Grosvenor Laing shopping precinct

Grosvenor Motor Co.

Grosvenor Museum

Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Park Road

Grosvenor Road

Grosvenor Street

Groves, The

Gruffudd ap Cynan, king of Gwynedd

Gruffudd ap Llywelyn, king of Gwynedd

Gruffudd ap Maredudd

Guilden Sutton

G.W.R: see Great Western Railway

Gwynedd, kingdom of

Hadrian, Emperor

Hadrian's Wall

Haig, Sir Douglas

Hale family

Halifax (Yorks.)

Hall, Ralph
-, William

Hallé Orchestra

Halley, Edmund

Ham Green (Som.)

Hamilton Place

Hamilton's Park

Hamley, Samuel

Hanbury (Staffs.)

Hancock, Thomas


Handbridge fort

Handel, G. F.

Hanley (Staffs.)

Harald III Hardrada, king of Norway

Hardware, Henry
-, family

Hardy, Matthew

Hargrave (Ches.)

Harker: see Rowse, Herbert J. & Harker

Harley, Robert, earl of Oxford

Harman U.K. Ltd.

Harold II Godwineson, king of England

Harre, Alexander (alias the clerk)

Harrison, George
-, James
-, Thomas

Harvey, John
-, Robert

Hatton, Agnes wife of John
-, John
-, family

Hatton Road

Haverfordwest (Pemb.)

Havilland, de, Messrs.

Hawarden (Flints.)

Hawarden, John
-, William

Hawarden Bridge steelworks: see Shotton steelworks

Hawker Siddeley, Messrs.

Haydock, Sir Gilbert

Haygarth, Dr. John

Hayton, Arthur J.

Heath Lane

Hebden Bridge (Yorks.)

Helewise, prioress

Hemingway, Joseph

Hendersons Ltd.

Henry I, king of England

Henry II, king of England

Henry III, king of England

Henry V, king of England

Henry VI, king of England

Henry VII, king of England

Henry VIII, king of England

Henry IV, Emperor

Henry V, Emperor

Henry, prince of Wales etc., son of James I

Henry, Luke Paget, bishop of Chester
-, Matthew

Henwald's Lowe
-, see also Gorse Stacks, The

Hepworths, Messrs.


Hereford, earl of: see Roger of Gloucester or FitzMiles

Heritage Court

Herkin's Well field


Hertford, earl of: see Clare, Gilbert of

Hesketh, family
-, see also Thomas & Hesketh

Heywood, William
-, family

Hickock, Richard

Higden, Ranulph

High Cross, The
-, see also Cross, The

Higher Ferry


Highfield Road

Hilbre Island

Hill, Octavia

Hingamund, Norseman

Hirst, John A.

Hitchens, Thomas

Hodkinson, Edward

Holes, Hugh de

Holford, Thomas

Holland (Netherlands)

Hollow Way

Holme, Randle I
-, Randle II
-, Randle III
-, Randle IV
-, family

Holmes: see Brown, Holmes & Co.

Holt (Denb.)

Holy Cross, church of: see St. John's church

Holy Trinity church

Holy Trinity parish

Holyhead (Ang.)

Holywell (Flints.)

Home & Colonial, Messrs.

Honey Stairs


Hoole heath

Hoole Lane

Hoole Road

Hope (Flints.)

Hope, John
-, family

Hopedale (Flints.)

Horn Lane Mount


Hostage, Tatlock & Partners

Hotspur: seePercy, Sir Henry

Hough Green

House of Industry

Howard, Thomas, earl of Surrey

Howe, Earl: seeCurzon, R. W. P.

Howson, J. S., dean of Chester

Howth (co. Dublin)


Hugh I, earl of Chester

Hugh II, earl of Chester

Hugh, agent of Vale Royal abbey

Hugh the mercer

Hugh Street

Hughes, Thomas

Hughes & Lancaster, Messrs.

Humberston, Philip

Humphrey of Lancaster, duke of Gloucester

Hunt, Henry
-, Richard

Hunter, James

Hunter Street

Hunter's Walk

Huntingdon, Henry of


Hurrell family

Hydraulic Engineering Co.

Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), king of Deheubarth etc.

Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)

Imperial Tobacco

Ince, Nicholas
-, Peter
-, Robert
-, William the elder
-, William

Inchtuthil (Perthshire)

Independent Labour Party

Ingworth, Richard, bishop of Dover

Inland Revenue

Insall, Donald
-, Donald & Associates

Invincible Homes

Ipswich (Suff.)


Irfara, thegn

Ironmonger Lane: see St. John's Lane

Ironmongers' Row

Iscoyd (Flints.)

Iseult, aunt of Pain

Isle of Man: see Man, Isle of

Jacobson, William, bishop of Chester

James I, king of England

James II, king of England

James, duke of Monmouth

Jeeves, Gordon

Jeffreys, Sir George

Jervis, Sir John

Jiggens, A. H. F.

John, king of England

John, earl of Chester

John son of Ulketel: see Ulkel, John

John the clerk

John Normans Lane: see Commonhall Lane

Johnson, Bryan
-, Edward
-, Edward & Bryan, Messrs.
-, William
-, family

Jollye's Hall

Jonas's Court

Jones, David Francis
-, Francis
-, Gerard
-, Leslie
-, Michael
-, Norman
-, Owen
-, Richard; see also Richard Jones Ltd.
-, Rowland
-, Sydney
-, W. Matthews
-, William

Joyce, Rachel

Justing Croft

Justing Croft Mount