Index : K-Z

A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2003.

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'Index : K-Z', in A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography, ed. C P Lewis, A T Thacker( London, 2003), British History Online [accessed 24 July 2024].

'Index : K-Z', in A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography. Edited by C P Lewis, A T Thacker( London, 2003), British History Online, accessed July 24, 2024,

"Index : K-Z". A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 1, the City of Chester: General History and Topography. Ed. C P Lewis, A T Thacker(London, 2003), , British History Online. Web. 24 July 2024.

Kaleyards, The

Kaleyards Gate

Keane, A. R.
-, Richard B.

Kendal (Westmld.)

Kendall, David

Kennedy Close

Kennerley, Enoch & Sons

Kettering (Northants.)

Kettle's Croft
-, see also Edgar's Field

Kilmarnock (Ayrshire)

Kilmorey, Viscount: see Needham, Robert
-, Viscountess: see Needham, Eleanor

Kilmorey Park Avenue

Kinderley, Nathaniel


King, David

King Charles's Tower: see Phoenix Tower

King Street
-, see also Barn Lane

King's Arms Kitchen

King's Hay

King's Lynn (Norf.)

King's Pool

King's School

Kingsley Road


Kinnerton Lane
-, see also Lache Lane

Kinsale (co. Cork)

Kirby, West: seeWest Kirby

Kirk, John

Knowles, John


Kwik Save

-, see also Marlston cum Lache

Lache Hall

Lache Lane
-, see also Kinnerton Lane

Lache Park Avenue

Lacy, Henry de, earl of Lincoln
-, Roger de
-, Walter de, lord of Meath

Ladies Health Society

Lamb Row

Lambert, John



Lancaster, duke of: see Bolingbroke, Henry
-, earl of: see Thomas, earl of Lancaster

Lancaster, Humphrey of: see Humphrey of Lancaster
-, Nathaniel
-, see also Hughes & Lancaster

Lanceley, Henry, Son & Co.

Langland, William

Langton, John

Larden, John

Laud, William, archbishop of Canterbury

Lawley, Beilby

Lawton, J. A. & Co.

Layton, Rowland

Le Corbusier: see Corbusier, Le

le Scrope, Richard: see Scrope, Richard le

Lea (Ches.)

Leach, Rhodes & Walker


Leadworks Lane

Leche House

Lee: see Netherleigh; Overleigh

Lee, Rowland, bishop of Lichfield

Leeds (Yorks.)

Leek (Staffs.)

Leen family

Leen Lane

Leet, Simeon


Legh, Sir Peter
-, family
-, see also Leigh


Leicester, earl of: see Dudley, Robert
-, Richard
-, see also Leycester

Leigh, Peter
-, see also Legh

Leofric, Earl

Leofwine, bishop of Lichfield

Leofwine, ealdorman

Levick: see Pratt, Levick & Co.

Levinge, Richard I
-, Richard II

Ley, John

Leyburn, John

Leycester, Hugh
-, see also Leicester

Libourne (Gironde)

Lichfield (Staffs.)
-, bishops of see also Arundel, John; Lee, Rowland; Leofwine; Limesey, Robert de; Northburgh, Roger; Scrope, Richard le; Stretton, Robert

Limesey, Richard de
-, Robert de, bishop of Lichfield

-, bishop of: see Chadderton, William
-, earl of: see Lacy, Henry de

Lind, Jennie

Linenhall Street
-, see also Crofts Lane

Lion Brewery
-, see also Chester Lion Brewery Co. Ltd.

Lion House

Liptons, Messrs.

Little Neston

Little Parsons Lane
-, see also Dog Lane

Little Roodee, The
-, see also Roodee, The

Little St. John Lane

Little St. John Street

Littleborough (Lancs.)

Littlewoods, Messrs.

Liverpool (Lancs.)

Liverpool, Bank of: see Bank of Liverpool

Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Liverpool Road

Liverpool Road station

Liverpool, University of

Livet, Walter de
-, William de

Llandudno (Caern.)

Llangollen (Denb.)

Lloyd, George, bishop of Chester
-, Thomas

Lloyd George, David

Lloyd's Bank

Lloyd's Cambrian Chain & Anchor Testing Co.

