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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 1, Physique, Archaeology, Domesday, Ecclesiastical Organization, the Jews, Religious Houses, Education of Working Classes To 1870, Private Education From Sixteenth Century. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1969.

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Katherine or Catherine (of Aragon), Queen, m. Hen. VIII,

Katherine or Catherine Parr, Queen, see Parr

Katherine, Prioress of Kilburn,

Katherine, nun of Kilburn,

Kay, J. P.,

Kay Shuttleworth, Janet, w. of Sir Jas. Kay-Shuttleworth, Sir Jas.,

Keats, John, poet,

Keble Ho. Sch., Southgate,

Kelly, Joshua,

Kelso, Mrs., schoolmistress,

Kempton, in Sunbury, arch., Dom. Bk., man., vineyard,

Kendal, John, Prior of Hospits.,

Kensington, par. and bor., anchoress, arch., Bronze Age, n, Iron Age, Rom., Bp. of, Dom. Bk., Holland Park, man., schs., and see Cromwell Road; vineyard, and see Brompton; Notting Hill

Kensington, South, schs.,

Kensington Gore,

Kensington Park Sch.,

Kensington Proprietary Sch.,

Kent, Jas., Commentaries, John, Guide of Kingsland, Rob., B. C. L.,

Kent, Christine of,

Kent, arch., Dom. Bk., n, n, n

Kentish Town, in St. Pancras, schs., vicars of Holy Trinity, see Laing

Keppel Ho. Seminary, Brompton,

Kerr, John,

Keswick, Cumb.,

Kew, Surr., n, n,

Kew Bridge,

Kilburn, in Hampstead, Rom. Catholicism, schs., stream, and see Kilburn Priory

Kilburn and St. John's Wood Civil and Military Inst.,

Kilburn Collegiate Sch.,

Kilburn Priory, buildings, finance, foundation, nuns, prioresses, and see Alice; Browne; Kirke; St. Omer; property, seals,

Kilburn Wells tea-house,

Kilmorey, fam.,

Kilvert, Mrs. Marg.,

King, John, Bp. of Lond.,

King Alfred Soc.,

King's Coll., Cambridge, see Cambridge, Univ. of,

King's Coll., London, Univ. of, degree ceremony, † Theological Department, n

King's Coll. for Ladies, Kensington Square,

King's Coll. Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

King's Coll. of Household Science, see Queen Eliz. Coll.

King's Coll. Sch., now in Wimbledon,

King's Head Acad., see Homerton Coll.

King's Sch., Canterbury,

Kingsbury, par., arch., Brent reservoir, Chalkhill, Dom. Bk., Gore Farm, man., mill, woodland,

Kingsbury Green,

Kingsland Collegiate Sch.,

Kingsland or Hackney Hosp., see Religious Houses, Hospitals

Kingsley, Chas., author,

Kingston, Lady,

Kingston, Cambs., see 'Lefeson'

Kingston-upon-Hull, see Hull

Kingston-upon-Thames, Surr., arch., n, water-mill,

Kinns, Sam.,

Kinross, And.,

Kinson, Dors., n

Kippax, Wm.,

Kippis, Dr. And.,

Kirke, Sybil, Prioress of Kilburn and Stratford at Bow, n,

Kirkeby, Thos. de, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Knaresborough, Yorks. W. R.,

Knebworth, Herts.,

Kneller Hall Training Coll., Twickenham,

Knightley, Walt.,

Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, see Clerkenwell, Grand Priory of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

Knights Templars, see Templars

Knightsbridge, in Westminster, City of, chart., 'Gara' in,

Knightsbridge Hosp., see Religious Houses, Hospitals; Knolles, Sir Rob. and his w. Constance,

Knotting, Beds.,

Knyvett, Sir Ant., Lady Avice,

Koch, Rob.,

Kynaston, Miss A. M., Sir Francis

Kynble, Hugh de, Ric. de,

Kytson, Sir Thos.,

La Tène culture,

Lacy, Ilbert de,

Ladies' Charity Sch., Highgate,

Lady Holles Middle Sch., Hackney,

Lady Margaret Sch., see Whitelands Sch.

Laing, David, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Kentish Town,

Lake, C. H.,

Lake District,

Laleham, par., arch., Dom. Bk., man.,

Lambeth, Surr., reach,

Lambourne, Essex,

Lampeter, Cardigan, St. David's Coll.,

Lancaster, Jos.,

Lancaster, Prior of, see Louvel, Giles

Lance, Thos., Revd. Wm.,

Lancers, XIIth, sch., Hounslow,

Lanfranc, Abp. of Canterbury, n

Langeford, Ric.,

Langford, Essex,

Langham, Simon, Abp. of Canterbury,

'Langham Place Group',

Langley or Langley Marish, Bucks.,

Langstrother, John, Prior of Hospits.,

Lanney, Marg.,

L'Archer, Thos., Prior of Eng., n,

Latton, Gillian of,

Latton, Essex,

Latymer, Edw.,

Latymer Foundation Sch., Hammersmith,

Latymer Sch., Edmonton,

Latymer Upper Sch., Hammersmith,

Laud, Wm., Abp. of Canterbury,

Laumann, Dr., headmaster of Burlington Acad., Fulham,

Laurence, Rob., Prior of Beauvale, Notts.,

Lawrence, Abbot of Westm.,

Lawson, —, Guide of Kingsland, —, matron of Kingsland,

Layston, Herts., and see Alswick; Leftonchurch

Layton, Ric.,

Lea, riv. and valley, n, arch., Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, n, Rom., mills, and see Place-names

Lea Bridge,

Leatherhead, Surr., and see Pachevesham

Lee, Edw. Abp. of York, Roland, Bp. of Lichfield,

Leeds, Duke of, see Godolphin (Osborn)

Leeds, Univ. of,

'Lefeson', in Kingston, Cambs.,

Leftonchurch or Layston, Ric. of,

Leicester, Rob. of,

Leigh, Sir Thos., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics.,

Leigh-Smith, Ann, Bella,

Leighton, Ric. de, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Leinster Ho. Sch., Kensington,

Leith Hill, in Wotton, Surr.,

Leland, John,

Lenee, Thos.,

Lennox, Ctss. of, see Douglas, Lady Marg.

Lent Rise, see Taplow

Leofric, Abbot of St. Albans, n

Leofstan, Abbot of St. Albans,

Leofwine, Earl,

Les Jogasses, Marne, F r.,

Levallois, Paris, Fr.,

Levalloisian 'industry',

Levric, man of Earl Leofwine,

Lewis, John, author, Mark, —, benefactor of Davenant Foundation Grammar School,

Lewkenore, Joan, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Leyborne, Rob. de,

Leyton, Essex,

Lichfield, Ric., Wm.,

Lichfield, Bp. of, see Lee

Liége, Belgium, Charterhouse,

Limehouse, in Stepney, reach,

Lincoln, Alfred of, Thos. of,

Lincoln, Bps. of, charts., and see Russell, Wordsworth

Lincolnshire, n, n,

Linton Ho. Sch., Kensington,

Lisieux, Bp. of, see Maminot

Lisle, Lord, see Dudley

Lisson, in St. Marylebone, Dom. Bk., herbage, man.,

Lisson Green, man.,

Lisson Grove, in St. Marylebone,

Lister, Jos., surgeon,

Lister Inst. of Preventive Medicine, n

Little, —, brother of Syon,

Little Ealing Brook,

Littlehampton, Suss.,

Littleton, Dr. Adam,

Littleton, par., advowson, arch., Dom. Bk., fee, rectory,

Liverpool, Univ. of,

Llandaff, Bp. of, see Nicholas

Llyn Fawr, in Rhigos, Glam., n

Lochée's Military Acad., Chelsea,

Lock, the, hosp., see Religious Houses, Hospitals

Locke, John, philosopher,

Loders, Dorset, priory,


London, Bps. of, diocese, Domesday estates, jurisdiction, mans., n, patronage, suffragan bps., and see Belmeis; Blomfield; Bonner; Braybroke; Chishull; Clifford; Compton; Creighton; Fitzneal; Foliot; Gibson; Gilbert; Gravesend; Grindal; Jackson; King; Maurice; Niger; Northburgh; Sainte-Mère-Eglise; Sigillo; Stokesley; Sudbury; Tait; Temple; Wealdheri; William

London, City of, Aldermen, Court of, Aldersgate, see Religious Houses, Hospitals; Aldgate, and see Religious Houses in and near London; Apothecaries, Hall of, Society of, arch., Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Rom., Saxon, archdeaconry, and see London, Bps., diocese; Bank of England, Bishopsgate, arch., Dom. Bk., hosp., see Religious Houses, Hospitals, sch., Black Death, Blackfriars, Cnihtengild, Cripplegate, Dom. Bk., Dowgate, 'East End', ecclesiastical org., see London, Bps., diocese; Foundling Hosp., hunting rights, Mansion Ho., Mayor of, and see Bukerell; Walworth; Mint, Moorfields, Newgate, prison, nonconf., Queenhithe, Rom. Catholicism, St. Martin le Grand, see Religious Houses in and near London; Sheriff of, soils, Temple, master, Tower Hamlets, Tower of London, water supply, 'West End', and see Place-names

London, City of, pars. and chs.: All Saints, Honey Lane, Allhallows, Bread Street, Allhallows, 'Dowgate', St. Alphage, Cripplegate, St. Antholin, rector, n; St. Benet, Paul's Wharf, St. Benet Sherehog, St. Botolph, Aldersgate, St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, rector, see Rogers; St. Bride, St. Clement, Eastcheap, St. Dunstan in the West, St. George in the East, schs., St. Helen, Bishopgate, St. Lawrence Jewry, St. Mary le Bow, St. Mary Somerset, St. Mary Woolnoth, St. Nicholas in the Shambles, St. Stephen, Walbrook, St. Sepulchre,

London, City of, schs., char., pauper, Sunday,

London, City of, streets; Creechurch Lane, Farringdon Street, New Bridge Street, Staeningahaga, now Staining Lane,

London, Companies of, Brewers', Clothworkers', Coopers', Drapers', Grocers', Merchant Taylors', n, Skinners',

London, Greater,

London, Univ. of, Constituent Colleges,

London, Univ. of, Frontispiece, Acts of Parliament, advanced studies, Schs. and Insts., Albert Univ., proposals for, chaplaincies, charts., coat of arms, degrees, † examiners, finance, Hosp., see Hospitals, medical; Library, number of academic staff, number of students, royal coms., Senate Ho., studies, arts, arts and law, engineering, law, medicine, science, and see London, Univ. of, advanced studies

London, Univ. of, officers: Academic Council, Collegiate Council, Convocation, Court, Defence Cttee., Faculties, see London, Univ. of, studies; Hilton-Young Ctee., Principal, formerly Principal Officer, Registrar, Senate, Students' Union,

London Airport (Heathrow),

London Basin,

London Bridge, n

London Chamber of Commerce,

London Charterhouse, in Finsbury, benefactions, buildings, dissolution, foundation, library, monks, martyrdom, † priors, and see Batmanson; Houghton; Luscote; Trafford; Tynbygh; property, seal, site, water-system, †

London City Mission,

London Clay,

London County Council, Technical Educ. Bd.,

London Graduate Sch., of Business,

London High Sch., Tavistock Square,

London Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

London Inst. for Advancement of Literature,

London Mechanics' Inst., see Birkbeck Coll.

