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A History of the County of Essex: Volume 9, the Borough of Colchester. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1994.

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Figures 3-5 were produced by Colchester Archaeological Trust. Figure 25 was drawn by Pamela Studd. All maps except figures 3-5 and 8 were drawn by Pamela Studd from drafts prepared by Janet Cooper, Beryl Board, Shirley Durgan, Pamela Studd, and C. C. Thornton. Figure 32 is based on Ordnance Survey 1/2,500 map (1882 edn.); the remaining maps are based on Ordnance Survey 6-inch maps (1881 edn.). For permission to reproduce material in their possession thanks are offered to the Bodleian Library, Oxford, to the British Library, to Colchester Museums (Colch. Mus.), to Essex County Library Local Studies Collection held at Colchester (E.C.L. Colch.), to the Essex Record Office (E.R.O.), and to the Society of Antiquaries.

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1 Essex Victoria County History: key to volumes published xviii
2 Borough of Colchester, 1846. From G. Gilbert, Colch. Map xxiv
3 Camulodunum, showing Roman roads and the legionary fortress 4
4 The legionary fortress (top) and the pre-Boudican colony (bottom) 8
5 Roman Colchester, 2nd-4th century 11
6 Colchester c. 1500 43
7 Origins of Freemen, 1327-1499 62
8 Siege Map, 1648. From broadsheet in the Society of Antiquaries library 74
9 Part of a prospect of Colchester from the north, 1697. Redrawn from a prospect by James Maheux in B.L. Map 2390 (2) 106
10 Hollytrees House, 1748. Photograph of drawing in E.R.O., Mint binder, Colch. III 150
11 The Castle grounds in 1748 and 1767. Detail from J. Deane's map in Morant, Colch., and T. Sparrow, Colch. Map 151
12 The gardens of East Hill House in 1748 and 1767. Detail from Deane's and Sparrow's maps 152
13 The growth of the built-up area. From Gilbert, Colch. Map, Ordnance Survey maps, and Colch. Borough Council Operational Services map of housing development to 1992 176
14 A Shop in New Town in the 1880s. Unsigned engraving in E.C.L. Colch., E COL. 1 725.21 192
15 The botanic gardens, 1847, and their development, 1852. Plans from E.R.O., Acc. C32, and E.R.O., D/DB T833 200
16 Blatch Square, 1865. Plan from E.R.O., D/DE1 T293 201
17 The Railway Hotel, 1843. From The Builder, i. 350 236
18 Plan of the Castle, 1876. From Ordnance Survey 1/500 map (1876 edn.) 244
19 The Castle from the south-east, 1718. Drawing by W. Stukeley in Bodl. MS. Top. Gen. e 61 246
20 The Barracks, 1856. Cutting from Illustrated Times, 26 Apr. 1856 in E.R.O., Colch. library folder 251
21 Barrack and army land within the borough in 1953. From information from Ministry of Defence 252
22 The Half Year Lands and parish boundaries, c. 1800. From MS. annotations by J. S. Barnes on copy of G. Gilbert, Map of Colchester, in E.C.L. Colch. E COL. 912 254
23 The Fishery and the river Colne, c. 1800 265
24 The Town Hall of 1843. From The Builder, i. 158; the engraver put the date MCMLXIII on the building instead of MCMXLIII 275
25 The Arms of the Borough of Colchester 277
26 Plan of the Union Workhouse, 1876. From Ordnance Survey 1/500 map (1876 edn.) 282
27 Plan of the Essex and Colchester Hospital, 1876. From Ordnance Survey 1/500 map (1876 edn.) 286
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28 St. John's Abbey Gatehouse, 1718. Drawing by W. Stukeley in E.R.O., Mint portfolio, Colch. 304
29 St. Botolph's Priory, 1718. Drawing by W. Stukeley in Bodl. MS. Top. Gen. e 61 305
30 The Grey Friars, 1718. Drawing by W. Stukeley in Bodl. MS. Top. Gen. e 61 307
31 St. Mary's-at-the-Walls church, 1864. From engraving in E.C.L. Colch. 326
32 Street Names 373
33 Greenstead c. 1838. From tithe map of 1838 and documentary sources 382
34 Greenstead church c. 1824. Engraving from a drawing by J. Greig in E.C.L. Colch. 389
35 Lexden c. 1838. From tithe map of 1838 392
36 Mile End c. 1846. From tithe map of 1842 402
37 West Donyland c. 1846. From tithe maps of 1837 and 1840 and maps in Keele Univ., Raymond Richards Colln. 408