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, prince of Wales

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth

L.N.W.R.: see London & North Western Railway

Lockwood, T. M.
-, W. T.

-, bishop of: see Vaughan, Richard

London & North Western Railway

London Lead Company

Lorne Street

Lothian, James

Louth (Clogher), bishop of

Love Lane

Love Street

Lower Bridge Street

Lower Lane

Lower Park Road

Lowestoft (Suff.)

Lucian, monk of Chester

Lunt, Thomas

Lupus, Virius

Lutwyche, Sir Edward

Lyell, Michael & Associates

Lyme (Ches.)


Lynn, W. H.

McCafferty, John


McHattie & Co.

Machynlleth (Mont.)

McLean, Alexander

Madame Hamley (shop)

Maddock: see Finchett (later Finchett-Maddock)

Maelor Saesneg (Flints.)

Magnus II, king of Norway

Mainwaring, George
-, Sir John
-, Sir Randle
-, family

Malahide (co. Dublin)

Malcolm IV, king of Scots

Mallory, Thomas
-, Thomas the younger

Malmesbury, William of

Malpas (Ches.)

Maltby: see Walkers, Maltby & Co.

Man, Isle of
-, bishop of: see Oldham, Richard

Man, Henry

Manchester (Lancs.)

Manchester & District Bank

Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway

Manchester Ship Canal


Mar, earl of: see Donald

Margaret, queen, wife of Henry VI

Marian Drive

Market Square

Marks & Spencer, Messrs.

Marks & Spencer Financial Services

Marlston cum Lache

Marlston Avenue

Marsh, George

Marston Moor (Yorks.)

Mason: see Robert the mason

Massey, Hamon de
-, Thomas
-, family

Massie, Trafford

Mather, Thomas

Maurice, Prince

Maximus, Magnus

Mayfair (Lond.)

Maypole, Messrs.

MBNA International Bank

Meacock: see Mowle & Meacock

Meadows, The
-, see also Earl's Eye

Meadows Lane

Meath, lord of: see Lacy, Walter de

Mechanics' Institution

Melba, Nellie

Melrose Avenue

Meols (Ches.)

Meols, Geoffrey of

Mercer, Hugh the
-, Robert the

Mercia, earls of

Mercia Square


Mickle Trafford

Middlesbrough (Yorks.)

Middleton, Thomas


Mill Lane

Miller: see Cox & Miller; David the miller

Milton Street

Milton Street Mill

Minshull, John
-, see also Douglas, Minshull & Co.; Douglas, Minshull & Muspratt

Moat House Hotel

Mold (Flints.)

Mold, Roger of

Mold Junction (Flints.)


Mollington Lane
-, see also Parkgate Road

Monk, John

Monmouth, duke of: see James, duke of Monmouth

Mons (Nord)

Montfort, Henry de
-, Simon de

Montgomery, Roger de
-, Thomas

Moorcroft, A. H.
-, Henry

Moothall Lane: see Commonhall Lane

Moreton, Edward

Morgan, Edward
-, Elizabeth

Morgan's Mount

Morhall: see Rowton & Morhall

Morris, Cyril
-, see also Parry, Boardman & Morris

Mortimer, Sir Roger

Morton, Thomas, bishop of Chester

Mosley, Sir Oswald, Bt.

Moston (Ches.)

Mostyn (Flints.)

Moulson family

Mowle, James
-, James & Co.

Mowle&Meacock, Messrs.

Mr. Eaton's Great Room

Much Wenlock (Salop.)

Mundræd, thegn

Music Hall

Music Hall Cinema

Music Hall Passage

Music Society

Muspratt: see Douglas, Minshull & Muspratt

Mussolini, Benito

Mustard Houses

Mytton, Charles


National Farmers' Union

Needham, Eleanor, wife of Robert, Viscount Kilmorey
-, Robert, Viscount Kilmorey

Neile, Richard, archbishop of York

Nellis: see Stroud, Nellis & Partners


Neston, Little: see Little Neston

Netherlands: see Holland


Neville, John
-, Richard, earl of Salisbury
-, Thomas

Neville Road

New Buildings

New Crane Wharf

New England
-, see also America; United States of America

New England Business Stationery

New Haven

New Linenhall

New Tower


Newbold Lane
-, see also Bottoms Lane

Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffs.)

