A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 10, Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds

The history of the six parishes in Westbury hundred and the sixteen in Whitstone hundred. Both hundreds abut the River Severn.

Victoria County History - Gloucestershire.

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Kathleen Morgan. Brian S Smith, 'A History of the County of Gloucester', in A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 10, Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds, (London, 1972). British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/glos/vol10 [accessed 17 June 2024].

Kathleen Morgan. Brian S Smith. "A History of the County of Gloucester", in A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 10, Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds, (London, 1972). British History Online, accessed June 17, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/glos/vol10.

Morgan, Kathleen. Smith, Brian S. "A History of the County of Gloucester", in A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 10, Westbury and Whitstone Hundreds, (London, 1972), British History Online. Web. 17 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/glos/vol10.

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations xi-xii
List of maps and plans xiii
Editorial note xv
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xvii
Gloucestershire Records Office accumulations xix
Note on abbreviations xxi-xxiii
The Hundred of Westbury 1-5
Blaisdon: Introduction 6-7
Blaisdon: Manors and other estates 7-8
Blaisdon: Economic history 8-9
Blaisdon: Local government 9
Blaisdon: Church 9-10
Blaisdon: Nonconformity 10
Blaisdon: Education 10-11
Blaisdon: Charities 11
Churcham: Introduction 11-17
Churcham: Manors and other estates 17-21
Churcham: Economic history 21-25
Churcham: Churches 25-28
Churcham: Nonconformity 28
Churcham: Education 28
Churcham: Charities 29
Newnham: Introduction 29-36
Newnham: Manors 36-40
Newnham: Economic history 40-44
Newnham: Local government 44-46
Newnham: Church 46-49
Newnham: Nonconformity 49
Newnham: Education 49
Newnham: Charities 49-50
Tidenham including Lancaut: Introduction 50-62
Tidenham including Lancaut: Manors and other estates 62-68
Tidenham including Lancaut: Economic history 68-73
Tidenham including Lancaut: Local government 73
Tidenham including Lancaut: Churches 73-78
Tidenham including Lancaut: Nonconformity 78
Tidenham including Lancaut: Education 78-79
Tidenham including Lancaut: Charities 79
Westbury-on-Severn: Introduction 79-85
Westbury-on-Severn: Manors and other estates 85-93
Westbury-on-Severn: Economic history 93-97
Westbury-on-Severn: Local government 97-98
Westbury-on-Severn: Church 98-101
Westbury-on-Severn: Nonconformity 101
Westbury-on-Severn: Education 101-102
Westbury-on-Severn: Charities 102
Woolaston: Introduction 102-106
Woolaston: Manor and other estates 106-109
Woolaston: Economic history 109-114
Woolaston: Local government 114-115
Woolaston: Church 115-117
Woolaston: Nonconformity 117-118
Woolaston: Education 118
Woolaston: Charities 118
The Hundred of Whitstone 119-122
Eastington: Introduction 123-127
Eastington: Manors and other estates 127-131
Eastington: Economic history 131-134
Eastington: Local government 134-135
Eastington: Churches 135-138
Eastington: Nonconformity 138
Eastington: Education 138
Eastington: Charities 138-139
Frampton on Severn: Introduction 139-143
Frampton on Severn: Manors and other estates 143-148
Frampton on Severn: Economic history 148-152
Frampton on Severn: Local government 152
Frampton on Severn: Church 152-154
Frampton on Severn: Nonconformity 154-155
Frampton on Severn: Education 155
Frampton on Severn: Charities 155
Fretherne and Saul: Introduction 155-160
Fretherne and Saul: Manors and other estates 160-162
Fretherne and Saul: Economic history 162-165
Fretherne and Saul: Local government 165
Fretherne and Saul: Churches 165-168
Fretherne and Saul: Nonconformity 168-169
Fretherne and Saul: Education 169
Fretherne and Saul: Charities 169
Frocester: Introduction 170-171
Frocester: Manor and other estates 171-174
Frocester: Economic history 174-175
Frocester: Local government 175
Frocester: Churches 175-177
Frocester: Nonconformity 177
Frocester: Education 177-178
Frocester: Charities 178
Hardwicke: Introduction 178-181
Hardwicke: Manors and other estates 181-185
Hardwicke: Economic history 185-186
Hardwicke: Local government 186
Hardwicke: Church 187-188
Hardwicke: Nonconformity 188
Hardwicke: Education 188
Hardwicke: Charities 188
Haresfield: Introduction 188-190
Haresfield: Manors and other estates 190-194
Haresfield: Economic history 194-195
Haresfield: Local government 195
Haresfield: Church 195-197