Note on abbreviations

A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 10, Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1972.

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'Note on abbreviations', in A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 10, Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds, (London, 1972) pp. xxi-xxiii. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]


Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

Acreage Returns, 1801 Home Office Acreage Returns of 1801, printed in Trans. B.G.A.S. lxviii. 174-83
Acreage Returns, 1901 Board of Agriculture Acreage Returns of 1901, from a MS. copy penes the Editor, Victoria History of Gloucestershire
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Church School Inquiry, 1846-7 Result of the Returns to the General Inquiry made by the National Society (Lond. 1849)
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Dorset R.O. Dorset Record Office
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Hockaday Abs. The 'Hockaday Abstracts', being abstracts of ecclesiastical records relating to Gloucestershire, compiled by F. S. Hockaday mainly from diocesan records, in Gloucester City Library
Inq. p.m. Glos. Abstracts of Inquisitiones post mortem for Gloucestershire, 1236-1413,1625-1642 (6 vols. issued jointly by the British Record Society, Index Library vols. xxx, xl, xlviii, and ix, xxi, xlvii, and the B.G.A.S., 1893-1914)
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