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Northumb.)

Newcome, Henry

-, see also Wolfeldgate

Newgate Street
-, see also Fleshmongers Lane

Newry Park

Newstead, Robert

Newton by Chester

Newton Hall

Newton Lane

Newton Tower

Newton Upton Land Co.


Nicholas Street
-, see also St. Nicholas Lane

Nicholas Street Mews
-, see also Brooke's Street

Nicholls, Thomas&Co.
-, William

Nield, Basil


Norman, John son of


Normans Lane: see Commonhall Lane

North & South Wales Bank

North field

North Wales Flannel Manufacturing Co.

North West Securities


Northburgh, Roger, bishop of Lichfield

Northenden, Bartholomew of

Northern Counties Housing Association


Northgate Arena

Northgate Brewery: see Chester Northgate Brewery

Northgate Gaol

Northgate Iron Works

Northgate station: see Chester Northgate station

Northgate Street

Northgate Village

Northgate ward

Northop (Flints.)


Norton (Ches.)

Norwich (Norf.)

Nottervill, Robert


Nuns Lane

Nuns Road: see Castle Esplanade

Nutter, John

Octagon chapel

Odeon Cinema

Offley, Foster Cunliffe
-, Hugh
-, Robert
-, William

Ogwen (Caern.)

Olaf Haraldsson, king of Norway

Old Bank: see Chester Old Bank

Old Choristers' Association

Old King's Head

Oldfield Crescent

Oldham, Richard, bishop of Man

Oliver, George
-, Philip

Operative Stonemasons

Orby, Fulk of
-, Sir John
-, Philip of
-, family

Orchard Street

Original Bradford Soap Works

Osbern fitz Tezzon

Oswald, St., king of Northumbria

Oswestry (Salop.)

Ould, E. A.


Oulton, Edward

Oulton Place

Over (Ches.)


Overleigh Hall

Overleigh Road

Owain Glyn Dwr

Ox Lane

-, Brasenose College
-, earl of: see Harley, Robert; Vere, Robert de

Oxford, Ranulph of

Pain, nephew of Iseult

Pain, sheriff of Chester

Paine, Tom

Paisley (Renfrewshire)

Parade, The

Paradise Row

Pares or Paris Hall

Paris (France)

Paris, Robert, widow of

Paris Hall: see Pares or Paris Hall

Park Road
-, see also Curzon Park South

Park Street

Parker: see Walkers, Parker & Co. Ltd

Parker's Buildings

Parker's Court

Parkes, A. Mainwaring


Parkgate Road
-, see also Mollington Lane

Parks, Alfred

Parr's Bank Ltd.

Parr's Court

Parry, Samuel Taylor

Parry, Boardman & Morris, Messrs.

Parsons Lane
-, see also Princess Street

Paulinus, Suetonius

Payn, Hugh
-, Nicholas
-, family

Payns Lode
-, see also Dee Lane

Peak, Richard of the

Pearl Assurance Co.

Pearson, John, bishop of Chester

Pegrams, Messrs.

Pemberton family

Pemberton's Parlour

Penn, William

Penruddock, John

Penson, T. M.

Pentice, The

Peploe, Samuel, bishop of Chester

Pepper Street

Percy, Sir Henry (Hotspur)

Peter, bishop of Chester

Peter the clerk

Philip the clerk

Philipps, Sir Owen

Phoenix Tower (King Charles's Tower)

Phoenix Tower Mount

Pierpoint Lane

Pierrepont, Richard
-, Robert
-, family

Piers, John, archbishop of York

Pigot, Robert

Pilkington, Francis

Pimlico (Lond.)

Pindar, Sir Peter, Bt.

Pipers Lane

Pitt, William, earl of Chatham

Pius, Antoninus, Emperor

Plantagenet, Richard, duke of York

Plas Newton

Plas Newton Hall

Plas Newton Lane

Plessington, John

Plymouth (Devon)

Point of Ayr (Flints.)

Pole, Ranulph

Pontefract (Yorks.)

Ponthieu (France)

Poole, Richard


Portpool Way
-, see also Cottage Street; Garden Lane


Post Office
-, see also Royal Mail

Potter, Roger

Pottinger, T. O. & Partners

Potts, Henry

Pratt, Levick & Co.

