Alien houses: The priory of Haugham

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A History of the County of Lincoln: Volume 2. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1906.

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The priory of Haugham was built upon land granted by Hugh, earl of Chester, towards the end of the eleventh century, to the Benedictine abbot and convent of St. Severus in the diocese of Coutances. (fn. 1) It is probable that it was only intended for the support of one or two monks to manage the temporalities and sing masses for the soul of the founder. Priors were, however, regularly appointed and admitted by the bishops of Lincoln until 1329, when the wars with France created the same difficulties here as in other small cells of aliens.

In 1337 the prior, on the plea of poverty, obtained the restitution of his possessions, which had been seized by the king's officers; and then, finding it hard to support himself, let the priory to one John of St. Paul to farm for seven years. In 1342 John complained that though he paid the sum agreed upon for the prior's maintenance, he had been forcibly ejected; and yet he was now expected to pay the issues and profits of the house to the king, as its nominal occupant. The demand upon John was withdrawn; (fn. 2) but the king let the priory out again to the bishop of Carlisle to farm. In 1346 he in his turn complained of trespasses committed upon the lands entrusted to him, and assaults upon the servants he had placed there. (fn. 3) It is not strange to find that in 1385 it was alleged that much of the property of the house had been wasted by the rule of the various farmers. (fn. 4) It was still let out in 1403; (fn. 5) there seems to have been no prior since 1346. In 1397 it was granted to the Carthusian priory of St. Anne, Coventry. (fn. 6)

The value of the revenue in 1380 was returned as £19 0s. 5d., including the church of Haugham; (fn. 7) in 1387 as £27 11s. 4d., when the waste of past years was computed at £73 6s. 8d. (fn. 8)

Priors of Haugham

Nicholas, (fn. 9) resigned 1227

John, (fn. 10) appointed 1229

Adam, (fn. 11) appointed 1229

William de Beaulieu, (fn. 12) appointed 1276

William Lovel, (fn. 13) died 1299

William le Vavassour, (fn. 14) appointed 1299

John Baunevilla, (fn. 15) presented 1319, recalled 1319

Henry de Landulo, (fn. 16) presented 1319

Nicholas de Hamaro, (fn. 17) presented 1329


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