London Sch. Bd.,

London Sch. Dist., Central, West,

London Sch. of Economics and Political Science, coat of arms,

London Sch. of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, n

London Sch. of Medicine for Women,

London Sch. of Tropical Medicine, see Lond. Sch. of Hygiene

London Sch. Soc.,

Longespée, Wm., Earl of Salisbury (d. 1226),

Longley, Chas. Thos., Abp. of Canterbury,

Lonsdale valley, Lancs. and Westmld.,

Loose Howe, in Rosedale East Side, Yorks. N.R., n

Lorimer, Wm.,

Lothereslege (Loceresleage, Lotheresleage, Logeresden),

Loughton, Essex,

Louis VIII, King of France,

Lourdes Mount Convent High Sch., Ealing,

Louvel, Giles, Prior of Lancaster,

Lovekyn, John,

Lovel, Gunnora, Wm.,

Lovell, Sir Thos., n

Lovetot, John de,

Low Terrace, see Flood Plain Terrace

Lowe, Rob., Revd. Solomon,

Lubbock, Sir John, later Lord Avebury, Sir. Wm.,

Lucius III, Pope,

Lucy, Prioress of Stratford at Bow,

Lucy, wid. of John, s. of Rog. de Somery,

Ludolph of Saxony, writings,

Luke, s. of Warin,

Lumley, Marmaduke, Commander of Clerkenwell,

Lunn, Sir Arnold, author,

Lupton, Alice,

Luscote, John, Prior of Hinton and later of London Charterhouse,

Luther, Martin,

Lutiers or Lyter, Idonea, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Luton, Beds.,

Luvel, Simon,

Luxmoore, C. N.,

Lycée Français de Londres,

Lyddington, John, Governor of Mile End Hosp.,

Lynde, Joan, Prioress of Haliwell,

Lynton, Walt., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics., and St. Giles's Hosp.,

Lyon, John, wid. of,

Lyonesse pottery, from Lyon Point, now Jaywick Sands, in Great Clacton, Essex, n

Lyons (? Lugudunum), Rhône, Fr.,

Lyter, see Lutiers

Mablestone, John, sub-prior of Eng., n

Macclesfield, John, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

McClure, Sir John,

Macdonald, W. G.,

Mackay, Donald John, Lord Reay (d. 1921),

M'Fadyean, Sir John,

McGill Univ., Canada,

Macy, Alan, Commander of Clerkenwell,

Madras Ho. Grammar Sch., Hackney, well,

Madrid, Spain,

Magdalen, Prioress of Haliwell,

Maglemosean Culture,

Magna Britannia,

Maida Vale in Paddington, schs., and see Paddington, schs.

Maida Vale High Sch., see Paddington and Maida Vale High Sch.

Maida Vale Kindergarten,

Maiden Castle, in Winterbourne St. Martin, Dors.,

Maidenhead, Berks., Furze Platt,

Maidstone, Clement,

Maidstone, Kent, rector of,

Makin, Mrs. Bathsua,

Mallory, Rob., Prior of Hospits.,

Malta, knights of,

Malvern Coll., Worcs.,

Maminot, Gilb., Bp. of Lisieux,

Manby, Rob. de, Prior of Hospits.,

Manche, département, Fr., n

Mandeville, Adam de, and his w. Ermengard, Bernard de, Geof. de (fl. 1086), Dom. estates, his dau. Geof. de, Earl of Essex (d. 1114),Wm. de, Earl of Essex (d. 1189),

Mandeville, honor of,

Mandeville, Norton, Essex,

Manfield, Rob., Provost of Beverley,

Mann, Horace,

Manners, Thos., Earl of Rutland (d. 1543),

Manning, Hen. Edw., Cardinal, Abp. of Westm.,

Manny, Sir Walt.,

Manor Ho. Acad., Islington,

Manor Ho. Acad., Upper Holloway,

Manor Ho. Sch., Chiswick,

Manor Ho. Sch., St. Marylebone, †

Mansfield, Chas., Kath., author,

Mansion House, see London, City of

Mansion Ho. Acad., Hammersmith,

Mansion Ho. Acad., Highgate,

Manuel Palaeologus, Emperor,

Manxey, in Pevensey, Suss.,

Maplestead, John, Prior of London Charterhouse,

Maplestead, ?Little, Essex, n

Maquire or Maquino, Francis,

Marble Arch, see Westminster, City of

Marchall, Wm., Min. of Hounslow Priory,

Marci, Agnes or Anneys, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Marenny, Hugh de,

Margaret, Dchss. of Clarence,

Margaret, d. of Rob. s. of Harding,

Margaret, d. of Roger,

Margaret, anchoress of Bodmin,

Margaret, nun of Kilburn,

Margarot, —, schoolmaster in Turnham Green,

Margery or Margaret, Prioress of Kilburn,

Maria Grey Girls' Sch.,

Maria Grey Training Coll.,

Marist Brothers, see Religious Orders, schs.

Marlborough Street, see Chelsea

Marley, in South Brent, Devon,

Marmoutiers, Indre-et-Loire, Fr., abbey,

Marne, riv., Fr.,

'Marnian' culture,

Marryat, Capt. F., author,

Marshal, Anselm, Earl of Pembroke (d. 1245),

Martel, Geof., Wm.,

Marten, Cecily, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Martin V, Pope,

Martin, Prior of Bentley,

Martin, Miss, headmistress, Mrs., schoolmistress in Pinner,

Martock, Som.,

Mary I, Queen, as Princess,

Mary of Caen, the,

Mason, A. S.,

Mathias, Revd. Dan.,

Matterhorn, Switzerland,

Matugenus, potter,

Maud, Queen, w. of Hen. I,

Maud, Prioress of Haliwell,

Maud, Prioress of Kilburn,

Maud, Prioress of Stratford at Bow,

Maud, sis. of Rob. de Verli,

Maud, w. of Brian fitz Count,

Maud, w. of Humph, de Bohun, Earl of Hereford,

Maudsley Hosp., Camberwell, see Hospitals, medical

Mauger, Claude, True Advancement of the French Tongue,

Maurice, Bp. of Lond.,

Maurice, F. D.,

May, Thos.,

Mayfair Secretarial Coll.,

Maynard, Constance,

Meare lake village, in Meare, Som.,

Medical Inst.,

Medway, riv.,

Meilan, Mark,

Melchbourne, Beds., preceptory,

Meldreth, Cambs., n

Mercer, Serlo the,

Mercers' Sch.,

Merchant Taylors' Company, see London, Companies of

Mere, Wm. de la, and his w. Agnes,

Merivale, Chas.,

Merrow, Surr.,

Merston, John de, Prior of Bentley,

Methodists, org., schs., Sunday schs.,

Metropolitan Commercial Schs. Inst.,

Metropolitan Sch. of Science, see Royal Sch. of Mines

Meure, —, schoolmaster in Soho,

Miall, Louis Compton, Moses,

Michael, Prior of Ruislip,

Michell, Hugh, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Mickleham, Surr., see Pachevesham

Micoquian 'industry',

Middle-Class Schs.' Corp.,

Middle Terrace, see Taplow Terrace

Middlemore, Humph., procurator of Charterhouse,

Middlesex, archdeaconry, boundaries, deanery, Grand Jury, justices of the peace, physique, Sheriff of, soils, vegetation, and see Hidagium

Middlesex County Council,

Middlesex Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

Middlesex Industrial Sch., see Feltham Industrial Sch.

Middlesex Industrial Schs. Act,

Middlesex Sch. Soc.,

Middleton, Hugh, Turcopolier, n; Wm., Bailiff of Eagle Preceptory, n

Miège, Guy,

Milborne, Dors.,

Milbourne, Revd. Luke, and his w.,

Mile End, in Stepney,

Mile End Hosp., see Religious Houses, Hospitals

Mill Hill, in Hendon,

Mill Hill Sch., coat of arms,

Millow, in Dunton, Beds.,

Mills, John, Governor of Mile End Hosp.,

Milne, J. V., Revd. John,

Milton, John, poet,

Milton, formerly Middleton, in Dorking, Surr.