Presbyterian Church of Wales

Prescott, Henry

Prestatyn (Flints.)

Preston (Lancs.)

Preston Brook (Ches.)

Princess Street
-, see also Parsons Lane

Proby, Peter

Proctor & Ryland, Messrs.

Protestant Episcopal Church

Providence Foundry and Engineering Works

Providence Iron & Brass Foundry

Prudential Assurance Co.

Prudmercer, Robert le

Prynne, William


Queen Street

Queen's Drive

Queen's Park

Queens Road

Queen's School

Queen's Wharf

Queensferry (Flints.)

Raby (Ches.)

Raby, Hugh of
-, family

Rabys Lane

Radcliffe (Lancs.)

Radcot Bridge (Oxon.)

Radington, Baldwin

R.A.F. Sealand

Raikes, H. C.

Rainford, Henry
-, family

Ranulph I, earl of Chester

Ranulph II, earl of Chester

Ranulph III, earl of Chester

Ranulph the chamberlain

Ratcliffe, John
-, John the younger
-, family

Ratepayers' Association

Reading (Berks.)

Recorder's Steps

Red Dog coffee house



Redditch (Worcs.)

Reeds Mount

Regal Cinema

Reliance Works

Rhodes: see Leach, Rhodes & Walker

Rhuddlan (Flints.)

Rhuddlan, Robert of

Rhyl (Flints.)

Richard II, king of England

Richard III, king of England

Richard, earl of Chester

Richard the clerk

Richard the engineer

Richard Jones Ltd.

Richards, Henry William
-, William

Richardson, Adam
-, Randle

Richmond (Surr.)

Richmond, Ian

Richmond Terrace

Ridge, Jonathan

Rigby, Leonard

Rigg, Arthur
-, James

Ripley, Simon

River Dee Co.

River Dee shipbuilding yard

Robert the chamberlain

Robert the mason

Robert the mercer

Roberts, B. C.
-, Gabriel
-, William

Roberts' Court

Robinson, S.: see Wright, T.

Rochdale (Lancs.)

Rochdale family

Rock Lane

Roger of Gloucester or FitzMiles, earl of Hereford

Rogers, David
-, E. S. & Co.
-, J. S.
-, Ralph
-, Robert

Roger's British Oil Works

Rogerson, Roger

Roodee, The
-, see also Little Roodee, The

Roodee Iron Works

Roodee shipbuilding yard

Rowlandson, Elnathan

Rows, The

Rowse, Herbert J. & Harker


Rowton & Morhall, Messrs.

Royal Agricultural Show

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Fine Arts Commission

Royal Hotel

Royal Infirmary: see Chester Royal Infirmary

Royal Mail
-, see also Post Office

Royalty Theatre

Royson & Crossley, Messrs.

Ruabon (Denb.)

Rufus Court

Rugby (Warws.)


Rupert, Prince

Rush (co. Dublin)

Russell, Richard
-, family

Rustproof Metal Windows Ltd.

Ruthin (Denb.)

Rutter, Sir Peter

Rye House Plot

Ryland: see Proctor & Ryland

Saddlers' Tower

Safeway, Messrs.

Sainsbury, Messrs. J.
-, Richard

St. Anne Street

St. Anne's fraternity and chapel

St. Asaph (Flints.)

Saint-Bertin, Goscelin of

St. Bridget's church

St. Bridget's parish

St. Chad's chapel

St. Chad's Road

St. David's Oil Works

Saint-Evroul (Orne)

St. Francis's Roman Catholic church

St. George's chantry

St. George's Crescent

St. Giles's bakehouse

St. Giles's hospital

St. Giles's ward

St. Ives (Cornw.)

