Corrigenda to volumes II and III

A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 1, Physique, Archaeology, Domesday, Ecclesiastical Organization, the Jews, Religious Houses, Education of Working Classes To 1870, Private Education From Sixteenth Century. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1969.

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'Corrigenda to volumes II and III', in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 1, Physique, Archaeology, Domesday, Ecclesiastical Organization, the Jews, Religious Houses, Education of Working Classes To 1870, Private Education From Sixteenth Century, (London, 1969) pp. 385. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]


An earlier list of corrigenda will be found in Volume III
Vol. II, page xi, line 22, for Ground read First
64, line 14, for Edward I read Edward II
76, line 1, for 1283-4 read 1318
109, s.v. Cranford Common, for 50 read 1
109, s.v. Harlington Common, after acres add (59 Geo. III, cap. 33)
324, line 6 from bottom, for Algar read Ælfgar
Vol. III, page ix, line 2 from bottom, after Index add to Volumes II and III
xiii, line 4 of list, for Iselworth read Isleworth
xvii, for Barnet read Friern Barnet, and for F. W. Shepherd read F. H. W. Sheppard
xx, line 12, for Hist MSS. Com. read Hist. Mon. Com.
4b, line 17 from bottom, for pent read spent
5, note 94, after C 54/408 add no. 4
10, note 37, after p. add 2
13a, lines 14-15, for the nconsidered read then considered
15a, line 12, for 1887 read 1884
30b, lines 4-3 from bottom, for Samuel Danvers read S. W. Dawkes
30, note 43, to read Ibid.
33b, line 5 from bottom, for centurz read century
44a line 12, for were read was
62, note 46, delete the words in brackets
72b, line 16, for amount read area
75b, line 7, for Staines read Kingston
88a, line 6, for north read south
93a, line 32, delete Metropolitan and
95, note 35, for App. VII read App. I
101b, line 37, for than read that
102b, line 16 from bottom, delete Metropolitan and
103a, line 10 from bottom, for at the death read in the reign
103a, line 9 from bottom, for Algar read Ælfgar
115a, line 10, for about read fewer than
115a, line 5 from bottom, delete in the Middle Ages
115b, line 3, for plough-teams read carucates
125, heading, for ISLLWORTH read ISLEWORTH
125a lines 16-18, for if possible . . . in 1707.3 read if possible.2 The church as built and opened in 1707, however, was designed by John Price of Richmond.3
125, note 3, for C. Gery read R. Gery
129a, lines 11-12, for E. Christian read W. G. Habershon and Pite
129a, line 15 from bottom, for G. Monson read E. Monson
129, note 21, after Mdx. Chron. insert Nov. 1875, Aug. 1876
147a, MANORS, line 7, for 793 read 790
147a, MANORS, lines 10-13, for Werhard . . . will.69 read Werhard returned it with other property to the archbishop and monks of Canterbury when he made his will in 832.69
155, notes, insert footnote number 87
156b, line 15 from bottom, for in 1908. Twickenham read in 1908, Twickenham
179, note 52, for p. 52 read p. 44
185b, line 3, for in 1716, The nave read in 1716. The nave
197, note 21, for Four hides seem therefore to have comprised 1 virgate read. One hide seems therefore to have comprised 4 virgates.
206b, line 3 from bottom, for 1871 read 1891
206, note 4, for 1871 read 1891
207, note, 7, for Ibid. (3rd edn.) read Census, 1891
214a, line 22, for 1856 read 1857
214a, line 31, for first read also
218a, line 16, for 1521 read 1518
224, note 85, for p. 228 read p. 231
224, note 86, for p. 231 read p. 228
227a, lines 31-32, for Thirty-two householders read Thirty-three houses
227a, line 32, for 41 read 16
227a, line 33, for there read There
243b, line 22, for 1333 read 1338
277, heading, after INDEX add TO VOLUMES II AND III and thereunder add the following new paragraph: The index presupposes that the corrections printed on p. 325 have already been made.
277a, between Ædilred and Ælfheah insert Ælfgar, Earl (fl. c. 1060), ii. 324; ii. 103.
227b, s.v. Algar, delete whole entry
284b, s.v. Christian, E., delete whole entry
286c, s.v. Danvers, delete whole entry
286c between Davison and Dawley insert Dawkes, S. W., iii. 30
287b, between Disine and Ditton insert District Rly., see London Transport
293b, s.v. Habershon, for iii. 128 read iii. 128-9
301a, s.v. Kingston-on-Thames, after fishing, ii. 268; add P. L. union, iii. 75
303a, s.v. London, City of, parishes, line 21, for Walk read Wharf
303c, s.v. London Transport, delete Metropolitan and
305a, s.v. Metropolitan and District Rly., delete whole entry
306a, s.v. Monson, for G. read E.
309c, s.v. Price, after Price insert John, iii. 125;
315b, s.v. Staines, s.v. P. L. union delete 75