Mimms, North, Herts.,

Mimms, South, par., half hundred,

Minchinhampton, Glos.,

Minnis Bay, in Birchington, Kent, n

Mitcham, Surr.,

Mitchell, O. W.,

Mitford, Mary Russell, author,

Molash, Kent,

Monken Hadley, Herts.,

Monks Risborough, Bucks., see Risborough

Monmouth, Humph.,

Monmouth Ho. Sch., Chelsea,

Mont St. Michel, Manche, Fr., abbey,

Montague, Edw., Lord (d. 1361), Eliz., Prioress of Haliwell, Isabel, Maud, Abbess of Barking, Simon, Bp. of Ely, Wm. de, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1344),

Monteny, Muriel de,

Montfichet, Gilb. de, Ric. de, Wm. de,

Montfichet, barony of, n

Montgomery, Rog. de, Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1094), n Rog.,

Montpellier, Hérault, Fr.,

Moorcroft, see Uxbridge

Moore, Dr. R. W., Wm., Guide of Kingsland,

Moorfields, see London, City of

Morant, Sir Rob.,

More, Sir Thos., lord chancellor, Wm., governor of Knightsbridge Hosp.,

Mores, John, surveyor of Syon,

Morins, Ric. de, Prior of Dunstable,

Morland, Benj., Sam.,


Mortain, Count of, see Robert

Mortimer, Dr. F. W.,

Mortlake, Surr., arch., Neolithic, n, Beaker, Bronze Age, Iron Age, n, n, n,

'Mortlake' ware, n,

Morton, Chas., Sir Thos., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics.,

Moulins, Rog. des,

Mount Caburn, in Glynde, Suss., n

Mount Grace, Yorks. N.R., priory,

Mount Pleasant Ho. Sch., Sunbury,

Mount St. John, Yorks. N.R., n

Mount Sch., Hendon,

Mount Vernon Sch., Twickenham,

Mount View Sch., Hampstead,

Mountnessing, Essex,

Mousterian 'industry',

Mowatt, Sir Francis,

Mowbray, Rob. de,

'Moynesokne' near 'Oldewich', now Aldwych, in Westminster, City of,

Mulcaster, Ric.,

Mulneho, Geof. de,

Mulsey, John, min. of Hounslow Priory,

Multon, Rob., Prior of Hospits.,

Munteni, Lettice de, Lucy or Lecia de, Rob. de,

Murchison, Sir Roderick,

Murray, Sir Jas. Augustus Hen.,

Museum Minervae,

Museum of Economic Geology,

Muston, Eliz., Abbess of Syon, Maud, Abbess of Syon, Thos.,

Muswell Hill, in Hornsey, chapel, schs.,

Nablus, Garnier de, Prior of Hospits.,

'Nanesmaneslande', man.,

Napier, T. B.,

National Soc.,

National Union of Elementary Teachers,

Navenby, Lincs.,

Neale's Mathematical Sch., Hatton Garden,

Neasden, in Willesden, n

Needham, Hen.,

Nehru, Jawaharlal, n

Nerford, Marg.,


Nevill, fam.,

Neville, John de,

Nevyll, John,

New Bridge Street, see London, City of

New Church, see Swedenborgians

New Church Haw, see Spital Croft

New Coll., Hampstead,

New Coll. (theological), n

New Jerusalem, sect, see Swedenborgians

New Philosophical Inst.,

New River, Herts. and Mdx.,

New River Head, in Finsbury,

Newcastle, Univ. of,

Newcastle Com.,

Newcastle Ho. Sch., Clerkenwell,

Newcome's Acad., see Hackney Sch.

Newdigate, Geo., John, Sebastian, Sybil, Prioress of Haliwell, fam., n

Newgate, see London, City of

Newhaven, Suss., n, n

Newington Barrow or Barowe, now Highbury, in Islington, man., n,

Newington Butts, in Southwark,

Newington Green, in Islington, schs.,

Newman, John Hen., Cardinal,

Newnham Coll., see Cambridge, Univ. of

Newnham Murren, Oxon.,

Newport, Thos., n

Newton, Maud, Abbess of Syon,

Nibley, Baldwin de,

Nibley, North, Glos.,

Nicholas, Bp. of Llandaff,

Nicholas, deacon of Syon,

Nicholas, Min. of Hounslow Priory,

Nicholas, Thos., Dr., schoolmaster in Ealing,

Nicholas Gibson L.C.C. Primary Sch.,

Nicolay, Chas. Grenfell,

Nigel (fl. 1086),

Niger, Rog., Bp. of Lond.,

Noel-Byron, Anne-Isabella, Lady Byron, formerly Isabella Noel, and later Baroness Wentworth,

Noket, Thos.,

Nonconformity, Protestant, org., schs.,

Norfolk, Dom. Bk., n, n, n

Norfolk, Duke of, see Howard, Thos.

Norland Place Sch., Kensington,

Normal Sch. of Science,

Normandy, Fr.,

Normanton, Hen.,

North, Sir Edw., later Lord (d. 1564), Joan, Abbess of Syon,

North-East Lond. Collegiate Sch., Islington,

North London Collegiate Sch.,

North Lond. Collegiate Sch. for Boys,

Northampton, John of, his w., Sewin of,


Northamptonshire, n, Dom. Bk., n,

Northburgh, Mic., Bp. of Lond.,

Northolt, par., arch., n; Dom. Bk., man.,

Northumberland, Dukes of, see Dudley; Percy

Northwood, in Ruislip, arch., schs., and see Ruislip

Northwood Coll.,

Northwood Preparatory Sch.,

Norton, Geo., Isabel, Prioress of Haliwell,

Norton Folgate, in Shoreditch, schs.,

Norton Mandeville, Essex, see Mandeville

Norton St. Philip, Som., see Norton Veal

Norton Veal, now Norton St. Philip, Som.,

Norwich, Bp. of, see William, Bp. of Norwich

Norwich, par. of St. Sepulchre,

Norwood, Sir Cyril,

Norwood, in Southall, formerly in Hayes par., chapel, schs.,

Notre Dame de Sion, Convent High Sch., Islington,

Notting Hill, in Kensington, schs.,

Notting Hill Collegiate Sch.,

Notting Hill Ho. Sch.,

Nottingham Grammar Sch.,

Nottinghamshire, n

Nussa, Thierry de, Prior of Hospits.,

Nyk, John, Guide of Kingsland,

Oakington, see Harrow

Oakley, Great, Essex,

Oates, Titus,

Ockholt, formerly in Romney Marsh, Kent,

Odiham, Wm. de,

Odiham, Hants,

Odo, Bp. of Bayeux, n

Odo the smith,

Offa, King of Mercia, n

Offord, John, chancellor,

Ogbourne, Great, now Ogbourne St. George, Wilts., man., priory,

Ogbourne, Little, now Ogbourne St. Andrew, Wilts., man.,

Oilli, see D'Oilli

Okeford Fitzpaine, Dors.,

Okendon, John, Prior of London Charterhouse,

Olaf (fl. 1086),

Old England, in Brentford, arch., n, n,

Old Kent Road, Southwark, sch. for deaf and dumb,

Old Street, see Shoreditch

'Oldewich', now Aldwych,

Oldfield, Joshua,

Olney, Miss S. A.,

Olney, Bucks.,

'Organized Science Sch.', Finchley,

Orley Farm Sch., Harrow,

Ormond, Duck of, see Butler

Ormond Ho., naval sch., Chelsea,

Osbern, Bp. of Exeter,

Osmund, (? monk of Westm.),

Osmund (fl. c. 1180),

Ossulstone (Osuluestan(e)), hundred, Dom. Bk., n, woodland,

Osterley, in Heston, man.,

Other, Walt. fitz,

Otter, Wm.,

Otterton, Devon,

Otto, s. of Wm.,

Otto the goldsmith,

Out and Out Mission, sect,

Owen, Alice, m. 1. Hen. Robinson, —, Sir Thos. Owen, Sir Thos.,

Owen's Sch., girls' sch.,

Oxeney, Alice, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Oxford, Hen. of, John of, Walt. of, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Oxford, City of, priory of the Holy Trinity,

Oxford, Earls of, and see Vere

Oxford, Univ. of, All Souls Coll., examinations, Inst. of Educ., New Coll., religious tests, scholars, Somerville Coll., Wadham Coll., women's colls.,

Oxford Ho. Sch., Chelsea,

Oxford Street, see St. Marylebone

Oxfordshire, n, Dom. Bk., n, n, n, n, n, n

Oxhey, Herts.,

Oxhey Hill, Herts.,

Oxhey Wood, Herts.,

Pace, Ric., diplomat,

Pachevesham, in Leatherhead and Mickleham, Surr.,

Paddington, par. and bor., schs., and see Bayswater; Maida Vale

Paddington and Maida Vale High Sch., formerly Maida Vale High Sch.,

Paine, Thos., radical author,

Palace Sch., Enfield,

Palmer, Catherine, later Abbess of Syon, Roundell, Earl of Selborne (d. 1895), —, schoolmaster in Hammersmith,

Palmers Green, in Edmonton, schs.,

Palmers Green Acad.,

Palmers Green High Sch.,

Palmerston, Vct., see Temple

Papia, d. of Ric. II Duke of the Normans,

Paris, Matthew,

Paris, Fr., Charterhouse, Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques,

Park Brow, in Sompting, Suss., n

Parker, Wm., head of Highgate Hosp.,

Parliament Hill, see St. Pancras

Parr, Katherine or Catherine, Queen, m. 3 Hen. VIII, Dr. Sam.,

Parson's Green, in Fulham, schs.,

Paschal II, Pope,

Pasteur, Louis,

Patrick, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1168),

Pavely, John de, Prior of Hospits., Ric. de, Prior of Hospits.,

Payne, John, Keeper of Hammersmith Hosp., Prof. Jos.,

Pears, Sir Wm.,

Pecham, John, Abp. of Canterbury,

Peckham, see Camberwell

Peckham, West, Kent, preceptory,

Peculiar People, sect,

Peel, Revd. Rob., Sir Rob., prime minister, n,

Pegrum, H. B.,

Pembroke, Ctss. of, see St. Pol

Pembroke, Earls of, see Marshal; Fitz Gilbert

Penenden or Pennenden Heath, in Boxley, Kent, n

Penrose, Dame Emily,

Pentonville, in Islington, sch.,

People's Palace, recreational centre,

Pepys, Sam., diarist,

Perceval, Spencer, prime minister, n

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art,

Percy, Hugh, Duke of Northumb. (d. 1817),

Perivale or Little Greenford, par.,

Perkin, Wm. Hen.,

Pershore, Worcs.,

Perwich, Mrs., schoolmistress in Hackney,

Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich,

Pestlamore, Wm. de, Prior of Harmondsworth,

Peter, s. of Odo,

Peterborough, Northants., n,

'Peterborough' ware,

Peterhouse, Cambridge, see Cambridge, Univ. of

Pevensey, Suss.,

Peverel, honor of,

Pharmaceutical Soc.,

Philip, —, schoolmaster in Chelsea,and his w.,

Philippa (of Hainault), Queen, m. Edw. III,

Philippa, Queen of Sweden,

Philippa, d. of Eliz. of Ulster,

Phillipson, J. T.,

Philological Sch., see St. Marylebone Grammar Sch.

Philological Soc., see St. Marylebone Grammar Sch.