St. James's chapel

Saint-Jean de Luz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

St. John Street

St. John's church

St. John's churchyard

St. John's hospital

St. John's House

St. John's Lane (Ironmonger Lane)

St. John's parish

St. John's vicarage

St. John's ward

Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine)

St. Martin's church

St. Martin's Fields

St. Martin's Gate

St. Martin's parish

St. Martin's Way

St. Mary de Castro, chapel of

St. Mary Lane
-, see also St. Mary's Hill

St. Mary on the Hill church

St. Mary's church, Handbridge

St. Mary's guild

St. Mary's Hill
-, see also St. Mary Lane

St. Mary's parish

St. Mary's ward

St. Michael's church

St. Michael's parish

St. Michael's Row

St. Nicholas Lane
-, see also Nicholas Street

St. Nicholas's chapel

St. Olave Street

St. Olave's church

St. Olave's Lane

St. Olave's parish

St. Olave's ward

St. Oswald's church

St. Oswald's parish

St. Oswald's vicarage

St. Oswald's ward

St. Paul's church, Boughton

St. Peter's church

St. Peter's parish

St. Thomas Becket's chapel

St. Thomas of Canterbury, church of

St. Thomas's chapel in the Deanery

St. Thomas's ward

St. Ursula's fraternity

St. Ursula's hospital

St. Werburgh Lane

St. Werburgh Row

St. Werburgh Street

St. Werburgh's abbey (formerly minster)
-, see also Chester Cathedral

St. Werburgh's barn and grange,

St. Werburgh's fair

St. Werburgh's minster: see St. Werburgh's abbey

St. Werburgh's Roman Catholic church

Saintonge (France)

Sal Ammonionic works

Salisbury, earl of: see Neville, Richard
-, Enoch

Salmon's Leap

Salt Union

Saltney (Flints.)

Salvation Army

Sanders: see Brown & Sanders

Sandown Terrace

Saracen family

Sargent: see Biggins Sargent Partnership


Saughall Road

Saughall Street

Savage, Sir John (d. 1492)
-, Sir John (d. 1495)
-, Sir Thomas
-, family

Schreiber house

Scolehall, John
-, Ranulph


Scotland, Bank of: see Bank of Scotland

Scotland, Royal Bank of: see Royal Bank of Scotland

Scott, Cuthbert, bishop of Chester
-, G. G.

Scrope, Richard le, bishop of Lichfield

Sealand (Flints.)

Sealand House

Sealand Industrial Estate

Sealand Road

Seddon, William

Seller, Edward Russell & Co.
-, William
-, family

Seller Street

Severus, Septimius, Emperor

Shaftesbury (Dors.)

Shakerley, Sir Geoffrey
-, Peter

Sheffield (Yorks.)

Shell Chemicals U.K.

Ship Lane: see Shipgate Street


Shipgate House

Shipgate Street (Ship Lane)

Shoemaker' Row

Shone, William

Shordley (Flints.)

Shotton (Flints.)
-, steelworks


Shrewsbury (Salop.)
-, dukes and earls of: see Talbot

Shrewsbury & Chester Railway


Shropshire Union Canal Co.

Sihtric III, king of Dublin

Simpson, Thomas

Skinners Houses

Skinners Lane

Smethwick (Staffs.)

Smith, John
-, Sir Laurence
-, Richard
-, Roger
-, Thomas
-, Sir Thomas, Bt.
-, William
-, family

Smith's Walk: see Grey Friars

Sneyd, Richard
-, William
-, family

Snowdon Crescent

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Society for the Reformation of Manners

Souters Lane

Souters Lode

South Carolina (U.S.A.)

Southworth, John
-, Nicholas
-, family


Spanish Company

Spicer, John

Spillering, Richard

Spillers, Messrs.

Spital Boughton

Spital Walk

Spread Eagle Inn

Sproston, Robert


Stadium Industrial Estate



Stamford (Lincs.)

Stamford Road

Stanley, Charles, earl of Derby
-, Edward, earl of Derby
-, Edward George Villiers, earl of Derby
-, Henry, earl of Derby
-, James, Lord Strange
-, John Thomas, Baron Stanley of Alderley
-, William, earl of Derby
-, William Owen
-, family

Stanley of Alderley, Baron: see Stanley, John Thomas

Stanley Palace

Stanley Place

Stanley Street

Stanlow (Ches.)

Stanlow family

Stannanought Partnership

Stanton Drive

Stathom, Thomas

Station View

Steam Mill

Steam Mill Street

Steele Street

Stephen, king of England

Steven Street

Stirling, James


Stocks Lane

Stolterfoth, Henry

Stone Bridge

Stone Hall

Stone Place

Stone Seld

Stone Street

Stoop Bridge

Stourbridge (Worcs.)

