A History of the County of Essex: Volume 9, the Borough of Colchester

The volume, the first full-scale, comprehensive and scholarly history of the ancient borough of Colchester to be published, describes the life of the oldest and for long the largest town in Essex from the Iron Age to 1990.

Victoria County History - Essex. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1994.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of plates ix-x
List of maps and other Text figures xi-xii
Editorial note xiii-xiv
Essex Victoria County History committee xv
Classes of documents in the public record office used xvi-xvii
Essex Victoria County History: Key to volumes published xviii
Classes of documents in the Essex Record Office used xix
Note on abbreviations xx-xxiv
The Borough of Colchester 1
Iron-Age and Roman Colchester 2-18
Medieval Colchester: Introduction 19-26
Medieval Colchester: The economy 26-38
Medieval Colchester: Growth of the town 38-47
Medieval Colchester: Borough government 48-57
Medieval Colchester: Townspeople 57-66
Tudor and Stuart Colchester: Introduction 67-76
Tudor and Stuart Colchester: Economic history 76-87
Tudor and Stuart Colchester: Social structure 88-102
Tudor and Stuart Colchester: Topography 102-110
Tudor and Stuart Colchester: Borough government 110-121
Tudor and Stuart Colchester: Religious life 121-132
Georgian Colchester: Introduction 133-134
Georgian Colchester: Economic history 135-147
Georgian Colchester: Topography 147-155
Georgian Colchester: Town government and politics 156-169
Georgian Colchester: Social history 169-175
Modern Colchester: Introduction 176-179
Modern Colchester: Economic development 179-198
Modern Colchester: Town development 199-208
Modern Colchester: Political history 208-221
Modern Colchester: Social history 222-229
Boundaries 230-233
Communications 233-237
Port 237-241
Castle 241-248
Walls and gates 248-251
Barracks 251-255
Common lands 255-259
Mills 259-264
Fishery 264-269
Markets and fairs 269-274
Municipal buildings 274-277
Arms, seals, insignia, and plate 277-279
Parish government and poor relief 279-284
Hospitals 284-290
Public services 290-298
Social and cultural institutions 298-303
Sites and remains of religious houses 303-309
Churches 309-336
Ancient chapels 336-338
Roman catholicism 338-339
Protestant nonconformity 339-351
Non-christian religious bodies 351
Education 352-366
Essex university 366
Charities for the poor 367-372
Street names 372-374
Bailiffs and mayors 374-381
Outlying parts of the Liberty: Introduction 383
Outlying parts of the Liberty: Greenstead 382-390
Outlying parts of the Liberty: Lexden 391-401
Outlying parts of the Liberty: Mile End 402-409
Outlying parts of the Liberty: West Donyland 408-418
Index: A-J 419-429
Index: K-Z 429-439