Philpot, Miss M. G.,

Picardy, Fr.,

Piccadilly, see Westminster, City of

Picquiny or Picquigny, Somme, Fr.,

Pigeon, Alice, Edm., Margery, Nic.,

Piggott, Revd. S.,

Pike, Sam.,

Pimlico, in Westminster, City of, sch.,

Pinder, Hen.,

Pinn, riv.,

Pinner, par., chapel, schs.,

Pinner Hill, in Pinner,

Piro, Rog. de,

Place, Francis, radical reformer,

Place-names, origins of: Brent, Colne, Earthbury, Fulham, Grim's Dyke, Grinsgate, Harrow, Hounslow, Lea, London, Thames, Uxbridge, Uxendon, Waxlow, Wembley, from Geddingas, Gellingas, Waeppa, Wixan, and see Essex

Plashet, in East Ham, Essex,

Platt, —, pupil at Harrow Sch.,

Platt Char.,

Playfair, Lyon,

Playford, Mrs., schoolmistress in Islington,

Pleseley, Rob. de, Rector of Southfleet, Kent,

Pleshy, Essex, n

Plumpton Plain, in Plumpton, Suss., n, n, n, n, n, n

Plumptre, Revd. Edw.,

Plumstead, Kent,

Podd, Christopher,

Pointz, Reynold, Thos.,

Poitiers, Wm. of, n

Pole, Reg., Cardinal, Abp. of Canterbury, Wm., head of Highgate Hosp.,

Polytechnic, Regent Street,

Pommesbourne, Alice de, Prioress of Kilburn,

Ponders End, in Enfield, arch., schs., n,

Ponsonby, Fred. Geo., Earl of Bessborough (d. 1895),

Pontes, see Staines

Poor Law, Acts, Bd., Commissioners, see Schools, pauper,

Popes, see Alexander IV; Boniface VIII; Clement V; Clement VI; Gregory IX; Honorius III; Innocent III; Lucius III; Martin V; Paschal II; Urban III; Urban V; Urban VI

Popham, Sir John,

Poplar, par. and bor., n, arch., Iceland Wharf, schs., and see Ford, Old; Bromley (by Bow)

Porter, Revd. —, schoolmaster in Highgate,

Portman Hall Sch.,

Portsmouth, Hants,


Porziuncola indulgence, n

Post-Graduate Medical Sch., n,

Potters Bar, in South Mimms,

Poulton, in Poulton le Fylde, Lancs.,

Pountif, Jakemina,

Powell, —, minister at Kingsland Hosp.,

Poyle, see Stanwell

Poynter, Wm., Bp., Vicar Apostolic of Lond. Dist.,

Precentor, Walt. the,

Preparatory Schs. Assoc.,

Presbyterian Coll. (theological), n

Presbyterians, org., schs.,

Prescott, Sir Wm.,

Prestius, Thos.,

Preston, see Harrow

Price, Dr. Ric., —, schoolmaster in Tottenham,

Pridie, John,

Priestley, Dr. Jos., Thos.,

Princess Helena Coll. and High Sch., Ealing,

Priory Sch., Edmonton,

Private Schs.' Assoc.,

Prospect Ho. Acad., Pentonville,

Prospect Ho. Sch., Edmonton,

'Protestant Bible Sch.', see Irish Free Sch.

Protestant Nonconformity, see Non- conformity, Protestant

Prudde, Eliz., Prioress of Haliwell,

Pulteney, Sir John, n

Purcell, Henry, composer, Dido and Aeneas,

Purdy, Geo.,

Purton, Wilts.,

Putney, Surr., arch.,

Putney Bridge, n

Puy, Raymond du, master of Hospitallers,

Pymmes Brook,

Pynchepole, Alice, Prioress of Kilburn,

Pynson, Ric.,

Pyrov, Rog. de,

Quakers, org. schs.,

Queen Elizabeth Coll., London, Univ. of, n, coat of arms,

Queen Mary Coll., London, Univ. of, n, coat of arms

Queenhithe, see, London, City of

Queen's Coll., Harley Street,

Queen's Coll. High Sch., Tollington Park,

Queen's Ho. Sch., Hampstead,

Queen's Gate Sch., Kensington,

Queen's Road Collegiate Sch., Kensington,

Radwell, Herts.,

Raikes, Rob.,

Railway Mission, sect,

Raine, Hen.,

Raine's Foundation Schs.,

Rainham, Essex,

Raleigh, Wm. de,

Ralf, Canon of St. Paul's,

Ralf, s. of Algod,

Ralph, Earl of Hereford (d. 1057),

Ralph, Prior of Ruislip,

Ralph fitz Brian, n,

Ralph, s. of Adam, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Ralph, s. of Ive,

Rames or Raymes, Rog. de, Wm. de.,

Rames, Seine-Maritime, Fr., n

Rams Hill, in Uffington and Kingston Lisle, Berks., n

Ramsay, Sir Wm.,

Randall, John, head of Highgate Hosp.,

Ranulf, Earl of Chester (d. 1153),

Ranulf, bro. of Ilger,

Ratcliff, in Stepney, schs.,

Ratcliff Highway, in Stepney, schs.,

Ratcliffe, Thos., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics.,

Rate, Ant.,

Rawlings, Nic.,

Rayleigh, Lord, see Strutt

Rayne, Edw.,

Reading, Berks.,

Reading, Univ. of,

Reading Beds,

Reay, Lord, see Mackay

Redcliffe Coll., South Kensington,

Rede, Sir Rob.,

Redington, John de, Prior of Hospits.,

Redvers, Marg.,

Reed, East, in Reed, Herts.,

Reed, Herts.,

Rees, Dr. Abraham,

Regent Street, see Polytechnic

Regent's Canal,

Regent's Park, see St. Marylebone

Regent's Park Coll. (theological), n

Regester, W.,

Reid, Elizabeth J.,

Relief Act, Roman Catholic (1791),

Religious Houses, foreign, see Angers; Bec; Bruges; Caen; Cologne; Fécamp; Grande Chartreuse; Liége; Marmoutiers; Mont St. Michel; Paris; Rouen; St. Omer; Séez

Religious Houses, Hospitals, map, Aldersgate, Bishopsgate, St. Mary without, n; Brentford, All Angels, Brentford, St. Mary, St. Anne, and St. Louis, Burton Lazars, Leics., Crediton, Devon, St. Lawrence, Enfield, St. Leonard, Hammersmith, Highgate or Holloway, St. Anthony, Holborn, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, see Holborn, Hosp. of St. Giles-in-the- Fields; Kingsland or Hackney, Knightsbridge, Mile End, St. Mary Magdalen, Smithfield, St. Bartholomew, and see Hospitals, medical; Southwark, the Lock, Tottenham, St. Loy, Westminster, St. James's,

Religious Houses, in and near London: Aldgate, Holy Trinity Priory, St. Martin le Grand, coll. of, St. Mary Graces Abbey, Tower Hill,

Religious Houses, Middlesex, map.,

Religious Houses, other counties, see Abingdon; Amesbury; Ansty; Barking; Beauvale; Blyth; Bradenstoke; Buckland; Canterbury; Chertsey; Cleeve; Colchester; Coventry; Dinmore; Dunmow; Dunstable; Durham; Eagle; Ely; Fotheringhay; Hinton Charterhouse; Hogshaw; Hurley; Lancaster; Loders; Melchbourne; Mount Grace; Ogbourne; Oxford; Peckam, West; St. Albans; St. Benet of Holme; St. Michael's Mount; Sheen; Waltham; Warden; Wilsford; Witham; Wix; Yeavely; and see Religious Houses, Hospitals

Religious Orders, schs. of: Augustinians, Benedictines, 'English Ladies', Faithful Company of Jesus, Sisters of the, Holy Child, Sisters of the, Jesuits, Marist Brothers, Mercy, Brothers of, Irish Sisters of, Oblate Fathers, Sacred Heart, Sisters of the, St. Martin of Tours, Sisters of,

'Rembreg', Suff.,

Renger, Wm.,

Reresby, Sir John,

Reygate, Rose, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Reynold, Maud, Prioress of Kilburn,

Reynolds, Ric. (d. 1535), Ric. (fl. 1561–2),

Rhine, riv.,



Rice, Jas., Plan for Female Education,

Richard I, King,

Richard II, King,

Richard II, Duke of the Normans,

Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans (d. 1272),

Richard, Governor of Knightsbridge Hosp.,

Richard, Prior of Harmondsworth,

Richard, Prior of Ruislip (fl. 1176–82),

Richard, Prior of Ruislip (fl. 1195–8),

Richard fitz Gilbert or Ric. of Tonbridge, Ric. of Clare,

Richard the priest (fl. c. 1180),

Richardson, Anne,

Richmond, Surr., n, Archdeacon of,

Richmond Coll. (theological), n

Rickard, Lancaster,

Rickmansworth, Herts.,

Ridewood, W. S.,

Ridgeley, Thos.,

Ridley, Dan.,

Rifles (1/60th), sch., Kensington,

Rigaud, Eudes, Abp. of Rouen,

Rinyo-Clacton ware, see Grooved ware

Risborough, Monks, Bucks., n

Robert, Abbot of St. Albans, n

Robert, Count of Mortain (d. 1090), Dom. estates,

Robert (Curthose), Duke of Normandy,

Robert, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1147),

Robert, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Robert, Min. of Hounslow Priory,

Robert, Prior of Bentley,

Robert fitz Roscelin,

Robert, s. of Harding,

Robert, s. of Menges,

Robert, s. of Nicholas,

Robert, s. of Sewin of Northampton,

Robert of Bellême,

Robert of Essex,

Robert of Hounslow, Provincial of Trinitarians,

Robert the chaplain, n

Robert the treasurer, Prior of Eng.,

Roberts, Thos., W. A.,

Robertson, J. C.,

Robinson, Alice, see Owen; Fred. John, Vct. Goderich and Earl of Ripon (d. 1859), prime minister, n; Hen., Perdita, see Darby

Robson, —, schoolmaster in Edmonton,

Roche, Ric., Prior of London Charterhouse,

Rochelle, Wm. de,

Rochester, John, bro. of Sir John, Sir John, Comptroller of the Household,

Rochester, Bps. of, see Fisher; Sandford; Thorold

Rochester, diocese of,

Rochester Ho. Sch., Ealing,

Rockefeller Foundation,

Roding, Abbess, Essex, n

Roding, Berners, Essex,

Rodmersham, Kent,

Roger, brother of Syon,

Roger, Rector of Blandford St. Mary,

Roger, s. of Alvred,

Roger, s. of Reinfrid,

Rogers, Revd. Wm., Rector of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate,