Strange, John le
-, Lord: see Stanley, James

Stratford-upon-Avon (Warws.)

Stratford, Nicholas, bishop of Chester

'Street, William

Stretton, Robert, bishop of Lichfield

Strong, James

Stroud, Nellis & Partners

Stubbs, William, bishop of Chester

Summers, John

Sumner, J. B., bishop of Chester

Sun Inn

Sunbury Crescent

Surrey, earl of: see Howard, Thomas; Warenne, John de

Sutcliffe: see Williams, O., & Sutcliffe

Sutton, Guilden: see Guilden Sutton

Sutton, Henry

Sycamore Drive

Sykes, Alice Maude
-, William

Syon College

Taberner, Edgar

Tailor, Hugh the
-, Wymark widow of John the

Talbot, Francis, 14th earl of Shrewsbury
-, family, dukes and earls of Shrewsbury

Talbot Hotel

Tamworth (Staffs.)

Taney, Luke de

Tapper, Michael
-, Walter

Tarbock, Sir William



Tarvin Road

Tate: see Forbes & Tate

Tatlock: see Hostage, Tatlock & Partners

Tattenhall Junction

Tattenhall Road station

Taylor, Charles
-, J. H. & Sons
-, John
-, Robert
-, Sir Robert
-, see also Crosland-Taylor

Tesco, Messrs.

Theatre Royal

Thomas, Sir Percy & Son

Thomas & Hesketh, Messrs.

Thomas, earl of Lancaster

Thomas of Woodstock, duke of Gloucester

Thomas the clerk

Thomson International

Thoresby, Ralph

Thorington, H. V. Basil

Thornton le Moors

Thornton, Sir Peter
-, family

Thouars, duchess of: see Tremouille, Charlotte de la

Thropp, Thomas the elder
-, Thomas the younger
-, family

-, Dawpool in


Titherington, William

Tomkinson, James

Tomlinson, Thomas

Topham family

Totnes (Devon)

Tower field

Tower Road

Tower Wharf

Town ditch

Town field

Town Hall Square

Townsend, Robert

Toyota Motors

Trafford (Ches.)
-, see also Bridge Trafford; Mickle Trafford

Trafford shopping centre (Lancs.)

Trafford Street

Tremouille, Charlotte de la, dowager duchess of Thouars

Trent & Mersey Canal

Trentham (Staffs.)

Treuddyn (Flints.)

Trinity College of Music

Trinity International, Messrs.

Trinity Lane

Trinity Lane chapel

Trinity Mirror PLC

Trinity Street

Trinity ward

Troutbeck, William
-, Sir William
-, family

Troutbeck chapel

Tubbs, N. H.

Tudor, Henry: see Henry VII

Tudor House

Turner, Joseph

Two Churches, The

Tylston, John

Tyrwhitt, Richard

Uffington House

Uhtred, Earl

Ulkel, John (alias John son of Ulketel)

Ullswater Crescent

Uniacke, John

Union Bridge

Union Hall

Union Street
-, see also Barkers Lane

Unitarian chapel

United Operative Plumbers'Association

United States of America
-, see also America; New England; South Carolina

United Trades and Labour Council

University College, Chester: see Chester College

University Grants Committee

Upper Cambrian Road

Upper Northgate Street


Upton-by-Chester golf course

Upton Heath

Upton Park

Upton, Thomas

Urenco, Messrs.

Ussher, James, archbishop of Armagh

Vale Royal, abbey

Valentine's Court

Valle Crucis (Denb.), abbey

Vaughan, Richard, bishop of Chester and later London

Vauxhall Motors

Venables, Sir Richard
-, William

Vere, Robert de, earl of Oxford

Vernon, John
-, Sir Richard
-, William

Vernon Road

Vespasian, Emperor

Vicars Cross

Vicars Cross Road

Vicars Lane

Vickers-Armstrong Ltd.

Victoria Crescent

Victoria Engine Works

Victoria Pathway

Victoria Road
-, see also Windmill Lane

Victoria Waggon Co.

Vigars, Henry

Volunteer Drill Hall

Volunteer Street

Wainwright, John

Wakefield (Yorks.)

Wales, prince of: see Arthur, prince; Edward II, king; Edward VII, king; Edward, prince; Henry V, king; Henry, prince

Walker, A. O.
-, E. S.
-, John
-, Richard
-, see also Leach, Rhodes & Walker

Walker & Dawson, Messrs.

