A History of the County of London: Volume 1, London Within the Bars, Westminster and Southwark

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Preface xxi-xxiii
Abbreviations xxv-xxvii
The religious houses of London: Introduction 407-408
Secular canons: Cathedral of St. Paul 409-433
Benedictine monks: St Peter's abbey, Westminster 433-457
Benedictine nuns: St Helen's, Bishopsgate 457-461
Cistercian monks: Eastminster, New Abbey 461-464
Austin canons: Priory of Holy Trinity or Christchurch, Aldgate 465-475
Austin canons: Priory of St Bartholomew, Smithfield 475-480
Austin canons: Priory of Southwark 480-484
Houses of Military Orders: The Temple 485-491
Houses of Military Orders: St Thomas of Acon 491-495
Houses of Military Orders: St Mary of Bethlehem 495-498
Friaries: The black friars 498-502
Friaries: The grey friars 502-507
Friaries: The white friars 507-510
Friaries: The Austin friars 510-513
Friaries: The friars of the Sack 513-514
Friaries: The crossed friars 514-516
Friaries: The pied friars 516
Friaries: Friars de Areno 516
Friaries: The minoresses without Aldgate 516-519
Hospitals: St Bartholomew 520-525
Hospitals: St Katharine by the Tower 525-530
Hospitals: St Mary without Bishopsgate 530-535
Hospitals: St Mary within Cripplegate 535-537
Hospitals: St Thomas, Southwark 538-542
Hospitals: The leper hospital, Southwark 542
Hospitals: St James, Westminster 542-546
Hospitals: Hospital of the Savoy 546-549
Hospitals: Whittington's 549
Hospitals: Milbourne's almshouses 549
Hospitals: St Augustine Pappey 550-551
Hospitals: Jesus Commons 551
Hospitals: Domus conversorum 551-554
Colleges: St Martin le Grand 555-566
Colleges: Royal Free Chapel of St Stephen, Westminster 566-571
Colleges: St Peter ad Vincula (Tower of London) 571-572
Colleges: St Thomas on London Bridge 572-574
Colleges: St Laurence Pountney 574-576
Colleges: The college in the Guildhall chapel 576-577
Colleges: Walworth's college in St Michael Crooked Lane 577-578
Colleges: Fraternity of the Holy Trinity and the Sixty Priests, Leadenhall Chapel 578
Colleges: Whittington's College 578-580
Colleges: All Hallow's, Barking 580
Alien Houses: Hospital of St Anthony 581-584
Alien Houses: Hospital of St Mary Rouncivall 584-585
Alien Houses: Hospital of St Giles without Cripplegate 585
Alien Houses: Hermits and Anchorites of London 585-588