Rolle, Ric.,

Rolleston, Leics.,

Rolte, Wm.,

Roman Catholics, hierarchy, org., schs., Sunday schs.,

Roman Road, see Bethnal Green

Romans, see Archaeology

Romans, King of the, see Richard, Earl of Cornwall

Rome, see Roman Catholics

Romeyn, Alice, Joan, Thos.,

Romney Marsh, Kent,

Romsey, Hants,

Roper, D. R.,

Ros, Maud de, and her d.,

Roscelin, Rob. fitz, see Robert fitz Roscelin; Wm.,

Rose, Dr. Wm.,

Ross, Sir Denison,

Rosslyn Hill Ho. Sch., Hampstead,

Rotherhithe, in Bermondsey, sch.,

Rouen, Rob. of,

Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Fr., abbey of the Holy Trinity, later St. Catherine's,

Roundel, C. S.,

Rowden, Miss, schoolmistress in Chelsea,

Rowe, Sir Thos., Thos.,

Rowlandson, Thos., artist,

Roxeth, see Harrow

Royal Acad. of Music, n

Royal Cancer Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

Royal Coll. of Chemistry, and see Royal Coll. of Science

Royal Coll. of Music, n

Royal Coll. of Physicians,

Royal Coll. of Science, n,

Royal Coll. of Surgeons,

Royal Coll. of Veterinary Surgeons,

Royal Com. for Scientific Instruction

Royal Com. on Popular Educ.,

Royal Dental Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

Royal Engineers, sch., Brompton,

Royal English Kindergarten Coll., Berners Street,

Royal Holloway Coll., London, Univ. of, n

Royal Horse Guards Sch., n

Royal Military Acad., Sandhurst,

Royal Sch. of Mines,

Royal Sch. of Needlework,

Royal Soc.,

Royal Soc. of Arts,

Royal Veterinary Coll., London, Univ. of, n,

Roydon, Essex,

Rugby Sch., Warws.,

Rugmoor (lost), in St. Pancras, Dom. Bk., woodland,

Ruislip, par., arch., ch., Dom. Bk., man., Manor Farm, Northwood man., woodland, and see Northwood; Ruislip Priory

Ruislip Priory, priors,

Rule, Revd. John,

Ruppell, Alice de,

Rushden, Herts.,

Russell, John, Bp. of Lincoln,

Rutherford, Dr. Thos., Institutes of Natural Laws, Dr. Wm.,

Rutland, Earl of, see Manners, Thos.

Ryland, Revd. John,

Sacheverell, Wm.,

Sackville, Isabel, Prioress of Clerkenwell, John, Sir. Ric.,

Sacred Heart, Sisters of the, see Religious Orders, schs.

Sadler, Sir Mic., Sir Ralph,

Saffron Hill, in Holborn, ragged sch.,

Saffron Walden, Essex,

Saham Toney, Norf.,

St. Acheul, Amiens, Fr., and see Acheulian 'industry'

St. Albans, Herts., abbey, abbots, see Leofric, Leofstan, Robert; arch.,

St. Aloysius Coll., Highgate,

St. Aloysius Convent Sch., St. Pancras,

St. Alphage, Cripplegate, see London, City of, pars.

St. Ambrose, formerly St. Mary Magdalen, Choir Coll., Paddington,

St. Andrew, Holborn, see Holborn, par. of St. Andrew

St. Anne's Convent Sch., Ealing,

St. Antholin, see London, City of, pars.

St. Anthony, Rog. or Ric. of, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

St. Augustine's Priory Sch., Ealing,

St. Bartholomew's Hosp., see Religious Houses, Hospitals, and Hospitals, medical

St. Bees, Cumb.,

St. Benedict's Sch., Ealing,

St. Benet, Paul's Wharf, see London, City of, pars.

St. Benet Sherehog, see London, City of, pars.

St. Botolph, Aldersgate, see London, City of, pars.

St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, see London, City of, pars.

St. Bride, see London, City of, pars.

St. Bridget of Sweden,

St. Charles Coll., Bayswater,

St. Christopher's Coll., Regent's Park,

St. Christopher's Sch., Hampstead,

St. Clement Danes, see Westminster, City of, pars.

St. Clement, Eastcheap, see London, City of, pars.

St. Clements Press,

St. Cler, Clemency de,

St. Cross, Alan de, Prior of Hospits.,

St. Dunstan in the West, see London, City of, pars.

St. George, Mabel de, Wm. de,

St. George in the East, see London, City of, pars.

St. George, Hanover Square, see Westminster, City of, pars.

St. George's Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

St. Germanus,

St. Giles-in-the-Fields, see Holborn, hosp. and par. of St. Giles-in-the-Fields

Saint-Gilles, Gard. Fr.,

St. Godric's Secretarial Coll., Hampstead,

St. Helen, Bishopsgate, see London, City of, pars.

St. Helen's Sch., Northwood,

St. Hilda's Coll. for Ladies, St. John's Wood,

St. Ignatius Coll., Stamford Hill,

St. James, Clerkenwell, par. of, see Clerkenwell

St. James's Park, see Westminster, City of,

St. John, Knights of, see Clerkenwell, Grand Priory of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

St. John's Middle-Class Sch., Tottenham,

St. John's Sch., Islington,

St. John's Wood, in St. Marylebone, arch., schs.,

St. John's Wood Collegiate Sch.,

St. John's Wood Preparatory Sch. for the Sons of Gentlemen,

St. John's Wood Proprietary Sch.,

St. Katherine by the Tower, see Stepney

St. Lawrence Jewry, see London, City of, pars.

St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, Order of,

St. Leonard's-on-Sea, in Hastings, Suss.,

St. Luke, par. of, see Finsbury

St. Mark's Coll. Sch., Chelsea,

St. Martin in the Fields, see Westminster, City of, pars.

St. Martin le Grand, see Religious Houses, in and near London

St. Martin of Tours, Sisters of, see Religious Orders, schs.

St. Martin's Lane, see Westminster, City of, streets

St. Mary Graces Abbey, see Religious Houses, in and near London

St. Mary le Bow, see London, City of, pars.

St. Mary le Strand, see Westminster, City of, pars.

St. Mary Magdalen Choir Coll., see St. Ambrose Choir Coll.

St. Mary Matfelon, Stepney, see Davenant

St. Mary Somerset, see London, City of, pars.

St. Mary without Bishopsgate, see Religious Houses, Hospitals

St. Mary Woolnoth, see London, City of, pars.

St. Mary's Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

St. Marylebone, bor., arch., Baker Street, Upper, sch., Oxford Street, agency for teachers, Regent's Park, schs., Stratford Place, and see Lisson; St. John's Wood; Tyburn

St. Marylebone Grammar Sch. (The Philological Sch.),

St. Mechtild,

St. Michael's Mount, Cornw., priory,

St. Monica's Priory Sch., Hoxton Square,

St. Neots, Hunts.,

St. Nicholas in the Shambles, see London, City of, pars.

St. Olave, par. of, see Southwark

St. Omer, Emma de, Prioress of Kilburn,

St. Omer, Pas-de-Calais, Fr., abbey of St. Bertin,

St. Pancras, par. and bor., n; Battle Bridge, ch., Dom. Bk., n, n, nonconf., Parliament Hill, Percy Chapel, schs., vicars, see Dale; woodland, and see Camden Town; Kentish Town; Rugmoor

St. Pancras Middle-Class Boys' Sch.,

St. Paul, Cathedral of, in the City of London, n, canons, and see Durand; Gueri; Jeffreys; Ralf; Sired; Walter; Dean and Chapter, deanery, Deans, see Colet; Wulman; Dom. Bk., income, prebend of Holywell or Finsbury,

St. Paul's Sch.,

St. Peter's Sch., Eaton Square,

St. Peter's Proprietary Sch.,

St. Pol, Mary of, Ctss. of Pembroke,

St. Quentin, M. and Mme, school-teachers at Hans Place,

St. Saviour, par. of, see Southwark

St. Sepulchre, see London, City of, pars.

St. Stanislaus Preparatory Sch., Hampstead,

St. Stephen, Walbrook, see London, City of, pars.

St. Thomas, Charterhouse, sch., par., see Finsbury

St. Thomas's Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

St. Valery, Bernard of, Guy of, Ranulf of, Reynold of, Walt. of, fam.,

St. Valery, honor of,

St. Valery, Seine-Maritime, Fr.,

St. Valery, Somme, Fr.,

Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Wm. of, Bp. of Lond.,


Salesbury, Sir Wm., n

Salisbury, Edw. of,

Salisbury, Bps. of, see Harman

Salisbury, Earls of, see Longespée; Montague, Wm. de; Patrick

Salisbury, Wilts.,

Salmon, Mrs., schoolmistress in Hackney,

Salter, Thos.,

Salvation Army,


Sandford, Hen., Bp. of Rochester,

Sands End, in Fulham,

Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, Fr.,

Saunders, Steph., Confessor-gen. of Syon,

Savage, Sam. Morton,

Saverey, John, Master of Brentford Hosp.,

Savoy Conference (1658),

Sawbridgeworth, Herts.,

Saxons, see Archaeology

Say, Beatrice de, w. of Geof. fitz Peter, Earl of Essex, Beatrice de, wid. of Wm. de Say, Geof. de, Geof. de, s. of Geof. de Say,

Scaccario, Elias de, Lawr. de,


Scarborough, Yorks. N.R., n, n

Schaible, Dr., schoolmaster in Hampstead,

Schism Act (1714),

Schmitz, Dr., schoolmaster in Isleworth,

Scholastic Registration Assoc.,

School Field, see Hackney

School of Design, Gower Street,

School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Univ. of, n, † coat of arms,

School of Pharmacy, London, Univ. of, coat of arms,

School of Pharmacy of the Pharmaceutical Soc., see Sch. of Pharmacy

School of Slavonic and East European Studies,

Schoolmistresses, London Assoc. of,

Schools, blind, deaf and dumb, British and Foreign or Lancasterian, char., n; civil service, commercial, common day, dame, endowed, girls', private, grammar, industrial or working, n; infant, 'middling' day, military, naval, 'National', orphan, pauper, n; preparatory, primary, prison, reformatory, ragged, n; secondary, Sunday, superior day, teacher-training, and see Education, private, and Education, working class, passim

Schools' Enquiry Com.,

Science and Art Department, see Board of Trade; Committee of Council on Education