Walker Street

Walkers, Maltby & Co.

Walkers, Parker & Co. Ltd.


Walley, Charles
-, family


Walls Lane: see Arderne Lane

Walmoor House

Walsall (Staffs.)

Walsh, John

Walsingham, Sir Francis

Waltham (Essex)

Walton, Brian, bishop of Chester


Wardell, William

Warenne, John de, earl of Surrey


Warrington, George

Warwick, earl of: see Beauchamp,William de


Watch Tower

Water Tower

Water Tower Street

Waterford (co. Waterford)


Watergate Flags

Watergate Street

Watergate Street Rows

Watling Crescent

Wealstone Lane

Weaver Street
-, see also Alban Lane

Webb, Edward & Sons
-, William

Weedon, Harry

Welsby, Thomas
-, Thomas & Co.

Welshpool (Mont.)

Wemyss Road

Werburg, St.

Werden, John
-, Sir John
-, Robert

Wesley, John

West Kirby


Western Avenue

Westminster (Lond.)
-, Abbey

Westminster, 1st marquess of: see Grosvenor, Robert
-, 2nd marquess of: see Grosvenor, Richard
-, 3rd marquess of: see Grosvenor, Hugh Lupus
-, 1st duke of: see Grosvenor, Hugh Lupus
-, 2nd duke of: see Grosvenor, Hugh Richard Arthur

Westminster Avenue

Westminster Coach & Motor Car Works

Westminster Park

Westminster Road

Westward Road

Wettenhall family

Wexford (co. Wexford)

Wheatley, Richard of
-, family

Whipcord Lane

Whitby, Edward
-, John
-, Robert
-, Thomas
-, family

Whitchurch (Salop.)

Whitchurch, Simon

White, Sir Thomas

White Bear Inn

White Friars
-, see also Fulcards Lane

White Friars Lane
-, see also Alexander Harre's Lane

White Talbot Inn


Whitehaven (Cumb.)

Whitley, George
-, Roger

Whitmore, John (d. 1374)
-, John (d. 1438)
-, family

Whittle, Jonathan & Sons
-, family
-, see also Cole, Whittle & Co.

Widnes (Lancs.)

Wigan (Lancs.)

Wigton (Cumb.)

Wilbraham family

Wilkins, John, bishop of Chester

Wilkinsons' Court

William I, king of England

William III, king of England

William fitz Niel

William of Orange: see William III, king

William of the chamber

William the clerk

Williams, Elias
-, George
-, O., & Sutcliffe
-, Owen
-, Sir William
-, see also Williams-Wynn

William & Co.

Williams & Williams, Messrs.

Williams Bros.

Williams-Wynn, Sir Watkin, 4th Bt.
-, family
-, see also Williams; Wynn

Williamson, John

Willow Road

Wilson, Harry
-, John
-, Richard
-, Woodrow, president of U.S.A.

Winchester (Hants)
-, bishopric of

Winder, Joseph

Windmill Lane (Besom Lane)
-, see also Victoria Road

Winebald, sheriff of Chester

Winnington (Ches.)



Wiseman, Charles
-, John
-, John & Co.

Wolf Tower

Wolfeldgate (Wolfeld's Gate)
-, see also Newgate

Wolverhampton (Staffs.)

Wood, Henry
-, Henry & Co.
-, Thomas & Sons
-, family

Wood Street

Woodfield Grove

Woodhouse, John

Woodstock, Thomas of: see Thomas of Woodstock



Workers' Educational Association

Worsley, Major-General Charles

Wrench, E. O.
-, family

Wrexham (Denb.)

Wrexham, Mold & Connah's Quay Railway

Wrexham Road
-, see also Bromfield Way

Wright, John
-, Robert
-, T., & S. Robinson, Messrs.

Wroxeter (Salop.)

Wych, Hugh

Wymark, mother of Alexander the clerk

Wynn, Watkin Williams
-, see also Williams-Wynn

Wynnstay (Denb.)

Yerburgh, Robert

-, archbishop of: see Neile, Richard; Piers, John
-, duke of: see Plantagenet, Richard
-, Minster


Zouche, William la