Scotland, univs.,

Scott, John, Earl of Eldon (d. 1838), R. F.,

Scrope, Ric., Abp. of York,

Scrutton, Thos.,

Seeley, Professor H. G.,

Seeley & Paget, Messrs., architects, n

Séez, Orne, Fr., Abbey,

Seine, riv., Fr.,

Seinfontains, Ralph de, Master of St Giles's Hosp.,

Seitz, Austria,

Selborne, Earl of, see Palmer

Seleford, John de,

Selwyn, Geo. Augustus, Bp. of New Zealand,

Seman, John, Prior of London Charterhouse,

Send, in Send and Ripley, Surr., n,

Septem Fontibus, Ralph de, see Seinfontains

Sergeant, E.,

Serlo the Mercer, n

Sevenoke, Joan, Prioress of Haliwell,

Seventh Day Adventists,

Sewell, Joan, Wm.,

Sewin of Northampton,

Seymour, Edw., Duke of Somerset (d. 1552), Sarah, Dchss. of Somerset (d. 1692),

Seymour-Conway, Francis, Earl of Hertford (d. 1794),

Seyntpoull, Alice,

Shacklewell, in Hackney, n

Shadwell, in Stepney,

Shaftesbury, Earl of, see Cooper

Shakespeare, Wm., Timon of Athens,

Shaw, Geo. Bernard, dramatist,

Shearer, W. A.,

Sheen, Surr., priory,

Shelley, Percy Bysshe, poet, Ric., Turcopolier,

Shelley, Essex, n

Shenley, Herts.,

Shepherd's Bush, in Hammersmith,

Sheppard, Miss, schoolmistress in Harrow,

Shepperton, par., arch., Beaker, Iron Age, Rom., Saxon, Dom. Bk., man., sch., weir, n; and see Charlton, Halliford

Shepperton Range, in Shepperton,

Sheward, Revd. Jas.,

Shield, John,

Shilton, Ric.,

Shoebury, Essex,

Shoreditch, bor., almshouses, n; arch., chs., nonconf., Old Street, Rom. Catholicism, schs., and see Haggerston; Haliwell Priory; Hoxton; Norton Folgate

Shorthouse, J. H.,

Shrewsbury, Earls of, and see Montgomery, Rog. de; Talbot

Shrigley, Geof., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics.,


Sidmouth, Devon,

Sigillo, Rob. de, Bp. of Lond., n

Silchester, Hants,

Silwood Pk., in Sunninghill, Berks.,

Simon, s. of Simon,

Simpson, Revd. R.,

Singleton, Thos.,

Sired, Canon of St. Paul's,

Sittingbourne, Kent,

Skayff, Miles, Commander of Clerkenwell,

Skirbeck, Lincs., n

Skynner, Rob.,

Slade, Felix,

Slade Sch.,

Slater, Mrs., schoolmistress in Hackney,

Slaughter, ?Lower, ?Upper, Glos.,

Slough, Bucks.,

Smetherton, Elias de, Prior of Hospits.,

Smith, Adam, economist, Chas., Dr. H. Llewellyn, Hen., Governor of Mile End Hosp., Revd. J. H., J. T., Revd. John Pye, Llewellyn, Phil., Thos., Wm., Miss, of Ealing,

Smithfield, East, man., West,

Soar, L. C.,

Societas Evangelica,

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,

Society for Promoting the Employment of Women,

Society for the Encouragement of Home Study,

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel,

Society of Friends, see Quakers

Sodington, in Mamble, Worcs.,

Softly, —, headmaster of Manor Ho. Academy,

Soho, in Westminster, City of, Rom. Catholicism, schs.,

Soho Acad.,

Soils, see Middlesex

Solomon, s. of Walt.,

Solomon, H. N.,

Somerdeby, Rob. de, Commander of Clerkenwell,

Somerset, John, Wm., see Harvye

Somerset, n, n,

Somerset, Duke of, see Seymour

Somerset Ho., see Westminster, City of

Somerville Coll., see Oxford, Univ. of

Somery, Rog. de,

Somme, riv., Fr.,

Sompting, Suss.,

Sonning, Berks.,

Sorel, Rog., Prior of Harmondsworth,

South Hampstead Collegiate Sch.,

South Hornsey Latin and Modern Sch.,

South Islington Commercial and Mathematical Sch.,

South Islington Proprietary Sch.,

Southall, bor., formerly in Hayes par., arch., n; sch.,


South-Eastern Agricultural Coll.,

Southfleet, Kent,

Southgate, in Edmonton, Christ Church, schs., and see Winchmore Hill

Southminster, Essex,

Southport, Lancs.,

Southwark, bor., Dom. Bk., hosp. (the Lock), see Religious Houses, Hospitals; St. Olave, par. of, St. Saviour, par. of, sch.,

Spademan, John,

Spalding, John,

Spalding, Lincs.,

Spectator, The,

Speed, Wm., author,

Spelthorne (Spelet(h)orne), hundred, n,

Spencer, Herb., philosopher,

Spicer, Trevellian,

Spielman, Eva Marian,

Spital Croft, later New Church Haw,

Spitalfields, in Stepney, schs.,

Spooner, Chas.,

Springthorp, John,

Sprotte, John,

Staeningahaga, now Staining Lane, see London, City of, streets

Stafford, John, Governor of Mile End Hosp.,

Stafford, Rob. of, n

Stafford Ho. Tutorial Coll., Kensington,

Stafforde, John, head of Highgate Hosp.,

Staffordshire, n,

Staines (? Pontes), par., arch., Mesolithic, Neolithic, Beaker, Rom., ch., Dom. Bk., man., nonconf., schs., sessions, vineyard, weirs, Westm. Abbey, property, woodland, and see Yeoveney

Staining Lane, see London, City of

Stamford Brook,

Stamford Hill, in Hackney, n, Jews, schs.,

Standing, A. G.,

Standon, Herts.,

Stanes, John de, Min. of Hounslow Priory,


Stanfield Ho. Sch., Hampstead,

Stanley, A. P., Dean of Westm., Thos., Earl of Derby (d. 1504),

Stanley of Alderley, Lady,


Stanmore, Great, par., Brockley Hill (? Sulloniacae), ch., Dom. Bk., herbage, man., woodland,

Stanmore, Little, or Whitchurch, par., Canons, Dom. Bk., n, man., schs., woodland,

Stanmore Common,

Stanstead Abbots, Herts.,

Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, n

Stanwell, par., Dom. Bk., n, man., mills, Poyle, sch., weir, woodland,

Stapelow, Thos., n

Stapul, Rob. de, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Stationers' Sch.,

Statistical Soc. of Lond.,

Staughton, Great, see Stockton Magna

Stavely, Derb.,

Steeple, Essex,

Steinweg, Fraülein,

Stephen, King,

Stepney, par. and bor., arch., Bp. of, Bryant and May's factory, ch., Coborn Sch., property, Coopers' Company's Sch., property, Dom. Bk., Earthbury, Gascoigne's map, Highway, the, man., mills, nonconf., St. Katherine by the Tower, par. of, St. Mary Matfelon, par. of, see Davenant; schs., and see above, St. Katherine by the Tower; woodland, and see Limehouse; Mile End; Ratcliff; Shadwell; Spitalfields; Wapping; Whitechapel

Stepney and Bow Foundation,

Stepney Causeway, sch.,

Stepney Jewish Schs.,

Stepney Proprietary Sch.,

Sterkey, Eleanor, Prioress of Stratford at Bow,

Stevenson, Rob. Louis, author,

Steventon, Berks.,

Stewart, —, pupil at Harrow Sch.,

Steyning, Suss.,

Stigand, Abp. of Canterbury,

Stockholm, Sweden,

Stockton Magna, now Great Staughton, Hunts.,

Stockwell, Wm., head of Highgate Hosp.,

Stoke Newington, bor., arch., Palaeolithic, Rom., chs., Dom. Bk., prebend, St. Mary's Priory, Clerkenwell, property, schs., synagogues,

Stoke Newington Commercial Coll.,

Stoke Newington Common,

Stoke Newington Middle-Class Public Sch.,

Stokesley, John, Bp. of Lond.,

Stonor, fam.,

Storer, Edm. or Edw., Prior of London Charterhouse,

Storrar, Dr. John,

Stortford, Mary of, Prioress of Haliwell,

Storye, Wm., head of Highgate Hosp.,

Stow, John, Survey of Lond.,

Strand School,

Stratford, Ralph, Bp. of Lond.,

Stratford at Bow, now Bow, Poplar,

Stratford at Bow, Priory, prioresses, and see Gayton, Eliz.; Kirke; Lucy; Sterkey; seals, steward,

Stratford Place, see St. Marylebone

Streatley, Berks.,

Streetly, Cambs., man.,

Stroud Green, in Hornsey, schs.,

Stroud Green High Sch.,

Strutt, John Wm., Lord Rayleigh (d. 1919), n

Strype, John, historian,

Stuart, John, Earl of Bute (d. 1792),

Studley, Warws.,

Style, Thos.,

Sudbury, Sim., Bp. of Lond. and later Abp. of Canterbury,

Suffolk, n, n, n, n,

Suffolk, Earl of, see Ufford, Wm. de

Suharde, Mary, Prioress of Stratford at Bow,

Sulloniacae, see Great Stanmore, Brockley Hill

Sumeri, Christine de,

Sumner, Rob.,

Sunbury, par., arch., Neolithic, Beaker, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Rom., Dom. Bk., sch., sessions, Westm. Abbey, property, and see Kempton

Surrey, arch., n, Dom. Bk., n, n, n, Westm. Abbey, property,

Sussex, n,

Sussex, Duke of, see Augustus Fred.

Sussex Ho. Preparatory Sch., Chelsea,

Sutton, Chas. Manners, Abp. of Canterbury, Geo., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics., Sir Ric., Sir Wm., Master of Burton Lazars, Leics.,

Sutton, see Chiswick

Swadlin, Thos.,

Swaefred, King of the East Saxons, n

Swakeleys man., see Ickenham

Swanage, Dors.,

Swanscombe, Kent, Craylands Lane,

Sweden, South,


Sweyn, f. of Rob. of Essex,

Swift, Ric.,

Swilland, Suff., n

Swinfield, Ric., Bp. of Hereford,

Swyncombe, Oxon.,

Symmes, Wm.,

Symson, Geo.,

Synagogues, see Jews

Syon Abbey, in Isleworth, abbesses, and see Jordan; North; Palmer; admin., buildings, confessors-gen., and see Copinger; Fewterer; Fishborne; Green; dissolutions, finance, foundation, Martiloge, † rule, seals, sermons and books,

Syon Park Acad., Isleworth,

Syon Reach, Thames, n,

Tadlow, Cambs.,

Tait, Archibald Campbell, Bp. of Lond.,

Talbot, John, Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1460),

Taleboth, John, Prior of Bentley,

Tandy, Revd. C. H.,

Tanton, John de,

Taplow, Bucks., Lent Rise,

Taplow Terrace,

Tasciovanus, chief of the Catuvellauni,

Tatersale, Anne,


Taunton Com., see School's Enquiry Com.,

Taverner, Falk the, see Wagefeud, Falk de

Taylor, Hugh, R. S., Ric. le, and his w., Thos.,

Teachers' Assoc.,

Teachers' Guild, afterwards Education Guild,

Teachers' Training and Registration Soc.,

Teddington, par.,

Teinfrith, 'churchwright' of King Edw. the Confessor,

Templars, Knights,

Temple, Fred., Abp. of Canterbury, Hen. John, Vct. Palmerston (d. 1865), prime minster, n

Temple, see London, City of

Temple Grafton, Warws., n

Temple Wycombe, Bucks., see Wycombe

Terentius Ripanus, A., potter,

Termonde, Belgium,

Terry, Mrs., headmistress of Campden House School,

Thackeray, Dr. Thos., Wm. Makepeace, author,

Thame, Phil de, Prior of Hospits.,

Thames, riv., arch., Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Beaker, Bronze Age, Iron Age, n, Rom., Saxon, ferry, fishing, Kingston ait, tributaries, valley, wall,

Thames Ditton, Surr.,

Thanet Sands,

Theophania, Prioress of Haliwell,

Thirlby, Thomas, Bp. of Westm.,

Thomas, Rector of Maidstone,

Thomas, s. of Bernard of St. Valery,

Thomas the clerk, (fl. c. 1190),

Thomas, Mary,

Thorne, John, Prior of London Charterhouse,

Thornhill Coll. for Ladies, Barnsbury,

Thorold, Ant. Wilson, Bp. of Rochester and later of Winchester,

Thorpe, Surr., n

Throwley, Kent,

Thurrock, Essex,

Thurstan, thegn of King Edw. the Confessor,

Thurstan the housecarl,

Tibertis, Leonard de, Prior of Hospits., n,

'Ticheham', now Ickenham, Dom. Bk., n,

Tilbury, Essex, n, n

Tilney, Marg.,

Tilshead, Wilts.,

Tingewick, Bucks.,

Tite, Wm.,

Tittleshall, Norf.,

Tochi, s. of Wigot,

Tochi the housecarl,

Toddington, in Lyminster, Suss.,

Tofig or Tofi 'the Proud', n

Toky, Maud,

Tokyngton, Ralph,

Tokyngton, see Harrow, Oakington

Toleration Act (1689),

Tollington, in Islington, Dom. Bk.,

Tollington Park Coll.,

Tonbridge, Ric. of, see Ric. fitz Gilbert

Tong, Rob., Turcopolier, n; Wm., Turcopolier, n

Tonge, Wm.,

Tongue, Ezekiah,

Topcliffe, John, Guide of Kingsland,

Tornegold, John,

Torpel, Mabel,


Tothale, Wm. de, Prior of Hospits.,

Totham, Maurice de,

Totham, Great, Essex,

Tottenham, par. and bor., arch., ch., Dom. Bk., n, n, n, Hanger in, High Cross, hosps., see Religious Houses, Hospitals; man., schs., and see Tottenham Grammar Sch.; vicars, and see Bedwell; weir, n; woodland,

Tottenham Court, in St. Pancras,

Tottenham Grammar Sch.,

Totteridge, Herts.,

Tournay, Wm., Prior of Hospits.,

Tower Hamlets, see London, City of

Tower of London, see London, City of

Townshend, John Villiers Stuart Townshend, Marquess Townshend of Rainham (d. 1899),

Trafford, Wm., Prior of London Charterhouse,

Treasurer, Rob. the, Prior of Hospits.,

Tremenheere, Hen.,

Trench, Ric. Chenevix,

Tresham, Thos., Prior of Hospits.,

Trevelyan, Dr. G. M., n; Sir Geo. Otto, n

Trimmer, Mrs. Sarah,

Trinitarian Friars, Provincial, see Robert of Hounslow

Trinity Coll., Cambridge, see Cambridge, Univ. of

Trinity Coll. of Music, n

Trinobantes, of Essex,

Trollope, Ant., author,

Trowell, John, Confessor-gen. of Syon,

Trumpington, Cambs.,

Tubelin, Humph.,

Tuneweorthe, in Kingsbury,

Tunstall, Cuthbert, Bp. of Lond.,

Tunstall, Kent,

Turbert, man of Earl Leofwine,

Turberville, —, schoolmaster in Kensington,

Turk, John, Ric. de, Prior of Hospits.,

Turlington, lay bro. of Syon,

Turnebu, Mic. de, n

Turner, Jas., Revd. J. L., Revd. John,

Turnham Green, in Chiswick, arch., schs.,

Turnmill Brook, or Riv. of Wells,

Tutbury, Staffs.,

Tutchin, Mrs. Eliz.,

Twickenham, par. and bor., arch., chart., schs. Whitton, and see Eel Pie Island

Twickenham Park,

Twyford, in Willesden, ch., Dom. Bk.,

Ty or Tytnt, Wm., Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Tyburn, Edm., in St. Marylebone, Dom. Bk., executions, man., riv.,

Tylney, Edm., Master of the Revels,

Tynbygh, Nic., or Tynbegh, Wm., Prior of London Charterhouse,

Tyrhtel, Bp. of Hereford,

Tywarnhale Mine, in Perranzabuloe, Cornw.,

Ufford, Wm. de, Earl of Suff. (d. 1382),

Ulf, housecarl of King Edw. the Confessor,

Ulsi, s. of Manni,

Underwood, Phil., procurator of Charterhouse,

Uniformity, Act of (1662),

Unitarians, Sunday schs.,


Universities, see Aberdeen; Bonn; Bristol; Cambridge; Cardiff; Edinburgh; Leeds; Liverpool; London; McGill; Reading; Victoria

University Coll., London, Univ. of,

University Coll. for Ladies, St. John's Wood,

University Coll. Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

University Coll. (Roman Catholic), Kensington,

University Coll. Sch., now in Hampstead,

Unwin, Revd. W. J.,

Upper Baker Street, see Baker Street

Upper Holloway Preparatory Sch.,

Upstones, Christine,

Upton, in Osmington, Dors.,

Upwick, Guy of,

Upwick, see Albury

Urban III, Pope,

Urban V, Pope,

Urban VI, Pope, n,

Usher, Jas.,

Uvedale, John de, Rob., botanist,

Uxbridge, par. and bor., arch., brewhouse, man., market, Moorcroft, schs., sessions, supposed monastery, n; and see Placenames

Uxbridge Lancasterian Inst., later Uxbridge Free Sch.,

Uxendon, in Harrow, see Placenames

Vachell, H. A., author,

Vadstena, Sweden,

Vale, Dr., headmaster of Cam. Ho. Sch.,

Valoynes, Gunnora de,

Van Gogh, Vincent, artist,

Vaslet, Lewis,

Vaughan, Dr. C. J.,

Vaughan, Herb., Cardinal, Abp. of Westm.,

Vauxhall Bridge, see Westminster, City of

Veale, Edw.,

Vegetation, see Middlesex

Vellacott, P. C.,

Ver, Aubrey de, Wm. de,

Vere, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1194), Gilb. de, Prior Hospits., Hugh de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1263), Rog. de, Prior of Hospits.,

Verli, Rob. de,

Verney, Edm., Jack, Molly, Sir Ralph,

Vernon, Edw. Venables, Abp. of York,

Verulamium, n,

Veterinary Coll., see Royal Vet. Coll.

Vial de St. Bel, Chas.,

Vian, Joan, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Victoria, Queen,

Victoria Coll., Kensington Garden Square,

Victoria Female Asylum, Chiswick,

Victoria Sch. for Girls, Kentish Town,

Victoria Univ.,

Villa Real Charity Sch.,

Villiers, Geo. Wm. Fred., Earl of Clarendon (d. 1870), Wm. de, Prior of Hospits.,

Vitalis, Abbot of Westm.,

Wace, Dr. Hen.,

Wade, Ric., Governor of Mile End Hosp.,

Wadham Coll., see Oxford, Univ. of

Waeppa, see Place-names

Wagefeud, Falk de, or Falk the Taverner,

Wake, Wm., Abp. of Canterbury,

Wakefield, Gilb.

Walbrook, riv.,

Walden, in Saffron Walden, Essex, abbey,

Walemond, John de, Prior of Harmondsworth,

Walham Green, in Fulham,

Walker, John,

Walkingame, Francis, Tutor's Assistant,

Wallas, Graham,

Wallingford, Wigot of, see Wigot

Wallingford, Berks., honor,

Wallington, hundred, Surr., n

Wallis, Mrs., schoolmistress in Hackney,

Walpole, Sir Rob., prime minister,

Walsingham, John, Prior of London Charterhouse,

Walsingham, Little, Norf.,

Walssheman, Wm., Guide of Kingsland,

Walter, Abbot of Evesham, n

Walter, Abbot of Westm.,

Walter, Canon of St. Paul's,

Walter, Min. of Hounslow Priory,

Walter, Prior of Hospits.,

Walter fitz Other,

Walter of Dorset, n

Walter of St. Valery,

Walter of Windsor, see Windsor

Walter the chaplain, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Walter the precentor,

Waltham, Great, Essex, n

Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, abbey,

Walthamstow, Essex,

Waltheof, Earl,

Walton-on-Thames, Surr., n,

Walweyn, John, Prior of London Charterhouse,

Walworth, Jas., Sir Wm., Mayor of London,

Wandsworth, Surr., arch., Mesolithic, Neolithic, n, Beaker, Bronze Age, Iron Age, n, Rom., n

Wandsworth Park, Surr., n

Wanstead, Adam de,

Wanstead, Essex,

Wansunt Channel, Kent,

Wapping, in Stepney, arch., St. George, par. of, schs.,

Warburg Inst.,

Warburton, Hen.,

Ward, Mary, Ric., Thos., Mrs., headmistress of Upper Holloway Preparatory Sch.,

Warden, Wm. de, Abbot of St. Mary Graces, Lond.,

Warden, Beds., abbey,

Warenne, Reynold de,

Warland, in Totnes, Devon,

Warminghurst, Suss.,

Warwick, Earl of, see Dudley

Warwick Ho. Sch., Hampstead,

Warwickshire, n, n,

Washburne, Kath., Prioress of Stratford at Bow,

Wateman, Alveve w. of,

Waterhouse, A.,

Waterloo Bridge, see Westminster, City of

Watling Street, and see Edgware Road

Watson, T. H., Thos., Thos., head of Highgate Hosp.,

Watts, Isaac, hymn-writer, Wm.,

Waunci, Walt. de,

Waxlow, in Southall, see Placenames

Wayne, P. A.,

Weald Bassett, North, Essex,

Wealdheri, Bp. of Lond., n,

Weare, — schoolmaster in Enfield,

Webb, Beatrice, Jos., Guide of Kingsland, Sidney, later Lord Passfield (d. 1947), Wm.,

Webbe Hen.,

Wedgwood, Josiah, Susannah,

Weedon, Northants.,

Welldon, Revd. J. E. C., later Bp. of Calcutta and Dean of Durham,

Wellesley, Arthur, Duke of Wellington (d. 1852), general and prime minister,

Wellington, Duke of, see Wellesley

Wells, H. G., author,

Wells, Riv. of, see Turnmill Brook

'Welsh Harp' (Brent Reservoir),

Welwyn, Herts.,

Wembley, bor., arch., Barn Hill, chart.,

Wendover, Bucks., n

Wenlocksbarn, see Ossulstone

Wentworth, Baroness, see Noel-Byron

Wentworth, Isabel, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Werefeld, Wm. de, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Werhard, kinsman of Abp. Wulfred, n

Wesley, Sam., divine,

Wesleyans, see Methodists

Wessex, arch.,

West Central Collegiate Day Sch., Southampton Row,

West Lond. Collegiate Sch., Notting Hill,

West Metropolitan Acad., Quebec Street,

Westbourne Brook,

Westbourne Coll. for Ladies,

Westbourne Collegiate Sch.,

Westbury, see Ashwell

Westcliff-by-Dover, Kent,

Western, fam.,

Western Grammar Sch., Brompton,

Westfield, Norf.,

Westfield Coll., Lond., Univ. of, n,

Westhawe, Thos., Confessor-gen. of Syon,

Westminster, City of, Albert Gate, Albert Hall, arch., Beaker, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Rom., Buckingham Palace, Burlington Ho., Charing Cross, Dom. Bk., n, Green Park, hosps., see Hospitals, medical, and Religious Houses, Hospitals; Marble Arch, ch., nonconf., Rom. Catholicism, and see Manning, Vaughan; St. James's Park, schs., Somerset Ho., Vauxhall Bridge, n; Waterloo Bridge, and see Ebury; Knightsbridge; 'Moynesokne'; Pimlico; Soho

Westminster, City of, pars, and chs.; St. Clement Danes, St. George, Hanover Square, St. Margaret, St. Martin in the Fields, St. Mary le Strand, n

Westminster, City of, streets: Drry Lane, Jermyn Street, Piccadilly, St. Martin's Lane, sch., Strand,

Westminster, former diocese, Bp., see Thirlby

Westminster, rural deanery,

Westminster Abbey, later collegiate ch. of St. Peter, abbots, see Barking; Colchester; Crispin; Feckenham; Gervase; Henley; Herbert; Lawrence; Vitalis; Walter; deans, see Benson; Stanley; Dom. Bk., jurisdiction over Kilburn Priory, property, tomb of Dchss. of Somerset,

Westminster Assembly,

Westminster Bridge, Asylum or House of Refuge,

Westminster Hosp., see Hospitals, medical

Westminster Jews' Free Sch.,

Westminster School,

Weston, John, Prior of Hospits., n, Wm., Prior of Hospits., n,

Weston, Suff.,

Westward Ho!, in Northam, Devon,

Wethersfield, Essex,

Weybridge, Surr.,

Whatvyll, Margaret or Margery, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Wheathampstead, Herts., n

Wheatstone, Chas.,

Whetham, John,

Whetstone, see Finchley

Whitchurch, see Stanmore, Little

White, A. J., C. F. H., D. H., John, Revd. Thos. Reader, Rector of Finchley,

Whiteby, Wm. de,

Whitechapel, in Stepney, chs., Jews, rector, see Champneys; Salvation Army, schs.,

Whitechapel Foundation Commercial Sch.,

Whitechapel Free Sch.,

Whitechapel Soc.,

Whitehead, Eliz., Revd. T. C.,

Whitelands Sch., Chelsea, Coll. Sch., later Lady Margaret Sch.,

Whitfield, G. J. N.,

Whitford, Ric.,

Whiting, Thos.,

Whittlesey, Wm., Abp. of Canterbury,

Whitton, see Twickenham

Whitworth, Dr. L.,

Wiggonholt, Suss.,

Wiglaf, King of Mercia,

Wigot of Wallingford,

Wild, John,

Wilderspin, Sam.,

Wilkes, Alice, see Owen; John, M.P.,

Wilkinson, F., Josiah,

Willesden, par. and bor., ch., diocese, Dom. Bk., sch., man., and see Brondesbury; Dollis Hill; Harlesden; Neasden; Twyford

William I, King, n,

William II, King,

William III, King,

William, Abbot of Bec,

William, Bp of Lond., n,

William, Bp. of Norwich, n,

William, Min. of Hounslow Priory (fl. 1369),

William, Min. of Hounslow Priory (fl. 1477–9),

William, Prior of Harmondsworth (fl. 1260),

William, Prior of Harmondsworth (fl. 1297),

William, Prior of Ruislip,

William, bro. of Geof. de Mulneho,

William 'filius Ote',

William fitz Ansculf, n,

William fitz Osbern,

William fitz Stephen,

William, grandson of Geof. fitz Peter,

William, s. of Brien, n

William, s. of Wm. of Eversden,

William of Spain,

William of Windsor, see Windsor

William the bald,

William the Chamberlain,

William the chaplain, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Williams, W. C.,

Willian, Herts.,

Willingale, Eustace of,

Willingale, Doe, Essex,

Willingale Spain, Essex,

Willis, Thos.,

Willoughton, Lincs., n

Wills, Wm. Hen., Lord Winterstoke (d. 1911),

Willymot, Wm.,

Wilsford, Lincs., priory,

Wilson, Dr. Ric., Sam., — (fl. c. 1825),

Wiltshire, arch., n, Dom. Bk., n,

Wimbledon, Surr.,

Wimpole, Cambs.,

Winchelsey, Rob., Abp. of Canterbury,

Winchester, Bps. of, and see Beaufort; Thorold; Wykeham

Winchester, Hants,

Winchester College,

Winchmore Hill, in Southgate, St. Paul's Ch.,

Winchmore Hill Collegiate Sch.,

Windmill Hill, in Avebury and Winterbourne Monkton, Wilts., pottery,

Windsor, Alfred of, Walt. of (fl. 1198), Wm. of (fl. 1142), Wm. of (d. 1175 or 1176), Wm. of (fl. 1198), Wm. of (fl. 1235–6), Wm., Lord, of Stanwell (d. 1543),

Windsor, Berks., honor of,

Windsor Castle,

Windsor Forest, Berks.,

Winter, Simon,

Winterstoke, Lord, see Wills.

Wisley, Surr.,

Witham, riv., Lincs.,

Witham, Som., priory,

Withyham, Suss.,

Wittenham, Long, Berks.,

Wix, Essex, priory, n

Wixan, tribe, see Place-names

Wlward 'White',


Woburn Coll., Guildford Street,

Wode, Lucy atte, Prioress of Clerkenwell,

Wodegate, Alice,

Woden (Grim),

Wodhalle, John, Min. of Hounslow Priory,

Wolley, Dr. Edw.,

Wolsey, Thos., Cardinal, Abp. of York,

Wombourn, Staffs., n

Wood, Revd. Basil, Dr. Jos.,

Wood Green, bor.,

Woodbury, Little, in Britford, Wilts., n

Woodcock Hill, in Edgware,

'Woodhenge' pottery, from Woodhenge, in Durrington, Wilts., n,

Woodleigh Lodge Sch., Ladbrooke Grove,

Woods, Miss Alice,

Woodward, Hezekiah, A Child's Patrimony, Portion,

Woolley, Mrs. Hannah,

Woolwich, Kent, Academy,


Worcester Ho. Coll., Hackney,

Worcestershire, Dom. Bk.,

Worde, Wynkyn de,

Wordsworth, Christopher, Bp. of Lincoln,

Working Men's Coll., Great Ormond Street,

Wormingford, Essex, n

Worstede, Joan de, Ric. de, and his w. Alice,

Worton, in Isleworth,

Wotton, Fredeshet de,

Wotton Underwood, Bucks.,

Wratting, West, Cambs.,

Wren, W.,

Wretham, East, Norf.,

Wright, Revd. Thos.,

Wulfred, Abp. of Canterbury, n

Wulfweard (fl. c. 1066),

Wulman, Dean of St. Paul's, n

Wyatt, Ann, Wm., A New and Easie Institution of Grammar,

Wycherley, Wm., dramatist,

Wycombe, Temple, in High Wycombe, Bucks.,

Wyddial, Herts.,

Wye Coll., Kent, n

Wyke, in Isleworth, man.,

Wyke Ho., acad., Isleworth,

Wykeham, Wm. of, Bp. of Winchester,

Wylson, Rob., head of Highgate Hosp.,

Wytheresfeld, Wm. de, Master of St. Giles's Hosp.,

Yarcombe, Devon,

Yeading, see Hayes

Yeaveley, Derb., preceptory,

Yeoveney, in Staines, arch., chart.,

Yeovil, Som.,

Yevele, Hen., master mason,

Yiewsley, in Hillingdon, arch., Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, n, n

York, n, Abps., see Lee; Scrope; Vernon; Wolsey


Young, Arthur, author,

Young, Sir Geo., Rob., Guide of Kingsland,